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Dolphins players address fans; Canes, Heat, Marlins, radio tidbits

A few Wednesday night quick hits:

### Three Dolphins defensive players – Dannell Ellerbe, Philip Wheeler and Jimmy Wilson – answered fans' questions on a conference call tonight, and predictably, there was plenty of happy talk, not unlike what you hear from most teams this time of year. A few highlights from each of them:

Wheeler said there’s such an emphasis on securing more takeaways that “we’ve got balls set up where we can’t even walk into a meeting without stripping someone.”… He said: “We’ve got a complete team. I see a lot of good decisions by Ryan Tannehill, a lot of athleticism at receiver, running back, tight end.”

Ellerbe said: “If guys make plays they’re capable of making, we’ll have a top three defense. We’ve got a fast defense, we’ve got playmakers. It’s one of the fastest teams I’ve played on.”…. On Tannehill: “Our quarterback is playing like a veteran. It surprises me how quick he is. We can play the power game, we can spread them out. We have some of the best tight ends in the game.”

Wilson: “Being able to see Tannehill as a rookie and see him now – he’s increased his skill level leaps and bounds. You have to have more of brain capacity. That’s what he’s picked up. He’s handling the blitzes well.”... Please see my story on the sports home page for the Dolphins' full training camp schedule, announced today.

### Linebacker Devante Bond – a key piece of this UM recruiting class – will not know until after Aug. 2 whether he will qualify for UM, his coach at Sierra Community College said today. Bond is waiting on results of two classes he’s taking.

Coach Jeff Tisdale said he didn’t know Bond’s chances of qualifying but called him “as good a pass rusher as I’ve ever seen.” Bond had 17 sacks last season, and defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio has said he will be an immediate factor, should he qualify.

### The Heat would face a luxury tax bill of more than $33 million if it doesn’t use the amnesty clause in the next week. But consider that the Nets – after acquiring Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry – will face a tax of at least $70 million next season, topping the all-time record (Portland’s $52.9 million bill in 2003). And that bill is in addition to the $98 million the Nets must pay in player salaries.

That’s an absurd cost to finance what could be the fourth best team in the conference, behind the Heat, Bulls and Pacers.... (For more on the Heat's tax conundrum, please see my story on the sports home page.)

### So this is the team Cleveland has assembled to try to lure LeBron James back to Ohio next summer: Kyrie Irving, Anderson Varejao, Tristan Thompson, Dion Waters, Tyler Zeller, Alonzo Gee, rookie No. 1 overall pick Anthony Bennett, free agent pickup Jarrett Jack, and Andrew Bynum and his nuclear knees (Bynum has a team option for 2014-15, as do most of these Cavaliers).

There’s definitely some good young talent on the Cavaliers' roster, and James’ associates don’t rule out a return to Cleveland because of his affinity for the region. But the Heat will clearly be the favorite to keep him next summer.

### Players selected in last month's MLB draft must have signed and passed a physical by 5 p.m. Friday. So realistically, the Marlins need to sign third baseman Colin Moran, the draft’s sixth overall pick, by Thursday afternoon to give him time to take the medical tests, and have the results processed. The Marlins remain optimistic it will get done. They view him as a potential longterm answer at third base. [UPDATE: Moran and the Marlins agreed to terms Thursday afternoon.]

### Steve Lapa, general manager of WMEN 640, has extended Dan Sileo’s on-air audition for two weeks, through the week of July 15. He said if the feedback is good, he will offer Sileo a full-time gig. “So far, it’s been even, pro and con,” Lapa said.        


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Serpico Jones

Steve Lapa is such a moron.


love sileo on radio tells it like it is


andy, one thing that sileo doesn't do is tell like it is. He played one year at UM, he didn't play one snap in the NFL, he doesn't do his homework, he doesn't have command of what really occurs, and he uses out of date articles to make points that are not relevant at present. He was talking about Mickey Arison having to sell the Heat because one of his ships ran aground, and the stock price of his company would plummet. To make his point he quote a year old article about another ship running aground. The stock had already dropped and recovered. STUPID.


How do we get in touch with Lapa, my vote is a definite NO, no wait, make that a HELL NO! I don't need to listen to know what I already have experienced and know about the guy, Hurricane or not!. Hopefully he had his family member card revoked!


ok listen to mr vanilla joe rose he doesnt say one thing thats interesting or u dont know
sileos analysis of canes was dead on EMBARASSING and i respect a man that gives his opinion whether management likes it or not besides mad dog his post game shows were entertaining and dead on
joe rose stays employed because he says nothing


The problem isn't that Sileo is opinionated, it's that he's an idiot and nearly everything that comes out of his mouth is wrong and based in retarded logic.

Bobby Luie

Sileo is the only broadcaster in town with the guts to call the Hurricanes the huge steaming pile of poo that they are. And he alone exposes the fraud that is LeChoke.
Lapa Rewlz!



This is the level of intelligence it takes for a listener to enjoy Sileo.

Borderline retarded.


Contact 640 with your thoughts on Dan Sileo:



Get rid of Rose AND Sileo...both extreme ends of the quality spectrum.

Reality Bites

Is this guy for real?
Not borderline, full fledged.

Keepin it real always

Actually.....Rose provides a decent amount of insight and good sense of humor.He s nowhere near the class of Sileo.


It's OK for Sileo to tell it like it is about how bad UM is, but it's not okay to expect them to be good with a bunch of freshmen and not so elite upperclassmen on the field. That is down right stupid. He's a blow hard, plain and simple.



With its growth this month to 15 schools, the ACC is expanding its Greensboro headquarters to accommodate additional staff members brought on board to help support the bigger, broader conference.

The ACC now has about 45 full-time employees

Crews with Koury Corp. are at work on a $1.1 million renovation and expansion project at ACC headquarters at 4512 Weybridge Lane in Grandover Corporate Park

Included in the expanded square footage is a larger video-editing suite that will allow the conference to produce more video, and an expanded suite for instant replay that will be used for both football and basketball.
-- bizjournals.com

Damn that's a nice place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Swofford likes to kick it in style...
-- 7fielder




The YES Network, the most-watched regional sports network in the country the past 10 years, has reached an agreement with FOX Sports Media Group by which YES will televise live ACC basketball and football games

As part of the deal, YES will televise up to 10 ACC football games and up to 23 men's ACC basketball games, as well as select women's basketball and Olympic sports.
-- YES release

Very nice addition to the distribution of the RSN (regional sports network) package. Basically, Syracuse and Pittsburgh have added RSN coverage to the entire states of NY, PA (except Philly), and WV, as well as northern NJ, and SW CT.

RSN package coverage from Fort Kent, Maine to Key West, Florida, except for an annoying hole in Philadelphia. Puts the entire Atlantic Coast in ACC.
-- orangefan



How do we get in touch with Lapa, my vote is a definite NO, no wait, make that a HELL NO! I don't need to listen to know what I already have experienced and know about the guy, Hurricane or not!. Hopefully he had his family member card revoked!

Posted by: AnonymousCane | 07/11/2013 at 09:43 AM

at least Sileo talks about the Canes ...



And all the other big time Florida papers are also hiding the "terrible" evidence against Meyer and UF.
Not a cop out, more like wishful thinking by jealous cane retards like rboud.
They won't report what is not there.

Posted by: Reality Bites | 07/01/2013 at 04:04 PM


"Aaron Hernandez Having Great Time In Prison Catching Up With Former Gators Teammates"



you would think we have a super bowl team with the way the players, coaches, and fans are raving about this years Fins team and tannehill's development. last i checked ireland is till the gm. If we're this excited about our qb, can't imagine what redskins, colts and seahawks fans feel today. smh. prove something on the field before you start talking...

Lt. Lois Einhorn

The only way you could be excited about this offseason is if you only compare it to the rest of Jeff Ireland's offseasons.

Thrilling that he finally stopped giving away players and started overpaying other teams' free agents, but compared to the rest of the league this offseason has been somewhere between Dan Snyder and Al Davis in terms of how to run a franchise.


Hey Reality Bites - You better take a look at the NY Times and Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel who have both written negative stories about Meyer. There are more to come because the truth eventually wins out. You know nothing of the truth or of reality. Get your head out of the sand and accept what Meyer really is.

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