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Friday night Dolphins, Hurricanes quick hits

Some quick Dolphins and Canes notes:

### The Dolphins hoped signing Philip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe would help tighten coverage against tight ends. It still might, but the problem persisted in the opener against Cleveland. In fact, 10 of the 12 passes thrown to tight ends were completed, for 117 yards.

And against the Colts on Sunday, the Dolphins will face one or two tight ends that were considered among the best in the 2012 draft: Coby Fleener and possibly Dwayne Allen, if he’s able to play despite a hip injury that kept him out of practice the past two days.

UPDATE: The Colts on Saturday downgraded Allen from questionable to doubtful.

Allen had six catches for a career-high 75 yards against the Dolphins last season to highlight a 45-reception, 521-yard season. Fleener closed his rookie season with 26 for 281.

The Dolphins hope neither Allen nor Fleener inflicts as much damage as Cleveland’s Jordan Cameron, who entered last Sunday with 26 career receptions in two years and then produced 9 catches (in 11 passes to him) for 108 yards. Several Dolphins defensive players were victimized, Wheeler among them.

“A couple of things the [Browns] did enabled the tight end to get into an area where we might not have had the best coverage on a certain play,” defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. “It was a schematic thing where I could have helped them with it.”

### Cornerback Dimitri Patterson was listed as questionable but said his injured groin is feeling much better and he expects to play Sunday. Cornerbacks Will Davis (toe) and Jamar Taylor (ankle) were ruled out. Brent Grimes, Nolan Carroll and R.J. Stanford are the only completely healthy cornerbacks on the roster.

Quarterback Pat Devlin (ankle) also is out.

Seven Dolphins were listed as probable: Dion Jordan, Ellerbe, Reshad Jones, Brandon Gibson, Josh Kaddu, Dion Sims and Jonathan Freeny.

### Indianapolis starting running back Vick Ballard sustained a season-ending knee injury in practice Thursday, meaning Ahmad Bradshaw and Donald Brown likely will handle the bulk of the carries Sunday. Besides Allen, Colts starting linebackers Erik Walden and Jerrell Freeman also are questionable.

### Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said Charles Clay’s 64 plays (in 70 offensive snaps) were “probably too many for him.” On Friday, Joe Philbin left open the possibility of giving more work to Sims, who had 15 snaps.

Philbin said Sims “had a very good week of practice – better” than last week and “hopefully can contribute Sunday.” Michael Egnew had 21 snaps last week. Philbin wants his tight ends to improve their run-blocking.

### Though Danny Watkins doesn’t appear ready to unseat John Jerry at right guard, Philbin said Watkins “is picking the system up well. Seems like a bright guy. Been in the building a lot, getting extra help. I like the progress he’s making.”

### One major reason why seventh-round pick Don Jones, the former Arkansas State safety, made the Dolphins was his skills on special teams. According to Pro Football Focus, Jones graded out the best of any Dolphin on coverage teams last week, even though his most impressive tackle (for no gain on a punt return) was nullified by a teammate’s penalty. Philbin has been impressed.

### CBS is sending Dolphins-Colts to 18 percent of the country, with Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts on the call.

### Cameron Wake, tweeting during Thursday’s Patriots-Jets game: “How do you watch a game where you want both teams to lose? I’m conflicted on every play.”


### Today marks 13 weeks since UM appeared before the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions, and UM is now well outside the window during which a ruling was expected, causing great frustration among school officials.

Remember, UM initially was told that the NCAA was hopeful it would render a decision within 6 to 8 weeks. And the NCAA tells schools that 8 to 12 weeks is a reasonable expectation. But UM has been given no recent update on the timetable or the reason for the delay.

### For those who have asked, if UM gets another bowl ban (and nobody at UM is expecting that), the Hurricanes could still play in a bowl this season by appealing, because a ruling on an appeal takes many, many months. (UCF’s took seven months.) If there’s another bowl ban, UM assuredly would appeal.

### Wisconsin accepted the offer UM declined: to open next season against LSU at Houston’s Reliant Stadium. We have no issue with UM rejecting those overtures because they will be breaking in a new quarterback next season, and you would prefer not to do that against a powerful SEC opponent.

### According to Canesport.com, UM has become the first school to offer 6-2 Lake Christian junior quarterback Christian Alexander, who threw for 28 TDs and six picks last season. But UF is also very interested. 


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So much for your right to a speedy trial. The ncaa is a damn dictatorship


i say we email mike emmert (whatever his name is), maybe he forgot about the miami case. memmert@ncaa.org, lets blowup his inbox


Its gonna be december before they make a ruling. With alabama now in the cross hairs they most figure out a way to save alabama but can not of the burn the hurricanes. See haow far the media is laging off the bama yahoo report not a word on espn lime the did miami and there's more hard evidence agaisnt bama then miami circumstantial photos and un named receipts.

Yellow Belly Ibis

Wisconsin accepted the offer UM declined: to open next season against LSU at Houston’s Reliant Stadium. We have no issue with UM rejecting those overtures because they will be breaking in a new quarterback next season, and you would prefer not to do that against a powerful SEC opponent.

ExcUse me? ExcUse U. We would rather play Bethune Cookman or FAU, our in State rivals. Or any of the fellow ACC pansies we routinely play.


As a Canes fans, I am mad they turned down the offer.. I don't recall us every ducking schools before, so why start now?

Sad times


A Florida fan.

Saying UM is afraid to schedule teams.

A Florida fan.


Its just going to get worse for this UF guy .Watch his posts get more and more bitter.

Keepin it real always

Miami can count on 1 hand in probably a zillion years the teams it refused to play as a big game venture.They ll NEVER be confused with the likes of a Gator team that routinely and many,many times throughout the year and years openly refuses to play Miami....year after year after year.So.....it s really no big deal.Miami will play 99% of teams in a heartbeat.Cane fans will never have to worry about their spine.Just bitter Florida fans knowing they ll NEVER get over Miami beating their arrogant little Gators (for the final time apparently).....last week.Too funny.


LAst few years Miami has played:

Oklahoma- home and away
Ohio State- home and away
Notre Dame- Away (no, chicago is NOT a neutral site)
Kansas State- Home and away

A few yrs more ago (still in the 2000s):

Texas A&M- Home and away

Miami hardly ever shies away from anyone. THis time they did. So what.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Since the Kansas State series (which didn't even have the POTENTIAL to benefit UM in terms of an easy win, recruiting, ticket sales, or national interest), Miami took a long look at how they are building their schedule.

When we were in the Big East, we would have a cakewalk schedule but had to schedule at least two big time OOC games to get recognition.

In the ACC, there's no need for that - so we're going to do what EVERY OTHER TEAM IN THE COUNTRY does and try to schedule one premier OOC game a year and two OOC home cupcakes.

This year it was UF, 2014 and 2015 is a home and away with Nebraska, and then 2016 is at Notre Dame.

Here's the thing - by building the schedule this way, UM isn't losing marquee games, it's just pushing them back in the schedule.

Instead of playing and maybe losing to a second big time OOC opponent early, we'll go to a better bowl game and play them there.


The NCAA is completely unpredictable. The big fear is a loss of substantial scholarships. USC is in the midst of 10 scholarship losses a year for 3 years. That really hurts a Program. Your depth becomes razor thin and any significant injuries give you little or no chance at much success. This the biggest concern for me as a UM fan. Loss of bowl games does cripple the Program like significant scholarship losses. The NCAA needs to accept any scholarships that UM has held back this previous signing class. That will help.


Lt - You got to be kidding. Other than this year(only because of Clemson & FSU), the ACC has been trash. What's the difference between both conferences back then & now? Nothing other than ESPN making sure the ACC remains in the spotlight.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Right "canefan" only good because of Clemson and FSU.

You Gators trolls really are sad.


Huh? I am a troll because I am not going to kiss the ass of the ACC? Are you denying prior to this year, they were the weakest fb conference?

Lt. Lois Einhorn

No, you're a troll because you're using a fake handle to pretend to be a UM fan and bash the ACC when you're clearly not a UM fan at all. Miami beat UF, not FSU, no UM fan would say "the ACC is only good this year because of Clemson and FSU".

And no, of course it wasn't the weakest in previous years, the Big Easy, Conference USA, Mountain West, Sunbelt, and Western Athletic were all unambiguously worse conferences.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Fortuitous typo, no corrective measures taken.


Ha Ha, I guess I am the Gator fan that remembers us losing to East Carolina back to back years in the late 90s, FSU 47-0 during the probation years, Dorsey taking over for Kenny Kelly, etc.. Yeah, I forgot one is only a fan when they act like the favortie team/conference can do no wrong. Lol..

Lt. Lois Einhorn

If you don't understand the difference between the ACC and the Big East you don't understand college football.

Keepin it real always

Generalizing Conference strength is a weak argument.They are never accurate and lumps stats and facts together that often times are in contrast to each other.Upsets always occur and anyone hellbent on making 1 biased opinion......about a Conference is just ignorant and shallow.This would certainly appear to be only fodder a troll would attempt to pass off as truth.Too funny.GO CANES.


What I wonder if a school just says no to the NCAA. What would they do. What true power do they have. Maybe schools need to come together and just tell the NcCAA what is coming if they don't get their junk together

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