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Saturday 6 p.m. Heat update;SI preparing UM/NCAA expose; Shapiro makes another allegation

Please see the last post for a Saturday Heat update from the NBA FInals


With the University of Miami just days away from its hearing in front of NCAA’s infractions committee, two sources confirmed to The Miami Herald that Sports Illustrated is in the final stages of writing an expose about the NCAA and its investigation into the school’s athletics program, including not-previously-published allegations from former UM booster Nevin Shapiro.

Shapiro told SI that he used inside information obtained from UM coaches to gamble on Hurricanes football games, according to the sources.

Shapiro alleged that coaches shared with him information --- such as whether a particular injured player would be available to play --- in at least two games, including in 2005 and a 2007 game against North Carolina, which UM lost, 33-27.

According to a third source, the NCAA previously investigated Shapiro’s gambling claims but found no concrete evidence and did not make any allegations regarding gambling in UM’s Notice Of Allegations.

That frustrated Shapiro, who believed the NCAA did not adequately investigate his claims involving the matter.

In general, any school and involved coaches might be at risk of NCAA punishment if it was determined that they gave inside information to a booster with the knowledge it would be used for gambling purposes.

Shapiro was friendly with several former UM assistants, but it’s unclear which, if any, of the coaches will be named by Sports Illustrated.

It’s also unclear how the release of the story would affect the case, if at all. The NCAA might choose to ignore the SI report. Re-opening the investigation would seem unlikely, because the NCAA already has explored the gambling allegation and found nothing.

Shapiro had a serious gambling problem – he has said he lost $9 million gambling on sports. He paid substantial fees to a high-profile South Florida sports handicapper, Adam Meyer, for his advice on game picks.

In 2011, Meyer agreed to return $900,000 in payments from Shapiro to a bankruptcy court trustee seeking to repay Shapiro’s investment victims, according to public records.

A UM contingent led by president Donna Shalala will appear before the infractions committee on Thursday through Saturday in Indianapolis. During the hearing, UM will defend itself and answer questions from the eight committee members hearing the case.

Five former UM coaches – Clint Hurtt and Aubrey Hill (football) and Frank Haith, Jorge Fernandez and Jake Morton (basketball) – also will be in attendance with their attorneys to respond to the NCAA’s charges against them.

UM, which already has self-imposed two football bowl bans, expects to learn later this summer or fall whether it will receive additional sanctions. After a hearing, the NCAA typically takes anytime between six weeks and four months before issuing sanctions.

Shapiro, serving a 20-year sentence for running a $930 million Ponzi scheme, told The Miami Herald last month that he would soon unleash a “Category 5 tsunami” against UM and implied he would make new allegations.

UM has been highly skeptical that he would cause the program any additional harm, based on the belief that he told the NCAA everything he had to tell in 2011 and 2012.

Before going to the NCAA with numerous allegations against UM in March 2011, Shapiro said he was angry that numerous UM people – including coaches and players – turned their back on him after he was arrested.

“I can assure you that this will not be the last of this story from my end,” Shapiro told The Herald recently, declining to discuss the allegations he shared with Sports Illustrated.

Sports Illustrated's timing on this story, which is expected to be released very soon, will be questioned because of the hearings next week. After all, this was the same magazine that once called for UM to drop football.

Two prominent SI reporters have been working on the story, and it will be interesting to see how much the magazine prints of what UM has dubbed Shapiro's "jailhouse tales."

SI also is expected to write about how the NCAA mishandled the case.

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(My thanks to Herald colleague Jay Weaver for his contributions to this story.)



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check out this new thing called a dictionary. or Google.

@ConvictedCane- yes the program is absolutley on the rise. they wouldve played in the ACC Chamionship but didnt because of the bowl ban. so GT got a free pass. so it wasnt just some "stupid little Bowl game" that they gave up. please remember that 90% of Shapiros claims could not be proven. its all just he said she said. which is why the NCAA tried getting info from other people while they were under oath for diffferent reasons because the NCAA cant make people go under oath. basically the whole case is one guy saying that he saw players on Shapiro's boat. not specific players either, he just "knew they were players." this idiotic mess will all be over soon. and Shapiro will go away and continue his purpose as prison pornography.

get a life instead of just hatin on another teams boards.


At what point are people going to stop giving this weasel an avenue to get his voice heard?!? This is crazy... The man just admitted a few weeks ago he lied on the stand on top of why he's in jail in the first place and ppl are still glorifying his words. Just shows how bad certain ppl want the UM football program buried. Bullsh#t if you ask me

Yep per'

And in other related news ; Sports illustrated is doing an exposé on on The NCAA involvement with illegal catfish noodeling with convicted criminal Mudcat Jones. Oh, I'm sorry I thought we were taking about things no self respected magazine would print. Has it really come to that, SI? You're now bottom feeding with known Perjurers to sell a few mags........SI has jumped the shark and hopefully gets eaten by it.


Couldn't have said it better Bizz

Get a Life 'Cane Haters

I have a rhetorical question...what's more annoying than seeing a fan in an Ohio State jersey at the UM - FSU game??? Answer: seeing haters posting on the blog of a team that they have nothing to do with. You know who you are Convicted Cane and others...stop wearing soccer jerseys to football games and more importantly go back to posting on UCF or other second rate team's blog that you're a fan of!
As far as our Canes go...it's plain as day to see that Coach Golden has the program on the upswing, Morris and Duke are gonna have a huge year and we'll be back to the offensive juggernaught we were during the National title days. And Nevin I have a question for ya...how does the prison d.ck taste bud???

Convicted Cane

"On the Rise"-"Upswing" okay, so when was the low point? A loss to USF to wrap up a 7-6 2010? A 2011 team that went 6-6? And now Canes are on the rise because afer they lost to Virginia for the second year in a row they tied for the Coastal division best record and missed out on the ACC Championship game after a 3 loss Grueling ACC schedule? You are on the comeback because you tied for the division lead and owned the tiebreaker which would have given your first ever ACC championship game. Another 5 loss season and 1 game above .500 so now the nation should be terrified because the Canes are on the rise with a Hopefully much improved defense that hopes to crack the 50 defense...which would b a tremendous improvement from pretty much the absolute worst in the country (with such a grueling ACC schedule of course). Yea, everyone should be scared of a team that has not yet been punished for lack of institutional control. Hopefully they are on the rise, but don't be so confident. Yea the offense will be strong barring no injuries, their Defense sucks (cant wait to hear ho they are improving). Although, I guess 8 wins would be one of the best Cane seasons in a Decade and "on the rise" or "upswing".


I would love to punch you in the face Convicted Cane


I don't know why people keep commenting on the attendance at UM games! UM is a private school with only 10K students so the fact that they average 50K in attendance is actually impressive! Not to mention, the fans around the nation watching the games on tv, including me from New Jersey!! FSU has 40K students and they average 75k per game and there is nothing else to do in Tallahassee!!! Stop your noise! Shapiro is a scumbag and so are the idiot haters on here!! []_[]NATION BABY!!!


@Convicted Cane - If the Hurricanes are so bad, why are you wasting your precious time posting on their story??? You scared??? Hahaha! You should be!! Speaking of a stupid schedule, did you see FSU's schedule last year?? My grandmother could have beaten some of those teams! Are you even a FSU fan? Reveal yourself big mouth!! GO CANES!!!

An onymousCane

LOL, Convicted Cane, opening your mouth and removing all doubt about your ignorance. No abortions, no prostitutes, no evidence of much of what mini-me had to say! Your comments are the definition of "Wishful thinking!"
Maybe if you say the same thing twice the NCAA might want to speak to you since they deal on a regular basis with a bunch of losers!

Now it is time for you to go clean the toilets at the Alachua County Detention Center!


I can't believe all of the UM fans with their heads in the sand. He is a criminal and a con artist, but he is no dummy. His allegations can be investigated, what he says won't be taken at face value, but it will be look into. The s**t will hit a fan putting out hurricane force winds.

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