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Thursday noon update: Al Golden address issues, Dolphins news, views from Wed. practice

Highlights from Al Golden’s Thursday news conference:

### Golden wishes he would have known NCAA sanctions before camp starts Saturday, but that’s not going to happen. But “we’re not going to let this disrupt our third consecutive training camp…. We’ve been to hell and back the last two years.”

Though some parties have been told the NCAA is targeting late next week to reveal sanctions, the NCAA has cautioned that it’s not definite and could stretch a couple weeks beyond that. Nobody at UM would be surprised if this goes deep into August.

### Golden said running back Eduardo Clements (neck) will be medically cleared.

### He said incoming defensive linemen Julio Derosier and Ufomba Kamalu are expected “to be here by Saturday.” Of the signees, only Devante Bond, Rhyheem Locksley and Derrick Griffin haven’t been cleared academically. Locksley and Griffin are going to prep school, as previously announced. Bond could be headed there, too.

### Golden, on his mindset heading into the season: “I don’t know if I’m any more confident. I’m just being me. I’m a football coach, I’m not a litigator, a researcher, a defender. I had 15 different jobs the last two years. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to talk about anything but that four letter word [NCAA].’”

He mentioned Virginia Tech’s long run of success and said: “If we want this conference to be what it wants to be, Miami has to do its job.”

### Golden’s nephew Greg is a walk on receiver: “It’s a lifelong dream for him. He’s mature enough to understand I’m the coach. He’s in a good shape. I’m excited he’s here.”

### He said having difficult choices about playing time at some positions such a receiver “is a good problem. I don’t know who the starters are there, or who are the six or seven that are going to travel. I’m as anxious as you guys to see where they’re at…. We’re going to have a good rotation at every spot.”

### Players who didn’t adhere to team rules have been purged. “We have the right guys on the train. We have a team that’s focused. This is a very mature team right now.”

### He said he feels very good about eight offensive linemen and would like to identify a ninth and 10th. “I don’t know who the starting five is and that’s a good thing. I know there are at least six guys going to bed tonight thinking they’re the starter.”

### Most of the front seven has put on considerable weight, which was an offseason priority. Anthony Chickillo has gone from 260 to 275.

“Chickillo grew up on the field [and] his lack of weight and strength was evident. Now he’s going to hopefully harness all that experience and be where he [needs to be] physically.” Jelani Hamilton has gone from 258 to 285.

### He likes how tight end Beau Sandland has developed.

### He said Duke Johnson has an “elite stiff arm and protection of the football. He has to take the next step and be able to handle a little bit more. We’ve got to get his touches up a little bit more. He’s got more muscle. His body composition is better. He’s stronger.”

Fortunately, he’s not taking Duke Johnson off returns to try to conserve energy.  “For us to say we’re not going to have Randy return kicks, then he’s not Randy Johnson.”

### He said Jimmy Gaines is ahead of Raphael Kirby at middle linebacker. “If I wanted to show a kid what a middle linebacker should look like, I would go to our web site, hit [a link], and listen to Jimmy” explain “what a linebacker does pre-snap.”

### He said receiver Allen Hurns “has been a tremendous leader for us. Really proud to have him on our team. He deserves a measure of good health.”

### Will Ray Lewis be around the program more now that his son is here? “I don’t know. We haven’t had that dialogue.”

### He said one reason he came to UM is “I believed there would less Achilles’ heels here, less chinks in the armor in recruiting.”       

Please see the last post for lots of Dolphins news, views and notes from Wednesday night.




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Thank you Barry. Really great info.

CutlerRidge Laz

Golden better right the ship this years or he's out.

Don't sleep on South Miami Cobras this year.

S.E.C - Simply THE BEST...

2013 Pre-Season USA Today Coaches Poll:

1. Alabama

5. Georgia

6. Texas A&M

7. South Carolina

10. Florida

13. LSU

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Golden has kept the ship afloat amidst the shambles Randy Shannon left behind and looming sanctions when he could have left for higher paying jobs.

He has a long leash with the administration, rightfully so.

acc and u suck

OK ... Who will be the first cane cluck to beat their chest and shout from the mountain tops...



Engineer Goldie

### Players who didn’t adhere to team rules have been purged. “We have the right guys on the train. We have a team that’s focused. This is a very mature team right now.”


Wait... just a few days ago at ESPN Goldie said we are still young and had to play 14-15 Freshman last year and will play more Freshman this year as well... But now today ur a "very" mature team ? Which is it corch. Mature when ur 4-2 and young when ur 7-5 ?

Choo Chooing in August and September ... Derailed in November and December...



^^ mature in the sense that they are all focused and not screwing around, like gabe terry running around with weed in his pockets....

CutlerRidge Laz

Sure Golden has gone through some - but we play in the ACC. No excuses any more, primo.

Good luck with that

Great. So u now have "mature" players with limited and minimum skill sets and talent...

They'll lose with grace and maturity... the new u.

Sad times

No matter how UM football does this year, you personally are a miserable troll obsessed with following UM football so you can insult people on the internet all day.

You change your handle every post so it's not so obvious what a huge loser you are and how much time you spend trolling UM fans, but anyone who reads the sports blogs on this website knows how pathetic you are.

There's just nothing you can say about UM football that is worse than your own reality.

Reality bites

Sad Times why do you insist on policing the blog?
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and free to give it, that is what a blog is for.
I know you are dying to hear mine so here it goes.
Um has a pretty good offense and they should win at least 8 games without a problem. They may even win 10 if their defense shows up.
There you go, nothing negative today, just the truth as usual.


Ah, the haters are out in force, and showing their fear. Beautiful. Go Canes!

Volunteer Neighborhood Watch

I have a really good feeling about this team if they stay relatively healthy. We cannot be down to 3rd and 4th string guys at key positions, like we have been for the last few years. Morris, Duke, the receivers, the O-Line all need to remain healthy. My concerns are with the LB's, because if we lose a couple of guys for the year, then the D is screwed. LB is the one group that we have absolutely no depth at. I wish that we could have kept Eddie Johnson some how, as that guy was a beast!


I was a Cane fan before we won our first titles so I am a lifer and love the job Golden has done in such difficult circumstances, he's a loyal high character guy.
And for the sad soul on here with a new name trying to make fun for the 4th time of the "last year we had a young D" thing AG said on ESPN, you my friend sound very scared of what's happening here. Chill dude, we kicked your butts all through the 80's and 90's and UF is still there, don't worry so much. Just recruit more delinquents and you'll stay competitive, or pick up our discards, you guys don't mind having guys who don't follow rules. And if we get back on top you will wuss out and stop playing us again(LOL). But, please don't forget one thing brother, 5 TITLES BABY(would have been 7 with instant replay).

Keepin it real always

Canes Offense will be pretty good as everyone knows by now.Can t wait to see how this years defense plays.They go a long way in helping to determine whether or not Miami gets a very significant number of wins this year vs recent seasons past.Naturally hoping that some of the new speed,young guys coming in can help some.No one knows if we have some diamonds in the rough coming in.Alex Figeroa however as a LB .........may be one to watch.Bottom line though....for ANY good defense to emerge......great DT play is necessary and the key.THAT has been Miami s achilles heel for years and years of late unfortunately.Let s hope a year of experience can solidify the Canes defense this year.

Sad times

Posted by: Reality bites | 08/01/2013 at 03:37 PM

Go try to read the UM blog sometime and you'll know.

SEC= top heavy necks

SEC- 3 of those dont belong in those positions

Fl is waaayyyyyy over ranked at 10. But thats ok. We likey.

Same with TAM- watch the overt falling apart of sophomore Manziel this yr. TAMU will finish 7-5

FSU is also overrtaed, but Clemson is underrated and no question Um belongs in the top 25- as does UNC and VTech both of whom bring in experience at QB

Nebraska? Overrtaed
Northwestern? Overrated- in fact I would have agreed to see Vanderbilt in there instead of NW.

USC? Overrated. New QB. Watch UCLA whoop them

I think Oregon is underrated- they should be top 3 imo


TAM plays EIGHT home games!
How/why does the NCAA allow such a competitive advantage?
Not sure how many the Gators have, but it wouldn't surprise me if they also have eight, including the usual cupcakes.


The SEC is the laughingstock of college sports. It's the conference that buys wins at any price. That's not sports. That's business. SEC players should show up at games wearing Brooks Brothers suits and ties: clip-on, of course.

No two SEC schools, with their massive budgets, massive student populations, taxpayer support, massive, taxpayer-funded stadiums and massive coach's salaries, can match what little ol' private-school Miami and FSU (granted, a public school, but still not SEC) did in the 80s and 90s, in any other two-decade period in college football history. It's not even close.

If every school had the same financial resources as SEC schools, the SEC would never win a BCS game. The SEC would never even make it to a BCS game.

The SEC has made college football all about money: shame, shame, shame.

SEC stands for "Sports Exempted from Class."

Don't brag on the SEC. It stinks up the place.

On another note . . .

Golden is a good man: good hire. Couldn't ask for a better college football coach.


Barry Good stuff, well done, thanks.

CG is the type of hands on personality, that wants his Team to strive for the best, and expect his players to achieve this.

The wins will come but in order for this to happen the core has to be in place.

I think it is.

To answer Reality. After the first 3-4 games you may change your prediction from 8 to 10. I also think that as these players receive help in depth( this was lacking last year) at many positions, it will enhance the overall performance of the team.

The'U' will surprise a lot of people.

Dedicated fans however, have enjoyed the growth process, but for the albatross hanging around us called the NCAA. This will be cast aside in a few weeks.

This year will be very Special for the 'Canes.
Go 'Canes

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