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Heat announces Summer League team; Dan Sileo is back; Dolphins, Heat, Marlins, Canes quick hits

The Heat today announced rosters for its summer league teams, which will play games in the Orlando and Las Vegas summer leagues. Players who will play in only one of the two leagues are marked accordingly. Some players on this list might be cut before summer league starts. Of the 20 players, only Jarvis Varnado played for the Heat this past season.

Dwight Buycks (LV)                  G              6-3              Marquette 

Jackie Carmichael                    F               6-9              240               Illinois State

Ian Clark (ORL)                            G              6-2              173            Belmont

Vincent Council                       G              6-2              180             Providence                                         

Dwayne Dedmon (ORL)        C               7-0              255                 Southern California                       

LeRon Dendy                            C               6-9              230              Middle Tennessee State

Larry Drew                                G              6-2      180          UCLA                                             

Michael Dunigan                     C               6-10            238        Oregon

James Ennis                            G/F            6-7              210      Long Beach State 

J.R. Giddens (LV)                       G              6-5              210       New Mexico                                     

Eric Griffin                                  F               6-8         189                   Campbell                           

Jamelle Hagins (LV)                   F               6-9              240            Delaware                                         

Scotty Hopson                         G              6-6 ½          204        Tennessee                                       

Cedric Jackson                G              6-3              200                     Cleveland State

Damion James (LV)                   F               6-7 1/2  224  Texas                                                  

Myck Kabongo                        G              6-1              180                       Texas

D.J. Kennedy                          G/F            6-6              215           St.  John’s                                          

Travis Leslie (LV)                        G              6-4 ½          205          Georgia

Anthony Marshall (LV)            G              6-3              200                 UNLV

James Nunnally                       G              6-7              205             Santa Barbara                                 

Ricky Sanchez (LV)                    F               6-11            220         IMG Academy                 

D.J. Stephens (ORL)                G/F            6-5              188              Memphis

Tony Taylor (LV)                        G              6-1              192             George Washington

 Jarvis Varnado                       F/C            6-9              210               Mississippi State

 Heat assistant coach/video coordinator Dan Craig will coach the teams.



Some notes on a Monday night:

### Former UM defensive lineman Dan Sileo, who lost his job at WQAM in March after making an anti-Semitic remark on the air, is back on the local airwaves – at least for a few days, potentially much longer.

Steve Lapa, general manager of WMEN-640 AM, said he’s giving Sileo an on-air audition this week while regular afternoon drive host Orlando Alzugaray vacations. Lapa said if “the feedback is good, we will rejigger the lineup” to give him a regular weekday slot.

Lapa previously hired another former WQAM host – Sid Rosenberg, who was dumped by ‘QAM after a DUI arrest.

Sileo was fired by WQAM after making a reference to money and saying “that’s the half Hebrew in me.”

The Anti-Defamation League wrote to WQAM after he made the remark in January and said: “This comment is troubling as it perpetuates offensive and bigoted anti-Jewish stereotypes about money that have for centuries served to incite anti-Semitism.”

After his dismissal, Sileo said on Twitter that his grandmother is Jewish and “my NFL friends lose all their money. I said I save [every] nickel that I have and that’s the Hebrew.”

For WQAM, that was the last straw, because Sileo created plenty of controversy even before that comment. Some UM fans resented his angry rants against the Hurricanes, including one last September that ended up on YouTube. UM didn’t want him to return as Hurricanes postgame analyst, and WQAM agreed.

And earlier this year, also before his firing, Sileo apologized to sportscaster Erin Andrews after he attacked her with sexist insults on Twitter.

### On the first day of NBA free agency, the Heat conveyed to Chris Andersen that it wants to re-sign him, and Birdman also wants to return. Both sides are hopeful a deal will get done soon, but as of late afternoon, there hadn’t been serious discussions about whether Andersen would accept the $1.7 million minimum (including a 20 percent raise) or whether he would express a strong preference for the Heat’s $3.2 million midlevel exception. Those discussions could happen very shortly, with both sides eager to move the process along.

With the Heat well above the luxury tax threshold, Pat Riley has been non-committal about whether the Heat will even use that exception money on anyone.

On the first day of free agency, the Heat also was reportedly among several teams to express interest in point guard Sebastian Telfair. That would be surprising, because Riley has said repeatedly that he has no interest in adding a veteran No. 3 point guard. 

### Illinois State power forward Jackie Carmichael is the latest player to join the Heat's summer league team, as announced by his college.

### To those who have asked, the fact Pro Bowl fullback Vonta Leach hasn’t signed with the Dolphins yet doesn’t mean the deal won’t get done. His agent said last week that Miami is the favorite and the most logical team for him, with Houston and the Giants also in the mix. He said Monday that nothing has changed. Jeff Ireland has been on vacation but is expected to return this week, and that could push the process along.

Leach, apparently hoping the Dolphins raise their offer, said on a radio interview last week that he’s willing to be patient about selecting a new team and didn't rule a return to Ravens. Miami wants him, but Ireland has a price in mind and to this point, hasn’t been willing to exceed it. That price ultimately might be enough to get Leach in the fold.

### Heard at Marlins Park earlier today that at least one Marlins coach was furious with reliever Chad Qualls after his agent called MLB to essentially ask shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria be charged with an error on a play that happened June 23 against the Giants – so that Qualls wouldn’t be charged with allowing a hit.

Joe Torre, vice president of baseball operations, changed the call to an error, giving Hechavarria four this season. On the play, Hechavarria short-hopped a throw on what was ruled at the time to be an infield hit by Gregor Blanco. But several writers in the press box that night thought it was an error.

The message that was relayed to Qualls, by a Marlins on-field person, was that this made him look selfish. The Marlins did not give up a run in that inning, but Qualls’ WHIP (walks plus hits per innings pitched) was affected slightly by how the play was scored. That's why his agent called MLB to appeal the call.

### Who should be the Marlins’ representative in the All-Star Game? Manager Mike Redmond on Monday mentioned two rookies – pitcher Jose Fernandez and outfielder Marcell Ozuna – and closer Steve Cishek as the most logical candidates.

### Besides the overall case against UM – which now being reviewed by the infractions committee -- the NCAA hasn’t given UM two other answers it’s waiting on: 1) whether defensive end Dyron Dye will be charged with unethical conduct and ruled ineligible or suspended; and 2) whether the NCAA will approve former Kansas State point guard Angel Rodriguez’s hardship request and allow him to be eligible this season, instead of in 2014-15. UM isn’t optimistic about having him this season.

Dye met with the NCAA last month amid the NCAA’s assertion that he changed his story regarding alleged recruiting violations involving former UM assistant Aubrey Hill. Dye claimed he was coerced during one of his first two interviews with the NCAA. 

### Defensive end Fadol Brown, who played at FIU last season, told Canesport.com that he will announce Friday whether he will enroll at UM, Mississippi or Tennessee. Brown, who would redshirt this season, was initially told by FIU that he could not go to UM. But FIU eventually relented.


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FAU, FAMU, Arkansas State, and now we are taking FIU's rejects. LOL

Sad times to be a canes fan.


Mississippi and Tennessee sound ok idiot.


Sileo needs to get off the roid juice he used so much while at the U.


Lapa said if “the feedback is good, we will rejigger the lineup” to give him a regular weekday slot.

Laredo Cane

SILEO is the man!! Glad to have him back on the airwaves. The man tells it like it is, and doesn't sugarcoat things for the PC audience. Go Canes!!

Serpico Jones

640 AM is the place where the drunks and losers end up.

Miami Penguin

This Jew does not like the reference "The Hebrew," unless the full reference is "the Hebrew class at SInai Temple," my alma mater. Just saying.

Miami Penguin

This Jew does not like the reference "The Hebrew," unless the full reference is "the Hebrew class at SInai Temple," my alma mater. Just saying.


The Miami Herald, along with other media outlets from print to radio have colluded together with government to silence the voices of Dan Sileo and others who choose to express opinions that rock the establishment. This paper has been engaged in silencing all opposing views on all subject matter helping to stifle freedom of speech, thwart liberty, and help create an environment that makes citizens today less free than we were even 10 years ago. The media has sold America out!


Fadol can play. Would stink of he ends up at UM. Regardless, issue may be grades with him.

Keepin it real always

Is it football season yet??????


Eddie Overtown. That name says it all!!! Loser!!!!


Sileo is on 640 because of Sid, for some reason thinks he is a talent. There is no collusion to get him off the air. He is not entertaining and which is why he say things to tick people off.


So, here is 640 AM again,going against everything that is correct and proper and hiring another scum bag.
I cannot understand why any company would like to place their ads with 640. I was totally turn off the day after the Heat's victory in game 7 when in the middle of a whole City rejoycing, 640 and Rosenberg used his time slot to welcome calls from all heat haters. This guy is like the band leader in front of the orchestra directing his dispicable dislike for the area. It does not say much about his precious NY when their "natives" would rather live in a place they hate rather than in their own town.
640 AM has become the enemy of everything having to do with South Florida and specifically Miami.
It is sad that fans of South Florida sports teams would support this station and the companies that sponsor these low lifes but as a lot of people have said "only in Miami"......

Reality Bites

What's the big deal with Sileo coming back or with Rosenberg and his NY bias? Who listens to 640 anyway? If you do not like Sileo or Rosenberg then listen to 790 or WQAM. You have freedom of choice, Sileo and Rosenberg should be free to work with whomever would hire them.


640 AM must be in dire straits with ratings if they are considering bringing that blow hard Sileo on board.


"You are either with us or you are with 640AM"


ATMH: Why don't you follow FIU...a short trip to SW 8th Steet. Instead of bitching about UM, go and follow the caliber of football that Conference USA/Sun Belt gives you.
You've probably never been to a UM game...you're probably some one-toothed shut-in who only watches UM on television.

Get lost, LOSER...us REAL Canes fans don't need scum like you as fans.

If I ever meet you in person, I SPIT with the hope that the wind is blowing in the direction of your ugly, LOSER face!


And all the other big time Florida papers are also hiding the "terrible" evidence against Meyer and UF.

Not a cop out, more like wishful thinking by jealous cane retards like rboud.

They won't report what is not there.

Posted by: Reality Bites | 07/01/2013 at 04:04 PM


Who you calling Thug U? (Cops Gator Edition)
-- BIRDMANsection126




this is business, kids, and the league wisely intends to do "bidness" in New York.

"This is a very prominent city from a media standpoint, from a sports standpoint, that has not been in our footprint," Commissioner John Swofford said during an afternoon news conference at the NASDAQ stock exchange. "It is now, as of today, and we want to treat it with the appropriate level of importance we think it brings."

I doubt Swofford is selling his golf-course crib adjacent to ACC headquarters in Greensboro, N.C., but he may be hunting a second home on the Upper East Side. Why, after throwing out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium last week and ringing the closing bell Monday at the NASDAQ, he may mount an 11th-hour campaign to succeed Mayor Michael Bloomberg — he certainly has less baggage than frontrunner/Twitter offender Anthony Weiner.

The ACC's renowned men's basketball tournament? The only question is when it lands in New York and for how long.

Postseason football? The ACC last week announced a six-year partnership with the Pinstripe Bowl that includes signage at Yankee Stadium.

Regular-season basketball and football? Duke plays UCLA this basketball season at Madison Square Garden, and Syracuse opens its football season next month against Penn State in the New York Giants' and Jets' stadium across the water in Jersey.

Expect more such appearances in 2014 and beyond.
-- david teel



Lil green pea I agree the ACC will get stronger in both BB and football with these new additions. UL in BB is very strong and ND in football seems to be coming back. About time the weak link added some decent teams though it will still be kinda soft in football, but overall a good move. Maybe now they won't be the worst major conference but the second worst. Congrats!

Posted by: Reality Bites | 07/01/2013 at 04:04 PM


I never understood the hatred some seem to have about basketball. I have been saying for about 4 years, that the first conference that realizes that while everyone else is chasing the football money, there is a shitton of basketball money out there waiting for someone to go after it, while still claiming the football money they can get. When the Big East was still viable, I long said that since there was no chance to improve the standing of football (no matter what, we could not have been any better than the sixth best conference) that looking for teams who could help with basketball money, who also could play football, was a good route. I have long noticed that while everyone talks and talks and talks about how only football makes money, I sit back and read the revenue reports and see a school like Louisville whose basketball revenue was higher than all but 18 teams football revenue, and see how the NCAA tournament makes more money than the new playoffs, the new bowl games, and all of the smaller bowl games combined, and I sit and ask myself "if football is the only thing that matters, why are so many getting rich off basketball?"

The ACC seems to be taking that approach, and I think it will pay off., Especially if the network comes to fruition, as conference networks rely on basketball far more than football to be successful.
-- adcorbett



God, UMike really is the most classless low-life poster on these blogs.


640 AM gets a signal of about 5 miles. They put that drunk who rolls behind his vehicle on the public streets back on the air. Sid Rosenberg has been lucky he hasn't killed someone with his drunk driving. He's also lucky the bookies haven't put him on ice.
This is actually a good place for Sileo though. Like Rosenberg, he is detested and not smart enough to realize you don't destroy the local teams and expect to be on he air to long. Him and Sid pair up nice. To bad the Big O has to smell these 2 and work with them.

Reality Bites

You see lil green pea, I do know what I'm talking about.
So now UM can ride the ACC basketball coattails and get some revenue that way while stinking in both football and basketball. The rest of the ACC will be good in basketball and mediocre at best in football. Sounds good to me.

UMike did come across as hate filled and very angry. Just because you disagree with a poster there is no need to get so hot headed and vulgar. Maybe he was having a bad day.

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