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Assessing UM's recruiting class on defense; New Golden/Penn State report; Fins' GM search; Heat


Five four-star recruits on offense are enrolling at UM in the next week, led by Miami Central running back Joseph Yearby. But as far as numbers, UM’s recruiting class (28 strong at the moment) is tilted more toward defense, with 16 players orally committed on that side of the ball, including three January arrivals: three-star linebackers Juwon Young and Trent Harris and defensive tackle Calvin Heurtelou.

With a month to go before National Signing Day, UM has assembled a defensive recruiting class with several high-quality defensive ends/outside linebackers, tackles and safeties, but questions at cornerback and uncertainty about a key tackle recruit who decommitted last weekend.

A look at UM's class on defense:

### Defensive tackle: UM’s biggest need, and the Canes are adding a solid group with four-star St. Thomas Aquinas standout Anthony Moten (rated the No. 6 defensive tackle), emerging three-star New Jersey based Courtel Jenkins (“great quickness for his size,” according to Rivals.com) and two junior college players who had other major offers and should help immediately: Michael Wyche (he has signed a letter of intent, but is awaiting an ACC decision on an obscure rule involving junior colleges before he’s cleared to enroll, as detailed in our last post); and Heurtelou, who had 14 tackles for loss and four sacks at Scottsdale, Ariz. Community College despite getting double- and triple-teamed a lot.

But this group needs Hialeah Champagnat four-star tackle Travonte Valentine to be considered exceptional. Valentine recently de-committed, but his coach, Mike Tunsil, told my colleague Manny Navarro on Tuesday that Valentine “loves UM” and might end up there but wants to meet with Al Golden to “make sure everyone is on the same page….

"For coach Golden to go interview for another job was unsettling. He wants to find out why [Golden] interviewed and if he is really planning to be there for the long haul.”

[As long as we're on the topic of Golden, we interrupt this column briefly for this: The NBC station in Philadelphia reported Tuesday night that Penn State still considers Golden a candidate for the job. Golden was not offered the job when he interviewed, leading to questions about whether he would take it if offered. He announced on Sunday that he wasn't a candidate for any job (without mentioning Penn State) after the UM administration asked him to address the matter publicly. We pass on the NBC Philadelphia report, because it's being reported by a major news outlet, but we don't have any indication whether Golden would even consider the job at this point. CBS reports Vanderbilt's James Franklin is the front-runner for the Penn State job. Now back to the column...]

Valentine, who also plans to visit LSU, previously dropped oral commitments to Louisville and Florida.

“Valentine is key because he’s a guy you would have to double-team, the first big guy who can move that they’ve had since Antonio Dixon,” local recruiting analyst Charles Fishbein said. “You really need him. People around him, his family, want him in Miami. [But] I like Moten, also. And I have a scout who works for me in New Jersey who loves Courtel Jenkins. He thinks he’s a big-time player.”

Said analyst Tom Lemming: “I love Moten: long arms, quick feet, can play end or tackle in college. He plays against the best competition in the country. Four-star player with five-star potential.”

Also, UM is among 22 schools that have offered Plantation American Heritage defensive tackle Edgar Cerenord, who had 75 tackles and five sacks last season. He has said UM has ground to make up.

### Defensive end/3-4 outside linebacker: Might be UM’s best position in this class presuming the Hurricanes can hold on to five-star Booker T. Washington end Chad Thomas (rated the No. 1 defensive end and 26th among all prospects, by Rivals.com); his teammate, four-star end Demetrius Jackson (14.5 sacks this past season); Miami Northwestern three-star defensive end Mike Smith (16 tackles for loss, 10 sacks); and Winter Park’s Harris, who had 39 tackles for loss, 16 sacks and four forced fumbles in 2013 and whose high-school coach who has compared him with former NFL great Michael Strahan.

Golden expects Harris to play linebacker. So will Young, who had 141 tackles last season for Albany (Ga.) High. “Both those kids are 6-2, 6-3, have range, length,” Golden said.

Thomas, who had eight sacks, has never wavered on his UM commitment. “Explosive, game-changing speed,” Lemming said. “But he needs to put on a lot of strength.”

Smith said he is planning a late-January visit to Louisville, which has five Northwestern players on its roster. Contrary to perception, Blustein insists Smith is the “most impactful defensive player they’ve got in this class,” even more than Thomas. “He’s like Tyriq McCord as a pass-rusher but faster and better.”

And Blustein said Jackson “has unlimited potential. Once he puts weight on, he’s going to be a beast. A pure pass rusher who plays off instincts. He’s just learning how to play the run.”

### Inside linebacker: A concern, with largely unproven players (Raphael Kirby, Jermaine Grace) expected to assume major roles.

Three-star Pompano Beach Ely inside linebacker Terry McCray has told Rivals.com that his UM oral commitment is “between solid and soft” and that LSU has piqued his interest. McCray had 25 tackles for loss, 16 sacks and blocked a punt for a touchdown.

“One of the most underrated players in this class,” Blustein said. “Great tackler, reads plays well, very quick.”

Lemming said McCray “has a high ceiling, can really run, but not a great player yet."

USC oral commitment Olajuwon Tucker, a four-star end/outside linebacker, from Gardena, Cal., plans to visit UM Jan. 25, but it will be difficult to get him to flip.

### Cornerback: How this group will be rated will hinge entirely on whether UM can lure Immokalee’s four-star J.C. Jackson (a soft UF oral commitment who is considering UM, UF and FSU) and whether it can hang on to oral commitment Nigel Bethel, the four-star Booker T. Washington cornerback who said he wants to see the Hurricanes change their defensive scheme.

But Bethel told me Monday he “more than likely” will end up at UM, though he earlier told others he will consider Georgia and Arkansas if they make him offers.

“The one thing about Bethel is he will challenge you, wants to go against the best guy across from him,” Fishbein said. “Miami needs more kids like that in their program, who are around successful programs.”

Three-star Miami Northwestern cornerback Ryan Mayes appears firmly committed, but “Ryan didn’t have the year Miami expected,” Fishbein said. “He will end up having to play safety." Carol City receiver Trayone Gray, a UM oral commitment, could play cornerback if needed.

### Safety: UM looks in good shape here after adding four-star New Jersey-based Kiy Hester (five interceptions in 2013 and rated by ESPN as the 196th-best player overall), Lake Worth Park Vista’s three-star Marques Goyat (32 career interceptions) and Orange Park Oakleaf High’s three-star Darrion Owens (three sacks, interception, forced fumble).

“Hester is a major catch,” Lemming said. “He can play corner, receiver, kick returner. I see him as a corner.”

Fishbein: “Goyat is more of strong safety, a will linebacker, can play the run, not as good in coverage as he is against the run… I like Darrion Owens. He may grow into a linebacker.”


### One name to keep in mind in the Dolphins GM search: Eagles and former 49ers player personnel executive Tom Gamble. He has been highly recommended to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. But the Dolphins will do a broad search.

### Ross is a big fan of Dawn Aponte, the Dolphins' executive vice president/football administration, and she might emerge from these ongoing organizational changes with more power. But the Dolphins know that player personnel is not her expertise and are not considering her to fill Jeff Ireland's role or have final say on player procurement. 

"For all the terrific things Dawn Aponte does, you need someone that knows personnel," former Colts general manager Bill Polian said on Sirius XM Radio. "That's not her."

### With Mike Sherman gone as offensive coordinator, the Dolphins should be able to move past that ridiculous pattern of Ryan Tannehill shouting “go” before passes and “go-go” before most runs. Several former players have been mystified why the Dolphins would do that, and some Dolphins players realize opponents likely picked up their snap counts.

“You could see the ease of the defense timing the Dolphins’ snap count,” WINZ-940 analyst and former quarterback John Congemi said, adding that the rhythms of Tannehill's cadence could also tip off the defense.

Congemi explains it this way: “In the huddle, you would know if it’s a run or pass. If you’re not huddling [or on audibles], you might have words that represent a run or pass” or Ryan Tannehill could use a silent count. But Congemi said the words should be changed so they’re not predictable. The Dolphins didn’t seem to do that.

### Heat president Pat Riley offered insight ingo his relationship with Erik Spoelstra in an interview with Index Universe: “We talk every day,” Riley said. “I will make X-and-O suggestions and things like that. But I trust that what he’s set up for this team is a winning formula…. I feel I made the right choice in selecting him because he’s a young coach. He’s achievement oriented. He’s ambitious. He’s analytic. He’s technological. He’s an X-and-O master. He’s not as loud a motivator as I was, but he motivates in a different way. And the team respects him for that.”

### Please see the last post for more Heat news (Andrew Bynum, Greg Oden, more Riley, etc.).... Twitter: @flasportsbuzz       


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That's you.

"For all the terrific things Dawn Aponte does, you need someone that knows personnel," former Colts general manager Bill Polian said on Sirius XM Radio. "That's not her."

If Not Butch; Certainly Petrino

I hope the Canes are still interviewing Butch, Petrino, Chudz or whomever, behind the scenes, as if PSU presents the right package to Golden, he more than likely leaves, WHICH WOULD BE GREAT! Golden tried to spin he was not a candidate, as the job hadn't yet been offered(only that he interviewed, which he didn't even admit to that in Joe Rose's QAM interview). However, once the PSU job is actually offered, hopefully he takes it and we are DONE WITH THE GOLDEN ERA!


Thanks Barry for your reporting. You are the one person that we can count on to report sports news without all of the ridiculous oppinions that we read from the Heralds other air bag reporters.

Reality Bites

Golden Boy was truthful when he said he was not a candidate for any other job as PSU did not offer him then. I heard that if offered he would leave and the Shalala wants to promote from within.
Get ready for mark DoNofrio as the sorry cane's next head coach.
That would be poetic.


Good luck trying to get a quality GM to work where he's saddled with Larry Coker's body double.


"Go" isn't going anywhere. What could happen is the words before go change. Go only goes if the new coach wants T-Hill to use Hut or Hike. Nobody realized Tannehill was saying "Go" out of College or his rookie season. But this will go the way of Tannehill gets balls batted down at the line.

The Offense Philosophy isn't going to change either. Hopefully the play calling gets more aggressive. But I don't see the need to change the Offense. Fix the O-line and get a Powerback to team up with L.Miller. I see nothing wrong with lining up 4 Wide with 3 Real Good WRs and C.Clay, Have T-Hill and a RB in shotgun running the Spread-Option. We just need an O-line that can block. Run Block and Pass Block.


Thanks Barry for moving our discussions forward to 2014. Good article and assessment of incoming defensive players' potential. We need a QB with the ability to make plays.

long time cane

Thanks Barry for the Cane update.All South Florida fans know and hope Valentine ends up at the U.Defensively on paper,,,things look a bit better actually than I thought for Miami.If only the defense could demonstrate marginal improvement and at least show that they can be at least good if not great net season then it would indicate steady progress moving forward and that the Coordinator may become better or steady at least.That said the new young QB Kaaya I believe from California seems to show great promise.Not sure Kevin Olsen is ready or mature enough to compete next season.Berrios looks exciting as a new,incoming wr ala Coley and another great wr would be great.That kid from Homestead seems destined for FSU but who knows?


Not Butch; Certainly Petrino, Petrino won't be considered because of the way he left Arkanas, and that he's a wonderer. How many jobs has he left midstream. Butch won't be considered because of the way he left the U. He lied hos way out, and Chud would be a great choice, but he's a NFL guy all the way. So wish all you want.


That was one fantastic update Barry. Sure appreciate it.

If Al sticks to his word, keeps this class intact, gets a few more jewels, can get TVal back on-board, then maybe, just maybe he can get the defense turned around. I fully expect Al and Coach D to evaluate everything they did right and wrong on defense and adjust fire as necessary. Keeping things status-quo and assuming that defense was challenged solely because of poor talent would be a huge mistake.

Bottom line: Key to all positive talk about UM football is hanging on to Al Golden and hoping this Penn State talk blows over and State hires another coach.

I really appreciate Al's efforts to date with a worrisome exception of being able to make successful in-game adjustments and getting blown out of some of our biggest games over the past three years. No reason for that IMO even though there has been a talent deficit. So coaching and development should be closely evaluated and tweaked under Al's high-power microscope and I believe red-shirting more young players, as we increase depth, should be a high priority. I understand today's HS players want to play now; however, some players need to understand that it's often in the best interest of the team and really their own development to standby for a year, get stronger, mature in their ability, and fully learn the system before they hit the field. This should be understood and supported by commits before they sign on the dotted line. It should be all about competition and the health of the program moving forward and not about playing kids just to keep them happy. To make immediate playing promises to recruits is irresponsible.


What is A.G. doing today? Is he out recruiting or is he waiting on P.S., Sad when you loose confidence in you H.C. " Cane till I die"

Go Canes

Al Golden went on the Joe Rose Show today on WQAM in Miami, and after giving a completely implausible version of events of what transpired the last few days with Penn State, shifted to a discussion of the play on the field.

He immediately went into a full throated defense of his defense, citing progress and laundry listing statistics. There is a problem with the approach that Golden took, however. This improvement does not take into account the difference in quality of opponents from 1 year to the next. Golden listed out specific, cherry picked statistics where the defense marginally improved, but this ignores the fact that the 2012 Miami Hurricanes played 2 top teams out of conference (Notre Dame and Kansas State), while the 2013 Miami Hurricanes played one of the softest schedules in program history.

For a fair and complete analysis, it is important to compare like to like. In his interview, Golden also brought up the 2011 team, pointing out how good it was by once again cherry picking metrics. But what about a complete analysis of Golden’s defense and the one that preceded his arrival under head coach Randy Shannon, comparing games in the conference so you are comparing apples to apples? Oh, we have you covered.

The statistics are from games against conference opponents only in each year. So it removes the good from the defense against Savannah State, etc… but it also removes the beatdowns from Notre Dame and Kansas State last year.

Essentially, this is about as fair a look, removing statistical noise and talent discrepancies, that you can take at a defense’s performance. And the results?

Conference Rankings

Total yards per game allowed

Dead last by 50 yards this year.
Next to last in 2012.
8th in 2011.
5th in 2010.

Total yards per play allowed

13th this year.
11th (of 12) last year.
10th in 2011.
5th in 2010.

Number of plays

Dead last this year.
Dead last last year.
5th in 2011.
4th in 2010.

Scoring defense in conference play

12th this year.
9th last year.
4th in 2011.
5th in 2010.

Analysis: So the one year they slow down the game, the scoring defense looks good. But in reality, the Canes were still getting gashed at a ridiculous level. Since Al Golden arrived on campus, and right when he arrived on campus, the overall quality of the defense plummeted. Moving from one of the top in the ACC to the bottom.

Sacks in conference play

Tied for last this year.
11th last year.
8th in 2011.
5th in 2010.

Analysis: Golden said they improved on sacks this year. This is only because they ran up numbers against the dregs like Savannah State. Once in conference play, they were tied for worst in the ACC.

Tackles for loss in conference play

Last this year.
11th last year.
7th in 2011.
1st in 2010.

Analysis: Basically, Miami doesn’t make plays behind the line of scrimmage against vaunted ACC O-Lines and Offenses. In 2010, the year prior to Golden’s arrival, they were the best in the conference at this.

Opponent 3rd down conversion % in conference

Last this year.
10th last year.
8th in 2011.
2nd in 2010.

Opponent 3rd down conversions in conference

13th this year.
8th last year.
4th in 2011.
4th in 2010.

Opponent 4th down conversion % in conference

Last (83% ALLOWED!).
5th last year.
5th in 2011.
1st in 2010.

Opponent 4th down conversions in conference

Tied for last this year.
Tied for 4th last year.
T-6 in 2011.
1st in 2010

Analysis: The team doesn’t get off the field on 3rd down. They don’t get off the field on 4th down. Again, in 2011 when they slowed down the game, the number of conversions went down, but they still converted them at a ridiculous rate.

Opponent redzone touchdown conversion % in conference

4th this year.
8th last year.
1st in 2011.
2nd in 2010.

Opponent redzone touchdown conversions

9th this year.
12th last year.
1st in 2011.
2nd in 2010.

Analysis: The good thing about the defense is that when the opponent gets to the redzone, they actually do a good job of keeping the opponent from scoring touchdowns. The bad news is that they let them in there more times than anyone in the conference, so they get scored on one way or another.

Opponent plays of greater than 10 yards in conference

last this year.
last last year.
10th in 2011.
5th in 2010.

Opponent plays of greater than 20 yards in conference

11th this year.
9th last year.
1st in 2011.
5th in 2010.

Analysis: This is pretty remarkable. Not only is the defense not making plays behind the line of scrimmage, but other teams are converting big plays.

Turnovers forced conference play

tied for 6th this year.
tied for 2nd last year.
10th in 2011.
2nd in 2010.

Analysis: The Canes did a good job of forcing turnovers the last 2 years. Interestingly enough, even in this positive metric, it actually trended down this year.


The defensive “progress” and “upward trend” in performance Al Golden referenced in his Joe Rose Show interview are COMPLETELY attributable to the out of conference opponents being weaker. The defense has yet to improve in three years, and there is no statistical justification for continuing under the same defensive staff and/or scheme.

That, Canes Fans, is the defense that your head coach just said was improving and trending in the right direction.

Reality Bites

The Fins had enough of 5 years of mediocrity and changed their GM and OC this season

The sorry canes have been mediocre for a decade and counting but Golden Boy says no changes are needed

So far football in Miami is a sad and mediocre thing.
At least the Fins recognize that fact and are trying to change.


Go Canes, not buying these rankings. There are other factors you are missing. For instance, Miami does not play the same conference teams every year. The strength of teams in conference Miami has played from year to year change also. Injuries from year to year for Miami and the opponents. You may have just wasted a lot of time Dude??

wylde bill

Well, on paper this class should help out right away. Then, I think about the scheme Mark D. runs and the lack of in game adjustment. It's then I realize we could have the Ravens defense and it still would not matter. For me, 3 years of this crap is enough. And it is crap people. Dress it up, polish it, make it shine. All you have is a shiny turd. Al says it take time. Well how long did it take Auburn Al? Winless in confrence last year 0-8(just to make sure U understand) to the national title game in one year. NOW THATS A COACH. THATS A SYSTEM, THATS A TEAM, THATS MOTIVATION. All we have is man making excuses for his best friend. Still feel good about the future?


Golden is a good talker who had alot of us fooled including I. First season 6-6, second 7-5, and a third season of 9-4 and getting blasted great(FSU) to ok(VT and) and good teams(Duke and Louisville)and getting hung 500 plus yards on this D again for the last few games of the season AND going 0-9 against top 20 ranked teams( end of season rank).

118th in Total D (2012) and 89th in 2013 and he keeps Dinofrio and Coley(48th in offense, 113th is 3rd down eff.), his OC who had NEVER called plays at FSU, had a huge dropoff on offensive efficiency while changing an offensive philosiphy that actually worked with Fisch at the helm the last two years!

I GET the NCAA sanction burden, I GET the injuries and dismissal of 3 starting linebackers at the beginning of season but at least show some improvement over the course of the season. Miami showed what they really had after their cupcake schedule was done.

I will confidently say that the Golden hire was a mistake. I realize, fo some reason, the S. Fla media stays off his case for the most part but he keeps talking a good game and continues to let down.

After the 3rd season and the downward spiral of Randy Shannon, I thought he needed to go and after the third season on Golden I think the same.

What we will get with him is good recruiting for the most part (like Shannon) and mediocre teams until he gets fired (like Shannon).

We will be fortunate with all the young players that will have to play next year, to be 6-6. GO CANES. Don't believe the hype.

Rasta Jew

Ross needs to hire more Jews. This team has been much too goyishe.

Myron smith

This a critical time in recruiting that will establish UM program for the future ...If coach thinking about moving then don't prolong it ...With you or without you (Golden) this program need some stability so recruits will come to UM ...


Goldie is doing whqat every one of us would do. accept interest from our Alma mater. Hopefully he sticks and our class stays top 5 and we improve next year with no sanctions and then the cylce of improvement starts all over again. Go Canes


Goldie is a terrible in game coach. He's mainly a PR guy. The defense sucks and this guy has the nerve to go on that radio show an say defense treads are improving. The used car salesman is done at the U..... Please PSU take this loser!!!!!


Great stuff, Barry regarding UM recruit status.
I still think it's amazing that UM, despite no home field advantage, average (at best) facilities, the NCAA thing, and generally poor showings on national television is able to garner a great class of recruits for the most part. Assuming those who verbally committed do so in writing come February.
I guess it is, and hopefully always will be a CANES THING.

That said, the mediocrity has to end, for those now in middle and high school won't have ANY frame of reference as to UM's former greatness, just Lou Holtz and mark May's derisive commentary following another UM defeat to Duke or VT.


Until women begin to work in the NFL as assistant coaches, the statement "you need someone that knows personnel" is going to sound like code for "we don't want a woman in this position."

If Not Butch; Certainly Petrino

It looks like Petrino is going to Louisville and Randy may be going there to be Defensive Coordinator. Lamar Thomas is heading there to coach the receivers. Oh, I forgot, they also have many of the great South Florida players that UM wish they had. The aforementioned should be UM's coaching staff. What's wrong with this picture.

Although Randy may have been a a bit inexperienced as a Head Coach, he is still a great Defensive Coordinator and recruiter.

Donna, Blake and UM Board of Trustees, there is an evident paradigm shift going on here. Time to step up to the plate, and prevent the carpeting from being taken out from under us. Maybe for a start, we export Al Golden to replace Petrino at Western Kentucky. That is all of a head coaching job of which he is worthy. Hopefully, Penn State will still take him. I just hope you guys aren't trying to convince to stay in Coral Gables with more money.


From Canesport....

"CaneSport had previously reported that Golden expected the deal finalized today. But when rumors of the Munchak flirtation circulated Sunday morning, sources told CaneSport that Golden informed Penn State that he wanted a contract to sign today. When it didn't happen by 4 p.m. - with pressure growing throughout South Florida - he backed out of the deal."

So, when the Sun comes up tomorrow, the deal could be back on the table ? If this guy, after his statement today, open himself back up for the job when Penn St. is done interviewing, he'll never be able to step foot in S. Fla. again without Police protection.

Crazier things have happened... Saban 2.0 ?

"There has been much speculation concerning my future at the University of Miami. While I am flattered that our progress at The U during an extremely difficult period of time is recognized, I am also appreciative of just what we have here at UM and I am not a candidate for another position. We are eager to welcome our student athletes back to campus next week and visit with prospective student-athletes and their families beginning January 15."

Nowhere in there does he say, "I'm 100% committed to Miami for the duration of my contract." that is a paper thin statement. And what he said today at 4pm can change tomorrow at 4pm? If Louisville called and ask permission for an interview, would Golden then be a "candidate for another position" because things change ? The other Penn St. candidates don't get offered and they come calling again? Man this guy is digging himself deeper holes that he might never get out of.

Posted by: Carl | January 05, 2014 at 10:33 PM


*** Things are not always as they seem. Golden gets to appear in the wake of all of this as so committed to Miami that he would turn down his alma mater. But just last night 1-7-14, the NBC station in Philadelphia reported that Penn State still considers Golden a candidate. Things that make you go hmm. Interesting days for both the Canes and Dolphins. - Greg Cote ***


If any Canes fans think Al Golden is 100% committed to Miami for the duration of his contract, you are only fooling yourselves. This guy and his Agent Brett Senior are still not making any further public statements or taking/returning any phone calls or emails. They are playing the University and it's fan base like stepping stones across a river and somehow remain high n dry by the press and certain overly emotionally involved fans that can't logically access this situation for what it is. Golden STILL is listening to Penn. St. Penn St. is in no hurry. They could take as long as 2 more weeks. And if Penn. St. calls Golden right now or in 2-weeks, he'll pick up before the 3rd. ring make absolutely no mistake about that.

Now, the real question is, does Penn. St. want Golden as much as Golden wants Penn. St. That remains to be seen. But he's put himself in this position of spin mastering this entire situation. Again, all he said in his statement, press conference and Joe Rose is, "I am also appreciative of just what we have here at UM and I am not a candidate for another position." ... PERIOD. Well how about today Coach ? Tomorrow ? In a week ? His agent wrote that very well crafted statement leaving him plenty of wiggle room. Commitment? Hardly.

So, if Golden is offered by Penn. St., which NEVER happened in the first place, will be offered or not offered, He's covered. But his true commitment to the University of Miami Football Program is anything but 100%. But then again, there are some of you that will turn blind eyes leaving yourselves to be blind sided time n time again.

2 Birds In the Hand

*** Things are not always as they seem. Golden gets to appear in the wake of all of this as so committed to Miami that he would turn down his alma mater. But just last night 1-7-14, the NBC station in Philadelphia reported that Penn State still considers Golden a candidate. Things that make you go hmm. Interesting days for both the Canes and Dolphins. - Greg Cote ***


Coach Golden, when you sit down with your agent and make a rock solid decision to NOT take another Coaching job this is how you do it...

*** While the Patriots were on their playoff bye week, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels interviewed for the open Browns head coaching job.

On Wednesday, though, McDaniels WITHDREW from consideration for the job, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. ***

Not, "I am also appreciative of just what we have here at UM and I am not a candidate for another position." (ie- at this time on this day agent speak.)

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