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Parcells on Fins; Heat cleans up at ESPYs; Canes, Marlins; Olbermann returns to ESPN

A six pack of Wednesday night notes:    

### In a Wednesday conference call to preview his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Bill Parcells defended his record running the Dolphins and took no accountability for the team’s regression after his first season.

Parcells, who left the Dolphins early in the 2010 season, said “I think the personnel was definitely better” than before he arrived. “But I can’t prove it to you.”

Parcells said working with a first-time coach, first-time general manager and first-time owner presented a “difficult dynamic because everyone, rightly so, wants to put their mark on the franchise.”

He said he has “a high regard for [owner] Steve Ross. I like him very much. I talk to him from time to time. I think their division is such that they can be competitive and even maybe have a chance to win it.”

### The Heat dominated the ESPYs more than any team in sports on Wednesday, with Miami winning the "best team" award and LeBron James winning "Male Athlete of the Year” for the second year in a row.

After the Heat won the team award, Erik Spoelstra thanked every one of his assistant coaches by name, then handed the trophy to Dwyane Wade and said: "This never would have happened if the face of our franchise hadn't allowed this to happen."

Wade then thanked every Heat player by name, including Jarvis Varnado, whose Heat summer league team was in the process of dismantling the Knicks, 113-66, in the Las Vegas Summer League. 

James beat out Miguel Cabrera, Michael Phelps and Adrian Peterson for his personal honor. “This is for all four of us,” James said. “I’m just going to keep it at my house.”

Meanwhile, Game 6 of the Heat-Spurs NBA Finals won the ESPY for Game of the Year. LeBron, Wade, Ray Allen (whose late three pointer sent the game to overtime), Spoelstra and assistant coach David Fizdale accepted the award, and Spoelstra and Allen spoke before James chimed in: “Thank you, Jesus.” (That was a reference to Allen, who played Jesus Shuttlesworth in the movie, He Got Game.)

The Heat also took its fair share of barbs.

Host Jon Hamm cracked that the Heat won its second championship in a row “thanks in large part to their coach, Bruno Mars.”

Hamm, poking fun at the Heat fans who left Game 6 of the Finals early, said: "Are there any Heat fans here or did they leave already? Is Chris Bosh chasing them down?"

Hamm said he would rather be an actor than an athlete because “Chris Bosh was fined $5000 for flopping. Johnny Depp got paid $20 million for flopping.”

Bosh did not attend because he’s in India promoting the sport.

Asked by reporters outside the ceremony about the likelihood of the Lakers pursuing him next summer, James said: “I haven’t thought about it.”

### Colin Moran, the Marlins’ first-round pick in last month's draft, homered in his first professional at-bat for low-level Class A Greensboro on Wednesday night.

### UM receiver Malcolm Lewis did not apply for a medical redshirt and will be a sophomore this season, not a redshirt freshman. Lewis suffered a season-ending injury in the fourth game against Georgia Tech last September and could have applied for a redshirt. But UM says he can apply for another year after his senior season, if he chooses.

### Keith Olbermann, who admittedly burned his bridges after an otherwise successful five-year run at ESPN in the 1990s, is returning to the network to anchor a weeknight ESPN2 studio show, appropriately named “Olbermann,” which will air opposite the 11 p.m. SportsCenter on ESPN beginning Aug. 26.

“I’m very grateful for the chance [for] what I hope will be necessary viewing for all sports fans and put a different story on my relationship with ESPN,” Olbermann said on a conference call. “We could get everybody that ever took offense at anything I did and bring them all into one place. We would probably need Yankee Stadium. I could point to everybody and say, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’

“I know we can’t undo everything that happened 20 years ago, but I’d like to correct as much as I can. I appreciate the fresh start. I had a heart to heart with Chris Berman at the All-Star Game last night. I told him the motivating thing was reading something about the past and my connection to ESPN and all the terms that have been used to describe my departure. I don’t want that to be in the obituary. I don’t want that to be the end of the story…. All that’s going to make a difference is how I conduct myself.”

Olbermann’s vision for the show?

“A good sports broadcast to get people thinking. There will be commentary, guests, celebrity sports fans, highlights, various running features. And many may be evocative of shows I’ve done in the past. There will be a significant highlight load.”

ESPN president John Skipper said: “We want it to be smart, provocative, informed and funny.”

Olbermann, 54, helped launch ESPN Radio and ESPN2 and also co-anchored highly popular editions of SportsCenter with Dan Patrick – a show they dubbed “The Big Show.” He returned to do some work for ESPN Radio from 2005 through 2007.

Olbermann, whose liberal leanings were evident when he hosted news shows previously for MSNBC and Current, said “there will be no political segments, no cultural segments…. [But] If George W. Bush wants to come on and talk baseball, I would be happy to have him.”

Skipper said he would have no problem with Olbermann expressing a view on Trayvon Martin or issues that intersect with sports.

Olbermann’s program will debut a week after Fox launches a new cable network – Fox Sports 1 -  that will feature an 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. studio show, with former tennis star Andy Roddick among the regulars. Asked about Fox, Skipper said the timing of Olbermann’s launch was not a coincidence.

As it turns out, Olbermann might be more formidable competition for SportsCenter than anything Fox airs in that slot.

Besides the ESPN job, Olbermann also will anchor TBS’ postseason baseball coverage.

### WQAM-560 will take its time to fill the afternoon drive slot of Jorge Sedano, who will leave in early September to co-host a show for ESPN Radio. Don’t expect a reunion with any former WQAM hosts such as Sid Rosenberg, Dan Sileo or Orlando Alzugaray.

WQAM assistant program director Andy King has a good chance to succeed Sedano as the station's program director.


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ak asst pd wtf qam your a joke mad dog and neil turing over in grave


a big FU PIG TUNA!


King is a twerp who always sounds like h'es conjested. Im just saying...


I've had enough of Olbermann. I won't watch this show.


I've had enough of Parcells too.


Olberman will be fired like has been everywhere else, He's a d-bag !!!


Is 640 going to replace Orlando Alzugaray with Dan Sileo? If it does it will show Sid is really in charge of the station. I know Orlando said he is on vacation, but it is kind of strange to take vacation, work for a few days, and then take another one.

Danny Thomas

If you compare the first two years of Philbin and company to the Parcells years, it's not even close. For the first time since Shula left I feel like we have a great head coach and coaching staff who know what they are doing. Philbin is so "together" and his staff so professional and intense it's like watching the beginning of a new legacy. Parcells was cashing a check!

Lt. Lois Einhorn

"And company" includes Jeff Ireland, nothing changes with the Dolphins until he's gone.


Parcells took Long over Ryan, hired Sparano as HC, Ireland as GM, tons of bad picks, bad free agents, mediocre results, on top of the abrasive attitude he is known for, I would say he failed miserably.

But I am most disappointed in that he won't recognize it.

As a guy who is so demanding of others, to have such low expectations for himself, living off a reputation as a "stand up guy", while fleecing the Fins for millions speaks of what an overblown dirt bag this guy truly is.
Funny how he cuts athletes for being "washed up" but old school names like him with outdated ideas just keep getting paid and revered.
Parcells is a dirt bag.

Canada Mike

What do Parcells and Sarah Palin have in common... both cut bait and ran long before the job was done.


wqan is going gone this want happens when you get rid of sid rosenberg


Couldn't give two hoots what the Tuna says about his time in Miami. All I remember is he passed on Matt Ryan on the advice of a homeless man.


Nothing personal met Big Tuna but Bill Arnsburger(sp?) built your reputation, NOT YOU!


Sports Illustrated is working on a cover story regarding rising stars in the NFL. They will have a spread on TY Hilton and FIU.

Of course, you won't find any of that here.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Mr. Jackson - it would be much appreciated if you could find out when Micky Arison told Pat Riley that he wasn't willing to pay the luxury tax on Miller.

To the naked eye this situation seems complacent. It seems like Pat Riley genuinely didn't know as recently as last week that Arison wouldn't pay the tax for Miller.

We'd all like to think that Riley did know and that he'd been trying to swing a trade since the championship, but is it really possible that for over a month he couldn't find someone to take Mike Miller for free? How could that be? The suitors lining up now are below the luxury tax, Miller's $6M a year for two years wasn't at all onerous.

James, Wade, Bosh, Allen, HASLEM, Battier, Lewis, Andersen, Jones - these players have all sacrificed money to make the team better.

Micky Arison has kept his profits low enough that he hasn't paid a cent back to the county for his arena. Trade away Miller and amnesty Anthony and it's a masterstroke. We're still ahead of the game, no reason for the best impending free agent in the world to question whether the Heat are committed to winning.

But what the hell happened here? When did Arison tell Riley he wasn't willing to pay the tax?

Everyone knows what it means for an NBA owner to be 'committed to winning'. Nothing is more important to retaining James, Wade, and Bosh in the first huge offseason of the Brave New CBA.

When did Arison tell Riley he wouldn't pay for Mike Miller? Why couldn't Riley trade Miller away?

Putney Swope

It has reached the point where one can only conclude that companies are hiring Keith Olbermann just for the pleasure of firing him.

Reality Bites

Lt. Lois Einhorn you pose a very good question. What we have been told so far is that they tried to trade Miller but "since everyone knew he would be amnestied" there were no takers. How much of that is true remains to be seen.
What is evident is that this move weakens the team for sure. Only the addition of a decent big will make this team better.


Arison still hasn't paid the county one red penny because he claims the team has made sufficient "profits." And, btw, we're still waiting for the promised soccer fields. Enough said.


Posted by: Marios | 07/18/2013 at 11:38 AM

You NAILED it perfectly. Parcells bullies and blusters and folks back down. He hired Sparano and an inexperienced GM. Yet Parcells whines.
That Ross even speaks to him is telling, and not flattering to Ross.
It's the old "Peter Principal" thing. Never hire anyone that might eventually either take your job, or show you up, even if it means everyone sinking like a stone.


Sorry, Peter PRINCIPLE.
Well, there MAY be a principle somewhere named Peter. LOL

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