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More local radio changes today; Philbin, Sherman, Coyle address issues; Fins' playoff scenarios

Lots of stuff from Monday’s press conferences with Dolphins coach Joe Philbin and his coordinators.

First, though a quick local radio update:

WQAM-560 has fired host John Renshaw after concluding he wouldn't be part of the station's longterm lineup. Curtis Stevenson or Brandon Guzio or Alex Donno --- or possibly some combination of the three --- likely will take over Renshaw's 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. slot in January. (Donno handled the show today.)

Also, Channing Crowder is moving back to WQAM's 1 to 3 p.m. slot, with Adam Kuperstein, on Jan. 1 --- three months earlier than expected. Former 790 The Ticket host Marc Hochman will take over WQAM's 3 to 7 p.m. slot on April 1; he cannot start sooner because of a non-compete clause.

The station would have been happy with Crowder continuing to handle the 3 to 7 p.m. slot (with Guzio) until Hochman took over in April 1, but Crowder liked the idea of moving back to the 1 p.m. slot three months sooner than that because it was inevitable anyway.

WQAM is still considering how to fill the 3 to 7 p.m. slot from January 1 through March 30, before Hochman arrives. The Sports Brothers --- Ed Freeman and Jeff Fox --- are a strong possibility to end up with that three-month gig.



There was plenty of discussion of Pittsburgh's heart-stopping final play.

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle asserted “the play should never have been allowed” because Pittsburgh’s offense “was not set” when the ball was snapped.

And even before Antonio Brown stepped out of bounds, it looked like Ben Roethlisberger threw a forward pass, which would/should have ended the play. (A review of multiple replays shows Antonio Brown caught it slightly beyond the point that Roethlisberger threw it.)

Was it a forward pass? Coyle said it was. “But not my much. Looking at the TV copy, it looked like the ball was a little bit ahead.”

Philbin would not say whether it was a forward pass, saying only: “It’s close, very close.”

### I asked Coyle: When you review that play with your players, what will you point out about what to do differently in the future?

“You have to tackle the first guy that catches the ball,” he said. “That usually helps. We have to tackle and get them on the ground sooner. We had chances. The footing didn’t help. But that’s not an excuse. At one point, it looked like we were kids in the school yard playing keep away. Guys were looking around looking at who the ball might be going to next as opposed to who actually had the ball. It looked like a rugby game. It’s a game of inches – we found that out for sure yesterday. The only thing missing was the marching band [from the 1982 Cal-Stanford game that ended in similar fashion].”

Philbin said “there are things we can learn” on that last play, including the need to take “better angles.”

### Coyle said “the question has come up about whether it’s best to take a time out” in that situation. He chose not to (which was understandable) because “it’s very shaky you can get a play off.”

One problem on that play from a Dolphins perspective is “we had guys still running to get back in position. The issue was the play before as much as that play. There were two laterals on the play before so guys were dispersed all over the field.”

### Philbin said officials could have reviewed the issue of whether Roethlisberger threw a forward pass and “all reviewable aspects of the play.” In other words, they weren’t just limited to reviewing one questionable aspect. But because it was clear Brown stepped out of bounds, it wasn’t necessary to review the forward pass issue.

### What was Philbin thinking during that play? “I might have been saying a couple of Hail Marys. I know my mother probably was, wherever she was.”

What was Coyle thinking? “I was trying to be calm. I was standing there, watching. As the banter was going on, I was saying, ‘We got him! We got him! I don’t know if we got him!” When he accelerated, he was flying. It was definitely scary.”


### Daniel Thomas, who finished with 105 yards on a 6.6 per carry average, “played a good me, really stepped up, made some big plays. Did a good job blocking as well.”

### Did Philbin need to be talked into challenging the no-TD call on the Brian Hartline catch in the end zone, which was ruled a touchdown on review. It seemed that way.

“I never met a receiver who didn’t have both feet down,” Philbin said. “You have to take it with a grain of salt. He was very confident he got both feet down. People upstairs thought he did.”

### Of the offensive improvement: “You have to credit the offensive staff and players for executing those plays. There’s not a whole lot of new stuff.”

### Besides Charles Clay’s terrific work as a receiver, Philbin said Clay had an excellent block on Ryan Tannehill’s 48-yard run.

### Sam Brenner played far more than Nate Garner at left guard because the staff was impressed by Brenner’s work in practice and games. Brenner “represented himself well,” Philbin said.

### On the upcoming New England game: “They’ve won five of their last six. You know you’re not going to get any gifts from this team. They don’t beat themselves.”


### On Thomas: “It was a possibility he might not be able to come back [this season]. On Wednesday, we never envisioned him even playing this week. It’s a credit to our training staff and to him. He did some things Friday we thought we might have a chance. Certainly a critical part of the win on Sunday. Our training staff did an excellent job. I’m sure he wasn’t 100 percent but he played as if he was.”

 ### Sherman was asking why he’s tentative about making Tannehill a running quarterback in light of the fact that he has been mostly successful when he runs.

“Last year, there was a specific reason. I wanted to make sure we developed his skills as a quarterback. He’s going to be recognized as a pocket quarterback before he’s going to be recognized in this offense as a running quarterback.

"[Tannehill running] is a part of the offense. I don’t think it is THE offense.”

He said he uses Tannehill on running plays occasionally (including a read option that gained 48 yards Sunday) “just to keep people honest for the most part. Some weeks we use it. Some weeks we don’t. The element of surprise allows you to pull a run out like we did yesterday.”

### Sherman said he and Tannehill met Saturday night and “I said I just came from outside –-- it’s pretty cold out. He said: ‘It’s not going to be a problem for me.’”

Sherman then told him there could be rain and snow. To that, Tannehill said: “It won’t be a problem. Don’t worry about it.’”

Did Sherman believe him? “When he tells me stuff, I believe him. When he tells you he’s going to do something, he does it. He was confident on game day. He looked around at coaches all bundled up and he was in a short sleeve and throwing the ball around like he was in Miami.

“The only things that are going to affect him are only the things he allows to affect him. He’s very resilient, physically and mentally. He’s gone through a season where he has taken some shots [from sacks and hits] and here he is still standing at the end of the season. I’m not sure there are a lot of quarterbacks who could have been able to endure like he has. Mentally, he’s very resilient as well. He has a mindset that’s different from most people. He’s very resilient.”

## On Charles Clay breaking tackles: “The thing you’re seeing is an evolution of a younger player gaining confidence in himself and gaining feeling that we have confidence in him. I see him beaming with confidence. As long as he keeps the attitude he has currently –-- I just saw him go out to work in the weight room [even though] today is optional –-- and listens to his coach, he’ll keep getting better. He’ll have a chance to be real special, I believe.”

### On offensive line: “The group is coming together better now, but it’s still a work in progress, The guy that really impressed me in this ball game was Tyson Clabo. He has played very well. It says a lot about him and his resiliency to be able to lose his job, get it back. He’s done a nice job for us.

“Jimmy Turner is a phenomenal offensive line coach. The way he teaches is very simplistic. A lot of coaches will teach you what they know –-- he teaches what they need to know to do their job, not everything he knows.”

### Sherman ended his session with an unsolicited tribute to Philbin, saying Philbin “has done a phenomenal job to get us to this point. I’ve never had to endure what he has as a head coach [with the locker-room bullying investigation]. You have no idea what a task that is. To have the distractions we have, I have to give Philbin tremenedous credit. He demanded all of us to stay on task.”


He called Nolan Carroll “one of the most valuable players on the field” yesterday: “He has really stepped up his game of late.”… On playing the Patriots without Rob Gronkowski (who will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury): “I don’t think there’s a team in the NFL that has done a better job utilizing personnel than they have from a week to week or year to year standpoint that the Patriots. I’m sure they’ll be some things we haven’t seen.”



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good riddance to renshaw, couldn't stand that clown


We better step up and play our best game of the season next week or the Patriots winning streak over us will be 8

Danny Thomas

Kevin, we could play our best game and win if the NFL and its refs stay out of it. They won't, we'll lose whether we play our best or not. Anybody who thinks the NFL is like the old days when the players determined the games is hopefully naive. The NFL determines who they want to win and they make it happen. To believe this isn't so is to be a puppet dangling on a string.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Nothing worse than fans who cry about refs being against their team. They're in every fan base, nothing you can do about them.

Danny Thomas

Nothing worse than losers like Einhorn who sit on the couch and let the corruption go on because if the truth came out idiots like Einhorn would have to find something else to do with their time other than watch sports.

Danny Thomas

Nothing worse than get a lifers like Einhorn who visit this site every day and pick fights with everyone by posting because they have nothing else to do with teir life, where as I never post.

Nothing worse than imbeciles like Einhorn whohave dumb handle names actually thinking like niave fools that the games are determined by the players. When you have actually worked in pro sports like I have and been on the inside than offer your two bit no onthing opinion snowflake, if not return to the peanut gallery and the couch where you belong. Once last thing, shut up no nothing, no one cares about your opinion

Danny Thomas

Sorry about the spelling errors everyone, but I'm writing fast, getting ready to log off, and wanted to hand Einhorn his or her behind, because I've read him dogging everyone on this board for years and despise the creep.


Danny you didn't rip anyone, you just made yourself look like a fool.

Dolphin Dan 13

danny thomas use to work in pro sports so he should know. Oh danny boy, what was your job, a parking lot attendant? You sound like some sick gambler on a bad losing streak.


Renshaw, the Sports Brothers, Crowder and Kuperstein are all horrible.

Guzio and Curtis deserve more time.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Let's just hope the truth doesn't come out, I mean it sucks that the refs are conspiring against the Miami Dolphins but as long as the people on the outside keep believing the NFL is actually a competitive sports league I think we'll all be safe here. We all know the truth now, just keep it on the DL, no need to rock the boat.

Danny Thomas

The only fools that are here are you suckers and that's what you are, suckers because you cling to the sad delusion that the National Football League is decided by the players on the field. If you go over to Armando's blog you will see that the majority of Dolphins fans on that blog are saying the same things that I am, and are even more blunt about it. Go to CBS Sports.com and fans from around the country are writing the same. This has gone national and I'm sorry if you poor pathetic fools are scared that if the NFL
goes down you will have nothing to do with your pathetic existences, because you will not be able to waste your life watching fake football all day. The NFL laughs at you all day because you buy into the "oh it's real" denial that you have to tell yourself because you can't deal with the fact that you are getting played. Go over to Armando's blog, and there are quite a few who believe what I know to be true turds.

Oh Dolphin Dan 13, I'm so hurt about what you said about me, how will I ever recover from your wit. If you knew how high up I was moron, you would be crying in your beer because your watching a lie. Go buy yourself a six pack and cry yourself to sleep because you believe that the NFL is virtuous.

The National Football League uses its refs to fix games for the New England Patriots, and they have been it doing for well over a decade. What do think kept the Patriots in Foxborough in 1996 and stopped them from moving to Hartford back then when the NFL begged them not to move. What do you think the NFL promised them to get them to stay?...Once last thing you lemmings go over to Armando's blog with your "no the NFL doesn't fix game for the Patriots BS" and they will eat you alive over there. Einhorn won't because he or she will be destroyed over there and Einhorn knows it. So long suckers!

I will not stop until the NFL does, and if brings the NFL down tough. Better no football than fake corrupt football.

joe r

2 sports stations would be plenty...there is all this churn because there isnt enough pie to go around the table..the quality is really low too

alexander the great

Great move by WQAM dumping Renshaw now they need to have The Sports Brothers on regular rotation period !! Those guys do a very entertaining show and have been stashed on weekend duty too long.


The sports brothers are great!!!! They need to give them more time on air. They are entertaining unlike some of the others.

cool and the gang

I d imagine Indiana will go all out/fanatacical-style for a win for their fans tonight against the Heat.Since they re at home they ll have an emotional edge.If it gets too crazy the Heat won t risk injury or seek a win at all costs though.Spo is taking it gradually with the overall long-term health of this team being his main concern.Pacers are playing great this season so far and they seem obsessed for having the home-court advantage in the Playoffs (Final)if they reach it.I d love the Heat to win but don t necessarrily expect it in Indiana.Just a close,competitive game to feel them out and see where Miami needs to focus changes on for the remaining 3 games against them and in preparing for the Playoffs(a long distance away yet).GO HEAT.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

You sound like an absolute fool, spouting a nonsense conspiracy theory and then challenging people to go argue on some other blog on the internet.

Grow up kid.

Danny Thomas

Hey Einhorn, I bet you were a big Lance Armstrong fan, and actually thought he was legit. I bet you got all caught up in the Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa HR chase in the 1990's thinking that was all natural skill. I noticed that you proved me correct about being afraid to go on Armando's blog because you know what will happen to you, so you hide on this one with no traffic. I already went over there and got a tremendous amount of support from other Dolphins fans. You lack courage and a brain and have been completely clueless on every subject you comment on. You don't have the guts to go over there, because you know, many agree with me.

I'm already accomplishing what I want to by these posts, but you are so naive and lame, you don't even know it. Stop hiding behind a fake movie name, because that's a sign you need to grow up, I mean really Jim Carrey?, but that fits your intelligence level.


Danny Boy needs some sports blog to boost his self worth and validate his conspiracy theory. And he says those that won't join him on that blog are the losers. Yeah OK, Pathetic, party of one, your table's ready.

Oh, and selling cotton candy in the stands does not mean you worked in pro sports.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

"Afraid" to go read a blog?

Yikes man, go outside...


I enjoyed John Renshaw's support and passion for the Canes, especially during the basketball teams run to the Sweet 16 last year - hope he lands on his feet.


I can do without Renshaw's support / passion for the Canes's mediocrity.


Mike Marchant was also let go by 560. They have no idea what theyre doing over there. Im sure Mike is going back to 790 the ticket. He's probably the funniest guy in Miami radio right now.


The only ones worth listening to on QAM are Captain Curtis and the Sports Brothers. Joe Rose is a phony imbecile. Same for Kuperstein, Guzio and Donno. "K-Rog" and Levine at night are completely unlistenable. They also need to keep Omar Kelly's sorry @ss of the air. The "Footy" show on Saturday mornings is pathetic - the guy doesn't even show up, they broadcast from HIaleah Park for Chris'sakes and don't even know that the horses started racing already a couple of weeks ago! That station is run by idiots.


If you can't stand them how do you know their whole schedule and line up??

I don't mind listening to them in my car and I don't know half the guys you mentioned.

Before you go and burn down the station remember it's free, and you can change the dial whenever you please, you have options.

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