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FIns get White House visit; Golden pleased to add key newcomer; Player calls LeBron misinformed

4:30 p.m. update: The Dolphins have been invited to the White House! But not the current team. Forty years after their undefeated season, the Dolphins have been invited to the White House to be honored by President Obama at 2:05 p.m. next Tuesday.

Former tight end Marv Fleming and former safety Dick Anderson both spearheaded the efforts; Nat Moore also assisted. Steve Ross is paying for all the expenses.

The Dolphins never received a White House visit after their undefeated season, so this is long overdue.


A couple quick Tuesday morning items:

### UM coach Al Golden was allowed to speak for the first time this morning about UM newcomer and former Wisconsin starting defensive end David Gilbert, an honorable mention All-Big Ten selection last season.

"We’re very fortunate to have him," Golden said. "He brings maturity. He can rush the passer. He’s on a mission. He wants to go to graduate school and he wants to play in the NFL. We’re excited to have him. Our kids have welcomed him. They know he can help us.”

Gilbert is eligible immediately because he recently graduated from Wisconsin. He is enrolling in a graduate school program at UM.

Gilbert has battled foot injuries on and off for years and "retired" from football in April, but later changed his mind and reached out to UM. Golden said: “We made sure his foot was OK.”

Golden said he’s in good shape --- Gilbert has been working out in Fort Lauderdale for the past two months --- and “we’re going to take it slowly.”

“We’re excited about his experience and what he brings to the table,” defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio said. “We think he can help us.”

Gilbert had 42 tackles and four sacks last season and on paper, would seem to be one of UM’s two best defensive ends, along with Anthony Chickillo. But D’Onofrio said it’s too early to determine if he will be a starter or a situational player. Golden agreed. But Shayon Green's starting job will be at risk if Gilbert plays like he did for the Badgers.

Golden said he feels better about UM’s line depth after adding Gilbert, Virginia tackle Justin Renfro, and Ufomba Kamalu, who Golden says can play end or tackle.

### Golden expects safety Deon Bush to be ready for the Aug. 30 opener against FAU. He had sports hernia surgery in June.

### UM will honor the 1983 national championship team at the FAU opener. Sadly, UM says six players and two coaches from that team are deceased.

###  LeBron James has decided not to run for president of the players union after considering it – days after he told ESPN that the “union is going backwards and it’s not in a good place right now.”

Jerry Stackhouse, an executive committee member of the union, called James "misinformed."

"He's the best player in the game right now and we want the entire league to be involved," Stackhouse told CBS Sports. "But he needs to be informed in speaking on our union business.”

Stackhouse said James' comments felt like a "kick in the stomach.... I would have liked [James] to come to the meeting next week and hear it and then voice his opinion."

### Dimitri Patterson has had a better camp than Richard Marshall, but the Dolphins aren’t yet ready to give Patterson the starting cornerback job opposite Brent Grimes. (Patterson and Marshall continue to share first-team snaps.)

Though coordinator Kevin Coyle said Patterson is doing a good job, he said he wants to see more consistency from him on balls “thrown vertically down the field.”


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Al B. Certain

Barry, LeBron could have discussed the 'state of the union' with his teammate James Jones, right? How does Stackhouse know what LeBron is aware of? I'm just sayin'...


Isn't Danny Isidora also out with a major injury?

CutlerRidge Laz

Great work again Barry. Is there anyway the athletic department at UM will reconsider the autograph rule. I need to get all my brand new cane stuff signed or I just don't know how I will get through the season, Primo.

Go 'canes!

Barry Jackson

Yes, Gmoney. Isidora and Dye. You are correct, sir.

Barry Jackson

Thanks Laz. No indication that they'll reconsider autograph rule.

Steve B

Barry I find it very interesting that the NCAA announces sanctions to the media before informing the school and yet it places strict rules about leaks during investigations. Those rules however dont seem to apply to itself as they violated them numerous times during the investigation.
By the way -great job the last year in your Sports Buzz column.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

FYI the schools are informed hours before the media.

Barry Jackson

Thanks, Steve. One of the former infractions committee members said the NCAA typically will inform the world by email that a press conference regarding a school's penalties will be held the next day, about 24 hours later. The school is told its penalties the next morning, hours before the press conference, typically. So UM will learn its penalties before the public does, but not at the time when the public is told the time of the press conference.


Barry - I have to echo what others have said about the job that you do. Your Sports Buzz is must-read material for following south florida sports. I look forward to it everyday.

Any indication on how hard UM will fight back on additional bowl bans? Would the ACC lend it's weight in any future legal battles?

Barry Jackson

Thanks, Stefan. There's strong sentiment to appeal another bowl ban if UM is hit with one. UM would be surprised if it gets another bowl ban. UM would prefer to go through the NCAA's appeals process if it comes to that rather than suing. Of course, UM hopes it doesn't have to appeal and can it this behind them ASAP.


agree...your columns are must read. pretty much only stuff i read from the Herald. Would be nice to get alerts like I do for USA today when you upload a new article.

Changing gears, let's assume Oden impact is marginal, what's the biggest need Heat has...and who do you project will fill that need in short run?

Octavio de Armas

Dolphins 10-6 - Canes 10-2 that's my predictions for the year.

Barry Jackson

Thanks, Rob. Another veteran wing player would be helpful for depth, but I won't be surprised if the Heat sticks with 13 guaranteed contracts for a while --perhaps into next season. That would allow them flexibility to add a quality player who shakes free during the season without adding to their $19 million luxury tax bill at this point.


Ahhhhhhhhhh ... It's a Lovely 4-5 STAR Day in TITLETOWN ...

You were saying?


UM - 0 5*, 9 4*.
UF - 0 5*, 8 4*.

UM - 2 5*, 5 4*
UF - 0 5*, 8 4*


Great stuff Barry as always!!
Coach G said Gilbert has been working out on his own in Lauderdale but how long do you think it would take for him to learn enough of the playbook to contribute?.
After 4- 5 games?
Would he be rotated in and out of games for situation play on crucial 3 rd downs, and how realistic are we that his feet will hold up?
Go 'Canes

Canada Mike

if Lebron farts, the press wants to flog the non-story until it's d-e-a-d. Apparently, this non-story has not reached that point yet.

Barry Jackson

Thanks, UGoCane. Golden and D'Onofrio said they have to see him practice for a while before determining his role. His body of work is clearly better than Green's, but the staff won't overload him. He clearly will play; how much will have to play out over time.

The Way of the Master

How long will the Dolphins will keep living in the past?

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Yup, very sad. 1972 was over 40 years ago, let it go gents.



Who needs the aggravation, especially since the NCAA is going to be watching UM like a hawk, looking for anything to "get UM".

So, never mind about your gear you need signed...get a free poster at CanesFest and get it signed and be happy about it!!

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, #1 Gators: TITLETOWN? Are you joking me?

UM has five football championships to your measly THREE and you're calling GaysVille "TITLETOWN"?

You freakin' hillbillies are something else.

Don't you mean "WalMart Town" or "Trailor-Park-Town" or "Green Teeth Town" - get lost...this is HURRICANE COUNTRY....no skank allowed!!


He should go live in "Titletown" and read the Gainesville Whatever.

I respect the Noles a lot more, they never backed out from playing us like the Gators did.
You can't live that down man.

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