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Media note: WQAM firming up plans to replace Sedano; UM/NCAA item

I interrupt vacation briefly for a quick media note and something unrelated:

WQAM-560 is promoting from within to replace Jorge Sedano, who will do his final show Thursday before taking a job as a weeknight host on ESPN Radio.

Though nothing has been announced, WQAM has offered the 3 to 7 p.m. slot to former Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder (who would move over from the 1 to 3 p.m. slot) and WQAM staffer Brandon Guzio. Both want to do it, but contracts must be finalized before this is official.

Meanwhile, longtime WQAM staffer Curtis Stevenson would replace Crowder in the 1 to 3 p.m. slot, alongside Adam Kuperstein. Again, contracts must be finalized for this to be official. The station won't comment until that happens.

WQAM hopes the new lineup will be in place starting Tuesday.

Kuperstein could not join Crowder in the 3 to 7 p.m. slot because Kuperstein has a significant gig that time of the day - as the lead co-anchor on NBC 6's evening newscasts.

Before deciding to offer the 3 to 7 p.m. shift to Crowder and Guzio, WQAM also spoke with Evan Cohen, who does a radio show in West Palm Beach and for Sirius. But those talks did not materialize.

Guzio has appeared regularly on WQAM, and before that, on 790 The Ticket, in recent years. Sedano hired him after joining WQAM as program director.

Coincidentally, Crowder and Guzio have been as critical of the Dolphins as any hosts in the market in recent years. They've worked together on air in the past and have a good relationship.

As for Sedano, he will co-host a 7 to 10 p.m. show with former Broncos offensive lineman Mark Schlereth on ESPN Radio beginning Sept. 9. Meanwhile, Dan Le Batard's 790 The Ticket show is expected to be picked up by ESPN Radio and begin airing nationally (as well as locally) sometime this fall, potentially as early as late September or October.

By the way, WQAM staffer Andy King is expected to succeed Sedano as the station's program director.


The letter that Nevin Shapiro wrote to Greg Cote (now appearing on Greg's blog) was very much like the one he mailed to us this past spring, and one we wrote about in a May 26 post.

Incredibly, Shapiro keeps insisting to anyone who will listen that UM is the subject of a new NCAA investigation (one involving agents and runners) -- something he referenced in a separate letter to me this summer. But UM people have assured us that they have no indication that UM is being investigated for anything new -- nothing beyond the scope of the investigation that ended many months ago.

UM believes the NCAA has stopped listening to him, even though Shapiro continues to allege ongoing rules-breaking by UM, as he did in the letter to Cote, without explaining how anyone in a federal prison would be aware of such violations even if they were occurring.

The NCAA's infractions committee told UM in June that it would try very hard to rule on the case within six to eight weeks of UM's hearing. It's now 10 1/2 weeks and counting. But remember, North Carolina waited four months for its sanctions. UM remains hopeful that its worst punishment will be scholarship reductions.

Regular buzz posts will return next week.


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Master Chief

Crowder was bad on the field and equally bad off of it. What insight does he provide other than making up his own language (since he has no grasp of the English language)?
Then to compound the problem and add another NY'er who is annoying and never adds anything to the program. What a shame as afternoon radio goes to hell.


Posted by: Reality Bites | 08/29/2013 at 12:49 PM

Hey dumbass, if pictures of criminals associated with UM are the "legacy" of UM then WTF is the "legacy" of Florida?


WTF is the "legacy" of Florida?

Posted by: Hamburgler | 08/29/2013 at 01:13 PM


"The Gangster in the Huddle"


Reality Bites

Hamburgler your feeble attempt at comparing Nevin with Aaron is very lame. Hernandez is more associated with the New England Patriots, Belichiek, Kraft or even Meyer than with anyone else. Besides he is an aberration and far form the norm. Nevin is all yours, and he will forever be your poster boy.
Get real.

Keepin it real always

Reality Bites places such an investment in making his negative remarks about Miami.He s just a tool (not a sharp one of course)who spouts the same old rhetotic week in and week out.He acts like he adds something new and merely reports the same monologogue.....on a blog where Miami is the local University.No one cares for your "priceless" opinions in Dade County.It s just that every now and then....I like to respond to you in kind about your trivial,common remarks.YOU are the kettle calling the teapot black.Sometimes......you need to take a look at yourself and your own hypocrisy.


Bite me reality. This anint a threat. Its a mfing promise

Morris McGovern

Nevin Shapiro???

Give me a break!

Barry Jackson

Thanks, guys. Brett: I think Manziel's punishment is a joke. Either the NCAA can prove he did something wrong or it can't. But if it felt punishment was justified, half a game is laughable.


Andy King? Bwahahahahaha!?!?! Good luck ever catching the Ticket. WQAM will never learn.


Love Channing. He's great. The Kup and Crowder show works great because of the awesome chemistry between the two. They put on a great show. But Channing and Guzio will be a horrendous mistake. Channing can be a bit crazy sometimes (in a good way), and Kup can usually temper him with a voice of reason. But Guzio wont have that charisma to have the same effect on Channing. They wont have effective chemistry. Guzio is a dull pessimist that worked well with the hyper and upbeat Sedano. This sounds like a train wreck for WQAM. Keep Kup and Crowder together. Recruit someone new from the outside to take on the 3pm slot. Otherwise, you'll get crushed into submission by LeBatard.

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