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Sun. night update: Fins control destiny; Evaluators see bright Fins future; Heat, Canes, Marlins chatter

Quick Sunday night update: Before tonight, the Dolphins needed a Baltimore loss to have any chance to make the playoffs. But after Pittsburgh beat Cincinnati tonight, the Dolphins now control their own destiny and will make the playoffs if they win Sunday at Buffalo and the following week at home against the Jets.

Here's why: If the Dolphins win out, they would finish 10-6. If the Ravens win out, they would also be 10-6. But since the Ravens play at the Bengals in their finale, a Baltimore win in that game would mean the Bengals would finish no better than 10-6, even if the Bengals beat visiting Minnesota next Sunday.

In that scenario, if the Ravens and Bengals both finish 10-6, Baltimore would win the AFC North because the Ravens would have swept Cincinnati, and Miami would win a tiebreaker with Cincinnati for a wild card spot based on beating the Bengals on Halloween.

Meanwhile, if the Ravens lose once (to either Detroit on the road or home against New England or at Cincinnati), then the Ravens would finish with 7 losses. Miami, by winning out, would have only 6 losses. And the 7-7 Chargers cannot catch the Dolphins if the Dolphins win out.

If Baltimore and Cincinnati tie in their finale, the Ravens could then finish with no more than 9 wins (even if they beat the Lions and Patriots in the next seven days). The Dolphins would have 10 if they win out.

The Dolphins can win the AFC East only if they win out and the Patriots lose to Baltimore and at home against Buffalo.



In sports, what happened most recently often carries disproportionate weight over everything before it. So the result Sunday against a New England team that has dominated the Dolphins assuredly will skew perception. And it should to an extent, because at some point the Dolphins will need to get past Brady & Belichick to get where they want to go. 

But know this: From talking to people around the league, there’s clearly more optimism about this team’s long-term potential than we're accustomed to in recent Decembers. No, we’re not talking Super Bowl-optimism, not with this offensive line, the unknown variable of Ryan Tannehill’s ceiling and other issues.

But when you combine the talent assembled, the improvement of Tannehill and several other key young players, the portent of at least $38 million in cap space this offseason and other factors, “I see no reason why the future isn’t bright,” ESPN analyst and former Colts general manager Bill Polian said last week.

“They have a good defense already. If you’re going to go far, you need pass rushers and they have that. The running game is good now and will get better as the offensive line gets better. It’s a good group of talent in the passing game. Tannehill is right on schedule. Fixing the offensive line is not as hard as you think. If you get the tackle situation squared away, you can manufacture guards.”

Another former GM, Charley Casserly, also told me the Dolphins now look like long-term playoff contenders: “I would be optimistic. I like the moves they made, and they have a nucleus to work with. Tannehill is an above average quarterback. I like their long-term prospects better than the Jets and Bills because it starts with the quarterback, and I have a lot more confidence in Tannehill than Geno Smith or E.J. Manuel.”

Said CBS analyst Phil Simms, by phone: “I would be encouraged about their future. But the difference between making the playoffs and going to the Super Bowl is dramatic. There is a long way to go. But at least it’s a start. They are a fast team. They have some great elements that do well in the NFL.” 

More reason for hope: The Dolphins have just $106 million in cap commitments (including dead money) for 2014, well under the projected cap of $126 million. They also have about $18 million in unused 2013 cap space that can be carried over.

That adds up to $38 million in space for this upcoming offseason, and they can clear even more space if they cut Dimitri Patterson (which would be a $5.4 million saving) or ask him to take a pay cut after he played in only five games. (I'm not endorsing that, because Patterson was very good when he played, but his inability to recover from a groin injury raises questions about whether Miami will want to pay him that much.) They also could clear space by restructuring Mike Wallace’s contract to reduce his 2014 cap number from $17.2 million.

They should have enough to re-sign Brent Grimes and either Randy Starks or Paul Soliai; re-sign Nolan Carroll and either Chris Clemons or another safety; add an offensive tackle and guard that aren’t obscenely expensive; maybe sign Dustin Keller to a low-money deal if he’s healthy, add some depth and pay draft picks.

Miami then could use early-round draft picks, hypothetically, on two offensive linemen and to replenish defensive tackle depth if Soliai or Starks leaves.

Using the franchise tag on either Grimes (the cornerback tag cost next season is projected to be $11.2 million) or Soliai ($8.8 million range) or Starks (similar range) are also decent possibilities.

Astute former Browns scout Matt Williamson, of ESPN’s Scouts Inc., also sees Miami now in position to be a playoff contender for years.

“I am more encouraged by their future than before the preseason,” he said. “They have three good edge pass rushers. Grimes is a top five to 10 corner. I don’t see a ton of needs except offensive line.

“Can you rebuild your offensive line in one offseason, where you need three or four starters? That’s going to be difficult, but you can dedicate a draft to that. John Jerry is fine as your fifth guy. Tannehill will be in the franchise quarterback group of guys.... that you can win a Super Bowl with. There’s a lot more bust potential with Robert Griffin than Tannehill.”

Tannehill has thrown 20 touchdowns (tied for 11th in the NFL) compared with 14 picks, has a decent 84 rating (still in the bottom half but just narrowly behind Andrew Luck and seven points better than Joe Flacco) and is ninth in completions, 10th in yards and 15th in completion percentage.

“There’s no doubt Tannehill is improving right before our eyes,” said Simms, who works Sunday’s game for CBS. “There is a different presence with him, a little bit of an aura. You can tell he’s the man. He’s throwing with more confidence.”


### The league confirmed the Dolphins’ 2014 out-of-division schedule, and it’s challenging. Home: Kansas City, San Diego, Green Bay, Minnesota and the comparable finisher in the AFC North. Away: Denver, Chicago, Detroit, the comparable finisher in the AFC South and Oakland in London.

### Another sign of coach Joe Philbin being looser with his players this season: After Grimes started “trash talking” Philbin about how he could beat the coach in table tennis, Philbin last week picked up a racket and beat Grimes in a game, with players looking on and offering commentary.

“I said I would spike the ball on him, and then I folded under the lights,” Grimes said.

People outside the locker-room don’t see that side of Philbin, but Grimes said: “He’s got a personality. You just have to bring it out of him.”

### A close associate of Jonathan Martin insists that contrary to a network report, he has turned over all text messages requested of him by investigator Ted Wells. That ESPN report was retracted.... NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told the New York Times that he expects the Dolphins' bullying scandal will result in new NFL workplace rules this offseason. Stephen Ross already has appointed a committee to formulate workplace rules for the Dolphins; Tony Dungy, one of the committee members, said they will begin work on that project after the season.

### UM junior defensive end Anthony Chickillo submitted his paperwork to the NFL Draft advisory board, according to a family member, and will make a decision about his future after the bowl game.

Junior linebacker Denzel Perryman has not submitted paperwork yet, his father said, but might at some point. He has said he won't decide whether to turn pro until after the season.

“I think he should stay another year and I think he will,” Desmond Perryman said. “He knows I kind of know what I’m talking about. He had a good season [but] he has room for improvement. He’s not the tallest linebacker in college and a lot of people will be reluctant to take him early because of his size [6-0].”

### UM named Allen Hurns its team MVP, Brandon Linder its offensive MVP and Perryman its defensive MVP in its awards banquet tonight... West Palm Beach Dwyer coach Jack Daniels told The Palm Beach Post that Ohio State is "probably in the lead" for four-star receiver Johnnie Dixon, whom UM covets. Dixon planned to announce last Sunday but delayed his decision.

### Erik Spoelstra has months to decide, but with Miami again last in the league in rebounding, the question remains about whom to start at power forward alongside the Big Three and Mario Chalmers. Undersized Shane Battier, championship-tested in that role, shot 11 of 35 with eight rebounds in his past eight games heading into Saturday.

And though Battier’s presence allows the Heat to spread the floor, Chris Bosh said that when Battier, 6-8, tried to defend Indiana’s 7-2 Roy Hibbert for a stretch Tuesday, “you couldn’t see him after Hibbert caught the ball.”

With Battier playing alongside the four definite starters, the Heat has outscored teams by nine points in 114 minutes. Conversely, Miami is plus-7 with Rashard Lewis (23 minutes) alongside Chalmers and the Big Three; minus-11 with Udonis Haslem (48 minutes); and minus-seven with Michael Beasley (14 minutes).

Spoelstra refused to say whether he would ever consider starting Beasley, who remains out with a hamstring injury. His scoring is more valuable on the second unit, but his rebounding would help the first unit, considering he’s second on the team behind Chris Andersen in rebounds per 48 minutes.

Bosh said that in a starting lineup with Beasley: “The speed and athleticism and decision making and scoring ability would really put pressure on teams.” The question is whether Spoelstra will be motivated to experiment with that lineup later in the season.

### A Seattle official said the Marlins “came to us about trading Logan Morrison for [reliever] Carter Capps, not the other way around” and added the Mariners really liked his arm and upside, despite his difficulty with left-handed hitters (.321 career average).

Capps has struck out 94 in 84 big-league innings but allowed 98 hits and 34 walks. Capps, who said he has thrown as fast as 102 miles per hour, allowed a ridiculous 12 homers in 59 innings last season. But the Marlins have identified a flaw in his delivery and plan to correct it.

### Besides calling to express interest in Casey McGehee and internally discussing Wilson Betemit as a third base option, the Marlins also reportedly have inquired about Eric Chavez. They have had some contact with Yuniesky Betancourt in the past few weeks, as well, as they move toward filling their most glaring need.

### Please see the previous post from Saturday for more Dolphins, Canes and Beckham/Miami/MLS information.... Twitter: @flasportsbuzz  


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Just wait until Brady declines. Id rather have Tannehill than Mallett.

Randy Shannons' Agent

The HEAT are getting killed on the boards because Bosh is soft


Bosh played well tonight. first real aggressive game in awhile.

Louis Davis

UM junior defensive end Anthony Chickillo submitted his paperwork to the NFL Draft advisory board

This must be a joke.

2-Star U... Let's Load Up On Them. Stars Don't Matter

The RB from BC was a 2 star recruit.. Geesh, stop acting like the best players are all 4 or 5 start recruits!

Posted by: 202canefan | 12/14/2013 at 09:37 PM

So Miami should go ahead and just recruit 2-star players because they'll all turn out like Ed Reed and the BC RB huh ?

maybe 1 or 2 2-star scrubs pan out, out of 100 where as 75-85 4-5 stars are just that, STARS !

4-5 Stars ARE THE BEST PLAYERS ! Maybe if Golden can get more of them, the Canes wouldn't have to watch yet another ACC Championship game on tv.


What doesn't matter are retarded posters like you. Golden has been recruiting with an NCAA INVESTIGATION GOING ON THAT THREATENED DEATH PENALTY. He's been recruiting for a program that, under Coker and Shannon, became a joke and the place where talent went to die.

He also happens to have a top-5 class while still getting most of these kids WHILE STILL UNDER INVESTIGATION.

And, you want to get rid of him?????? I'd like to know exactly which great and powerful college football savior you think is going to come coach in front of seven fans every home game for 2 million a year and listen to the ridiculous notions from a fan base that has far to many unrealistic, negative haters like you.

Don't you have a Duke or UCF bandwagon to jump on or something??


I never said that he should only go after 2 star recruits, I was just making a point. He should recruit guys that fit his system, not the ranking next to their name. Sorry Lloyd, but Al hasnt exactly turned around the talent level either, so if you are going to bash the 2 previous coached, you need to get on Al, too! He is a better coach than Larry & Randy though..

Georgia Cane

Dixson, how in world can you play for a piece of trash coach/person like Uban Myer. Don't you read son?


Georgia Cane, it's his decision, and a lot may be due to the depth at the U. Myers has been a successful coach, regardless of how we may feel about his character. I think Dixon, Valentine, Morton, McDermott, Darling,and Chad Thomas were the "must have" in the recruiting cycle.
Cook seems to be a "front runner"...and FSU is on top today. Overall, Golden and staff are bringing in a good class, but they need to raise their coaching skills to match this talented group.

If you are going to coach in South Florida, I hope they watch the playoffs and state championships. It's all about speed, spreading the defense, and attacking on both sides of the ball. The Florida kids play down hill and aggressive. The game is too fast to just sit back and react on each play! Again, the U staff can not change this culture or we will continue to lose out of the best LBs and DTs...where championships are built on...not QBs, RBs, WRs, and DBs. Furthermore, a player do not have to be 6'3 or 6'4, rangy...to play defense.
Looking at a player in shorts during a summer camp is not the best way to evaluate. According to coach Soldering, "you are what is on film...period".


RichmondHeightsCane, hit the nail on the head, the N'oD defense is not a good match for the fast, instinctive south Florida athletes Miami recruits.


"Sorry Lloyd, but Al hasnt exactly turned around the talent level either..."

See post where limitations on recruiting are described (some CAPITALIZED).

It will come. The lesson here is that as much as Miami fans are "used to winning championships", this was never going to be a quick fix for any coach. The big-time coaches we wanted (Gruden for example)saw this and wanted nothing to do with Miami because it was going to take....wait for it...."a process" to turn this program around.

And Golden is turning this around, just not as fast as many unrealistic fans would like. We lose Golden (or push him out the door), and we are likely to head further back into the sh__tter that he is pulling us out of. Two-three years and we could be where FSU is. If that is not soon enough for Canes fans, you are in denial of how far the program fell.

Randy Shannons' Agent

Tell us more about these recruiting limitations please.
Mr Jackson says we had ~75 players on scholarship this year seems like its more of a built in excuse. We could have signed another 2-3 DT/DL from JUCO or Transfers and then have Onofrio not play them.

Put a timetable on the "process" and explain why the same process took 1 season at Auburn. I say its because Al Golden isnt as great as some of you think he is.


IT takes time to build a team when U had 3 recruit season with sanctions looming and UF FSu etc taking alot of these players that would be on the U.. Als #3 on espn and we are loaded with talent.

And for those who say he cant recruit, like 6-8 players from the camp he runs were 2 stars or under the rader guys, and all of them skyrockete up the rankings. Darrel Langham is a espn 300 player now, Darrion Owens is espn 300 now, Tye Brady, demetrious at Booker is a 4 star now;



Jesus. I'm not so sure why this is difficult to understand. The recruiting limitation were, as stated, an NCAA investigation, which anyone with some intelligence would admit is a liability when recruiting, and a program that has been down for years.

Also, as stated, (though I'm not sure why you'll understand it this second go round either) "Two-three years and we could be where FSU is...".

As for Auburn, they are a program that is three years removed from a perfect record and a National Championship, hardly comparable to a team that is 11 years removed from an undefeated season and a National Title.

Again, the point is that you are unrealistic if you think that Miami should be winning National Titles this year. You're not being realistic about were this program was when Golden took it over and what he has had to deal with in recruiting since. Your negativity is unwarranted, detrimental and shows a level of ignorance about the state of Miami football over the past decade.

This team with win championships again; but firing Golden would only delay that.


And I have other s---t to do now.

Randy Shannons' Agent

You avoid answering my question about how long the process will take and then you mention that Auburn won the NC 3 years ago. Doesnt get more asinine than that.

Malzahn took over a team that went 3-9 last year and has them playing for a National Championship. He is an elite coach, GoldenAl is not

Daniel in Pasadena

Line of the day "Marlins have identified a flaw in his delivery and plan to correct it".

Nearly spat my Public sweet tea all over my Kindle.


College football isn't like the NFL, it isn't something you build to over time.

Where a college head coach sits usually depends on where his quarterback is.

Al Golden had a highly rated senior quarterback in his third year of the system and he lost to Duke.

I'm an Al Golden fan in all respects besides his commitment to his BFF, but the facts are the facts, Miami should have gone to the ACC title game, with their talent there is no excuse.

Coaching failed in 2013.


Tanneyhill played as well as Brady today, he's got a gun and his decision making is improving. Only a couple times he held on too much to the ball but felt the pressure better and protected the ball.
Looks like Ireland is only on his 7th life and might stick around a bit. I believe the coaching staff has done well using limited talent guys like Bellichick does so well, so our organization looks on it's way to competing with the Pat's for a while but we're younger.
Great win today Fins.

u need to wake up

u dumb wanna be Cane fans just don't, nor ever will get it ...

7:00 AM
Sunrise in Miami, FL


anthony chickillo? is he joking? this guy will get eaten alive by NFL left tackles, after his senior year he is a late round pick at best, this guy is nuts!

Bob Griese 12

Olivier Vernon, Lamar Miller, Orlando Franklin, Calais Campbell, Shawn Spence, Travis Benjamin, Ray Ray Armstrong (yes him)Sam Shields to name a few are all apart of Randy Shannon's non talent pool at Miami. Deon Bush, Tracy Howard, Duke Johnson, Anthony Chickillo, Kevin Olsen, Artie Burns to name a few were all sought after highly by the major programs while Miami was under this so called recruiting cloud. Please stop making excuses, I personally like Al Golden, however he does have some deficiencies that must be rectified in order to take this program back to prominence.


Malzahn is not an elite coach. A tipped pass and a missed field goal with no speed on the field to cover the return and Auburn has at least two losses this year. Elite? NO!!! Lucky? YES!!!


"You avoid answering my question about how long the process will take...."

My God. For, I think, the third time.....2-3 years. That's what I said. Again. 2-3 years we could be where FSU is now (i.e. badass eyeing a NC).

To review (Since you obviously need it): "Again, the point is that you are unrealistic if you think that Miami should be winning National Titles this year. You're not being realistic about where this program was when Golden took it over and what he has had to deal with in recruiting since. Your negativity is unwarranted, detrimental and shows a level of ignorance about the state of Miami football over the past decade.

This team will win championships again; but firing Golden would only delay that."

If you can't comprehend what I said this time, perhaps you would be better served trying to identify that chromosome that is causing you so much trouble.

Sunny Dee

I was completely wrong about Philbin. He has really turned this team around after the Incognito mess. I also think Ireland deserves praise for the pickup of Thomas. He has missed on a few players but overall this team is headed in the right direction. Tannehill has been outstanding the last three games. He is excellent in the no-huddle two minute drill. I would consider using more no-huddle with him periodically outside of two-minute situations.

Chickillo would be crazy to leave early. I'm guessing his advisory will come back 6-7 round. He needs to work hard this offseason and probably lose some of the weight the coaches made him add. He has potential but the weight is really slowing him down. Perryman is probably a 3-4 round pick. I wouldn't blame him for leaving with his new baby. But he could be a second or possibly first if he has an outstanding senior season.

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