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Tuesday update: Philbin, Sherman, Coyle address Dolphins' problems

Snippets from Joe Philbin, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman and defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle from their Monday news conferences:

### Philbin: “The pass defense was not good enough, not even close. They executed well. We made it too easy on them. It has to be better.”

### Coyle, on his pass defense: “We need to improve. We need to be more productive. We’ve got to be more consistent with everything we’ve doing. We have to be better in coverage. I’ve got to get them in better position to make plays. I didn’t do a good job of that last night. It’s a combination of things. Hopefully, we can get it corrected.”

### Philbin, on why Daniel Thomas played a lot in the second half even though Lamar Miller outperformed him: “A little more pass protection that anything else. It was nothing Lamar did or didn’t do.”

### Does Sherman get the sense that Lamar Miller is clearly distancing himself from Thomas? “I don’t get that [sense]. We will continue the way we’ve been so far until someone really steps forward and makes that known to us.” (It seems Miller has stepped forward, but it doesn’t matter what we think.)

### Sherman, on the questionable fourth and one call early in the game --- the one that was pitched to Thomas, instead of a quarterback draw: “In hindsight, I wish I did” do something different. “The guy made a great play. That was a big play in the game. That will really haunt me.”

### Philbin, on Mike Wallace: “I thought he had seven targets, which might have been second on the team. I thought he played well. I thought he’s doing well.

“It’s still only four games. They’re working well together. Have good communication when they come off the field.”

Asked about Wallace’s performance, Sherman said: “Overall, we’ve got to do better.”

Sherman, on the Tannehill/Wallace chemistry: “The more familiar you become with a person and their style of play, the more familiar you become with how they throw and how they make their breaks, the better they will become as a tandem. It will continue to get better.”

Sherman said Tannehill/Wallace: “It’s about where I thought it would be. I want him to catch a lot of balls. Even when he’s not catching balls, he’s creating some opportunities” for others.

### Philbin, on his team: “I told them we are the only team in football that has a winning record and a minus turnover differential. That’s not sustainable. That’s not going to fly.”

But… “I like the group. I like the way they approach their business. We’re not unlike a lot of teams in the NFL that we don’t have a big margin for error. There are a lot of things we need to work on.

### Sherman, on Tannehill bouncing back from adversity: “Every great quarterback has days like that. That’s the strength of Tannehill. On the fumble, he has to hold onto that ball. He has to get down, to protect himself and the football. That’s something we can work on. He’s accountable for everything that leaves his hands. He has a resiliency you look for in a quarterback. Every quarterback will have a day like yesterday.”

### Philbin on Tannehill’s fumble issues: “His awareness in the pocket has to be better at times. It’s not acceptable either.”

### Philbin, on the Dolphins allowing a league-high 18 sacks: “It’s a unit wide issue. Every position has been impacted. At times offensive line has been beaten, running back or tight end has missed a pickup, quarterback has held onto the ball too long. It’s been widespread, not one particular individual.”

Sherman said sacks “were a byproduct” of the score in the second half. “We all bear the burden of responsibility about the sacks. It’s something we’re determined to correct.”

“I’m not saying because we ran the ball well that it’s a fixed checkmark.”

### Philbin, on the no-huddle offense: “We had some good production early. We wanted to change up the tempo. Sometimes we will use it spurts. It has a place depending on who we’re play and what personnel groupings we’re using.”

### Coyle, on problems with Darren Sproles: “The first series was a nightmare, as all of you witnessed. Part of it was our guys were so geeked up for the game, so anxious. We might have been too excited. They schemed us pretty good. They have a good coaching staff, some fine players. I’ve got to do a better job of helping these guys.”

Asked if he would have done things differently against Sproles if he had another chance, Coyle said: “There were times we were doubling him. But you can’t do it every play. They weren’t down the field throws. They were short throws. We had things in the game plan. Sometimes we hit on it, sometimes we didn’t.”

### Philbin said Derrick Shelby played well, Olivier Vernon had a sack. Those guys did well. Paul Soliai: He did a nice job. Dion Jordan did some good things.”

Coyle: Derrick has played well all season long, especially in the run game. He more than held his own there. Dion got some pressure, collapsed the pocket. They did a good job.

###  Coyle, on Wake potentially playing Sunday: “I hope so. We have to go through the week. Cam wanted to play.”

### Coyle, on Jamar Taylor’s regular-season debut: “Typical of a rookie player. Did some positive things, was a little off on a couple of things. I was pleased with way he responded. He competed. Game wasn’t too big for him.”

 ### Why Jamar Taylor instead of Will Davis? “Will had been up the week before.  He showed well in the practice week, and Jamar has some flexibility playing in nickel and outside.” On his alignment [against Jimmy Graham], he could have helped himself a little bit” with positioning.

Philbin: “The thing I liked about Jamar is he didn’t have glazed look. He completed.”

### Coyle, on Dannell Ellerbe: “He’s a fine player. He’s going to keep getting better. He’s a phenomenal linebacker. Can really run and make plays.”

### One other note: The Dolphins waived FB Tyler Clutts and S Kelcie McCray.