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Wednesday note: UM loses DT; Pacers, scouts, analysts break down Heat-Spurs; Fins, Marlins chatter

Quick Thursday update: UM has lost out on another defensive tackle that it coveted. Delvon Simmons, who is transferring from Texas Tech (where he was a quality starter), announced this afternoon he has picked USC over UM. Simmons visited here over Memorial Day weekend. He would not have been eligible until the 2014 season. DT remains a UM priority, especially with Curtis Porter entering his senior season.


For insight on the Heat-Spurs NBA Finals matchup, we solicited input from two former coaches (Jeff Van Gundy and NBA TV’s Sam Mitchell), two Eastern Conference scouts and four Indiana Pacers players. Some highlights:

### Pacers forward Danny Granger and one of the scouts picked Miami; the others called it a toss-up excluding Van Gundy, who wasn’t asked to pick because he’s announcing the games for ABC.

“The Spurs are absolutely a bigger challenge to Miami than Indiana –- they’re not going to turn the ball over like Indiana did, and they’re a better shooting team than Indiana," Mitchell said. (The Spurs were second in field-goal percentage this season to the Pacers’ 26th.)

What's more, Mitchell said, “The Heat has no deterrent to keep Tony Parker out of the lane. And you have a coach with four championships and he’s had 12 days to prepare. Tim Duncan and Tiago Splitter aren’t as physical as Roy Hibbert and David West, but they will give them problems because they are just as big and better athletes than Hibbert.”

Mitchell, who coached Chris Bosh in Toronto, added: “I’ve never seen Bosh struggle like this. And if Bosh and Dwyane Wade play the way they’ve played, how can you not pick San Antonio?”

So why does Mitchell hesitate? “If LeBron James was Paul George or just a regular All-Star, it would be San Antonio hands down. But LeBron makes it a tossup. If I had to bet, I would probably go 51/49 Spurs.”

### Granger said “as much as people talk” about Miami’s struggles against bigger teams, “they still keep beating teams with size. We’re probably the biggest team where we have a tandem of Hibbert and West and they beat us. So despite what people say, I don’t see it hurting them in the Finals.”

Granger picks Miami “because of LeBron. He can turn it on when he wants, can create when he wants. He’s making threes now and that was his weakness.”

### But Indiana’s Paul George cautioned: “Tim Duncan is one of those guys you can’t game plan [against] and it will be tough for Miami…. It’s a tossup.”

Pacers and ex-Spurs guard George Hill said Miami “is going to have problems with the whole team. Kawhi Leonard is one of the top defenders in the league.”

### Pacers guard D.J. Augustin said what should most concern the Heat is the Spurs “are just so smart and they’re not going to let great plays rattle them. They’re going to stay composed because they’ve been there before. It’s going to go down to a Game 7.”

### The scouts said they would open with Udonis Haslem defending Tim Duncan. “Haslem’s a better defender on him and it keeps Bosh out of foul trouble,” one scout said.

That scout said though Splitter isn’t as productive offensively as Duncan or West, “Splitter is more willing to go to the perimeter and guard Bosh than West was.” And “Splitter is more mobile than Hibbert,” the other scout said.

### Granger called Tony Parker “an unwinnable matchup” for Miami –-- “he’s playing out of his mind,” Granger said--- and the scouts couldn’t envision James guarding him for more than a few minutes a game.

“I don’t even know if LeBron can keep up with him,” one scout said. “Maybe Norris Cole could bother him a little.”

### On the James/Leonard matchup, Van Gundy said on a conference call: “I love Leonard –- he’s the human mute button. He doesn’t say a lot, but his game talks very loudly. He has improved dramatically offensively. He came into the league an aggressive defender. You aren’t stopping LeBron, but you want to at least reduce his efficiency somewhat. They have a matchup that gives them a chance.”

### One scout said his biggest concern for the Spurs would be who will guard James when Leonard is on the bench: “Maybe Danny Green, but he’s too small. Manu Ginobili is too small. I would put Matt Bonner on him because he’s the same size, but he’ll be exposed by LeBron in isolation.”

### Though Green starts, Ginobili will finish games in a compelling shooting guard matchup with Wade. One scout said he would rather have Ginobili over the diminished Wade “because he’s a much better shooter from distance and just as good going to the rim.”

But the other scout said: “Wade’s the better player, even in this state. Ginobili has lost a little. He’s not as consistently effective.”

### The Spurs have an answer for the Heat’s small lineup because, as Van Gundy said, “the beauty of San Antonio is they can play big with Splitter and Duncan or they can downsize with four [on the perimeter, including] Matt Bonner or Boris Diaw. That flexibility gives them the ability to adapt to whatever the game situation calls for.”

### Please see the last post for my position-by-position breakdown of Heat-Spurs.


### How good was the 37.1 local TV rating for Game 7 of Heat-Pacers – equaling 37.1 percent of Dade/Broward homes with TV sets? Not only did it smash the local rating for Game 7 of the Heat-Celtics Eastern finals last June (a 25.0), but it wasn’t far off from CBS-4’s 40.7 rating for this year’s Super Bowl.

By contrast, the rating was much smaller in Indianapolis for Monday's game (a 21.9). Nationally, the game was seen in 7.1 percent of U.S. homes - the most watched NBA game ever on TNT.

### Two Dolphins free agent pickups -- linebacker Philip Wheeler and receiver Brandon Gibson -- are going through growing pains. Tight ends often have gotten open against Wheeler and other linebackers in practice and Wheeler said he has to “learn the defense, stop making mistakes… so I can cover tight ends like I did last year” with Oakland.

Gibson, adjusting to playing the slot, dropped a pass Monday and has been outplayed by Armon Binns.

### After filing a complaint with the Coral Gables police alleging that an NCAA investigator “coerced" him to provide answers to aid the NCAA’s investigation, UM defensive end Dyron Dye on Tuesday was referred to the state attorney’s office, to whom he will present his case later this week. The state attorney's office then would decide whether to consider filing charges.

### UM remains optimistic about luring Texas guard Sheldon McClellan, who visited last week, but he might check out LSU or Oregon.

### Ballyhooed UM quarterback commitment Kevin Olsen was charged with leaving the scene of an accident after he crashed his car first into a tree, and then shortly after that, into another car, according to a Wayne Hills, N.J. police report. It shouldn't affect his status at UM. Olsen expects to redshirt this season.

### The ACC on Tuesday announced UM's crossover games from 2014 through 2024. UM plays at Louisville in 2014, but many expect Cardinals junior-to-be quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to turn pro after the 2013 season, with Mel Kiper ranking him the No. 2 overall prospect, behind South Carolina end Jadeveon Clowney.

For longterm planners, here are the other nine UM crossover games, in order starting with 2015 through 2024: at NC State, Syracuse, at Boston College, Louisville, at Wake Forest, NC State, at Clemson, Boston College and at Syracuse.

### ESPN has the Marlins picking Nevada right-hander Braden Shipley (7-2, 2.77 ERA) sixth overall in Thursday’s draft, but they also would be happy with right-handers Jonathan Gray (Oklahoma/ 10-2, 1.59) or Mark Appel (Stanford/ 10-4, 2.12) if they surprisingly slip.

They would love to take college third basemen Colin Moran (North Carolina/ .351, 13 HR, 85 RBI) and Kris Bryant (San Diego/ .329, 13, 62) – who might not be far off from the majors - but both could be gone by No. 6. The top high-school players in Miami’s range are both Georgia outfielders – Austin Meadows and Clint Frazier.    


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I continue to be shocked by how insistent all the so called experts are that the Heat have no answer for Tony Parker. It's ridiculous. Spo knows very well that Parker is the engine that drives the team. You can't allow him to be comfortable, get anywhere he wants on the floor and dictate the game. And they wont. They showed exactly how they will do that the one game they played him in San Antonio.

The Spurs like to run the high pick and roll and get Parker in the lane. The Heat refused to allow that. The blitzed him hard and trapped him at the top of the arc before they could set the pick. They forced him to scramble towards the sidelines where he had to give up the ball very uncomfortably. They made him miserable and he admitted he was uncomfortable. The Spurs ended up scrambling to get into their offense late in the clock and took a lot of bad shots because of the excellent, fast Heat rotation. Parker was frustrated and Duncan was simply taking 20' jumpers.

They're going to do the same thing again. Parker will not be allowed to roam free. Why is this so hard for the so called experts to understand. Did they not watch that game?

The Spurs only chance is if they are hitting over 50% of there shots from long distance. They suck at rebounding, so they wont get second shots. Duncan is no taller than Bosh and no more physical than UD. Bosh and UD will be relieved to deal with Duncan and be done with behomoths Hibbert and West. Ginobili is the only guy I worry about, but only when he's hot. When he's cold, he's terrible. What else do they have?

I'm tired of hearing about Parker. If other teams were too dense to figure out how to neutralize him, that's too bad. The Heat aren't going to let that happen.

Kawhi Leonard shutting LeBron down? Please! If 6'8", 9' wing span, 2nd Team All Defense elite defender Paul George couldn't do it, how is Leonard going to?

The Heat are going to overwhelm the Spurs just like they did the hot shot Thunder that all the experts loved last year. Heat in 5... maybe 6 if the Spurs get very hot.

Boo Hoo []_[] ...

After filing a complaint with the Coral Gables police alleging that an NCAA investigator “coerced" him to provide answers to aid the NCAA’s investigation, UM defensive end Dyron Dye on Tuesday was referred to the state attorney’s office, to whom he will present his case later this week. The state attorney's office then would decide whether to consider filing charges.


Or to translate for Law illiterate, d[]_[]mb, idiot Cane Fan... Coral Gables Po Po said, "[]_[]r kidding right? Try the State." To which the State will say nada... Until they can stop laughing.

Same thing will happen after the NCAA Nails []_[] with 2 more Bowl bans and 50 Schollies over 5 years and Shalalala will make her empty threats to no avail.

Boo Hoo []_[] ...

GOLDY ON NEXT !!! listen to this

Al Golden's Summer Camp ...

COME GET []_[]r "anti" P.E.D. Ed[]_[]cation !!!

 Ronnie B

The 100lb Gorilla is off of the HEAT's back with their win against the Pacers. I agree with sflafan as long as they trap Tony Parker hard off of those high screen and rolls they will be fine. Wade's confidence will return to the old WADE with Danny Green or Ginobili playing D against him. And contrary to the experts opinion...K.Leonard is not an answer for Lebron and what happens when he gets a rest. Spurs are in trouble..serious trouble! Bosh will be more comfortable in this series as well and if their shooters get their mojo back ....forget it. HEAT in 6.


Hey Boo Hoo....it's eating you up isn't it??
You put so much of your time and energy into the U.
Your comical dude and in for the biggest let down of your life just like the midget worm Nevin Shapiro.


Who is this Boo Hoo U guy. What a moron. In all respect to other morons. This guy doesnt ever say who his favorite team is. Also we know he didnt go to college , maybe not a hoigh school. How do you get near a computer when your out mowing lawns?

m[]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[]aaahhh []_[] L[]_[]g  N[]_[]ts

silly silly gary corleone

is Coral Gables P.E.D.'s R []_[]s Open this Morning ?


amazed at how this blogger continues to ignore the 800 lb gorilla in the room, i.e. Tony Bosch and his Coral Gables and Columbus connections and the list of former UM baseball players on the list. just like the osterich, maybe if you bury your head in the sand, it will all magically go away.

keith kennedy

Thank you sflafan! Everything you analyzed is exactly what I've been telling my buddies. If you look at last year's WCF, the Thunder basically demolished SA after Game 2 with a smaller,less skilled lineup than we have. The Spurs are a system-based unit that can pick apart a one dimensional team. I hear all the commentators and writers talking about the Spurs advantages and totally neglecting to recognize the Heat's overall dominance when focused. I respect the Spurs tremendously and cheer for them in other match ups. The rest they've received will play a factor early in the series, but intensity and dominance will eventually reign. I think the Heat can take it in 5 or 6. LETS GO HEAT!!

Trolls R Us

Posted by: UCheat | 06/05/2013 at 10:06 AM

Maybe that's because no one cares about baseball, never mind college baseball.


Good stuff. Agreed w/Posted by: sflafan | 06/05/2013 at 01:48 AM too.

While Duncan is still da man in the blocks, Splitter has a big and somewhat equivalent role in San Antonio's interior d. Spurs eFG%-allowed is +3% stingier when Duncan and/or Splitter are oncourt.

It's the Heat who'll have to stay on their toes against San Antonio's perimeter. Green, Leonard, Bonner are all converting 40+% of their 3s this postseason with Parker chipping in at 38% & Ginobili (32%) capable of heating up at any time.

Otherwise, I like the overall matchups v. the Spurs. Bosh held his own against Duncan even pre-Heat. Since he's joined MIA, CB4 is 3-1, though Duncan still leads the overall head2head 9-6.

Wade v. Ginobili/Green will be a war only because Ginobili is so crafty (read floptastic) at drawing charges. But Wade can't afford to let up. Wade the jumpshooter is Pop's dream-come-true. Green has fresher wheels, but Wade should have his way against him on *and* off the ball.

And, don't look now, but I actually like Chalmers v. Parker *IF* Rio brings his B-for-BRAINS game. Parker has *NEVER* really gone off on Rio (no 20pt OR double-dime games) while Chalmers has converted 50+% of his FGAs, 53% of his 3PAs against Parker/SAS. Cole will have his moments too. Just hope, more good than bad (keeping your head), especially against a sneaky punk like Parker.

Bron should have his way with Leonard/Diaw/Green. Diaw, normally a solid defender, has never been very effective v. James (incl. his stint at Charlotte). Sure, Pop will swarm James early and often but even that may not be enuff.

Andersen/UD vs. Splitter/Bonner et al. shouldn't be overlooked. Spurs don't really have an answer to Andersen's energy while UD, as usual, will make up for shortness on length w/plenty of grit. Battier too, should re-emerge. This is a made-for-Shane series (on defense) if his wheels are fresh. Spurs, like the Heat, have interchangeable parts. Versatility/all-purpose utility will be critical.

A good(fingers crossed) series from Miami's bench, particularly stretchers, would close the deal. Ray, Mike, Rashard will have plenty of ops to turn games. Battier too.

Reality Bites

All the so called experts pick SA, what else is new?
Dumb Barkley picked Indiana, shows how little they know, or how much they hate the Heat. Heat in 5 or 6 sounds good to me.

UM's crossover games are such a joke, just like the ACC, they play UL after Teddy is gone and only play Clemson once. The artificially made soft schedule will live on.
Bunch of coward pansies.

The blogger is right about the MLB PED scandal, most of the involved have ties to UM, not to mention the UM trainer fired last year for his involvement.
In every sport the U is at the forefront of cheating and slime.
All that and still their teams struggle to be mediocre, go figure.


But despite several ACC officials trumpeting a potential channel shortly after the grant of rights surfaced, there are still serious hurdles to clear for a channel to happen.

Step one: What to do with Raycom.

ESPN must buy back rights that it sold to Raycom Sports, which in turn sublicensed rights to Fox. An ACC channel would need much of that content to pour into the channel.

Consider Raycom's position. The SEC Network just recouped third-tier content into an ESPN-run SEC Channel, so Raycom's 31 ACC football games (some of which are sublicensed to Fox) can corner the market on Southeast syndication programming on Saturday afternoons in the fall. Raycom also has 60 live men's basketball games, according to Sports Business Journal, and Fox also has some of those games, too.

Local stations in the South still need content, and Raycom's ACC lineup is basically the only game left in that regard.
-- Jeremy Fowler


Reality Bites

Hey little green pea get with the program. This is a thread about the Heat, with some Fins talk, and then a mention about the cowardly canes sorry ACC schedule in that order. No one here is talking about a meaningless ACC network why do you bring such trivial things up?
Talk some Heat.
Maybe talk about poor Olson and his drinking problem, you think Al can sober him up? Or is he another cane QB bust to be?


Don't fret: ACC Network is Moving Forward

Well it is time to revisit and to confirm that the ACC Network is moving forward...perhaps not at the speed of light we would like..but certainly in a reasonable time-frame. And for all of you with doubts concerning implications of the GOR being tied to the ACC Network--NO IT WAS NOT. The GOR for all purposes is in effect; and its duration has nothing to do with the ACC Network coming to fruition.

Additionally, as indicated in the CBS article below, the ACC is most likely putting up some of the money out of its coffers to help defray the cost of content that Raycom/Fox has (this is one of the issues discussed with ESPN at Spring Meetings). It will not be on the cheap. But the buyout will be made/ or positive compromise worked out with production etc. (indicated that this negotiation is moving along).

Even though this article has some pros and cons to the ACC Network, I am being assured it is moving forward (more later).
-- arbitragegls



Johns Hopkins lacrosse???
Lil green pea you still get excited about the most trivial things.
Who in Miami gives a rats arse about the above?
No one.

Posted by: Reality Bites | 06/03/2013 at 02:21 PM

the B1G blocking strategy and desire to build the east and mid-atlantic geographic areas for its conference and BTN, the B1G continues to make inroads.

Source believes that Maryland and Rutgers were not the preferred choices (it was Notre Dame, Boston College, and Syracuse), but certainly did what the B1G wanted to accomplish....move into the ACC territory and do so in a relatively big way..."eyeballs" if nothing else. But has the B1G stopped there...NO.

In the recent hours, the B1G took Johns Hopkins as a LAX associate (just so you know the B1G tried to offer Notre Dame an associative membership but was refuted--that is not going to happen--most likely ever). Johns Hopkins brings three positives to the B1G:

•Ensures an automatic bid for the LAX tourney--6 teams (something the ACC does not as yet have but is working on very quickly among its present non LAX conference members to do so)
•Another piece of the ACC middle--the mid-Atlantic
•One of the most prestigious universities as well as the leading research university for medical research and the $$ attributed to it.

Now comes word that the B1G is signing up with the Pinstripe Bowl (the ACC will also play a role here). This of course is of interest because this too plays into the B1G strategy of desiring the East-middle atlantic geographic area. As importantly,

•Pinstripe Bowl places B1G squarely in competition to the ACC in the East
•The PR announcement with folks from B1G, Fox and Yankees in attendance (notice which conference is missing)
•Remember that Fox has purchased 49% of Yes network....so it has the Yankees in its coverage which means no doubt the BTN gets on Yes network
•Rumors--and have been informed correct--B1G will also do other events in Yankee stadium...hmmm, football games anyone
•B1G is looking into Brooklyn and NYC for bbball also....again confirmed.

I believe that Gee's words as revolting as they were concerning Catholics etc, had truth relative to B1G strategy....which is simply to find a new geographic location to make up for the decline of the Rust Belt. The battle for the East and mid-atlantic is not over...it is continuing. Would this have happened in this time frame if Notre Dame and the ACC had not gotten together? I believe not this time frame but at least we know now for sure what is on the plate for the B1G. The wolf is unclothed.

There are good things coming from the ACC--so no despair here (more soon)....but, but we have been warned and being proactive is the only course to follow.
-- arbitragegls



January 2nd, 2013
33-23 UL wins despite being 13.5 point underdogs.
Go mighty Gaytors.


Bowling Green
ULL Ragin Cagins
Jacksonville State
Man, what a tough schedule... for coward pansies.



"ACC, Notre Dame among targets of Gordon Gee's barbs"


Reality Bites


NCAA (vs. FBS & FCS)

1 Florida
2 Missouri
3 Texas A&M
4 Auburn
5 Kentucky

6 Arkansas
7 Ga. Southern
8 Notre Dame
10 Kansas

It is amazing that SEC teams play the toughest schedules in the nation and still have teams like UF and TAM that end up ranked in the top 10 with only a couple of losses.
Then you have teams like the sorry canes who play a soft schedule and still lose 6 or 7 games and finish unranked year in and out.
How easy it would be for an SEC team to go undefeated in the sorry ACC.
And then morons like HeHateMe pick and choose the worst 6 teams in the schedule to try and make a point about cowards and pansies, while ignoring the other 6 which are all ranked in the top 12. That is what the canes are, cowards for running away from the few good OOC teams they can play and pansies for playing a soft ACC slate and yet failing to compete or show up for that sorry conference ship game.
HeHateMe = ignorance personified

d[]_[]h []_[] Fan Sez ...

We didn't need that potential All-American and 1st. Round Draft pick DT from Texas ! He didn't want to come here to compete with o[]_[]r completely void D.T.'s that aren't on the roster...

Besides, we have 6-7 Q.B.'s and 8-9 T.E.'s that can fill in at D.T.!

d[]_[]h []_[] ... Forever Yo[]_[]ng and H[]_[]rt...

[]_[] have to listen to Corch Goldie with Joe Rose and Sedano from today on WQAM . com...

G[]_[]y sounds like he's downed a gallon of C[]_[]ban Coffe and about to have a nervo[]_[]s breakdown Himmming n Hahhhhing about where the "state" of d[]_[]h []_[] is and his 2014 Q.B. Kevin "The Keg" Olsen...

Quote of the day with Joe Rose... "We are still VERY Yo[]_[]ng at key positions and many kids got "nicked" []_[]p during the Spring."

It's June and []_[]r Still yo[]_[]ng and already beat []_[]p Corch ?

The HEAT is getting to this in over his head 8th. choice fillin.

Let the Exc[]_[]ses Begin Corch... Paaaaathetic Loooosers.


You must be a real loser in life I_I hater if you have nothing better to do then get on here with your childish, ridiculous posts. 2 more Bowl bans and 50 scholarships?? Can't wait till you crawl back under the rock and disappear when the NCAA comes back with nothing. Keep standing behind a convicted, self admitted Federal perjurer. Dumb as dumb is.

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