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Starks' version of middle finger incident; Dolphins hire president, CEO

Couple quick Sunday night items, in the wake of the Dolphins' 23-10 win against Cleveland:

### A photographer captured a picture of Dolphins defensive tackle Randy Starks holding up his middle finger, while looking directly at the Dolphins sideline, after getting a sack Sunday. Two published reports speculated that Starks was giving the finger to the Dolphins' coaching staff because he lost his starting job.

Starks is denying that was the case.

Starks' agent, Tony Paige, said Starks "told me was joking with one of his teammates. It was not intended for the coaches."

What matters, in this case, is what Joe Philbin thinks after speaking with Starks about it. But since nobody can read Starks' mind or be certain of his intent, Philbin faces a difficult call in determining how to handle this.

Even if Philbin is convinced the gesture wasn't intended for coaches, a fine is still very possible,if not probable, because Philbin wants his players to comport themselves properly.

"Touched down safely -- time to get back to work tomorrow," Starks tweeted a couple of hours ago.

### Tom Garfinkel, who has served as a high-level executive for two Major League Baseball teams but has never worked in the NFL, will be the Dolphins’ new president and chief executive officer, several industry sources said Sunday.

An announcement will be made Monday.

Coincidentally, Garfinkel and his Dolphins predecessor, Mike Dee, ended up filling each other’s most recent jobs. Dee left the Dolphins last month to become president and CEO of the San Diego Padres --- the jobs Garfinkel held until he and the Padres new ownership group parted ways July 9.

Garfinkel will oversee the Dolphins’ business operations and figures to be heavily involved in Ross’ continued efforts to procure funding for renovations to Sun Life Stadium. He will be responsible for the organization’s overall budget but will not be involved in player selection.

Coach Joe Philbin and general manager Jeff Ireland will continue to report to owner Stephen Ross. The Dolphins, who considered more than 75 candidates for the CEO job, were impressed by Garfinkel’s intelligence, skills as a negotiator and knowledge of technology, among other things.

Garfinkel served as executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Arizona Diamondbacks from 2006 to 2009 and then accompanied the man who hired him in Arizona, former agent Jeff Moorad, to San Diego, when Moorad signed an agreement to purchase the Padres on a layaway program that ultimately fell apart.

In San Diego, Garfinkel and the Padres ownership group reportedly had philosophical differences, which led to his departure. Before breaking into baseball, he spent five years as executive vice president of Chip Ganassi Racing, a motorsports organization.

He was considered accessible as Padres president and had a regular presence on social media. Among his accomplishments with the Padres: He helped negotiate a 20-year, $1 billion TV contract with Fox; oversaw changes to Petco Park, such as shortening the outfield fences; brought concerts, international soccer and other events to the ballpark; and outfitted Little League teams throughout the country in Padres uniforms.

Padres manager Bud Black called Garfinkel “very visible, very progressive, very creative. He was very visible around the ballpark and very active with the fan base. Tom was always asking what he could do for the club and players. He worked tremendously hard.”

Garfinkel grew up in Walnut Creek, Cal., graduated from Colorado and then attended the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at Michigan, named after the Dolphins owner, who donated $200 million to the university last week.

### The UM football team was ranked 15th in the AP poll released today -- UM's highest spot in the poll since 2010.

### If you haven't read the Sunday buzz, posted late last night, please check the last post. It has lots of Dolphins and a Heat signing.     


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Philbin needs to comport himself properly by fixing the "offensive" line


sign the man to a long term deal. Koa Misi got one and hes just mediocre...Good grief!

Reggie Bush all over again. Miller is not Reggie and Oderick is no Starks! period!


You are right odrick may actually be better than Starks. And he is younger!


That's the problem with the dolphins they spend to much time worrying about what and how player's act than worrying about how players perform on the field.. Fix the offensive line, get the ball to Mike Wallace, get the running game going and watch this team barring injuries win 10 games. The fins have a defense that is top 5 and that's with Starks ,Oldrick,Solai, this trio does not need to be broken up. If you got Vernon,Jordan,and Wake and Shelby than stop trying to break up talent and start adding talent. This explains not having a Ol and no running game (Reggie Bush). And you want to know why you keep finishing 7-9.
Go Fins!! Great Win!!


TK SWANN name me a team that ran the ball well this weekend? LOL Offensive lines are built to pass pro these days

Tom Hartman

The running game has not been going since Cszonka days lol


Calling out Quincy Wilson of University School a Florida commit for some of his tweets. Such as, "Driskel sucks," or, "throw it at Tracy, he sus," meaning suspect.Yeah throw it at Tracy , Quincy my boy and what happened, roflmao! "Perryman is only one that has my respect on that defense." And dad, Chad a UM grad retweets some of that ish?

Quincy son, you are not good enough to play for the U, nor do you deserve a UM degree at their expense, you are SLOW Son, Slow, 4.6 or 4.7 as a corner in the SEC, you won't play corner in the SEC son,SEC receivers will eat your lunch. I don't care how many offers you have!

And Dad turn in your UM family card! So your son wasn't recruited by the U, there is a reason why! He ain't good enough.

And take Dalvin Cook with your entitled attitude to the team that has now lost 7 of the last 8 times those thugs from UFelony have played the U.


Furthermore Quincy Wilson has been spreading hate on twitter toward the U for months. This kid is still in high school and this ish needs to stop and dad needs to stop it but he isn't man an enough to do it.

The Florida Gators, alumni, fans and recruits that want to dump on the U got exactly what they deserved, another loss to the Miami Hurricanes, lol!


Dalvin Cook was so negative toward the U while being a guest of the U that Florida commit Chris Lammons told him to tone it down?
This attitude is what Golden was taking about in his presser and said as much this morning as well. I guess when you as a team have lost so much to the U it kinda messes with your mind or something!

I promise you that Florida and Muschamps have negatively recruited against Miami and that it has been ugly and Goldens "cathartic" moment was as much about purging Florida from his mind as well as all the rest of the ish he has faced while at the U. I bet he couldn't have gotten across the field to see Muschamps fast enough on Saturday, lol!


Yes there were so many Gator trolls on this blog that there are practically no posts!



wait for the next 4 games to be played (very good qb's) and then see if we can get top flight TE for his arse.

Miami Harold

You must be kidding when you demand that Philbin fix the offensive line.This repair has been worked on for a half decade.
If Ross was running a car repair shop he would have so many complaints that he would A have to close the shop B relocate C buy a shotgun.


Check out the Minnesota Vikings stats for the run game.On top of that Reggie Bush is badly missed in Miami,Miller and Thomas are a shadow of what Ricky Williams was.

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