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Incognito files grievance; Big commitment for UM; More Dolphins injuries; Kiper projects several first-round tackles

Thursday update: Richie Incognito has filed a non-football injury grievance against the Dolphins, seeking to collect the money he has been docked by the team during his suspension for conduct detrimental to the team.

Under the labor agreement, a player suspended for "detrimental" conduct can be docked pay for a maximum of four games, plus an additional game check. For Incognito, that would equate to a maximum of $1.276 million in lost wages if his suspension runs the maximum four weeks.

An independent arbitrator will hear the case. Incognito is seeking an expedited hearing.

The Dolphins have not said how long his suspension will run, but a team source has said he will not play for the team again.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Martin is scheduled to meet Friday with attorney Ted Wells, who was appointed by the NFL to investigate the Martin/Incognito conflict and other issues in the Dolphins' locker-room.

### Mike Wallace (hamstring) was added to the Dolphins' injury report on Thursday.


### St. Thomas Aquinas defensive tackle Anthony Moten’s oral commitment to UM tonight was huge, because it gives the Hurricanes a rising four-star prospect at a position of need.

Moten, who has played well this season, is rated by Rivals.com as the No. 11 defensive tackle in the class of 2014.

“They were short of d-linemen,” Moten told South Florida High School Sports. “I can bring the Cane defense back to the way it should be. They run the same scheme we run at St. Thomas.”

Moten, who dropped his oral commitment to UF a few months ago, had narrowed his choices to UM and FSU before picking the Hurricanes. Alabama and Ohio State were among his other offers.

The Canes now have five defensive tackles orally committed: Moten; Hialeah Champagnat’s four-star Travonte Valentine (No. 21 among defensive tackles); four-star Pearl River Community College’s Dalvin Stuckey (says he is committed to UM “right now” but wants to keep his options open and will visit Nebraska this week); three-star New Jersey-based Courtel Jenkins and three-star Michael Wyche of East Los Angeles College.

Before Moten’s commitment on Wednesday, Al Golden said earlier in the day: “We’re still nowhere where we want to be in terms of depth and rotation” on the defensive line.

Of UM’s 27 oral commitments, 12 are rated four-star prospects by rivals.com.

### Dolphins injuries are a serious concern heading into Sunday’s San Diego game. Tackle Will Yeatman, who had begun receiving some playing time recently, suffered a season-ending torn ACL during practice Wednesday, further depleting a position already missing two starters in the wake of the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito fiasco.

Yeatman, a former tight end, had played 12 snaps against Cincinnati and five against Tampa Bay.

The Dolphins have a tackle on their practice squad: Jason Weaver, who went undrafted out of Southern Mississippi. He spent time with Tampa Bay during the summer and Cincinnati in preseason. The Dolphins could promote him or sign someone else.

Six other players were limited with injuries Wednesday, including kicker Caleb Sturgis (groin) and three starting defensive backs: cornerback Dimitri Patterson (groin), safety Reshad Jones (groin) and safety Chris Clemons (knee/hamstring).

Also limited: linebacker Koa Misi (knee) and running back Daniel Thomas (ankle). And linebacker Jelani Jenkins missed practice due to an undisclosed illness.

### For those already looking ahead to the draft, ESPN’s Mel Kiper ranks five tackles among his top 25 draft-eligible players: Texas A&M senior Jake Matthews (his No. 3 overall prospect); Michigan senior Taylor Lewan (16th); Alabama junior Cyrus Kouandjio (18); Iowa junior Brandon Scherff (20) and Auburn junior Greg Robinson (22).

### Apparently, the decision to suspend Richie Incognito was entirely Joe Philbin’s, not Jeff Ireland’s.

Philbin made clear Wednesday that “the discipline of the football team is in my hands. I’m in charge of that. [Ireland] has always been supportive.”

### Asked about the Dolphins’ struggles defending the run on Monday, defensive tackle Randy Starks said: “Some people are not on the same page.” But he declined to elaborate, saying he needed to go to a meeting. Hmm.

### Please see the last post for more Dolphins notes, including Ryan Tannehill insisting he’s not tipping off plays. 


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Denny Oliver


Mr. Titman

Thanks Denny O for the heads up. We dumb fans have been trying all year to figure out what the problem is with this team.

Keepin it real always

Glad Moten committed to the U last night.There s hope for the defense next year.Sometimes new blood(er....improved talent)can IMPACT a team right away.Let s hope so anyway because D Onofrio hasn t gotten much out of the much-heralded Chikillo and the others.since they ve arrived.Chick tries hard but smallish and slow.Moreso the DC not coaching up his defense though Golden apparently will continue to look the other way regarding his pal s performance as a Coach.(sad).


John Jerry should be worried...he keeeps playing like he did Monday night and he won't be collecting game checks much longer.


I like Dan LeBatard's comment that you could put 5 corpses on the offensive line and they would perform about as well as the current players on the line. The biggest area of need before the draft was offensive line. So, what does Jeff Ireland do, he drafts a part-time defensive lineman. Mind-boggling!

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The only serviceable OL for next year will be Pouncey, with no one developing behind these bums.. Lot's of work remaining and years to fix.
Thanks Jeffie.


How REFRESHING is it to hear Moten say that "THEY were short of defensive linemen this year and I can help bring the defense back to where it should be" - NOW, that's a REAL HURRICANE! The fact that he chose UM over FSU is just a feather in UM's cap...won't be long folks before we get our SIXTH RING...won't be long...just be patient!


Settle down

Let's circle the wagons dolphins.


all i know is we lose to Duke this SAT...VERY POSSIBLE...AND the U will have completely fallen backwards...we are not that good to "chalk one up as a W"...ANYMORE...Patience is a virtue...and true CANE fans have it....BUT, losing...losing BIG...like VT...has to cease...that was our playoff/BCS Game/etc... and the entire performance was AWFUL...THIS TREND started against LSU in the bowl game...and has not gotten corrected...big games = we are non-existant....something is missing...I have faith that Golden is good for recruiting, and player respect...but beyond that...there is a big VOID...CALL ME CRAZY - If UF fires Muschamp - we should make a bid...he can coach DEF...recruit well.
God bless!


to clarify --- If UF fires Muschamp - we should make a bid...he can coach DEF...recruit well.

as D-COORDNIATOR...not head coach.
God bless!


Keep your god in your pants Mark.


I have never known anyone by the name Tom that too many people liked! Especially when they say something ignorant!

God Bless you Tom!

PS He may be your only friend, lol! Check that.. He is your only friend!


I outgrew imaginary friends in kindergarten.

Takes some people longer, I know.

Hater Hater

This is why I hate how children can come on a blog and say the stupidest stuff…

Someone makes an innocent, respectful comment ("God bless"), and some child has to attack him. Couldn't you just ignore the comment, if you don't share his faith? Damn… just so hateful…

Anyway, I wonder if the Canes' lack of 'star' DTs has anything to do with the type of defense they play?


There's nothing "innocent" or "respectful" about flaunting religion on a sports blog.

Sunny Dee

The same people who complain when they perceive that religion is being shoved down their throats are the first to shove their atheist beliefs down everyone else's throats. I am not religious but I try to be respectful of others' beliefs. Tom - you may have outgrown your imaginary friends in kindergarten but you are still a petulant child.


Atheism isn't a belief, it's the lack of belief in fairy tales.

I'm not shoving that belief down anyone's throat, just asked that they keep their god in their pants.

"God bless!"

Sunny Dee

Despite its actual definition, atheism today is practically another religion. The American Atheists are really no different than the Catholic Church. They even accept memberships and donations! Perhaps you are different, but by announcing to everyone that you do not believe in god you are engaging in the same behavior as those who say "God bless."


All I said was "keep your god in your pants".


All I said was "keep your god in your pants".

Posted by: Tom | 11/14/2013 at 05:27 PM
Which is crude, the mark of a secularist. So many other less teenage ways you could said it. But that's YOU, Tom. Still watching MTV after school.


Oddly, I was going to comment on the plethora of "groin" injuries to Dolphin players, but after Tom's rejoinder to Mark........
Could someone, perhaps our trainer show our guys how to stretch before AND after practice?


Great news on Moten - Canes need all the good D-tackles they can get.

Hater Hater

I love you guys…!

… even the silly kid.

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