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Notes, quotes from Heat's Game 3 loss; What LeBron said afterward; Parker injury update

Notes, quotes and postscripts from the Spurs’ 113-77 thumping of the Heat in Game 3 of the NBA Finals:  

### Could this have been any more dismal? This was the largest margin of defeat in the three years of the Big Three era, regular season or playoffs. What’s more, it was the worst playoff loss in Heat history, and with a 36-point final margin, it was the third-most lopsided loss in NBA Finals history.

The only two more lopsided margin in Finals history: a 42-point Bulls win against Utah in 1998, and a 39-point route by the Celtics against the Lakers in 2008.

### Tony Parker has a hamstring injury and will undergo an MRI on Wednesday. Parker suffered the injury in the third quarter but said he isn't sure how. He returned briefly to start the fourth, but left 1:27 into the fourth.

"Hopefully it's nothing big and it's just cramping," he said. "It was just a weird feeling. I played two minutes in the fourth and we were up big so Pop didn't want to take a risk. We will see tomorrow."

Asked if he was hurting, he said "No."

### LeBron James shot just 2 for 14 outside the paint and 7 for 21 overall on a thoroughly disappointing 15-point night. He had 11 rebounds and five assists but didn’t have a free throw attempt, the first time that’s happened all year.

“That’s shocking – a big reason he couldn’t get into a rhythm,” Spurs guard Danny Green said. “I hope he continues to miss shots. It’s LeBron stopping himself out there. We’re making it tough for him.”

### The Heat was outscored by 32 with James on the floor - his worst plus/minus number of his entire career.

### For the first time in memory, LeBron did not play well enough to even merit an appearance at the postgame podium. Here’s what he said by his locker afterward.

“We got a good old butt-kicking.  They got everything they wanted—--- 50/50 balls, threes, transition basketsand usually that’s going to result in a loss. We’ve got to regroup and figure out what we did wrong, which is a lot of things, and get ready for Game 4.”

What did you tell your teammates? “I’ve got to be better. It’s that simple. If I’m better, we’re better. And I’ve got to be better. I’m putting everything on my shoulders. My teammates are doing a great job and I’m not doing my part.”

What’s the frustration level? “It’s frustrating when you get smashed like that in a Finals game. You feel like you came in with a great game plan and pretty much nothing works, you’re frustrated about it. I’m absolutely not happy and very upset about the game. But there’s a tomorrow. We will prepare, we will be better. I will be better.”

What should you be doing differently moving forward? “Honestly I’ve just got to play better. I can’t have a performance like that tonight and expect us to win. I’ve got to shoot the ball better, make better decisions. I’m not putting the blame on nobody. I’m owning everything, what I did tonight. We gave up everything. And you can’t do that.

What do you think about your scoring average in the Finals?

"I’ve got to do more. It’s that simple. Offensively and defensively. Tonight I had some great looks but they didn’t go. I have to be able to make more plays offensively for our team.”

Just trying to get a rhythm. I was in a decent rhythm at the end of the third when we made that mini run, just seeing the ball go into the basket, it helps all of us. I’m not making no excuses.”

What kind of feel do you have for the Spurs?

"We'll we have to be better, much better. We didn’t do anything right tonight and it showed in the box score.

What were you thinking on the bench at the end?

I was actually thinking it’s just one win for them. They played a great game. They got everything that they wanted. But at the end of the day you only get one win no matter how many points you score. And we have another opportunity on Thursday.”

How demoralizing is seeing them make 16 3s? “We got smashed. Everything is demoralizing. There’s nothing positive out of this game. Everything was a disaster. As a team, we have a veteran ball club but we know we can’t play like that and win.

“We have to make adjustments. As much as we want to get back out there and redeem ourselves, we have to get back to the lab tomorrow and figure out exactly where the cracks were, if it was effort or schemes. I think effort was more of it than anything and we’ve got to do better.”

### On his own game, LeBron said: “I’m just missing shots. They’re going under my pick and rolls and daring me to shoot. Anytime I get into the paint they’re putting two bodies in front of me. They’re doing a good job. But I’ve got to hit shots. I went a whole game without shooting a free throw to show you how my game was tonight.”

Why is he settling at times for jumpers? “If it’s there, you’ve got to take it. There’s no such thing as settling for jumpers when they’re laying off of you.

Is there anyone from the outside he will go to for advice? “No. I don’t even have a phone. So even if I wanted to, I couldn’t.”

Biggest thing you need to fix? “I can answer that a lot better after tomorrow’s practice. There’s a lot going through my mind right now—offensive rebounds, closing out on shooters, transition, you name it. We had 19 offensive rebounds. That can’t happen.”

### Erik Spoelstra: “We got what we deserved. Every shot they wanted to get they got. We did not disrupt them. We never got to our game.”

What about the offensive woes (40.8 percent shooting, 33 points in the second half, 16 turnovers)? “I don’t even want our guys bringing up that side of the floor,” Spoelstra said. “If that’s what we’re going to pinpoint this to, we’re kidding ourselves.”

### With LeBron again scoring below his norm, the Heat needed gems from Dwyane Wade nor Chris Bosh. Neither could deliver one in Game 3.

The two combined for just six points in the second half, and four of those (from Wade) came after the outcome had long since been decided.

Oh, Miami got the vintage version of Wade in the first half (12 points), but his excellence abruptly ended at halftime, and D-Wade unraveled in a dreadful second half, when he shot 2 for 8. He closed with 16 points. And he watched the opposing starting shooting guard, Danny Green, erupt for 27 points (22 in the second half) while making 7 of 9 threes.

Bosh crashed the boards for the second game in a row (10 rebounds) but was underwhelming offensively, attempting only two shots in the second half and scoring 12 for the night.

### The Spurs are basically packing the paint and tell the Heat to shoot.

“They’re daring us to take shots,” Bosh said. "Sometimes, we’re going to have to step up and knock those down with confidence. Unless you make them pay for playing so packed into the paint, they’re always going to stay there.”

### The idea of Green easily outscoring Wade over the first three games of an NBA Finals would seem hard to believe before this postseason. But it’s the reality now. Green has outscored Wade 56-43 in the series.

On Tuesday, Green gave Wade so much room on his jumper early in the game that Wade could have placed a couple of chairs between himself and Green. Wade was 1 for 3 on jumpers in the first half and 0 for 5 in the second half. His only two baskets in the second half were within five feet of the basket.

Wade got to the free throw line only twice, continuing a disturbing trend that has spanned most of these playoffs.

“We’re playing against one of the best defensive teams,” Wade said. “But we have to step up and make shots, like those guys did tonight.”

### As for Bosh, his modest offensive contributions continue, at a most inauspicious time. After averaging 16.6 points during the regular season, Bosh hasn’t topped 13 points in seven playoff games in a row. Here are his point totals for the past seven: 7, 7, 5, 9, 12, 13 and 12.

He attempted only two shots in the second half: a jumper in the third quarter and a missed three midway through the fourth.

The Heat entered having won 30 in a row in games when Bosh makes at least half his shots. He finished below 50 percent, at 4 for 10, in Game 3.

### Mike Miller hit all five of his threes, tying Danny Green’s record (set in Game 2) for most threes without a miss in the Finals game. Miller scored 15, but Gary Neal had an even bigger night off the Spurs’ bench with 24 points (including 6 for 10 on threes).

### The Spurs hit a Finals-record 16 threes (in 32 attempts) and outrebounded the Heat, 52-36.

### Mario Chalmers was awful: 0 for 5 shooting, no points, one assist, four turnovers.

### Tim Duncan, who had 12 points and 14 rebounds: “We've both answered the losses very well, but not answered the wins very well."