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Saturday 6 p.m. Heat update;SI preparing UM/NCAA expose; Shapiro makes another allegation

Please see the last post for a Saturday Heat update from the NBA FInals


With the University of Miami just days away from its hearing in front of NCAA’s infractions committee, two sources confirmed to The Miami Herald that Sports Illustrated is in the final stages of writing an expose about the NCAA and its investigation into the school’s athletics program, including not-previously-published allegations from former UM booster Nevin Shapiro.

Shapiro told SI that he used inside information obtained from UM coaches to gamble on Hurricanes football games, according to the sources.

Shapiro alleged that coaches shared with him information --- such as whether a particular injured player would be available to play --- in at least two games, including in 2005 and a 2007 game against North Carolina, which UM lost, 33-27.

According to a third source, the NCAA previously investigated Shapiro’s gambling claims but found no concrete evidence and did not make any allegations regarding gambling in UM’s Notice Of Allegations.

That frustrated Shapiro, who believed the NCAA did not adequately investigate his claims involving the matter.

In general, any school and involved coaches might be at risk of NCAA punishment if it was determined that they gave inside information to a booster with the knowledge it would be used for gambling purposes.

Shapiro was friendly with several former UM assistants, but it’s unclear which, if any, of the coaches will be named by Sports Illustrated.

It’s also unclear how the release of the story would affect the case, if at all. The NCAA might choose to ignore the SI report. Re-opening the investigation would seem unlikely, because the NCAA already has explored the gambling allegation and found nothing.

Shapiro had a serious gambling problem – he has said he lost $9 million gambling on sports. He paid substantial fees to a high-profile South Florida sports handicapper, Adam Meyer, for his advice on game picks.

In 2011, Meyer agreed to return $900,000 in payments from Shapiro to a bankruptcy court trustee seeking to repay Shapiro’s investment victims, according to public records.

A UM contingent led by president Donna Shalala will appear before the infractions committee on Thursday through Saturday in Indianapolis. During the hearing, UM will defend itself and answer questions from the eight committee members hearing the case.

Five former UM coaches – Clint Hurtt and Aubrey Hill (football) and Frank Haith, Jorge Fernandez and Jake Morton (basketball) – also will be in attendance with their attorneys to respond to the NCAA’s charges against them.

UM, which already has self-imposed two football bowl bans, expects to learn later this summer or fall whether it will receive additional sanctions. After a hearing, the NCAA typically takes anytime between six weeks and four months before issuing sanctions.

Shapiro, serving a 20-year sentence for running a $930 million Ponzi scheme, told The Miami Herald last month that he would soon unleash a “Category 5 tsunami” against UM and implied he would make new allegations.

UM has been highly skeptical that he would cause the program any additional harm, based on the belief that he told the NCAA everything he had to tell in 2011 and 2012.

Before going to the NCAA with numerous allegations against UM in March 2011, Shapiro said he was angry that numerous UM people – including coaches and players – turned their back on him after he was arrested.

“I can assure you that this will not be the last of this story from my end,” Shapiro told The Herald recently, declining to discuss the allegations he shared with Sports Illustrated.

Sports Illustrated's timing on this story, which is expected to be released very soon, will be questioned because of the hearings next week. After all, this was the same magazine that once called for UM to drop football.

Two prominent SI reporters have been working on the story, and it will be interesting to see how much the magazine prints of what UM has dubbed Shapiro's "jailhouse tales."

SI also is expected to write about how the NCAA mishandled the case.

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(My thanks to Herald colleague Jay Weaver for his contributions to this story.)



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I'll never look at a Sports Illustrated (even the swimsuit issue) again.


Hehe, little Nevin's feeling have been hurt by the NCAA's incompetence...

The report SI is doing is about the NCAA and its shady dealings against the U, I won't be surprised if they hammer the NCAA pretty good here, this has nothing to do with us...

And the alleged gamblin story, its already been looked into and nothing was found..

Move along..

dennis preslar

It's time to hit organizations that deal on sensationalism, coming from a with a lying,convicted felon, where it really hurts..North Carolina Congress wouldn't listen to voters until we began filling the Raleigh Jail with hundreds of protesters ...Sports Illustrated needs to be hit on its bottom line..Please keep walking when you pass the newstand..


I stopped subscribing to SI when they called for UM to drop football and if you are a Cane you should've done the same. I won't even go to SI.com. I even read that crappy ESPN the Mag which shows the depth of what I will do to avoid SI.


When is little Nevin going to mention, that our Entire Endowment, is really a Money Laundering Scheme for his friend, "The Nigerian Prince'?

[]_[] Stay T[]_[]nes ... More To Come...

Bet []_[] can't wait to get this all behind []_[] h[]_[]h ?

Tony Bosch, a H[]_[]GE Cane fan and Booster, and his PED Candy Store right across from the []_[] doling out []_[] T[]_[]ff Vitamin PED shots to M[]_[]ltiple Cane Atheletes in M[]_[]tiple Sports will be the next scandal on []_[]r agenda...

Nothing to see there riiieet Cane Cl[]_[]cks ?

Coral Gables '81

Bet you can't wait to get Nevin's little pee-pee in your mouth, you little blow hard-U Stay Tunes...More to Come.Too bad Nevin's butt hole is so large now,he can't feel your needle in him. You two lovers enjoy yourselves,as Coach G. brings The U back to prominence.


Does this Shapiro clown need this much attention? This guy is an absolute joke! I think Tony Boesch and the Biogenesis story is more credible then Shapiro. And not sure what it says about SI that they think that this is actually a story that is believable coming from a convicted felon who is sitting in jail.


Somebody's reaching now


Let's hope the federal judge in New Jersey decides to make him serve every day of his 20 year sentence for being such a scumbag.


They're baaaccckkkkk!!!! See ya on September 07th Girlz and Boyz...Shapiro has been moved to a new facility because of being threatened with sexual enslavement at the Louisiana facility he was in. Need I say more...


so, little Nevin blows "9 million" on bad bets... even with the alleged inside information?? AND he pays Adam Meyer nearly another million because Adam is such a good sports handicapper and gve such valuable advice?

Nevin justs opens his mouth and says whatever he thinks people might believe... after all, his business model was to lie to investors.

Convicted Cane

NCAA obviously did wrong. But it won't matter. UM is going to lose scholarships and the team will be happy if they can be a top 50 Defense this yr.

As far as SI? They are notorious for publishing unconfirmed allegations in all sports. Remember the whole tattoo gate article on OSU. They reported allegations that OSU never got charged with. But, players got suspended, Tressel fired, bowl ban, and loss of scholarships. ESPN does the same thing. It's all for headlines and advertising dollars. OSU was charged because of a couple players trading B10 championship rings and pendants. Miami on the other hand, players were given money for abortions, cars, parties, prostitutes....and probably a little weed too. Also remember USC, they mostly got hammered because of Reggie Bush. 1 player, not a list of 20 something. And then the whole sports agency connection with Miami. UM is guilty of a lot more and a lot worse than those two schools.

Need to be honest, UM is going to get major sanctions, 2 yr self ban from a nothing bowl is not going to cut it with the NCAA- even if they did mishandle a mind blowing investigation. Because of the NCAA mishandling the case, UM could expect a best case scenario of losing 25 scholarships, another yr or 2 bowl ban. Probably expect Golden to leave, players will transfer, recruits will decommitt. Maybe in about 6 years UM can be relevant again, that's not bad either, it's already been about 10 since the Canes have been relevant.

Robert Mcclure

I find it real funny dat dis creep didn't hv an issue bt soon as he gts caught he decides 2 snitch. Nobody tol hym 2 do it yt alone gt caught. I fynd it very disgraceful dat S.I wud even write abt dis even doe itz nt realavent! If he didn't gt caught do u think he would've snitched? Hell nawl! Shut up, man up & do ur x. U destroyed a lot of ppl wit ur ponzi scheme. Now u wnt2 bbring da U dwn witchu


This just goes back to SI's vendetta against UM. I hope the judge that hears Dye's case files against the NCAA, it would be fitting if this were the program to take them all down a notch.

[l_l]'r Just Scared.

to the comment by Convicted Cane,
If Miami already had two bowl bans, which is the same USC got, then why should they be looking at another 2 years? that makes no sense. You point out that USC had 1 player, and Miami had around 20. But the difference is that Many of the Miami players only got a few hundred max. Reggie Bush received over $10K, and his parents got a house! Bush got more benefits than all the players at Miami combined. Plus when you consider the mishandling of this case by the NCAA, these sanctions should not be as bad as USC's was. Also, Miami has complied to an unprecedented degree, they have done everything the NCAA has asked...maybe until recently. USC did not by the way. Yes, we can expect some scholarship reductions, probation, and maybe a little more. But that should be all, and if there is anything more than that, expect this case to drag on, as Shalala will take it to court.


Peter King had no effect on anything with the Pell Grant mess. Why are gay turds and semin holes so obsessed with the small, under endowed private UM? Oh, I almost forgot, national titles. How many you have gay turds? Semin holes?
On 9/7/2013 put together an all star gay turd/semin hole team...send em.

Canes Coming Back

Convicted Cane... That was a nice bit of fictional writing. See you here when the sanctions aren't nearly that bad, Golden remains where he is, no one decommits because of this, and the Hurricanes bounce back with about 10+ wins.

As far as all your ranting... You might want to do some actual research before spouting off crap. Otherwise it's all what I said... fictional. Then again for haters, fiction can be fun.


All that abortion and cars being given talk was again not proved by anybody and was told by Shapiro. It's not true you can't charge somebody for crimes they cannot prove. You can't charge somebody for murder if you don't have the evidence. They even hired the lady that works with Shapiro and still couldn't find the information. We will get nothing else and if we do shalala will definitely take this to court

[]_[] Know N[]_[]ffin... []_[] See N[]_[]ffin... []_[] Hear N[]_[]ffin...

You point out that USC had 1 player, and Miami had around 20. But the difference is that Many of the Miami players only got a few hundred max. Reggie Bush received over $10K
Posted by: [l_l]'r Just Scared. | 06/08/2013 at 07:52 PM


Difference is Cane Cl[]_[]ck that Bush was a lone wolf and far more than 20 Miami players were involved for WAY over 10k for 8-10 years. Wilfork's SUV was 50k alone. Strip Clubs, Night Clubs, dinners, abortions and bowling partys at 10's and 10's of thousands of dollars. Boat and El Casa Shapiro illegal entertainment partys more 10's of thousands of dollars. And add in the bounty and performance payouts of 10's of thousands of dollars... It's called GROSS LACK OF INSTIT[]_[]TIONAL CONTROL for REPEAT HIBICH[]_[]AL OFFENDERS !!! Yeah, USC did worse riiieet ?

B[]_[]t NOTHING to see there h[]_[]h Cane Fan ?

The TONY BOSCH Candy Store is next...

Convicted Cane

Canes Coming Back...lol...how long have u been saying that? Do you want some research? Miami has never won an ACC Title. They have never even been to the ACC Championship. Miami was ranked 120th in yards allowed which means their Defense was pathetic (Yes, that's a fact) Miami has won more than 7 games only one time in the last 7 years. Facts. Another fact, NCAA charged Miami with "lack of institutional control." Which is the worst Charge they can have. Quit being a biased fan and face the facts. Most other Cane fans have, which is reflected with an average attendance last year of less than 50k (don't give me the excuses- we have heard them all). Seriously, there are more sanctions to come and UM can fight it and drag it out, or they can get it over with and accept what they deserve. I agree many allegations are not proven, but how many have been proven? What about all of those pictures we have seen? I'll say it again, Miami can hope to be relevant in 6 yrs. By then, USF will have a stronger program. Maybe UM can share a soccer stadium with an expansion MLS team so their bandwagon fans have a reason to go to game. Just be ready for the hammer to drop, the sanctions will be worse than USC.


Hola convicted cane.....blow-me.

Serial killa alert!  Be nice to stupid bloggers!

There's some serious UM hating going on around here. Makes me wonder why...

The only school that's been hated on is UM (on this blog). It has to be some children. And if I'm correct, then let's not be too harsh on them. Now, their parents? Flame. Them.

Wait - don't flame them. These are the types of kids that end up going on shooting sprees. We have no idea how many lives have been spared since this blog began...

Miami Penguin

Let's face it: the only persons who look good are the reporters covering this story.

NCAA has grossly thrown its weight around, while UM didn't develop gumption until after the NCAA's misconduct became public.

As for Mr. Shapiro, well, he's just a very angry little man.


blah blah blah. his 15 minutes of fame has ended, so now ALL OF A SUDDEN hes going to unleash a tsunami. SHAME on SI for continuing to glorify this creep and let him have more attention. he just happened to be holding back information this whole time?! HA!! and anyone that would bet ON the Canes post Larry Coker is a moron. type shelf "inside info" you got there!! how can u claim to be "such a big Cane fan" then turn around and snitch about every little detail and try to destroy the whole program!??! cause people didnt want to help a CRIMINAL CON ARTIST!!? i truly hope u are continually running into Lifer Canes fans on the inside, you little rat snitch. i pray that u are being gangbanged in the prison showers as i type this. burn in hell.

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