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Notes, quotes from Heat's Game 6 win; Tidbits from UM's NCAA hearing

Please see ther last post for tidbits from the UM/NCAA hearing.

Postscripts from the Heat’s 103-100 stomach-churning Game 6 overtime NBA Finals win against the Spurs:

### Just when the critics were sharpening their knives and ready to crucify LeBron James, he shook off a 3-for-12 start to put together a monster fourth quarter and close with a triple double (32 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds). That’s his fourth career Finals triple double --- second all time behind Magic Johnson's eight.

LeBron scored 16 in the fourth and two in overtime.

“It was by far the best game I’ve ever been a part of,” James said. “I’m blessed to be a part of something like this. I’m proud how we dug down. Our mental toughness to make it look like almost the game was out of our hands, and to be victorious.

“I was struggling shooting the ball, and they took a commanding 12 point lead. I told myself: Give it all I’ve got. If we go down losing, I’m going to go down with no bullets. That’s exactly what I did, tried to play both sides of the floor until I had nothing left.”

Here’s how Manu Ginobili saw it: “He started to attack. When you’re desperate, that’s what happens. He made a couple tough shots.”

Spoelstra called James’ performance “an absolute desperation and will. He had a difficult cover with Tony Parker. He gave us that life when we were down 10.”

### LeBron became only the fourth player in NBA Finals history to put together a game with at least 30 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists, joining Charles Barkley, James Worthy and Jerry West.

### Chris Bosh (10 points, 11 rebounds) was victimized several times on defense for 2 ½ quarters – Tim Duncan hit his first 10 shots against him – but couldn’t have been any better defensively in the fourth quarter and overtime.

Not only did Duncan go 0 for 5 between the fourth quarter and overtime --- primarily against Bosh – but Bosh also had two enormous blocks in the final minute of overtime: one on a Tony Parker jumper with 32 seconds left, and another on Danny Green’s attempted three-pointer with 1.2 seconds left.

"I don't know how we pulled it out, but we pulled it out," Bosh said.

Bosh said it angered him that NBA people started putting out ropes in the fourth quarter to prepare for a Spurs’ championship celebration.

“I noticed it,” James said. “We saw the championship board already out there, the yellow tape. That’s why you play the game to the final buzzer. To come out with a win like that makes it greater, when you’re able to will everything you have as individuals and have a game like this.”

Said Dwyane Wade: "When they brought out that yellow rope and you know you'r enot the one that's going to celebrate, we keep fighting and believing."

### Much was made of LeBron losing his headband in the fourth quarter; LeBron downplayed the importance of that.

"I've never seen him play without his headband that long, since his rookie year," Wade said. "He got very aggressive."

### According to Elias, Ray Allen’s three-pointer to tie the game with five seconds left in regulation marked his fifth career game-tying or go-ahead three-point field goal in the final 10 seconds of fourth quarter or overtime, most in the past 15 postseasons.

Allen said there “was luck shining on our side. It wasn’t looking good for us. We never give up.”

LeBron: “Ray can be 0 for 99, and if you get an open look late in the game, it’s going down. That’s just the confidence he has in himself, the confidence we have in him. That’s the reason we wanted him, games like this.”

That was Allen’s only three pointer of the night, but the Heat finished 11 for 19 on threes, with Mario Chalmers shooting 4 for 5 and Shane Battier 3 for 4.

### Chalmers’ night can’t be underestimated: 20 points on 7 for 11 shooting. He outscored Parker, who scored 19 and missed 17 of his 23 shots.

Parker played the better floor game (eight assists, no turnovers), compared with Chalmers’ four assists and three turnovers.

“He’s a great defender,” Parker said of LeBron. “I tried to do the best I could to try to create.”

### Tim Duncan’s 25 first half points were his most in seven years, but he scored just five after that, finishing with 30 points and 17 rebounds.

“It’s disappointing,” Duncan said. “I had some opportunities. We put ourselves in position to win the game. They made plays to take it from us.”

### Ginobili (nine points) committed eight turnovers, including two lethal ones later, and the Spurs were outscored by 21 with Manu in the game.

"I was very insecure,” he said. “I had a career high in turnovers at a bad moment. Makes me feel terrible.”

### Losing a 13 point lead in the third quarter and a five-point lead with 21 seconds left was “bad, very bad,” Ginobili said. “Very tough moment. I’m devastated. I have no idea how we’re going to be re-energized.

"We were a few seconds away from winning the championship, and we let it go. It’s a very tough moment. We gave them another chance. We are going to think about what we could have done better in the last few possessions all night long. It’s terrible.”

### Wade closed with 14 points (6 for 15 shooting)… Mike Miller stayed in the starting lineup and had eight points (3 for 4 shooting) -- after going scoreless the previous two games -- and added seven rebounds.

### In the first 5:57 of the fourth quarter, the Heat turned a 10-point deficit into a two-point lead using a lineup of James, Allen, Miller, Chalmers and Andersen. That same group spearheaded the 33-5 second-half run in Game 2.

### Spoelstra tightened his rotation from nine to eight. He used Andersen for the first time in three games, and Birdman had one point, four rebounds and three steals in 14 minutes.

### Udonis Haslem had his first DNP/CD (did not play, coach’s decision) all season. Norris Cole had only his second DNP/CD of the season; the other was the third game of the season.

### Here were the overtime numbers for the Heat: Ray Allen scored four of Miami’s eight points (shot 1 for 2); James (1 for 3) and Bosh (1 for 1) scored the other two baskets. The Spurs’ five overtime points came from Kawhi Leonard (four points) and Parker (one). But Parker shot 0 for 4 in overtime.

### Thursday will mark the 18th Game 7 in NBA Finals history. The home team is 14-3 in those games, with Washington the last road team to win a Finals Game 7 on the road --- against Seattle in 1978.          

### The final word from Wade: "I've never wanted to play a Game 7 so bad. You will have two teams that won't give up until the very end." 

### Please see the last post for tidbits from the UM/NCAA hearing.