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UM-Wake Forest postscripts, reaction; Heat cuts; Miller vs. Heat update; Media notes

Postscripts from UM’s 24-21 win against Wake Forest Saturday at Sun Life Stadium:

### Another disconcerting first three quarters. Another great escape in the fourth. Bottom line: Miami opens 7-0 for the first time since 2003 and extends its winning streak to nine overall (tied with Oregon for fourth in the country as of 4 p.m. today).

Once again, there was plenty of angst along the way: UM -- which didn't take its first lead until 5:36 remained in the game -- became the first FBS team to win three straight games in which it trailed by double figures (Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Wake) since Michigan in 2007, according to ESPN.

### Among Al Golden's comments afterward, from his postgame press conference and WQAM interview: “I was more worried than ever this week because nobody was talking about Wake. Everybody was talking about the NCAA. I was proud of the way we fought. It wasn’t all pretty. We missed some tackles. What can you say about the effort Duke Johnson gave? Just the way he did it. So proud of him. As tough as you can be. He lowered his pads. His stiff arm was awesome all day. He ran with a purpose and anger we haven't seen from him. What tremendous conditioning!" 

“I know it wasn’t all perfect for Stephen Morris. It’s not going to be. But he made really good decisions. He looked better mechanically than he has over the last three weeks…. I know it wasn’t all perfect. It can’t be. It’s college football. There are no quality points.

“Our guys found a way to win. Wake dinked and dunked us. We’ve got to tackle better.... Everybody here is exhausted. It’s almost like everybody just wants to go to sleep. It’s been that kind of week” –-- with the NCAA sanctions and Saturday’s stressful game. In his first news conference since the NCAA decision, Golden said: "Obviously, the kids were thrilled. You want to talk about an emotional roller-coaster!" 

### Johnson has produced games with more explosive runs, but this might have been the most timely and impactful performance of his young career. His 30 carries shattered his previous career high (22 against Georgia Tech this season). Remember that he never had more than 16 carries in a game last season.

His 168 yards fell 18 short of his career high (186 in the season-opening blowout of FAU). He did his best work when Miami needed him most, churning out 87 yards and scoring touchdowns on the Canes’ final two drives, both of which put Miami ahead.

“I put all the thanks in coach for trusting me with the ball after the number of times I fumbled [earlier in the season],” he said. He had no fumbles Saturday on a day the Canes didn't commit a turnover. It was the seventh time he has topped 100 yards.

### Credit offensive coordinator James Coley for excellent play-calling on Miami’s final two drives, and the offensive line and Clive Walford (among others) for good work creating holes for Johnson, Dallas Crawford and Stacy Coley (who had nine yards on a reverse on the next to last drive).

The first drive, ending in a Duke four-yard TD run, covered 51 yards in eight plays. The second, ending in Duke’s game-winning one-yard TD with 53 seconds left, covered 73 yards in 10 plays, lasting 3:09. Duke delivered 37 yards on the first of those two drives, 50 on the other. He probably should have been given a touchdown on a 9-yard run that was reviewed with 59 seconds left, just before his game-winning score.

“The offensive line wanted to run it, and Duke did a great job,” Stephen Morris said. “Offensively, we did a pretty good job.”

### Morris was erratic early, overthrowing a few passes. But he threw an excellent deep ball to Herb Waters for a 35-yard TD late in the first half, guided UM efficiently on the final two drives, didn’t throw a pick and closed 17 for 28 for 191 yards.

“I really learned from last week,” he said of the four-pick game against UNC. “I’m glad last week happened. It made me get back to the basics. You always want to stay positive in the huddle.”

### Two remarkable catches: Clive Walford's one-handed grab on the TD drive late in the first half, and Stacy Coley bobbling the ball three times before grabbing it and holding on, while on his back, for a 42-yard reception. Coley finished with two catches for 52 yards, Walford 4 for 33.

Other receiving numbers: Waters 4 for 47 and a TD, Allen Hurns 2 for 25 after returning from a hip pointer, Asante Cleveland 2 for 18 (his first two catches of the year) and Malcolm Lewis 2 for 9. Rashawn Scott did not play, according to WQAM.

### With FSU looming Saturday, UM’s defense must do a better job on third downs (Wake converted its first 6 and finished 8 for 16) and defending screens and shallow crosses. Tackling MUST improve.

Freshman cornerback Artie Burns, awarded his most playing time of season, was beaten several times. Tyrone Cornelius was beaten, and then failed to make the tackle, on the 44-yard TD pass to Dominique Gibson that put Wake ahead with 4:02 left.

Wake QB Tanner Price closed 25 for 45 for 302 yards; Michael Campanero caught 10 passes for 88 yards.

There were positives defensively: More exemplary work from Shayon Green, who had a sack and a few other high impact plays.… Antonio Crawford sealed the game with a late pick… Crawford and Tracy Howard knocked away passes on Wake’s next-to-last drive, before Gibson’s big touchdown.

### UM’s first four drives of the second half couldn’t have been more frustrating. The first ended with Matt Goudis missing to the left on a 40-yard field goal. The second stalled with Dallas Crawford (7 carries, 35 yards) failing to convert on a 4th and 1 from the Wake 10.

On the third, Jon Feliciano was beaten, forcing Morris to throw incomplete on a third and five. On the fourth, Waters caught a two-yard pass on a 3rd and 4, and Golden opted to punt from the Wake 38. Wake’s 14-10 halftime lead thus held up until Miami’s fifth drive of the half, which ended with Duke’s four-yard run to put UM briefly ahead.

“It’s deflating if you let it be,” Golden said of the first few second-half drives. “But our guys just move on. It’s a credit to them. They have complete belief they’re going to go down and score.”

### Asked about the media frenzy that awaits for FSU week, Golden said: "With all respect, there has been more national exposure the past 28 months than any of us can handle. If it's about football, we're all in."

### Short stuff: Seantrel Henderson again came off the bench, as did Deon Bush… Cornelius and Green had UM’s only sacks… UM opened in a 4-3, unlike past games…Coley was effective on punt returns (2 for 37 yards)... Wake fell to 1-53 against top 10 teams…UM’s nine wins in a row trail only Ohio State (19), Alabama (11) and Baylor (10). Oregon will try to stretch its streak to 10 games against UCLA tonight. FSU entered Saturday's N.C. State game on an eight-game win streak.


As expected, the Heat cut its roster to the maximum-permitted 15 by releasing Eric Griffin and Justin Hamilton on Saturday.

Of the 15 players on the Heat's roster, only two have non-guaranteed contracts: forward Michael Beasley and guard Roger Mason Jr. Both won roster spots in training camp, and their contracts would become guaranteed for the entire season if they remain on the roster past Jan. 10.

Griffin, a rookie from Campbell who impressed the Heat with his athleticism, said Friday he is considering playing in China, though it's conceivable another NBA team could claim him.

Hamilton, the Heat's second-round pick out of LSU in 2012, said he would consider an offer in the NBDL. The Heat is looking to stock its NBDL affiliate in Souix Falls, S.D.

Teams have until 5 p.m. Monday to reduce their rosters to 15. Teams must keep at least 13 players.

The Heat opens the regular season at home Tuesday against Chicago.


Please see the last post for the weekly media column and an update on the Mike Miller/Heat legal situation. Check back tonight for the Sunday buzz, with Dolphins, Heat and Marlins. Twitter: @flasportsbuzz.


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Golden has done an incredible job. This is just the start. No more sanctions over our head and you will see top rated recruits commuting to Miami. The Championships will be back in Miami. The U family will always be there!!


FSU is going to kill Miami, 77-0. Just watch.


first half tanner price comp% was real high because of that soft zone concept, 2nd half, we started letting our athletes be athletes, those passes giving up by artie burns(56 yarder and the 4th & 5), he wasn't beat bad but he almost looks to big to be a corner, but any way, once we went man, it took away the quick reads by price and that's the same thing we need to do against winston otherwise it's going to be a long day.

We can't just run zone all game long against Fsu, we need to play press-man early and force him to have to make reads and be accurate, today was just another pathetic display of coaching, the talent eventually took over.

It was fun whoever blew that whistle, lol, it was time for somebody else to take over the refereeing, those bozo's out there today were pathetic. How was that not a touchdown by duke, and it made me laugh cause even jim grobe came out askign them basically "why wasn't that a touchdown, cause of course he needed the time too.


Now it's all Fsu now, the one thing we can't do is use formations where smo17 doesn't know how to check off and get rid of the ball, otherwise what lamrcus joyner did to tahj boyd last week will repeat it's self, we just need to start physical and stay physical. Get duke and hurns hilled up, along with flowers, it was fun watching ereck flowers and clive walford take alot of those wake forest players for a ride while blocking them.

stacy coley has done an excellent job blocking as well. If james coley doesn't see the play-action has to be used in order to give smo17 the spacing he needs to fire those balls in there, and it also helps smo17 and the offense limit turn-overs.


No way they can compete with fsu. they're going to give up 60 points.


Ok Eddie. last year was a close game all the way, and FSU has beaten an overrated Clemson team. that's it. barely beat Boston College.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

No team is unbeatable in college football, these are 18-22 year old players.

Last week, FSU scored, then returned a fumble for a touchdown. 14-0, Clemson was the heavy favorite at home and they lost their crowd. The silence was deafening, the pressure on every offensive possession was increasingly insurmountable.

Miami needs to get off to a fast start next week, love that Florida State is a huge favorite at home with a freshman quarterback.

Win, lose, or draw I'm staying 4 quarters and driving back the 6 hours that night, no way I'm staying in Tallahassee.


People better start supporting Miami or Golden will leave. That was embarrassing today at the stadium. I watched it on TV from Kansas and nobody goes to the game. i am a die hard Canes fan and we lose by 24 next week.

sonny corleone

The Seminoles will do what the gators did....key on the Duke and he will be rendered useless. This forces Morris into the passing game where he is just to unpredictable this year.
D'onofrio's defense is nowhere close to being able to compete with FSU.

The pollsters need to do the right thing this week and drop MIA down at least 2 spots. They are not the number 7 ranked team in the country with the way they are barely beating these unranked teams.

Love the Canes but lets get real about these guys. They're just OK nothing special. The're a good defensive coordinator away from being great!!!


Golden needs to coach Duke on how to protect himself. Does not know when to get down and tries to run over defenders at times. He has already had 2 head injuries this year. He really needs to be carefull if he wants to play in the NFL.

Georgia Cane

I believe Coach D needs to be on the field. Upstairs we have to wait until halftime to make adjustments. After the half we seem to play better. They practice all week and when the game starts they look totally lost. I'm going next week, if we lose the game I hope we don't lose the party




FSU lit up their ACC doormat opponent from the get go and there was no doubt from the start who would win that game.
Baylor lit up their doormat opponent from the start and there was no doubt who would win that game.
Alabama lit up their doormat opponent from the get go, no doubt they would win.
Ohio State lit up their doormat opponent and left no doubt they would win.
Oregon lit up a top 20 opponent.

Then there is the #7 ranked fraud UM who promptly fell behind their doormat opponent as usual. Struggled all game long with the game outcome undecided. Not until late in the 4th quarter were they able to pull away from a much weaker opponent and barely win by a measly 3 points. Just like last week.
But all the delusional homers say that Fraud UM will have no problem beating FSU.

Saw lots of empty orange seats at No Life Stadium. Guess "employee" day payouts did not work.
You won't read about FSU paying fans to go to their games, or any other respectable program.
For the VaTech game I suggest Golden Shalala sell the tickets for $1 and give a $100 stadium credit, free parking and a Duke Johnson jersey and then maybe you will get a little better attendance.
BTW VaTech turns out to be another typical ACC sorry team dropping a home game to Mighty Duke, they will be unranked by the time Fraud UM plays them. Your weak SOS just got a lot weaker. Get ready for the playoffs next year you will be watching from the outside until you schedule some better teams. Cowards.

Keepin it real always

The Canes have been fortunate to win the last 2 games.They are more a 5-2 team .....if that than 7-0.I ll take luck but Canes need EVERYTHING and luck next week against mighty FSU.FSU will come to play and try to disintegrate Miami immediately.If Canes don t put on their big boy pants next week up in Tally.....this will be beyond ugly.Miami might get blown out before half of the first quarter is reached.I ll be watching the game but squinting and clenching my teeth for the first 10 plays.After 10 plays....we ll kind of have a clue how this game will go.Hoping for the Canes to step up but they haven t demonstrated...YET .....that they are capable to do that.We need more solid recruits and we re getting there but still a long way away.GO CANES.


You're right Keepin it real. UM does not have the depth or talent of FSU. Without J. Winston, this would have been a much more winnable game. With his arrival, I'm hoping UM can play respectable. UM needs a few more really good recruiting classes to close the gap on FSU. Golden will get it done.


Hall of Famer Bill Parcells says,"you are what your record says you are." The Canes are a 7-0 team, what shoulda, coulda, woulda been is irrelevant, 5-2 my ass, 7-0 is "reality," for anyone attached to it, lol. The game lasts for 60 minutes and scoring on the last play with time on the clock counts just as much as returning the opening kickoff!

The game at Trailerhassee is just that, one game, and each game is different, 77-0 laughable Gatormeat, put your money where your toothless mouth is, give me Miami and the 77-0 for a thousand big mouth loser!


"The Canes have been fortunate to win the last 2 games.They are more a 5-2 team ....."

"The Canes are a 7-0 team"

Totally correct that they are a 7-0 team, and they have beaten everyone of their opponents on the field, in addition to beating, at times, the zebras.

FSU has never faced the speed of Miami. You'll see that as the game approaches, the spread will be reduced in the teens, if not outright single digits by game day.

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