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Golden addresses issues; UM notes; Wade working on game

Some Tuesday afternoon Canes and Heat items:

### Saw Stephen Morris today, and he mentioned how challenging it has been to regain his mechanics while dealing with his ankle injury. But he said he’s feeling better, and Al Golden said today: “He’s looked markedly better. His personality is coming back.”

### UM has played some very good teams in Golden’s first 2 ½ seasons here: Kansas State, Notre Dame, UF, FSU and Virginia Tech, etc. But Golden said FSU “is probably the most complete team we’ve seen. White hot quarterback… Receivers can beat you deep… Big time tight ends.. Who’s who on defense in terms of talent and size… Linebackers rangy and can run.”

### Golden said since receiving NCAA sanctions last Tuesday, “our conversations are taking a different path” with recruits. “You’re not a sitting duck anymore. All those things I classified as toxic have disappeared. If [opponents] negative recruit, it won’t be about the NCAA.”

### Golden said he hasn’t decided how to allocate the loss of nine scholarships over the next three years. I asked Golden if losing nine scholarships isn’t too painful. “You don’t want to lose any,” he said. “…When people say they got a slap on the wrist, I take offense at that. It’s immeasurable what these kids have given up.”

Of the NCAA matter, Golden said on his WQAM radio show Monday night: "If you didn't live it these past 28 months, please don't have a comment on it."

### UM is a 22-point underdog – the largest for any Top 10 team in history, according to Vegasinsiders.com.

### Golden, on the state of his program: “We’re making progress. A lot of people were premature in saying, ‘The U is back.’ We’re building.”

### UM is averaging 39.6 points and allowing 17.7. FSU is averaging 52.6 and allowing 13.0. And while UM has lost 14 turnovers, FSU has lost only six.

### UM is first in the country in kickoff return average, eighth in passing yards per completion, 10th in passing efficiency defense, and 11th in sacks, scoring defense and sacks allowed.



Practice had long since ended last week, but there was Dwyane Wade — the last player on the floor — working with assistant David Fizdale on polishing his post moves.

Indiana coach Tom Crean, his close friend and former coach at Marquette, pointed out this summer that Wade is “one of the most efficient players to ever play the game.”

But even after finishing seventh in last season’s NBA’s efficiency ratings — he was second or third the previous four years — Wade said in no uncertain terms: “I’ve got to be way more efficient than I’ve ever been.”

Wade, off July’s Ossatron knee treatment, has looked very good — “best I’ve seen him since year one,” LeBron James said earlier in camp — and how his game evolves, at 31, will be fascinating.

The fierce forays to the basket will continue, but he knows continued diversification is critical.

“I’ve got to do different things than I’ve done,” he said earlier in preseason. “I’ve got to be a better post-up player. I’ve got to find ways to be involved when I’m not involved, kind of like I did with the Olympic team. Cut to the basket, rebound.

“I remember when Gary Payton and James Posey were here; they used to do all the defense, I used to do all the offense. Now I’ve got to do way more defense to get to offense. You adapt. When you’re 30, you lose some of your athleticism, but you don’t lose it all. When I’m healthy, I feel I can do anything.”

Wade’s injury-plagued postseason overshadowed this: When he was healthy last season, he was excellent, becoming one of only five shooting guards in the past 30 years to average at least 20 points while shooting at least 52 percent.

But there are areas he knows he needs to improve or maximize:

• He shot well on post-ups (57 for 119, 47.9 percent) but “the post-up is something he can be even greater at,” Crean said. “Going back to age 19, some of our best offense was to post him.

“Because it’s not just the scoring and the free throws, but his ability to pass. The vision that he plays with, it’s a very high level.”

His midrange game. Wade points to this as the area his efficiency can most improve. He shot 38.5 percent from 10 to 16 feet last season, better than 2012 but down three points from two years ago.

On all jumpers from 17 feet or less, he shot 35.3 percent, according to synergysports.com. He shot 35 percent on isolations, 36.9 percent on jumpers off the dribble.

• Free throws. Wade dropped to 72.5 percent last season, his lowest ever and down from his 76.7 career average.

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Cane fans are continuing to expect great things from a team that is good, not great. The U is definitely not back. Please, no more talk about how talented UM is. Sure, there are some extremely talented players on this team, but not in great numbers. I love the intensity of the defense and how hard those kids play, but let's be real here. Other than Perryman, the linebackers are OK. The 2 upper class safeties play their hearts out, but they are extremely limited. The D-Line gives it their all, but they lack many true playmakers. If UM gets nailed by FSU, it's not going to be about coaching. FSU is more talented and infinitely deeper than UM, plus they're at home. Give Golden more time and you will see an abundance of talented players on the roster.

1 win in 30 years....really?

You could have posted this in 2000 when we were getting ready to play FSU because everything you are saying applied then as it does now. I'm not delusional by any means but if you think our kids are going up to trailer-hassee to roll over and play dead your crazy.

Are they better then us, yes. Did we struggle to win the last 3, yes. Am I the only one that knows UM history, maybe. We can all rattle off the games we were supposed to win and we lost just like the games we were supposed to lose but found a way to win. Anybody remember mighty #1 ranked UCLA?

Rankings don't matter, point spreads don't matter. It's UM -vs- FSU....none of that other crap matters.

Reality Bites

History aint gonna help you this Saturday. No one who played in that in 2000 is gonna help you. None of the players or coaches that beat that UCLA team are gonna help you.
It is 2013. It is in Tally. It is Jameis Winston.
You got no help, only a prayer for a miracle.
Only if FSU plays their worse game of the year AND you play your best game of the year.
Fat chance, you are worse than Clemson, much worse.


We are actually like the 02 oh state team that beat us they went 12-0 winning ugly and won 4-5 games in 4th qtr then played def nat champs Miami with all those NFL players, Miami was a big favorite, and boom. OT game.

2. 87 fiesta, Canes were supposed to blow out Penn St. we lost

3. 2000 FSU game. Miami was 9-4 in 1999 and fsu went to 2 straight BCS games, and We pulled it out 27-24

FAMOUS JAMIES HASNOT BEEN IN 1 CLOSE GAME. we dont know if he throws a pick late and loses the game


Good points, Dom.

I'd like to add another one or two:

1. George Mira is on the cover of some national mag, maybe Sports Illustrated, then Miami fails to score at all against FSU. Ugh! (50 - 60 years ago?)

2. The rapping FSU game, where FSU was supposed to be the greatest, and said so, then got blown out by Miami.

Point is: if Vegas wants my money, I'll take Miami and 120 points. The rest of the country will be watching to see if Miami still has their historical road magic against the world's greatest teams. That's why the spread is only 22 points - after all, they do have the second coming - how much of an advantage is that?

raymond roy

If Miami wins the Coastal Division, and if FSU goes on to play in the National Championship game, would Miami be considered the number two team in the ACC and thus be invited to the Orange Bowl game?
I would like to know both your opinion and the opinion of others.


FSU is better but in this rivalry you never get what you're going to get.
I'm a bit worried about getting Clemsoned cause our defense is erratic but I also know these kids get up for in state rivals.
Great game, but not our biggest game, that will be the one after vs VaTech for the ACC Coastal title. No matter what happens in Tally if we beat VaTech we get FSU or Clemson in the ACC Championship.

Some good games coming up.



Reality Bites

FSU will destroy the sorry canes.
Then they will lose to VaTech the following week.
No Coastal division, no ACC ship game, no OB or any other BCS bowl.
Same old, you girls got all excited for nothing.


Note to FSU team and fans:

First there was "suck for luck";
then there was "Tanking for Teddy"
Next, there will be "Shame us for Jameis".

Enjoy him while you've got him; he'll be gone next year.

Hey Ireland - hint - trade Tannehill for a draft pick and draft Famous Jameis asap!

Lt. Lois Einhorn

We got excited because we beat FLORIDA you troll.

Georgia Cane

Clearly we are over matched. Are only chance to win is 1- no turnovers 2- pressure Winston 3- stay close within 14 points 4- hope O-line can wear down FSU in the 4th Qtr 5- play smart limit mistakes. More important we could play them again. If we win this game it doesn't mean much but if we beat them in the ACC championship we go to the Orange Bowl


This is why you play the Game, So many times in this Rivalry you can toss the Records, It won't matter Saturday. These young men will go out and play and the best team will win that day.

Good Luck Noles, I believe this Game will shock a lot of media and fans across the Nation.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

I'll be there and I'm glad Miami is reeling and FSU is flying high going into this one.

Look what happened to Clemson, FSU scored, then an unfortunate turnover for another score, and they lost their crowd. Panicked. Choked.

Florida State is historically favored at home with massive championship and freshman qb hype.

Miami has nothing to lose.

Steve B

This Hurricane team will not quit . Our QB has been injured for weeks and is finally getting healthy again. We are in great condition have a singularity of purpose and have nothing to lose on Saturday. We have played tougher teams in the ACC than FSU has.Clemson was overrated . Other teams FSU played are bottom dwellers except BC which scored 34 points on them .
There is a gear this U team kicks in at the end of games ,that will to win and the focus to get it done that demonstrates maturity. In a close game it remains to be seem whether FSU has it.
FSU on paper is the better team. They havent had sanctions negatively recruited us and stole some S Fla guys. Those days are numbered . WHether the U wins or not Sat its future is promising and the State of Miami is being returned to its rightful owner.


So glad that UM doesn't have any more clouds hanging over its head, now that the NCAA sanctions are final.


Screw FSU, and their stinkin fans! Your going down!


If I'm gambling, I take the Canes and 120 points;
If I'm rooting, I take the Canes straight up;
If I'm the Dolphins, I take Jameis and trade the entire team to get him if I have to. Start over from scratch; in 3 years you have a super bowl team.

Simple math and economics. Simple football. What round draft pick can you get for Tannehill? 1st? 2nd? 3rd? How much is a good backup quarterback with a couple of years as a starter worth?


Well folks after all is said and done on Saturday, November 2nd at 8PM in Doak-Cambell stadium the Miami Hurricanes will show up!In-spite of the point spread, in Vegas, in-spite of ESPN's Jessie "I prefer my," Palmer's statements. In-spite of it all, they WILL show up! Enough said.

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