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Media note: WQAM firming up plans to replace Sedano; UM/NCAA item

I interrupt vacation briefly for a quick media note and something unrelated:

WQAM-560 is promoting from within to replace Jorge Sedano, who will do his final show Thursday before taking a job as a weeknight host on ESPN Radio.

Though nothing has been announced, WQAM has offered the 3 to 7 p.m. slot to former Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder (who would move over from the 1 to 3 p.m. slot) and WQAM staffer Brandon Guzio. Both want to do it, but contracts must be finalized before this is official.

Meanwhile, longtime WQAM staffer Curtis Stevenson would replace Crowder in the 1 to 3 p.m. slot, alongside Adam Kuperstein. Again, contracts must be finalized for this to be official. The station won't comment until that happens.

WQAM hopes the new lineup will be in place starting Tuesday.

Kuperstein could not join Crowder in the 3 to 7 p.m. slot because Kuperstein has a significant gig that time of the day - as the lead co-anchor on NBC 6's evening newscasts.

Before deciding to offer the 3 to 7 p.m. shift to Crowder and Guzio, WQAM also spoke with Evan Cohen, who does a radio show in West Palm Beach and for Sirius. But those talks did not materialize.

Guzio has appeared regularly on WQAM, and before that, on 790 The Ticket, in recent years. Sedano hired him after joining WQAM as program director.

Coincidentally, Crowder and Guzio have been as critical of the Dolphins as any hosts in the market in recent years. They've worked together on air in the past and have a good relationship.

As for Sedano, he will co-host a 7 to 10 p.m. show with former Broncos offensive lineman Mark Schlereth on ESPN Radio beginning Sept. 9. Meanwhile, Dan Le Batard's 790 The Ticket show is expected to be picked up by ESPN Radio and begin airing nationally (as well as locally) sometime this fall, potentially as early as late September or October.

By the way, WQAM staffer Andy King is expected to succeed Sedano as the station's program director.


The letter that Nevin Shapiro wrote to Greg Cote (now appearing on Greg's blog) was very much like the one he mailed to us this past spring, and one we wrote about in a May 26 post.

Incredibly, Shapiro keeps insisting to anyone who will listen that UM is the subject of a new NCAA investigation (one involving agents and runners) -- something he referenced in a separate letter to me this summer. But UM people have assured us that they have no indication that UM is being investigated for anything new -- nothing beyond the scope of the investigation that ended many months ago.

UM believes the NCAA has stopped listening to him, even though Shapiro continues to allege ongoing rules-breaking by UM, as he did in the letter to Cote, without explaining how anyone in a federal prison would be aware of such violations even if they were occurring.

The NCAA's infractions committee told UM in June that it would try very hard to rule on the case within six to eight weeks of UM's hearing. It's now 10 1/2 weeks and counting. But remember, North Carolina waited four months for its sanctions. UM remains hopeful that its worst punishment will be scholarship reductions.

Regular buzz posts will return next week.


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Barry, welcome back, I missed you. Great to have you back.


The same tired voices just changing time and stations. Dig up Uncle Neil and be done with it.

But U'll Sue Riiieeet ? ... But Then the NCAA puts 150 Former Players On the Stand []_[]nder Oath... Nevermind

2 More Bowls...50 Schollies Over 5 Years...10 Years Probation.


Hey Barry, been following you since you came to the herald (what's it been 15 years?), and I check for you columns on a daily basis. Thanks for all the great work. Thoughts on Manziel's punishment..or lack there of?


thank god kevin rogers didnt get a gig he is so boring says nothing that any sports fan wouldnt know


2 More Bowls...50 Schollies Over 5 Years...10 Years Probation.

Posted by: But U'll Sue Riiieeet ? ... But Then the NCAA puts 150 Former Players On the Stand []_[]nder Oath... Nevermind | 08/28/2013 at 09:38 PM

Turd hillbilly: put down the crack pipe, and your sister, and back away. Slowly.


Gentlemen, UM's rival is Florida State, UM only plays UF once every 5 years.

There are no comments about Florida State or from Florida State fans on the college blogs on this website. That we play UF this year is irrelevant, it's always been this way.

The childish trash talk that has destroyed the college blogs has nothing to do with college football, it's internet nonsense that exists because there was a UF blog and no FSU blog on this paper for several years.

Please contain your fake internet rivalry to the beat blogs.

Steve B

The Herald the NCAA and Charles Robinson(with aid from Susan Degnan) lied in bed with a convicted pyschotic liar as he dragged anyone who would listen into his insane world.
Legitimate journalists would have laughed this guy off years ago but here is the Herald continuing to give him a voice.
So you have 3 autograph Brokers with solid info that Manziel got paid over $10000 and in a couple of the days the NCAA writes it off. Yet Miami has waited over three years. The only thing that keeps the NCAA viable is fairness and integrity. It has shown neither. If a harsh verdict comes down on Miami it could usher in the end of the NCAA as we know it. All because 2 dishonest egotistical weasels combined on a hit piece on a great academic school with well behaved athletes.Compare it to UF with all its criminals including shielding a player from assault andattempted murder charges .
This whole thing has been a travesty and the nation knows it.


Sedano will be missed locally. Crowder is better than I thought he'd be so early in his radio career. Lebatard going national should be interesting how much the show changes.

WGT '64 Miami

As a 50 year University of Miami Hurricane fan, here is an "objective view" of this whole Johnny Football, NCAA and Miami complete and utter mess... Again, just my opinion so please bear with me.

First, Johnny Manziel was just one guy investigated for what he did or didn't do over a 1 month period. I'm actually glad he showed up the NCAA... The Miami situation is "said" to be over 150 kids, over multiple years within the years going back to when Miami WAS still on probation in the early 2000's. Big difference when one is an isolated case incident and the other is portrayed as a gross disregard, breaking a multitude of rules over multiple years while the institution turned a blind eye time and time again. Again, "accused."

Do yourself a favor and sit in any court room for a day as cases are brought before the Judge. You will see that most if not all misdemeanor first time offenders will get off with a slap of the wrist with little or no probation while paying a small fine and court costs. In contrast, offenders that are in front of the Judge for the second, third and multiple times will be dealt with much harsher consequences . With many times strike three being a Felony and serving series time as a result of multiple/habitual offenders. And it's well documented that in the late 90's Miami's Football program was nailed for some serious offenses and subsequently put on a lengthy probation. The NCAA says they have absolute proof, with Miami admitting so, that although near the end of that probation, violated that probation. THAT is why the NCAA is on a witch hunt and dragging this entire situation out. And there is nothing Miami can do about it but wait it out. And of course the defense is that the multiple violations Miami committed were petty and small as other school did and have done much worse. But many of those schools weren't already on probation during their indiscretions thusly minor penalties were handed down with mere probation. The real sticking factor here is the fact that Miami Baseball program was also on probation just a few years back. And the Basketball team recently was found guilty of infractions, although what Miami fans consider minor, are not minor to the NCAA. That's all the Big-3 Sports that have been found to be running not so clean ships within a short period of time...

So where does that leave the Miami Sports Programs now ? They have certainly have done all they could, albeit lately in terms of the overall timeline starting back in the early 2000's, to abide with the NCAA. But the NCAA doesn't really care. All they see is someone that got caught that's now being remorseful because they got caught and doing everything they can to save their butts from doing hard time. And if there is one thing that will get ANY Program in deep boiling water with the NCAA it's plain and simple, " Lack Of Institutional Control." And it's that violation that the ENTIRE NCAA's case is made. To be very honest, 30 Miami-Dade High School teacher and coach and as a Cane fan, they do have a case. I have been around and deep within the entire Sports Program at the University of Miami since the Curci-Elliot-Saban days having closely many former Dade coaches become Miami coaches. There are always, every year by every program going to be infractions and violations. It's simply the nature of the beast in College Athletics. But like I stated before, when it comes to the "Institution" not being open and forthright before an open investigation by the NCAA by self-reporting, that institution will be stuck in deep mud and the NCAA isn't sending a tow-truck anytime soon. They don't like us and it's obviously quite evident. But make no mistake, it's their sandbox and all College Programs just play in it. They can and will do as they please no matter how much any fan base of any program protests.

In closing, it's very clear that the NCAA wants to make an example out of Miami. There is much speculation as to when and what will happen as the NCAA finally declares the penalties for Miami. Because I assure all of you, they have made their decision. I believe they are dragging it longer just to twist the knife to make it hurt just a little bit more. It's just my opinion that they are going to hit us hard. Not hard enough kill the program, but certainly hard enough to cripple it for nearly 2-recruiting cycles or 7-8 years. If that were to happen, do we appeal and string it out ? Do we sue and exactly on what grounds ? The NCAA doesn't abide by Federal Court Laws of innocent until proven guilty. They are the Judge n Jury because we/Miami as all other College programs signed on with them agreeing to abide by their rules n laws... And I for one truly believe the NCAA wants us the Sue them. Because the minute any lawsuit is filed, and I mean the very minute, the NCAA will have process servers with Briefcases of Subpoenas on their way out to hundreds of former, current players, coaches and administrators...

So ask yourselves this. If the hammer does fall worse than we thought (say 1-2 more Bowls-30-40 scholarships over 4-5 years and a long 8-10 year probationary period, hoping we falter again so they can try to nail us again) , do we grit our teeth, take it and move on or take on the NCAA in Federal Court in a long drawn out trial with hundreds of Miami witnesses called by the NCAA taking the stand under oath after deposition to see if all the stories match up... And oh yeah, some Jackwagon snitch named Nevin will probably be the NCAA's final witness.

Let's hope for the best and move on. Go Canes !


Jorge Sedano: another example there is no talent in the local airwaves, but if you stick around long enough you will be rewarded. (see Joe Zagacki)


Welcome Back Barry!!!! Missed you Bro!

Is StarOverMiami AKA Gordon In Miami? This is very interesting lets see if Crowder can chane his style to drive slot. Also Guzio is very good as the guy that comments and makes those snarky comments. We will see how he will do driving the show. I will definetly give them a shot! And way to go with bringing the Captain Back he is perfect for that time slot!


Thanks for interrupting your vaction for these reports Barry. It's incredible how these accusations just keep piling up over there in Coral Gables...geez! It appears they just can't help themselves; what's it been, 30 years of this?

Reality Bites

Barry it's good to have you back, I've missed your column the past few days.

Don't know how a national audience will react to the quirkiness of LeBatard, sometimes he is very funny, other times he seems juvenile and immature.
Sedano is just OK.
Crowder is a very capable replacement and will be better in the long run considering he is a newbie.

Posted by: WGT '64 Miami
Very good post. Problem is you are dealing with a bunch of delusional fans who by definition have no grasp on reality and only spout the same non sense over and over.
The UM cheating smorgasbord is very complex and has dirty tentacles extending in multiple directions, with many wrongdoers over such a long period of time. Of course it takes time to sort all of it out, and many steam showers to remove the stench. soon just punishment will be handed out to the habitual offender criminals. In hindsight it would have been better for Um not to self impose anything, they will get hammered anyway, deservedly so.



I interrupt vacation
-- barry jackson



Is StarOverMiami AKA Gordon In Miami?

Posted by: CanesOvaHere | 08/29/2013 at 09:30 AM


in the immortal words of the late GREAT Neil Rogers ...
joe zagacki sucks ...



Is StarOverMiami AKA Gordon In Miami?

Posted by: CanesOvaHere | 08/29/2013 at 09:30 AM


our former AD -- may he rest in peace -- saddled us with this rank amateur ...
and I do mean rank ...
you suck zagacki ...
"uh, um, well"



Is StarOverMiami AKA Gordon In Miami?

Posted by: CanesOvaHere | 08/29/2013 at 09:30 AM


when every other utterance is uh, um or well ...
you don't belong on the radio ...
let alone the prestigious UM broadcast ...



Is StarOverMiami AKA Gordon In Miami?

Posted by: CanesOvaHere | 08/29/2013 at 09:30 AM


to whom it may concern ...
next item on the agenda ...
improve our broadcast by ejecting joe sucky zagacki ...
whose halting, mechanical, shrill delivery ...
makes U want to throw your radio out the window ...


alexander the great

Good for Curtis but when the hell is WQAM going to put The Sports Brothers (Freeman & Fox) in regular rotation ? They were my favorite show on 790 and my buddies and I were thrilled to hear them on 560. Outside of Joe Rose I think they are the best show on 560 and very entertaining. 790 should bring them back since 560 is screwing around with them.


Before deciding to offer the 3 to 7 p.m. shift to Crowder and Guzio, WQAM also spoke with Evan Cohen, who does a radio show in West Palm Beach and for Sirius. But those talks did not materialize.
-- barry jackson

it's sheer folly to think guido & chowderhead will topple lebatard ...



Nice to have you back GREEN!


Posted by: Reality Bites | 08/19/2013 at 09:14 PM



Nevin Shapiro-

I know who you are

You are a short little little jew pu55y

I know how you roll

I know where you roll

I will find your fa66ie widened a55 and I will do to you what you tried to do to the U

We all know you were and always will be a wanna be

You were never good with the girls

You bought your friedns

And we know you did this on person. Collecting receipts, and photos to one day use it against the U

You pathetic little raped boy.

Have fun with Bubba.

Or maybe with Aaron Hernandez

As a gator, you two have a lot in common. He will make you his litlle beeotch


Miami is a situation where the right coach legitimately matters. The Canes have still been getting top recruiting talent, so it's not as if though the school isn't a draw. The location is way too good in terms of combining both an immediate base of a top recruiting area and a place that kids from elsewhere dream of going to. The only other school with that type of combo is USC. Miami will be back (which will probably be to the chagrin to many people here that want to see them go down).
-- Frank the Tank


Reality Bites

Hey lil green pea, although I do find you amusing, like when you fire off 5 posts in a row on an anti Joe Z rant, the comment about the "high IQ" wasn't really mine, someone used my ID without permission, the nerve!
I do think you are funny though, so preoccupied with trivial things.

holmie, why do you feel the urge to make internet threats? And to someone who will probably not even see them? Nevin is no Gator, he is the face of UM football for the past lost decade, the most famous UM booster and benefactor, even ahead of his idol Uncle Luke. The pictures of him donning a cane jersey, standing on the field by the tunnel as the cane players come out, those will live in infamy for a long long time. The best one is the one in the bowling alley handing Shalala that big check, priceless. That, and his episode on CNBC"s American Greed. That is his legacy and yours too.

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