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Heat on impact of Fins scandal; Bosh out but Oden stays back in Miami; More criticism of Dolphins

6 p.m. update from Toronto: Shane Battier will start in place of Chris Bosh, who's back in Miami with his newborn daughter.

Also, in the wake of the Dolphins’ scandal, Erik Spoelstra said bullying in the locker-room “is certainly something we all have to be aware of now. You don’t want to take it for granted. We have a very close knit group. We have a lot of different personalities in this locker room. At times, it can be very light hearted.

“You have to have thick skin to be in our locker room. You also have to have a little bit of a different personality. Our guys have a sense of when not to take it over the line. But there’s not a handbook on this. The more awareness we’re all forced to take I think is better.”

Said LeBron James: “We’re a very, very close group. We all get on each other, but we never cross that line.”


Even with Chris Bosh back in Miami after the birth of his daughter and not available for Tuesday's game against the Raptors, the Heat didn’t consider center Greg Oden as an option to replace him.

Coach Erik Spoelstra indicated he’s not yet ready to use Oden in a game as he continues to his work his way back from years of knee problems. In fact, Oden didn’t accompany the team to Toronto.

“We’re training him right now,” Spoelstra said a little while ago after the team's shootaround at Air Canada Centre. “He can get a ton more work in our facility. That’s our priority right now. We have all our equipment there. Not just weight equipment, but Alter G [treadmill], which is imperative for him right now. There’s nothing alarming about this. He’ll be with us when it makes sense.”

Spoelstra said Oden was left home because it was a one-game road trip and "he'll be with us on all multi-game trips."

Oden tells Spoelstra “every day” that he wants to play, Spoelstra said.

Spoelstra’s response to that?

“I said, ‘I like your spirit. Let’s keep moving forward. We’re making good positive steps and we got to keep it going in that direction.’ He’s been great with it, and he understands it. It’s nothing that’s a surprise to him.

“We mapped out a very detailed plan for him in August. We’re ahead of schedule. We’re not going to panic and try to fast track it for other peoples’ interests.

“I know everyone wants to speed this up, rush it, let’s get it going now. It’s not part of our plan. We want to make sure he builds up his base, his foundation, his legs, his hips, the strength of his core, all these things first.”

Oden hasn't appeared in a regular season game since December 2009 but played four minutes of a preseason game in New Orleans last month.

### Bosh’s wife gave birth to their second child, Dylan Skye Bosh, on Monday morning. He did not travel with the team Monday night, and the Heat did not ask him to meet the team Tuesday.

“It’s a beautiful day for his family,” Spoelstra said. “He’s able to spend some good family time. We’re happy for him.”

Bosh tweeted: "I feel like I'm 10 feet tall right now! Very happy to welcome another child to the world."

Bosh's son Jackson was born during the first round of the 2012 playoffs, but he flew to New York that day to play against the Knicks.

### Raptors coach Dwane Casey said Tuesday morning that LeBron James “is like Tom Brady. If you give him the same look, he’ll pick you apart. Double-teaming him is difficult to do” because of his skills as a passer.

Casey said Dwyane Wade “is a wide old owl waiting for you to make a mistake.”

### Heat and former University of Miami swingman James Jones will lead UM's homecoming parade as grand marshal on Friday.

### Forward Eric Griffin, who impressed the Heat with his athleticism in training camp and throughout the preseason, opted to sign in Europe instead of joining the Heat’s NBDL team is Sioux Falls, S.D.

Among those on the Sioux Falls roster: center Justin Hamilton, point guard Larry Drew, forward Anthony Mason Jr. and veteran NBA guards Quincy Douby and DeAndre Liggins.

Please see the last updated post for more sharp criticism leveled toward the Dolphins, this time from Cris Carter. 


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What a class organization the Heat is.

Steven Ross could have a little meeting with Micky Arison for tips on professional team ownership strategies.
Unfortunately he'll probably seek out Loria.

Bob Griese 12

Very well written Marios.


The Dolphin Organization, top to bottom, is a complete embarrassment. Ross is clueless. Ireland, who knows - Philbin is totally out of touch with his team. The players have their heads up their you know what. What does that leave? It leaves a very mediocre team on the field and an Organization that is the laughing stock of all major sports leagues. This is an all time low for a franchise that has been pretty low for most of a quarter of a century. Go Canes!!!


This organization is yet to recover from the Bill Parcells money grab.

Wayne Huizenga basically hired him to prepare the team to be sold, not to build a winning football team.

What I cannot understand is how a guy like Ross, seeming so gullible, had so much success in the business world.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

The franchise is in tough shape but I don't think Ross is the problem.

He's an owner who will spend what it takes and doesn't want to have anything to do with the football side, which is great.

Early on he wanted to be involved in the entertainment side, but he's backed way down on that, no more "Fins up", no more celebrity owners on the screen, no more nightclub and orange carpet shots on the screen.

So he's learning.

The one problem he has is that because he wants nothing to do with the football side, he's waaaaay too reluctant to fire and replace Jeff Ireland. He doesn't seem to understand that Ireland is a horrible GM with a resume (his only experience was being a scout under Carl Peterson and Bill Parcells) that could be matched and bettered by dozens of prospects around the league who didn't learn everything they know from Bill Parcells.

Joe Philbin is what he is, a competent, organized offensive line coach who's never called or designed an offense. No, he's not the offensive guru he was billed as but he could still be successful in this league without the Xs and Os if he hires a great supporting cast.

Fire Ireland and the franchise can immediately start building, they have a couple pieces already and all his desperate free agent signings can come off the books in one or two seasons after this year.

He's a 10 ton anchor dragging the Dolphins to the bottom of the sea, nothing changes with this franchise until he's gone.

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