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Fins address tipping-off-play controversy; Incognito/Martin buzz; Heat, Canes notes

The Wednesday buzz column is below, for those who haven't seen it. A quick 5 p.m. Wednesday update on a swirling issue:

A flurry of Dolphins fans, listening to audio of the games on television, say Ryan Tannehill is tipping off plays by shouting "go" before passes and "go go" before runs. Meanwhile, ESPN's Jon Gruden said John Jerry tipped off Tampa Bay by turning his head to look at Tannehill on passing plays, allowing an opposing lineman to get a jump on Mike Pouncey.

Dolphins players addressed both issues, one more strongly than the other.

Asked whether Tannehill says "go" before passes and "go-go" before runs, Dolphins tight end Michael Egnew said: "It's not always that way.... A lot of people think they know and have no idea."

Tannehill also disputed the notion that he's saying the same thing before every pass. "I don't think there's concern," he said. "We go against our defense every day throughout camp and OTAs. If we were tipping off something that was so blatantly obvious, they would tell us and they would be able to defend it as well."

Tannehill also said he changes his cadence --- and his pause during his cadence --- during the course of games.

Egnew and other Dolphins players said even if opposing players pick up any tendencies such as "go or go-go," it wouldn't provide much of an advantage because it's happening so quickly before a play. (But it would seem there would be an impact on play-action passes.)

As for Gruden's claim, Jerry refused to confirm it or deny it, despite being pressed on the issue. Asked whether he was indeed tipping off Tampa players by turning his head, he said: "I don't worry about that."

Jerry was then asked what can be done to help the running game. "That's coach's job," he responded. "That's not my job." OK then.

### A TV reporter peppered players with questions about Jeff Ireland today. Brian Hartline said he has done a good job, as other players did. Asked to assess Ireland's relationship with players, Hartline said: "The relationship is mixed. That's something we keep to ourselves."




Dolphins chatter:

### A few things we're hearing from sources close to Jonathan Martin: The Martin camp resents and disputes the theory (voiced by some fans) that Martin doesn’t want to play and crafted this plan of leaving the team so he could file a lawsuit against the Dolphins or Richie Incognito.

“He wants to play. He’s not trying to get a financial score,” a friend of Martin’s insisted, adding Martin has not explored filing a lawsuit and does not want to do that.

But Martin’s mother litigated employment cases for two decades, and a lawsuit would not be shocking if his parents or attorney David Cornwell eventually decides that’s the best course and can convince Martin of that. It’s widely believed that people close to Martin convinced him to report the bullying.

A member of the Martin camp said a few days ago that the Dolphins know more than they have let on publicly regarding his emotional issues. (We’ll reserve judgment until Ted Wells’ report is released.) The source said the Dolphins should have realized something was wrong when he skipped two days of offseason practices.

Fox’s Howie Long said Monday night that he has been “led to believe” the Dolphins “knew prior to this season there was a major problem, as major as you can get” with Martin and that the team knew for awhile he was “emotionally unstable.”

Meanwhile, a member of the Martin camp told us Incognito was not being honest when he denied knowledge of any physical attack against Martin. That alleged attack happened in 2012, away from the facility, and was witnessed by teammates. This looms as one of the biggest Incognito/Martin contradictions that Wells will need to reconcile.

### Martin hasn’t been pleased with the reaction of players in the Dolphins locker-room. What about Ryan Tannehill’s claim that he believes Martin would have identified Incognito as his best friend on the team a few weeks ago?

Martin’s friend said it might have appeared that way to Tannehill and others only because Martin was trying to befriend Incognito so that “the bully would like you” and thus stop the bullying. 

### ESPN reported Martin does not want to return to the Dolphins and likely won’t play again this season, but Martin has not conveyed that to the team. The Martin camp is curious to learn if the Dolphins instructed Incognito to “toughen up” Martin and wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true.

### Yes, most Dolphins players like Incognito. But one former Dolphins player who requested anonymity said he disliked Incognito because he was constantly teasing teammates. That player said the best way to handle Incognito was being especially physical with him at practice and hitting him after the whistle.

### Would re-signing Jake Long have helped this situation? A source close to multiple Dolphins said no, adding that Long witnessed Incognito’s teasing of Martin and never intervened. “It was a pack mentality,” the source said. “These players would rather be on Richie’s side.”

### Expect Dolphins players to be questioned about the recent Prime 112 dinner when six rookies were forced to split a $30,000 check. How could the bill be that high? Because veteran Dolphins spent $12,500 on 2 ½ bottles of Louis The 13th cognac. (They might have ordered more, but the restaurant ran out.)

The dinner was only for Dolphins defensive players. Dolphins rookies haven’t complained publicly, but a close associate of one of the players said the veterans took advantage of the rookies and this “stuff has to stop. It’s despicable.”

### For perspective on the lack of chemistry between Tannehill and Mike Wallace, consider: Among 32 receivers targeted at least 60 times, only Vincent Jackson has caught a lower percentage of passes than Wallace, who has hauled in 40 of 77 (51.9 percent). By comparison, Rishard Matthews has caught 21 of 30 (70 percent).

One factor is Wallace’s nine drops, tied with Cleveland's Davone Bess and New England's Aaron Dobson for most in the league. Another issue is Tannehill’s inaccuracy with balls thrown 20-plus yards; he's now 9 for 31 on those attempts this season after going 0 for 3 on Monday. Incidentally, Wallace’s 3.8 average per catch Monday (4 for 15) was the lowest of any game in his career.

### Please see the last post for highlights from Joe Philbin's and his coordinators' press conferences Tuesday. 


### One NFL scout, on UM’s Stephen Morris: “He broke my heart this year. He’s not progressing whatsoever, has taken himself out of the top five quarterback prospects. You can’t even go into next season projecting him as a No. 2 quarterback” on an NFL roster.

Scouts and analysts have questioned his mechanics --– issues impacted somewhat by his ankle --– but Morris insisted Tuesday that his mechanics “are fine. A lot better from the beginning of the season.” What he needs to improve, Morris said, is “being able to move around better in the pocket.”

The scout said Allen Hurns and Brandon Linder have played the best among UM senior prospects, aside from punter Pat O'Donnell.

### Though previously injured junior receiver Rashawn Scott has appeared in only two games, UM confirmed it cannot redshirt him because he played briefly in Game 8 (FSU). “We’re trying to get him in there,” Al Golden said… Beau Sandland, the nation’s top junior college tight end last season, has only nine catches, and Golden said he wants to get him more playing time. "He's earned it."

### Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas standout Anthony Moten, rivals.com's 12th-best defensive tackle prospect and a UM recruiting priority, has narrowed his choices to UM and FSU and will announce his pick on Wednesday night.

### Blame goes across the board for the Heat’s defensive shortcomings entering Tuesday’s game. According to Synergysports.com, Heat regulars allowing the highest shooting percentage to players they’re guarding are Udonis Haslem (9 of the 13 shots against him have been good) and Ray Allen. The best? Norris Cole, who's permitting opposing players to shoot just 30.8 percent.

### Talk about instant offense: Michael Beasley, who scored 19 tonight against Milwaukee, has now scored 35 points in 32 minutes this season. "We wanted to get him comfortable in the offense because we know we're going to need him," Dwyane Wade said.


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Amazing how they have no idea how to use Wallace. I blame the coaches for that, and the players. Not Ireland in this case.


this shows stephen morris' mentality, you have an NFL scout pretty much saying he has no chance at the NFL, and morris insists he's fine. I seriously hope Anthony Moten doesn't base his decision on Miami's performance the last couple of weeks.

Georgia Cane

If Moten wants to play right away, his best chance is with the Canes.

Jason R.

Hey Barry,

What were Tannehill's numbers throwing deep last year? Has he regressed?

It certainly looks like he has on those deep throws. Gone are those laser sideline throws to Hartline, which are the type of plays that need time to develop. I've got to believe that has to do a ton with the lack of protection and the amount of hits/sacks he's taken. He looks like a rattled QB to me with very little confidence in that o-line...not that I blame him...

Barry Jackson

Jason, Tannehill was 20 for 51 on those 20-plus yard throws last year.


UM has got to start landing big-time D tackles. That's how you build a defense. Not getting Moten would would really hurt their cause. He definitely would get on the field quicker at UM, if that's what he's looking for.


The Dolphins are completely dysfunctional. Pouncey wears a "free Hernandez" T Shirt. What a guy. That is beyond embarrassing and beyond stupid. Veterans spending rookie money on hugely expensive cognac. Most rookies don't make a lot of $$. Tanneyhill and Hartline defend Incognito, a serial jerk. Ireland wastes early draft picks. Philbin is asleep at the wheel. Is Ross planning on hiring Nat Moore for a big job. They looked pretty chummy at the Bucs game.

Reality Bites

The Fins are who we feared they were. Same old mediocre team with no chance at the post season and not bad enough for a top pick. Ireland and Philbin must go. Let a new GM pick his coach.

The canes are what we knew they were. Same old crappy team that cannot beat a top opponent and manages to lose to an inferior one every year. The 7 - 0 start was a good tease for all the homers but only a product of playing nobody. And struggling against more than one of those nobodys.

So 2013 is coming to a close and still we have no good football in Miami beyond high school.
Another year of crappy Miami football teams.
Go Heat!

Keepin it real always

Canes have been deficient for about the last 10 years in securing good DT s.Moten would be a good start.FSU s been getting excellent DT s for years now.Would be fortunate for Miami if Moten selects the U.THAT could very well START a chain reaction that Golden has been hoping for at that spot since he first arrived.Surprised Howard has DOnofrio s back so wholeheartedly but the secondary and D line are not getting better.Talk is cheap as they say.Golden needs to FOCUS on a TOP 5 DEFENSE because the Offense continues (3RD YEAR IN A ROW)....to be very inconsistent.Loads of top notch recruiting and Coaching-up still needed for next year.Let s hope the D is good next year and not keep breaking hearts.


Hey Barry - How about helping UM fans, myself included, understand the facts, myths, etc about UM's defense. I'm of the belief that D'Onofrio runs a pretty sophisticated defense very similar to the way Alabama plays. I may be dead wrong. I'd like to know the real truth. I'm not asking a for a thumbs up or a thumbs down on him, just what the heck defense he really employs. Are the players having to think too much and not react like they should. Are D-Lineman restricted as far as penetrating at the snap of the ball, etc.

West Coast Fins follower.

Ireland sucks.. Philbin and staff have to be accountable for the lack of coaching. Just look at Thigpen, how many times is he going to screw up a kickoff or punt? All this staff must go!

Pouncey's Right Hook

Is Philbin even aware of Vegas trips and recent Prime 112 bill? He claims not to have time to read newspapers or even watch 'Hard Knocks'. He talks incessantly about 'having faith in the character' of the players. Based on WHAT? Outside of shoe laces and litter he seems clueless, intimidated or hiding in his office with his fingers in his ears regarding their actions.


Jonathan Martin should have his dick cut off if he comes back to Miami

Loser Whisperer

Cindy? And then, what? Why? I mean, after the deed's done, do you want it? There are easier ways of getting one of those things…

BTW RB - The Canes record looks pretty good to me. Let's wait and see how things end up, shall we? I wish they could go undefeated (I know you don't feel the same way, especially how you stayed away from here after Miami beat Florida), but they're just not good enough. But, they're 7-2. NOT "crappy", IMHO…

PS - i think you and Cindy are the same person...

Reality Bites

Hey loser way to go picking on the lady. What both of you don't realize is that has already been done. Probably at birth.
7 - 2 may look good to you but any decent team would be 8 - 1 after that crappy schedule. Let us wait indeed and see how things do end up. Anything short of running the table would be very crappy indeed. You can have a winning record when you only play lousy teams. You are still crappy though. That won't get you anywhere, not in the BCS and definitively not in a playoff system.

Andrew King

The 2013 Dolphins are irrelevant again. We need to start thinking ahead to 2014.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Posted by: Reality Bites | 11/13/2013 at 04:49 PM

You need to get a new hobby brotha, this is getting a bit sad.

No one cares what you think about UM football, no matter how many "Go Heat!"s you put at the end.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

UM beat Florida. They beat your team.

You finally have the gall to come back to this blog and troll UM fans again because UM just lost by 18 points to Virginia Tech.

The same week your Gators lost to VANDERBILT by 17.

Enough, this is just ridiculous.

Reality Bites

Posted by: Lt. Lois Einhorn

I appreciate your interest "brotha". Remember this is NOT a canes blog. I can and do comment here about the topic at hand just like you do so there is no "trolling".
I do find that cane "fans" get testy and defensive when confronted by their sad reality and dismal state of affairs. Truth hurts indeed, but don't shoot the messenger. Get it fixed. Good thing for the Miami Heat, the only sports team in the city worth a darn.
Go Heat!

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