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Heat faltering in clutch; A bundle of Heat notes; Dolphins chatter; UM recruiting


A 10-pack of Heat items, with Game 2 of the Finals looming:

### Nobody could have seen this coming: In clutch situations, Miami has gone from profoundly dominant in the regular season to the NBA’s third-worst statistically in the postseason.

The Heat has been outscored by 12 points in 36 playoff minutes that fall under the league’s definition of clutch — final five minutes of games with a margin of five points or fewer. Only the ousted Knicks (minus-13) and Nets (minus-16) were worse.

What’s more, Miami is 3-4 this postseason in games featuring clutch minutes after finishing 32-8 in those games during the season and outscoring teams by an absurd 131 points in 176 clutch minutes. No team was nearly as spectacular late in close games; Denver was second at plus-59.

The regular-season Heat averaged 116 points per 48 minutes of clutch time. The playoff Heat? Just 86.6. The regular-season Heat shot 48.8 percent and had 88 assists and 40 turnovers in the clutch; the playoff Heat has shot 36 percent, with nine assists and 14 turnovers (worst playoff ratio).

So who's to blame? This sticks out: Chris Bosh led the league in clutch shooting during the regular season (minimum 30 attempts), going 27 for 35. But in the playoffs, he’s 3 for 11. Only Nets guard Deron Williams has been worse, minimum 10 shots.

LeBron James is shooting 6 for 13 in the clutch this postseason, Dwyane Wade 6 for 11. But Ray Allen is 1 for 4 (after shooting 25 for 51 in-season) and Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers 0 for 4 each.

### One peculiarity: The clutch lineup that coach Erik Spoelstra used most before the playoffs — Allen, Battier and the Big 3 — was plus-41 in 53 clutch minutes in the regular season, but has played just two of Miami’s 36 clutch playoff minutes (and is plus-7).

Meanwhile, the Heat’s second-most used clutch lineup — Allen, Chalmers and the Big 3 — has gone from plus-34 in 46 clutch regular-season minutes to a dreadful minus-23 in 15 playoff clutch minutes, with 4-for-18 shooting.

No wonder Spoelstra closed the final three minutes of Game(1 with Mike Miller, Allen and the Big 3 — a lineup that played only 33 minutes together all season (and was minus-5).

### Battier hasn’t talked to Spoelstra about his reduced role because “there’s no time for hand-holding.”

How upset is he? “I’m 34. I’m good looking. Two beautiful kids. Rarely have a bad day. I’m playing with LeBron, have billboards in China.” The point? “I’m not going to let a little playing time dictate how I feel.”

Battier is 15 for 69 in the postseason, and Stan Van Gundy said on 790 The Ticket: “It’s killing Erik not to play him, but the guy is totally ineffective right now.” But Battier countered: “Shooting is only a sliver of what I do,” and that he needs to “make [Spoelstra’s] life miserable by playing well, make him say, ‘How can I sit Shane?’”

Battier said Saturday there’s a “good possibility” he will retire after the 2013-14 season, when his contract expires. “I’ll be 36,” he said. “Time to do something else.”

### A downside to not playing Battier much: According to synergysports.com, players guarded by Battier are shooting 29.1 percent in the playoffs, best on the team. Players guarded by Wade are shooting 45.4, compared with 35.1 in the regular season.

### Miller knows this could be his final two weeks here, as amnesty looms: “If you look at the financial part of it, [amnesty] makes sense.”

He would be paid $6.2 million and $6.6 million the next two seasons, but the money would come off the Heat’s salary cap. Miller calls this his toughest season, considering how little he played (59 games, 15.3 minutes average) because “it’s the most healthy I’ve been, best I’ve felt in six years.”

### For those preferring Bosh drive more -- and that makes sense -- consider: His shooting at the rim has plunged from 71.7 percent in the regular season to 52.3 (23 for 44) in the playoffs. The Bulls’ Joakim Noah and Pacers’ Roy Hibbert had a lot to do with that.

Here’s what’s harder to figure: Whereas his three-point shooting has improved to 42.9 percent, his accuracy between 16 feet and the three-point line has dropped from 50.3 during the season to 35.6.

Bosh, by the way, is already tired of talking about Tim Duncan but told us previously he spent some time last summer studying tapes of Duncan’s and former Lakers great James Worthy’s footwork in the post. Duncan said “it’s really odd to hear” that Bosh had a Duncan poster on his wall growing up Dallas.

### Ray Allen calls this the most enjoyable team he has played for and “the weather does wonders for your body. It feels like you’re on vacation.” His approach has rubbed off on teammates.

Not only did James copy his free-throw technique, but Udonis Haslem said he started using a paddleboat because Allen does. “It’s similar to rowing, but standing up,” said Allen, who does it for 30-minute stretches to “build up muscles.”

Two aspects of Wade’s game that have developed nicely have betrayed him in the postseason: runners (shooting 8 for 27) and post-ups (6 for 19). And Wade has had huge drop-offs from the regular season on shots from 3 to 10 feet (he’s at 27.5 percent) and 16 to 23 (28.9 percent).

With his knee injury, “it looks like he’s lacking confidence in some of the things he’s accustomed to doing,” Spurs forward Tracy McGrady said.

### From the spare-no-expense file: A partner in a Connecticut-based hedge fund paid $21,000 each for three courtside tickets for Game 2 – most ever spent on a Heat ticket, according to White Glove International, which re-sells high-end Heat tickets. And some German tourists doled out $1,500 to go by boat to Game 1, which is offered from the Miami Beach Marina, instead of fighting traffic.

###  It’s awkward enough for Chris Andersen when people make the flapping bird sign at him in public. But that’s better than the guy who approached Joel Anthony to give him a high-five at a urinal. Anthony warded him off with a friendly elbow bump.


### The Dolphins want “offset language” in rookie first-round draft pick Dion Jordan’s contract — which lessens their financial burden if he’s cut. But that’s no longer unusual for NFL top 10 picks, and the sides remain hopeful of striking a deal before camp.

### How athletic is new Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes, who has thoroughly impressed? He said he shocked people by jumping over cars when playing “chase” with friends as a teenager.

### Not only did UM last week add two-star linebacker and Plantation American Heritage graduate Walter Tucker — an elite hurdler who had no other football scholarship offers — to its 2013 class, but Canesport.com said UM also offered a 2013 football scholarship to a player who has never played football: New York-based Connor Center.

Center taped a workout and sent it to UM — which projects him as a tight end — and other schools. Center, 6-7, said UM is “at the top” of his list with Colorado. He plans to visit in the next week.

As for Tucker, he previously committed to Clemson on a track scholarship, but changed his mind because he decided to play football and that wasn't going to happen at Clemson. Some schools, including Texas and Wisconsin, had interest in him for football but didn't offer him a scholarship because of his past preference for track. Tucker was a high productive running back at American Heritage, but UM offered him as a linebacker.

### Meanwhile, Albany, Ga.-based linebacker Juwan Young on Saturday became UM's 10th oral commitment for the 2014 class, picking UM over North Carolina, Mississippi, Western Kentucky and others. Rated a three-star prospect by rivals.com, the 6-2, 228-pound Young had 118 tackles, 10 sacks and 8 forced fumbles last season.

### Unlike several recent years, UM didn't lose a first-round pick to the MLB draft. But the Hurricanes' top two recruits in their incoming class indicated they likely will turn pro: Arizona fourth-round pick Matt MacPherson (a speedy outfielder from Maryland) and Dodgers fifth-round pick J.D. Underwood, a pitcher from a Palm Beach junior college. 



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[]_[] Know N[]_[]ffin... []_[] See N[]_[]ffin... []_[] Hear N[]_[]ffin...

You point out that USC had 1 player, and Miami had around 20. But the difference is that Many of the Miami players only got a few hundred max. Reggie Bush received over $10K
Posted by: [l_l]'r Just Scared. | 06/08/2013 at 07:52 PM


Difference is Cane Cl[]_[]ck that Bush was a lone wolf and far more than 20 Miami players were involved for WAY over 10k for 8-10 years. Wilfork's SUV was 50k alone. Strip Clubs, Night Clubs, dinners, abortions and bowling partys at 10's and 10's of thousands of dollars. Boat and El Casa Shapiro illegal entertainment partys more 10's of thousands of dollars. And add in the bounty and performance payouts of 10's of thousands of dollars... It's called GROSS LACK OF INSTIT[]_[]TIONAL CONTROL for REPEAT HIBICH[]_[]AL OFFENDERS !!! Yeah, USC did worse riiieet ?

B[]_[]t NOTHING to see there h[]_[]h Cane Fan ?

The TONY BOSCH Candy Store Scandal is next...

 Mo Cane Projects ... Many Mo To Come ...

CONGRATS on Juwon Young !!!

B[]_[]t let's get the facts skraaat though shall we Cane Cl[]_[]cks...

LB Juwon Young 3-Star that Florida, Florida St., UCF or ANY Top School DID NOT offer.. Only Appy St., La. Lafayette, Middle Tenn.,UNC, Old Dominion and Western Kentucky...

Y[]_[]p, those are the Schools that []_[] compete with for average talent that Top Programs wouldn't even consider... It's exactly who []_[] are and where []_[]r at. Maybe if []_[] joined the above schools that offered this stiff's Conference, []_[] might Win a Conference Championship.

B[]_[]t REJOICE Cane Cl[]_[]cks !!! []_[] got another Blocking D[]_[]mmy Sco[]_[]t Player to Commit ! GOLDEN'S on a 2-3 Star Project Roll !!!


Here's what a real Commit to celebrate looks like Cane Cl[]_[]cks ...

Immokalee's Jackson Officially A Gator ...

Less than a week after decommitting from Florida State, Consensus 4-Star Immokalee athlete J.C. Jackson is officially a Gator.

The 5-foot-10, 180-pounder pledged to Florida following the Will Muschamp Football Camp on Saturday, which was his fifth trip to Gainesville.

“It was my best option, so I just went ahead and committed,” Jackson said. “It’s very solid. I’m going to stick with the Gators.”

Jackson selected the Seminoles, who recruited him at receiver, in March of 2012 but began wavering this February. After UF’s Junior Day, he named the Gators his leader despite being committed to FSU.

Jackson visited Florida two more times prior to this weekend and was seen twice by defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson in last month’s evaluation period.

The UF coaches wanted Jackson as a cornerback, his preferred position, and his relationship with them ultimately won him over.

"They started yelling and got happy," he said of the staff’s reaction. “It was nice.”

The Gators now have nine verbal commitments in their 2014 class, including four ESPN150 members with the addition of Jackson.


[]_[] now get what a Consensus, ESPN Top-150, across the board 4-Star offerd by Florida St., Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Ohio State, Clemson, Tenn. and Miami (bwwwaahhaahhaaahaaa) looks like ?

Don't []_[] fret tho[]_[]gh, word is Al has his eye on more Jersey Shore Boys pl[]_[]s a few more Nigerian D-Linemen, altho[]_[]gh they're Soccer players can be developed as projects.

# 1 GATORS ... AGAIN !!!

FLORIDA GATORS Men's Outdoor Track Team are National CHAMPIONS AGAIN !!! The 2012-13 GATOR Sports Seasons comes to close for UF...



It's Great to be a Florida Gator !


[]_[] ? 1 lone once every 50 years Conference Hoops Title in a Down ACC year ?

Anything else ? Debate ?

N[]_[]ffin To See Here Sez The Cane Cl[]_[]ck...

Sources: SI to publish tell-all report on NCAA’s UM probe

By Barry Jackson The Miami Herald

Sources said Sports Illustrated will reveal, among other things, that Nevin Shapiro used inside information from UM coaches to gamble.

It's abo[]_[]t to BLOW []_[]P IN HERE !!!

lemme g[]_[]ess... SI's multiple sources are felons and liars riiieet ?

More TMZ Corch Golden ? Nope... It's A CANE THANG Corch... []_[] wouldn't []_[]nderstand being a Penn. St. Paterno Boy... Has been for Decades... Maybe []_[]'ll learn someday soon when []_[]r Coaching some place else.


Barkley says Spurs will sweep and I tend to agree with him. Bad feeling about this series.

Steve B

What kind of loser continually has to post Gator nonsense on a Hurricane column? Get back in your Orange and Blue pickup truck ,get your Jorts washed and your teeth fixed and get out of here moron.

No-Star - 2-Star Project []_[] ...


No-Star - 2-Star Project []_[] ...

***Not only did UM last week add two-star linebacker and Plantation American Heritage graduate Walter Tucker — an elite hurdler who had no other football scholarship offers — to its 2013 class, but Canesport.com said UM also offered a 2013 football scholarship to a player who has never played football: New York-based Connor Center.***


WOOOO HOOOO !!!! []_[] gots a 2-Star stiff track guy that NOBODY offered !!! And a NO-STAR TE that nobody has offered and has NEVER PLAYED FOOTBALL IN HIS LIFE !!! []_[] GOTZ 15 T.E.'s NOW !!! Corch GOLDEN is a GENI[]_[]S !!! He is the KING of and gets the award for the []_[]nder the Radar, b[]_[]ried deep in a b[]_[]nker No and 2 Star, he's a football player? Corch of the Decade award. ! Projects GALORE !


***Meanwhile, Albany, Ga.-based linebacker Juwan Young on Saturday became UM's 10th oral commitment for the 2014 class, picking UM over North Carolina, Mississippi, Western Kentucky and others. Rated a three-star prospect by rivals.com, the 6-2, 228-pound Young had 118 tackles, 10 sacks and 8 forced fumbles last season.***


PRAISE GOD !!! A L.B. Finally and from talent Rich Georgia !!! Too Bad Georgia, Ga. Tech, Florida, Fla. St. and any other Top-Program never even considered offering this average Backup scout teamer... But Appy St., La. Lafayette, Middle Tenn.,UNC, Old Dominion and Western Kentucky were Hot for this small school D-2 Talent and []_[] GOT HIM !!! More Projects for the C.A.N.E.S !!!


Seriously, when will []_[] realize and get sick of all these below average talented players that can't play at a high D-1 level that Golden is signing in droves and say that's en[]_[]ff !!! ? It pathetic. Don't []_[] know that Top kids look at []_[]r commit list and say to themselves, I don't want to be a part of that. As opposed to looking at the Talent of Top-10-15 programs with High 3, 4 and 5 Stars and wanting to be a part of that... Golden is so focused on starting his Recruiting classes with low level players and then HOPING some Top talent will come aboard. While Top Teams Stock their Recruiting Classes firstly with 4-5 Stars, then in Feb. if there are spots open will settle with lower 3 and 2-Stars to fill out the class... Al loves stocking up on []_[]gly Girls hoping the pretty ones will come around someday. But those pretty girls see that []_[] hang around with Dogs and don't want their fleas.

[]_[] will say, trust in Al, but watch during the Season and as it progresses how Top-Teams will stock up on the Top-150-200 kids and []_[] will be left empty handed in Feb only to sign more 2-Star projects... B[]_[]t hey, []_[] were in the Top-10 in recruiting, based solely on average quantity in June !!! YEEEAAAAAAHHHH !!!!

[]_[] Cl[]_[]cks, like []_[]r Cl[]_[]less Head Corch just don't get it.


yeah yeah ... All 20+ No and 2 Star kids []_[] now have on []_[]r depthless roster will be the next Ed Reeds ...


Whatcould be worse comparatively?

A class full of "supposedly" 5 star recruits, top 5 class in the country... and still

a) get your face smushed in by ... crickets...Louisville?

b) Nearly lose to... ...Louisiana Lafayette at home?

Or build a class with 2 and 3 star recruits such as JJ Watt and Ed Reed were once?

Gators are funny. And funny looking.


LOL Louisville is the essence of a 2-3 star program that pulls in mid major talent, and are NEVER (and have never been) ranked in the top 25 in recruiting. Yet in the New Orleans Sugar Bowl in front of millions on national TV, those 2-3 star average talent that Top Programs wouldn't even consider beat the bejesus out of your "Consensus, ESPN Top-150, across the board 4-Star offerd by Florida St., Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Ohio State, Clemson, Tenn. and Miami" recruits. Can you explain that for us poor little []_[] fans? : )


Must be Open House at the Alachua County Detention Center today. The inmates or rather Gator teammates must have more time in the Urban Liar, Cryer, where's Tebow when you need an eskimo kiss? Meyer Learning Center!

Sept. 8 on this board I doubt we hear much from these inbreds from the Swamp infested Sewer known as Ben Hill Griffith, lol, Your day is coming, Sept 7th. count on it!


By the looks of some of those posting the Florida Department of Education needs to be doing a much better job. In this state we are obviously graduating morons, clueless idiots and brain dead students that obviously go on to the University of Florida.

Can't even get into FSU that takes the tests and does their papers for their athletes. At FSU they aren't required to read and write and these morons couldn't get in to FSU so they go to U of Felons! lol wow are we supposed to be impressed by their moronic blogs? ROFLMAO !!!!!


The scary part about all of this is that these people have a vote!

Sad Times

Man this guy is pathetic, that was literally his entire Saturday night, going on the internet and trying to troll people into talking to him.



Call me a #Hater but so nice to see #FSU lose their Super Regional opener to Indiana. If we aren't going to #Omaha I sure don't want them 2
-- proCanes.com ‏@proCanes

as usual, the criminole will swoon in june ...




This rain in Miami is really starting to piss me off !!!
-- ‏@JackMcClinton



Can you explain that for us poor little []_[] fans? : )

Posted by: loneoutcast | 06/09/2013 at 09:39 AM

Sure, []_[]r not an extremely well Coached Louisville Team that is Headed by a Former GATOR Asst. & HEAD COACH ... []_[]r []_[], and the average g[]_[]y Coaching []_[], like []_[]r Program S[]_[][]_[][]_[]cks...

Got it ?



My dawg @ShaneLarkin0_ just picked me up in the crazy whip!!! Haha wow!!!!!
-- Justin Heller @j_hell12


[]_[]r Famo[]_[]s ...

When's Sports Illustrated coming out ?



Can the ACC establish itself at a new, higher level than the rest of the nation’s conferences in terms of quality and interest, thereby becoming the closest thing college basketball has to college football’s SEC?

On Thursday, AL.com posted an interesting transcript with Burke Magnus, ESPN’s senior vice president of college programming. In it, Magnus discussed the possibilities surrounding the newly enhanced ACC

As Magnus points out, the entirety of ESPN’s national games have drawn around a 1.1 average rating over the past decade. The latest realignment shuffling likely won’t change the overall level of public interest, but the concentration of so many good teams in one league could help it create separation from the rest in terms of ratings, overall interest and — perhaps most importantly — NCAA tournament seeding and possible success.

According to Sports Media Watch, which tracks TV ratings for college basketball, among other sports, across all of the major national networks, only six regular-season college hoops games garnered a 2.0 rating last season: both Indiana-Michigan games, the second Indiana-Michigan State game, the second Duke-MIAMI game, Duke-Kentucky in the Champions Classic and Temple-Kansas (which had an NFL playoff game as the lead-in).

As such, Magnus’ estimate of the ACC’s possible interest level looks — on the surface — to be somewhat ambitious. But taking into account that the most-watched matchups are not network- or league-driven, but matchup-driven, and it’s easy to see where Magnus’ optimism is coming from. The ACC will have a sizable number of league contests pairing two teams from among Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse and Louisville (starting in 2014-15). If another team emerges at a similarly elite level for a season (like Miami this year, for example), all the better. As the 2012-13 ratings demonstrate, league games involving two top-tier teams are the biggest draws outside of a rare mega out-of-conference matchup. The ACC already had the most consistent national interest in its product; now it will have a heavy proportion of the nation’s best teams, too.

There are too many elite programs elsewhere and too many quality teams from smaller leagues to believe we’ll see the type of title (or even attention) hegemony for college hoops’ ACC as we have for college football’s SEC over the last seven years. But make no mistake: College basketball’s ACC is on its way to becoming an obvious superpower. More elite teams, more elite games and maybe more deep NCAA tournament runs should create brand equity — and TV ratings — far above any other league in the land.
-- SI.com



Basketball and Baseball may be the hidden keys to starting the ACC Network.

It’s going to take time for an ACC network to get off the ground, but I do believe it will happen. I don’t have any reason to think otherwise at the moment. Gradually information is being released that looks favorably on the content the ACC can offer such a network. We always think in terms of football, but in the course of a year football will make up only a small percentage of a network’s programming. A network may show 50 football games in a year.

That’s 200 hours of live football on a conference. These networks are 24 hour 7 day a week channels. That’s means live football makes up 200/8760 or about 2-3% of a network. Football is the dominant collegiate sport and by far, but having some additional compelling programming certainly doesn’t hurt.

There was interesting Q&A with ESPN’s Burke Magnus from al.com recently

While he makes no definitive statement regarding whether an ACC network is imminent, his comments display a real intrigue at the possibilities of future ACC basketball.

“I think what the ACC has created could in many ways redefine what’s possible in college basketball in terms of fan interest. When you have the likes of Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame and Louisville joining Tobacco Road along with their other basketball brands, there are real possibilities there."

“I think there will be so many meaningful games between those ACC teams that it will almost be a somewhat daily conversation for basketball fans."

“I think we could see 1.5 and 2.0 ratings regularly out of the ACC, which would be pretty spectacular.”

Beyond that comes this from another sport the ACC is pretty good at… baseball. Baseball? Come on nobody watches college baseball. Who cares about that? Well ESPN does and they are making a heavy investment in it.

This past weekend ESPN reported Millions watched ESPN’s regional baseball coverage.

“Overall, ESPN2 and ESPNU combined to reach 11,680,000 viewers for its game telecasts. In addition, fans watched more than 96,600,000 live and replay minutes of Regionals action on the ESPN3 and WatchESPN platforms.”

Another revealing piece of data came from this article, and it adds credence to John Swofford’s statements of the power of the ACC’s viewing footprint.

“Greenville-Spartanburg was the highest-rated metered market for ESPN2’s Regional telecasts followed by Louisville, New Orleans, Tulsa, Raleigh-Durham and Knoxville. The top 10 was rounded out by Birmingham, Greensboro, Charlotte and Nashville. Richmond, Norfolk, Memphis, Phoenix and Buffalo were the 11 through 15 highest-rated markets.”

Of the 15 highest rated markets 6 were exclusive current and future ACC markets… Louisville, Raleigh-Durham, Greensboro, Charlotte, Richmond, Norfolk. Greenville-Spartanburg can be considered at least a split Clemson market along with South Carolina.

No other conference had that many markets in their footprint.
-- beforeitsnews




"SEC has 6th NCAA major violation case since 2009, avoids postseason ban again"



what i find really stupid is that you people actually read what this a-hole is posting and actually reply to his bullcrap, just skip over it like any common sense person would do, ignorance is bliss.

Life is good!

Posted by: #1 GATORS | 06/09/2013 at 12:39 PM

Whelp, almost 1 on a Sunday, time to go on the internet and try to troll UM fans into talking to me!

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