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Heat says it has two teams that would make playoffs; Dolphins, Canes, Heat, Marlins


So without Dwyane Wade, the Heat (14-4) saw its 10-game winning streak snapped by Detroit tonight, 107-97, in a game that means little in the grand scheme of things for the defending two-time champions.

Despite that glitch, the Heat is so talented, and most of the Eastern Conference so weak, that a bunch of Heat players asserted in recent days they actually have two separate teams that would make the playoffs in the East (though not if they play like they did Tuesday).

Wade and Udonis Haslem started talking about the topic on a bus ride the other day: Would a team made up entirely of Heat reserves --– and none of the starters --– make the playoffs?

Ray Allen said the Heat’s bench, on its own, would “easily” be a top six seed. “Look at how few teams in our conference are over .500,” he noted. (Two entering Tuesday.)

Mario Chalmers said players 6 through 15 on the Heat’s roster would “definitely” make the playoffs and finish somewhere between the No. 3 and No. 6 seed.

Haslem said not only would Heat backups “definitely make the playoffs,” but “we could make some noise” in postseason.

With Shane Battier starting, that would mean a roster of Norris Cole, Allen, Chris Andersen, Rashard Lewis, Michael Beasley, Greg Oden (when healthy), Haslem, Joel Anthony, Roger Mason and James Jones.

"We could easily compete for the sixth, seventh, eighth seed,” Lewis said. “Allen and Beasley would be our go-to guys. The rest of us would be role players.”

Jones said the Heat’s reserves would make the playoffs and be in the mix for a decent seed because “we have rotation guys from top to bottom.”

Beyond the fun fantasy talk of the Wade/Haslem bus conversation, consider this: Of the Heat’s top four lineups, from a plus/minus standpoint, only one consists of more than one member of the Big 3. One example: A lineup of Wade, Anderson, Beasley, Cole and Lewis has outscored teams by 20 in 30 minutes.

Entering Tuesday, the Heat had outscored opponents by 112 points with Cole on the court, which is sixth among NBA reserves, 17th overall, and amazingly, best among all Heat players. (Wade is 23rd in the league at plus-94, LeBron James 30th at plus-85).

Four other Heat backups rank in the top 70 of overall plus/minus, which is impressive: Anderson (39th, plus 77); Lewis (43rd, plus 73); Allen (47th, plus 66) and Beasley (68th, plus 51).

Even in Tuesday's loss, Andersen, Beasley and Allen had the Heat's best plus/minus numbers. (All Heat starters were minuses.)

### Erik Spoelstra admitted Tuesday he has no idea when Oden will suit up for a game; it likely will be awhile. Spoelstra said his leg strength and conditioning will determine that, as well as when the team’s medical staff feels “comfortable” with his progress.

### Spoelstra has found something that works by pairing Chalmers and Cole at times. The Heat is plus-17 in 33 minutes when they’re on court together, entering Tuesday. They were plus one on Tuesday night, with Spoelstra using that tandem for a few minutes in the fourth quarter.

Cole said Tuesday he would like to be a starter someday. Chalmers is earning $4 million in the last year of his contract, and re-signing him might be difficult with tax implications.


### One reason the Dolphins chose Caleb Sturgis over Dan Carpenter (besides money and age) was they considered Sturgis superior on long kicks. But Sturgis is just 3 for 6 on field goals of 50 yards or more, compared with Carpenter’s 3 for 4 for Buffalo.

Overall, Carpenter is 23 for 25, and Sturgis 23 for 30. Only Houston’s Randy Bullock has more misses than Sturgis. Sturgis, who studies tape of each of his misses about 15 times, is 76.7 percent on field goals “and you want to be over 90 percent.” He said he’s fully aware what Carpenter is doing.

### Whereas Richie Incognito contacted Nate Garner to commend him for the job he has done filling in for him, Jonathan Martin has ceased contact with Dolphins players. He’s unhappy how the locker-room reacted to his departure.

### Miami Central High four-star running back and UF oral commitment Dalvin Cook, rated rivals.com’s 30th best overall prospect, told Canesport.com he’s seriously considering UM after visiting with Canes coach on Monday night. FSU and UF are the other finalists.

### Though UM has expressed concern that junior Clive Walford might turn pro, that seems unlikely because he isn’t among the top dozen draft-eligible tight ends.

### Unfortunate to hear: The family of UM’s Anthony Chickillo said FSU guard Bobby Hart spat at Chickillo during the FSU game, before Chickillo grabbed Hart’s face mask. The FSU sports information department said Hart did not confirm or deny that when asked, and the school’s only comment is that it has moved on.

### The Marlins, who upgraded at catcher Tuesday by agreeing to terms with free agent Jarrod Saltalamacchia, are open to trading starting pitching for offensive help in their infield. But aside from untouchable Jose Fernandez, they don’t want to deal their top pitching prospect (left-hander Andrew Heaney) and are reluctant to trade Nathan Eovaldi.

They might need to consider parting with one of the pitchers acquired from Toronto last winter to acquire a hitter. Ex-Tiger Jacob Turner likely isn’t going to net a high-end hitter in return.

### Legal matters: One of Mike Miller’s former attorneys said he believed he had Miller's authorization to file a lawsuit against the Heat, weeks ago, because a former Heat employee introduced Miller to a con man who defrauded him, resulting in the former Heat guard sustaining losses of $1.7 million. But Miller subsequently parted ways with both attorneys --- the suit was never filed --- and told one of them that he doesn’t want to deal with the matter……

Former UM assistants Jorge Fernandez and Aubrey Hill (now Carol City High’s football coach) --- who were both given two-year show cause penalties by the NCAA --- decided not to appeal because “that would take another 9 to 12 months, and that would add a year onto their sanctions,” their attorney, Jim Zeszutek, said. Show cause penalties make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find work in college sports.  


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The Heat starters need to dig deeper to not take off the early parts of games. This always bites them back. They still have obvious front court & rebounding issues. Looks like Oden will go the way of Eddie Curry, meaning ride the pines the regular season be discarded when the experiment ends without him playing.

Panhandle Cane

Why did Clint Hurtt keep his job? and did Lovisville get any sanctions for keeping him?


We need to pu the big tackle from Maryland, lane and cook. Champs in 2 years.


Hey Barry - Something is very wrong here. Clint Hurt should have received the toughest sanctions. Did he beat the rap or did you fail to mention him?


Michael Beasley should be the starting power forward on the Heat. His consistent scoring, rebounding, and, yes, defense is obvious to everyone but Erik Spoelstra. Shane Battier would not be starting at that position on any other team. It's time to start Beasley.

Barry Jackson

Panhandle and rboud: Hurtt also got a 2 year show cause but kept his job at Louisville and announced previously that he would not appeal. Haith also didn't appeal. And Jake Morton did not get a show cause and obviously did not appeal.


TYPICAL...all hillbillies know how to do is SPIT...Deliverance, INBRED parasites!!

Nuck the Foles, and their hillbilly fans!!

THIS IS CANES COUNTRY...leave all Free Shoes U. stories for that big high school in Southern Georgia.


Realty Bites

The Heat has such a deep roster that it is probably true the bench players would make the playoffs as a separate team. Good thing there is one talented and winning sports team in the city of Miami. Guess one out of 5 is not too bad.
Go Heat!


I had the pleasure of meeting Aubrey Hill earlier this year and can tell you without doubt that not only is he a great football coach and leader of young men he is also a man of character and integrity and Carol City is fortunate to have him as their head coach! My kid could play for this man any day every day! A class act!

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Mr. "Bites", your team went 4-8, lost to UM, and lost to a DII school.

Your constant trash talking of UM is absurd and childish. Grow up sir.

Reality Bites

Posted by: Lt. Lois Einhorn
Thank you for you continuing interest in my posts. I must point out the post you refer to is about the Heat, I did not mention the sorry canes at all. Interesting that you infer I was talking about them.
Go Heat!

cool and the gang

Heat lost pretty good last night but they were due.Happens to every sports team now and then.No big deal.14-4 is a very good record in the NBA.Shots wouldn t fall for anyone for 3 quarters and a half mostly.They got killed in rebounds and second chance points.Tall teams are rough on the Heat but they STILL could have won if they had a good shooting night which clearly they did not.Just 1 more game to learn from in trying to figure out ways to beat teams that have good bigs.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

A bit like saying someone is "interested" in gonorrhea because they're paying attention to it, as I've pointed out many times no one here is interested about anything you have to say about any Miami sports, no matter how many "Go Heat!"s you put at the end of your posts.

Your obsession with all things UM is well known, it's obvious what you mean by "one talented and winning sports team" and I couldn't help but notice that you are spewing your garbage on another Miami Herald sports blog instead of here today.

Nah, bunch of sorry homers. Not the same guy at all, it is you ladies that steal names and pose as each other.
Sorry to break up you bromance, your little circle of fems. Face your reality. It bites. Accept what everyone else knows. Your sorry team does not stand a chance against either of those two potent offenses lead by a real QB.
Your poor little inconsistent Morris will be such a contrast going against a real QB. Where will Morris be drafted again? Is he int he running for the Heisman still? Didn't think so.
Maybe next Spring you will have anther Heisman candidate. You always have one. In the Spring.
Fem losers.

Posted by: Reality Bites | December 03, 2013 at 03:04 PM

A collection of fem homers Sherlock Holmes wannabes.
Bunch of delUsional clUcks drinking the Golden Kool Aid.
That is who you are.
Listen to Duke Johnson he is 100% correct, Alverage Golden would rather play Savahnna High in a bowl game to improve his W/L percentage. He knows how to do that, play SORRY teams that is, to make his record look better. Either UL or TAMU would destroy the SORRY canes, everyone knows that. Just like everyone knew FSU would kill you and all you dUmmies got all upset when you were pegged as a record DOG. Turns out everyone was right and you were wrong.
Now am I the same guy as the others, you SORRY Sherlock Homies??

Posted by: Reality Bites | December 04, 2013 at 10:14 AM

Bunch of delUsional old farts hanging out with Cote and drinking up the Golden spigot. Bridgewater or Manziel, don't make a difference just have plenty of vaseline handy.

Posted by: Reality Bites | December 04, 2013 at 12:06 PM

Lt. Lois Einhorn

There's nothing you can say about the University of Miami that will make UM fans feel as badly about their team as you obviously feel about 4-8 Florida.

Even if UF was a contender this year and UM was winless, nothing you negative you could say about Miami could outweigh the fact that you, personally, are a loser and an internet troll who spends his time obsessing over a team that should be irrelevant to him.


Jeff Bez is much better off playing with the second unit. If he started he would not get his shots. He would be at least 4th in shots with the 1st unit. His talent is much better utilized with the second unit where he can be the primary scorer. That's why Spo uses him on the second unit, and that's why Spo recognizes the talent and usefulness of Bez.

Reality Bites

Posted by: Lt. Lois Einhorn

Again, I thank you for your interest. I feel honored that you take the time to go through several blogs and hand pick some of my posts to copy and paste here. Realize when you do that those entries are completely out of context and thus are not useful for the readers of this blog. I would suggest you enjoy my posts quietly and by yourself without sharing the wealth with others.
as always, Go Heat!

Lt. Lois Einhorn

I would be embarrassed too, but those aren't hand picked, just your last three posts.

Johnnie J

This loser Reality Bites is obsessive/compulsive.He truly can t let it go.He likely is loose from some Medical Ward in Dade County.His defensive posture about mere opinions is over the top..You care for the Florida Gators and most fans on a Miami blog follow the Miami Hurricanes.Seems reality does bite and it s biting this blogger who reads this blog site often apparently.Strange bedfellows fellow.


dude sturgis is far superior and was money early on until the team made him try 8 59-yarders in a row after RT took sacks moving the team out of reasonable FG range. come on. be fair


Sturgis missed have not been 59 yarders, he has missed from practically every distance range.
Cutting Carpenter has cost us 2 games, another bad move by our genious, but I'm sure the Wolverine liked that he saved him a few more pennies so he can donate it to his alma mater.

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