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Sunday night read-and-weep Dolphins items, thoughts; UM recruit update

By now, many of you know that the Dolphins are on pace to allow a ridiculous 77 sacks, which would obliterate the franchise record of 53 set in 1969.

By now, many of you know that if Tannehill is sacked that many times, he would break David Carr’s record for most times a quarterback was sacked in a season. Carr was dumped 76 times. (The 1986 Philadelphia Eagles own the record for most sacks given up as a team – 104!)

Some other read-and-weep tidbits:

### Here’s how the 24 sacks break down, in terms of accountability: Jonathan Martin and Tyson Clabo have each allowed six, unofficially; Richie Incognito and John Jerry, three apiece; Mike Pouncey one; Daniel Thomas two; Lamar Miller one; Dion Sims one; and Tannehill one (for holding the ball too long).

### Since Pro Football Focus began monitoring sacks allowed in 2008, no tackle has allowed more than 14 in a season (Guy Whimper relinquished 14 for Jacksonville in 2011). Arizona’s Bobbie Massie allowed the most last season (13). Now consider that BOTH Dolphins starting tackles are on pace to relinquish more sacks than ANY NFL tackle in any of the previous five years. Unacceptable.

### Not only has Martin allowed the most sacks of any left tackle this season, but consider this: According to PFF’s rankings, he entered Sunday next to last (ahead of only Baltimore’s Bryant McKinnie)  in run blocking.

And with the Dolphins running for only 22 yards on 11 carries against Baltimore, you can presume Martin’s run-blocking grades won’t be rising appreciably once PFF is done breaking down this game.

### The situation is so alarming that CBS information man Jason LaCanfora tweeted: “Few things in the NFL season more obvious to me right now than the fact Miami will be using its first round pick on a left tackle.”

### Went back and looked at Pro Football Weekly’s assessment of Martin before the 2012 draft. Even though he played left tackle at Stanford, the draft publication said “he lacks ideal foot quickness and agility for the left side in the pros.”

### Clabo was beaten on the devastating Elvis Dumervil sack that resulted in a five-yard loss and made Caleb Sturgis' late field goal longer than it should have been. One option would be using Nate Garner instead of Clabo at right tackle. Garner played competently in five games at right tackle last season after Jake Long’s injury.

Right guard John Jerry could play right tackle if the Dolphins feel comfortable enough to play Danny Watkins at right guard. (Or Garner could play guard.) Rookie Dallas Thomas isn’t considered ready for a more prominent role.

### Some might question the Dolphins passing on Oklahoma tackle Lane Johnson when they traded up for the third pick, but I don’t. We saw Dion Jordan’s impact today when he deflected the Joe Flacco pass which Reshad Jones returned for a touchdown.

And Johnson has struggled at right tackle for the Eagles, allowing four sacks entering Sunday and ranking 63rd among 69 tackles that have played at least 25 percent of their team’s snaps. The Dolphins weren't enamored with Johnson and never seriously considered drafting him.

### Tannehill said the problem with not generating a running game is that “it definitely hurts the rhythm.  We want to be able to run the ball, we don’t want to be one dimensional.”

### Mike Wallace, who caught seven of the 16 passes thrown to him, on the state of the offense: “We have got to get better. We make plays but we have to make some more. We make some plays sometimes and then we stall. So we have to do a better job of moving the ball. Even if we don’t score on those drives, we need to do a better job of not going three and out so much.”

### What did Baltimore’s Terrell Suggs (who had three sacks) see in preparing for the Dolphins’ offensive line? Suggs was diplomatic: “I didn’t see anything. It comes down to the fact that I always say, this is the NFL and if a team struggles in one area you need to adjust and adapt during the week. This is a very tough Miami Dolphins team and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them again.”

### Ravens coach John Harbaugh also went out of his way to praise the Dolphins: “Joe Philbin is building something here that is very impressive. For them to come back the way they did showed tremendous courage. That was a good football team we beat out there in their place.”

### But this is discouraging: Like Tony Sparano before him, Philbin’s background was coaching the offensive line. That’s supposed to be his area of expertise, or at least one of them. And yet, after years and years, the offensive line remains a weakness, largely because of questionable personnel decisions.

### In retrospect, you wish Tannehill didn't spike the ball on first down, and just over one minute left, with the Dolphins at the Baltimore 34 after Brandon Gibson’s long fourth down reception. Yes, the Dolphins were out of timeouts. But it wasn't absolutely essential to stop the clock on a spike with over one minute remaining, and a quick pass to the sideline on first down would have been a better choice.


Hollywood Hills, Cal. based Brad Kaaya, one of the key recruits in UM's 2014 recruiting class, this weekend was offered a scholarship by USC, several days after UCLA offered him. That means both of his hometown Pac-12 schools are now trying to tempt him to drop his oral commitment to UM. 

Kaaya acknowledged the USC offer with this tweet: "I am committed to The University of Miami, but would just like to say thank you to the USC coaching staff for offering me a scholarship."

Rivals.com ranks Kaaya the No. 8 quarterback in the 2014 class.


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Agree no reason to spike the ball on first. throwing away 33 percent of your chances basically. could have run the ball there even if they didn't want to call a pass.


If they dont win division, they aren't getting wild card over Baltimore or Indy. KC will get the other.

Sean D

Remember, as they stood it would have been a 52-yard FG, which isn't a gimme. Plus, another big play and you might have a chance to win the game instead of tie. Not a bad idea to spike it and look for more yardage.


They could have looked for more yardage without spiking it. Why not run a quick draw or something else that could have caught Baltimore off guard? Teams feel they have to stop the clock sometimes when they dont really need to.


I don't think we should be worried about brad kayya, is he even gonna play here? he could redshirt next year and still won't be in line to play until his fifth year, assuming greg olsen becomes the man once ryan williams graduates.


kaaya looks like a good qb to help keep things going hopefully he stays commited.



He looks like a stud.

Keepin it real always

Speaking of the Canes......hopefully Coach Coley looks more closely at Morris next game up at NC and has Williams ready to play QB also.The biggest play of the game was Morris pass to Coley but Morris was also a liability out there.He moved real slow and gimpy and could have played bad like that or even got more seriously hurt.Golden/Coley need to pull him faster if his ankle is acting up again.Can t be stubborn or put your head in the sand and keep saying....he s fine,he s fine.Ypu re playing with fire like that.Williams needs to be READY.GO CANES.

Reality Bites

Are these the same old Dolphins? They tease you with a 3 - 0 start and then the mistakes start to pile, the ineptitude of the O line becomes apparent and they start dropping games they should have won.
Perfect timing for a bye week. Will it matter in the end? Not if you give up 6 sacks and rush for a measly 22 yards.
On the bright side, the AFC East schedule is here with Buffalo up next. Beat the NFC East teams and all will be good again.
At least the Heat is about to start the pre season.
Go Heat!


Golden and his coaches evaluate talent very well. They were on Kaaya before any other major program and he's on the other side of the country. I think he'll stay committed.

Jedd Fisch

dolphins should run Lamar Miller more, trust me I know!


Our main problem is our offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.
He failed to use Reggie Bush well last year and now is wasting Lamar Miller's speed. They guy is clueless on how to create space for speed players. He also failed again to roll out Tanneyhill during the game and call screen passes in order to reduce pressure on OL.

Unfortunately Philbin feels he owes him for helping him get into the NFL.
Look at how Texas AM's offense improved as soon as they fired him.
Johnnie Manziel would have never won the Heisman with Sherman there.


Thank GM Jeff Ireland for this line and the unprecedented multi-million dollar OL failure before that.

Then thank Stephen Ross for extending Mr. Ireland's contract after winning three games here early on (nothing like jumping the gun), and not to mention the five previous years of mostly losing seasons because of his failed acquisition process.

Bobby Peru

Philbin looks a little frustrated with the O-LINE. NOT just in how they are playing but the fact that THIS is what he was given to work with. They are healthy and supposed to be the best we've got. Philbin looks like he wants to say, "Ireland was the genius that settled on these guys -- not me".


Lol!! Before the season people were saying the Dolphins might win 1-4 or 2-3 if lucky. They are 3-2 and should have beaten Baltimore.Couple horrible calls by the Ref, bad spike at the end and a couple other mistakes and we lose.
I look at the back end schedule and see 7-4 at WORSE. There is no team out there that is as good as Balt or Atl.
There needs to be adjustments at the bye. First one is learn to roll Tanny out or sprint him like college. You see that 4th down throw on the run?? I'm surprised Sherman hasn't done this. The line isn't going to become magically better overnight. You have to move this QB in order to take the pressure off.
Go Dolphins!!


Bobbyd12, yes, not only on the run, but to his LEFT!There are maybe 2 QB's in the entire league that make that throw, and Gibson (whom I really like) should have stayed on his feet perhaps, it would have been a TD?
2 unplanned roll outs, two long completions. It ain't rocket science.

I believe Sherman doesn't like being #2 behind Philbin, and I also believe Sherman has a 'God complex." After all, he takes a QB and turns him into a wideout. Then, changes him back. All at Sherman's whim.
I hate these coach/assistant relationships. Shula/Olivadotti cost Marino dearly, Sporano and that hideous ST coach, until he was FORCED to fire him. Now Philbin/Sherman Sherman's not gonna starve if he's let go. To my way of thinking, it's either Tanny becoming David Carr pt 2, or Sherman terminated, get a young inventive OC who gets Tanny out of harms way until the O-Line problem can be corrected.


Regarding Martin, I've been telling anyone who would listen, that Luck basically "protected" Martin, by taking off on scrambles when Martin allowed penetration, which was more than occasionally. I saw about 10 Stanford games during 2 seasons.
Obviously, Ireland never watched film. Why am I not surprised?

Putney Swope

During the pre-season it was made clear that the Dolphins offensive line is abysmal.

It is also clear that Tannehill has been coached not to scramble, which was infuriating. Yesterday, time after time the pocket collapsed on Tannehill, when at times he could have easily moved out of harms way.

If you don't have at least an average offensive line in the NFL you can forget about it. The biggest worry at this stage has to be protecting Tannehill from serious, if not catastrophic injury.


If I were Ireland, I'd be on the phone trying to trade for a future FA OL, whose team is doing bad this year. The Fins have a good team this year.

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