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Death threats and more allegations in A-Rod case; Dolphins NFL draft options; UM, Heat

Please see the last post for the Sunday buzz column, with lots of Fins, Canes, Heat and Marlins news, including an early look at Dolphins draft possibilities.


Anthony Bosch, who said previously that he provided performance enhancing drugs to Alex Rodriguez, said in a televised interview Sunday that he injected Rodriguez with some of those drugs, that Rodriguez’s associates tried to intimidate him to keep him from cooperating with Major League Baseball’s investigation and that Rodriguez would take banned substances during games and shortly before them.

“Alex is scared of needles so at times he would ask me to inject,” Bosch, who ran the Miami-based anti-aging clinic Biogenesis, said on CBS’ 60 Minutes.

The interview aired a day after an arbitrator reduced Rodriguez’s suspension from 211 games to 162 – a full season – plus any playoff games.

Bosch said the Yankees third baseman paid him $12,000 a month in cash and took six banned substances including testosterone, insulin growth factor 1, human growth hormone and some different forms of peptides.

“Alex knew they were [banned],” Bosch said, adding that he personally delivered the substances to him at least a dozen times.

Bosch said when Rodriguez became a client in 2010, “the first words out of his mouth were, ‘What did Manny Ramirez take in 2008 and 2009? What were you giving Manny Ramirez?’

“Alex wanted to know. He would study the product, study the substance, would study the dosage. The most important was the 800 home run club, which was only going to have one member, Alex Rodriguez.”

Rodriguez, 38, has 654 homers in 20 seasons.

Bosch said he would draw blood from Rodriguez at different times to see how quickly the drugs dissipated, which enabled Rodriguez to pass 12 random drug tests.

He also advised Rodriguez he would greatly decrease his chance of testing positive if he submitted urine “from the middle of the stream” because “most of the metabolites are in the beginning of the stream or the end of the stream.”   

Bosch said Rodriguez would put testosterone “troches in his mouth 10 minutes before game time… By the time they get back into the locker-room and there was any possibility of testing, they would test clean. They’re so small, you could literally take it while sitting in the dugout, and people would think it’s either sunflower seeds or a piece of candy or gum.”

That drug helped Rodriguez, Bosch said, because “it gives him more energy, more strength, more focus. In combination with the growth hormone, that combination would make playing the game of baseball a lot easier.”

Bosch said he feared for his life because his ex-girlfriend received a text message in Spanish saying Bosch “would not live to see the end of the year.”

MLB --- which is paying Bosch’s legal fees and provided him with a personal security detail --- told CBS that the most worrisome threat to Bosch came from someone associated with Rodriguez.

Bosch said before he received death threats, associates of Rodriguez asked him to sign an affidavit saying that he never offered performance enhancing drugs to Rodriguez. Bosch said he declined.

“One of his associates said he felt I should leave town,” Bosch said. “[He said], ‘We’ll get you a plane ticket to Colombia, stay there until this blows over.’”

He said Rodriguez’s associates offered to pay him $20,000 or $25,000 a month and told him “when you come back, we’ll pay up another $150,000.” Bosch said he also declined that offer.

Bosch was asked why he provided performance enhancing drugs to players when he knew the drugs were banned by baseball.

“I did it because I had a responsibility to do it,” he said. “My approach was you’re going to do this, let me show you how to do this, let me educate you, let’s do it the right way, and sure, let’s not get caught while we’re doing it.

“Unfortunately, this is part of baseball. When you ask these guys to play [so many] games, back-to-back, their bodies break down. This has always been part of the game.

Bosch provided CBS with 500 text messages that he exchanged with Rodriguez. CBS said the names of no performance enhancing drugs appeared in those messages, but Bosch said they used code words.

Rodriguez has denied all of the charges and is expected to file a lawsuit against Major League Baseball in an attempt to reverse his suspension, which would cost him $25 million in salary. 


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Ray McDonald

Well looks like A Rod will be outcaste from the HOF like McGwire, Sosa, Bonds. Too bad! A Lot of your favorite players were on roids we can never be sure who used or didn't. I'll say let all of them in and call it the Steroids Era!

Thanks Barry!

u, el StUpido are U ...

they all sound like typical Cane fans ...

mark light stadium at ron fraser park ?

urrrr all a rod


Hey,U, el STUPIDO...A-ROD is just another black eye on Miami, which is rapidly becoming nothing but a SOUTH AMERICAN SLUM CITY.

How's that?

Get lost, loser...A-ROD is a cheating, LYING piece of human parasite waste.

I hope UM gives him his DIRTY $$$ back and takes his FILTHY NAME off of Mark Light Stadium!!


Cashman must be doing cartwheels. There's an extra $27.5 mil under the cap. Go chase after Tanaka and hope he becomes the next Darvish. Just hope they don't settle on Nunez at 3rd...that guy is a fielding error waiting to happen.

U Cheat

Famous UM landmarks:

The Nevin Shapiro Student Lounge

Alex Rodriguez Park

More slime and sleeze associated with Dah U

Poor Mark Light must rolling in his grave thinking why the heck did you associate my name with cheaters, losers and schemers?

Fidel Castro

U Cheat - you forgot Ryan Braun


No doubt he juiced, but the fact that he passed all his drug tests shows MBL is not serious about PEDs.
They have no real evidence except a cash strapped shady drug dealer who they are paying off.

MLB and the cycling mafia have so many similarities, just like A-Roid and Lance. They only want to catch cheaters selectively.

If baseball wanted to really ban PEDs they would let WADA handle it, they don't, just like the NFL.

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