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Tuesday 4 p.m. update: Philbin, Sherman, Coyle address issues

Snippets from Tuesday press conferences with Joe Philbin and the Dolphins’ two coordinators:



### Philbin said Miami deferred to start the game “[because] Tampa hadn’t scored on opening possession all year.”… “We didn’t play smart enough or well enough in the fourth quarter. We fielded a punt on the 5-yard line. We had a penalty [Philip Wheeler’s late hit on Mike Glennon].”

### Does Steve Ross’ appointment of two committees mean the leadership council failed? “Not at all. We’re going to have a leadership council meeting today.”

### He said: "I’m very concerned about missed tackles” but said per NFL rules, the Dolphins are allowed only three more padded practices the rest of the season. “We still drill it. We have to continue our focus on it.”

### Asked his thoughts about Steve Ross’ praise of him and glaring non-mention of Jeff Ireland: “I’m appreciative of Steve’s comments. I didn’t read the comments, so I can’t comment.”

### Philbin refused to say if he was aware that Dolphins players were fining Jonathan Martin for being sensitive, as SI.com reported today.

### Philbin: “There are a lot of teams in similar position to what we are. Teams that have great character and chemistry find a way to fight through adversity.”


### The Dolphins’ 2 yards rushing were the fewest in franchise history and the fewest by an NFL team since 2007. Sherman, told Miami averaged five inches per carry, said: "Disheartening. If we blocked them well enough, we probably would have gotten six inches or seven inches! Tampa is a very fast, quick aggressive defense. Give them their just due."

### On Ryan Tannehill: "Ryan played extremely well in the sense we didn't have a run game. There are throws here and there he wishes he had back."

### He said one reason the Dolphins are allowing sacks late in games is "you eliminate any element of screens, draws" and teams can "pin their ears back." 

### On Rishard Matthews' outstanding night: "I have to be honest with you - he has exceeded my expectations. He has a sleepy eyed look. Not sure he's always paying attention. But apparently he has been. I wouldn't have predicted necessarily" that he would be targeted so much. 

### Sherman said the off-field soap opera had no bearing on the result. He said he told the offensive players before the game that there would be no excuses.


### The run defense “has been inconsistent. It’s been very frustrating. Two of the 37 runs accounted for 52 yards. One or two plays we’re allowing to break out on us. We’ve got to be better and we will.

“On the long runs, we didn’t fit the run correctly. Someone wasn’t in position where they should be, or the ball should be sent to a player who’s in a better position. We were in 8 man fronts, loaded box defenses, where you should have the opportunity” to stop runs and sometimes didn’t.

### He said Randy Starks, Paul Soliai and Jared Odrick “have been solid throughout the season, at times very, very good.” But “our guys are better than how we played last evening. Big picture, we still have three of the better interior guys at their position.”

### On why Dion Jordan played just nine snaps: “You guys keep asking the same question. Dion is not going to be in there when teams are slugging it out, running the football. That’s not Dion’s strength at this point. That’s not going to change this season.”

### He said Jimmy Wilson "has really become a consistent player for us. He's a confident player, and that's what you love as a defensive back."

### He said Wheeler “made an error in judgment” on his fourth quarter penalty.