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Report: Caserio declines Dolphins' GM offer; UM recruiting; Marlins signing

10:30 p.m. update: Patriots personnel director Nick Caserio has turned down an offer to become the Dolphins' GM, NFL Network's Ian Rapaport reported tonight. If true, that leaves Brian Gaine, Lake Dawson and Dennis Hickey in the running to replace Jeff Ireland. None of those three has been a GM before and none of their teams had winning records this season.


A few quick Saturday notes:

### What would the Dolphins be getting if they grab Nick Caserio from the Patriots? The Patriots personnel director remained in Miami for a second interview today, as they close in on hiring a general manager.

"To me, what was so impressive about Nick is everything he does, there's a selflessness about it," Scott Pioli, who hired Caserio in New England in 2001, told NFL Network’s Albert Breer earlier this month. "People in this industry, there's a lot of ego, a lot of testosterone, but Nick was always more concerned about the greater good than his own mission. For young guys in our business, that's a vanishing commodity these days, and it's an important quality of his. It's loyalty, but it's more. It's selflessness. He's a team guy.

"When he was asked to coach, he coached; when he was asked to work in personnel, he worked in personnel. He was only concerned with what the team needed. A lot of guys are in there for two yearsand are worried about being directors or GMs. That's not what Nick's focus was."

Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff, who previously worked with Caserio in New England, told Breer: "Nick's gotten where he's gotten for good reasons, because he's incredibly driven and intelligent. It's a huge asset to Nick that he can move from personnel to coaching and coaching personnel, and even perform those tasks in the same day.

“To be able to handle that multitasking and understand what someone as talented as Bill Belichick wants, it's huge. When you work for Bill, you better come to the table with your I's dotted and your T's crossed. Nick is able to do that, and Bill has great respect for that."

When I mentioned his name to an NFL official Friday, the first response was "very sharp guy."

Belichick makes final decisions in New England, so it’s unclear which decisions Caserio suggested. But the Patriots have made a bunch of good ones in the draft and the fact he has earned Belichick’s complete faith and trust speaks volumes.

It Stephen Ross wants Caserio, it wouldn't be surprising if he offers him a ton of money to lure him.

Tennessee's Lake Dawson also interviews a second time today, but the feedback I've received on him (from two NFL executives) has been lukewarm at best. Dennis Hickey also is set for another interview today. The Dolphins' Brian Gaine had a second interview Friday.

###It’s a light weekend for UM recruiting visits, among seniors. Mobile (Ala.)-based Malik Rosier --- rated the nation’s 22nd-best dual purpose quarterback --- is visiting and is considered a solid UM oral commitment.

At least two others were expected this weekend: Three-star Georgia-based prospect Tavon Ross (who’s committed to Missouri) and three-star Jacksonville-based receiver Isaiah Ford, who’s uncommitted.

UM has interest in Ross as a running back, but Ross told Rivals.com that his commitment to Mizzou is “pretty solid.”

Ford, rated the nation’s No. 67 receiver, is considering Louisville, Virginia Tech, UM, UF and South Carolina. [UPDATE: FORD REPORTEDLY ENDED UP CANCELING HIS VISIT.]

UM will host a bunch of juniors on Sunday.

### UM basketball is getting more exposure this week than any other week this season, with two consecutive games on national television and both being called by the lead analyst at their respective networks. Wednesday, it was ESPN2 and Dick Vitale for UM- Duke. Today, it’s a full national telecast on CBS for UM-Syracuse, with new CBS lead analyst Greg Anthony providing commentary (alongside Ian Eagle).

### The Marlins had been considering four players as a right-handed bat off the bench: Vernon Wells, Jeff Baker, Reed Johnson and Ty Wigginton. They signed Wigginton on Friday, even though he hit just .158 in 57 at-bats for St. Louis last season before being released in July.

He was better for Philadelphia in 2012, hitting .235 with 11 homers and 43 RBI. Wigginton, 36, has a .261 career average with 169 homers.  He signed a minor-league deal with an invitation to spring training. 


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If he's so intelligent then he will never take the job and is using the Fins for salary leverage or is spying for Belichik.


Round and round the Mulberry bush......and we all fall down!


It has been interesting the last few days to see some tweets from high school kids who think that offering a player for 2015 just the other day is considered a late offer by some of these players. Kids in 10th grade dissing on Miami for offering a rising senior (2015) at Plantation Heritage

Entitlement anyone? So If Miami doesn't offer a 2015 or 16 kid until now they trash the U for being late to the party? If that doesn't speak of an entitlement attitude nothing does!


It also does not surprise me that some of the kids are products or past products of University School where many negative tweets about officiating, opponents and the U originate!


@Anonymous Cane..Not saying that none of these kids aren't Divas, but recruiting is built on relationships. Just read some articles where kids are getting offered but barely have had contact with the coaches. Just saying that isn't something you want to hear 10 days away from signing day.I don't think it is as serious as everyone is making it out to be, but it is something to pay attention to.


Dolphins need to look at someone from the Seahawks, they have a bunch of late rounds and undrafted players going to the Super Bowl.


what the u.m. doesnt seem to understand is that they have the best youth football program in the nation (maybe the one in s.california w/snoop can compare)they are not understanding is that it starts there then high school.Within a 100 mile radius this program can and should be rebuilt.You have parents who grew up loving the U but you pay very little attention until junior and senior seasons thats to late. if u watched espn outside the outside the lines you would saw 50k being bet on these kids so the level of competition is astronomical ive saw it personally my son being a member of that league,so you have kids who know what pressure is BEFORE they make it to highschool.You have Washington,St Thomas,Central,Miramar,Am.Heritage,Dwyer, how about offering some coaching positions to these coaches so you develop a pipeline.Tim Harris who was a coach on Randy Shannon now at B.T.W promptly went out and built the number one program in the nation GIVE THE MAN A JOB GOLDEN at least offer one.this applies to anyone of these program coaches the coach at Miramar is so respected in the area(Damon Cogdell).If the Cleveland Browns can hire a high school coach Golden can to. Golden doesnt have "street cred/trust" like coach schnell,jimmy j.,or butch and randy.So bring in some of the coaches who do they dont have to be coordinators just position coaches.We're losing to many recruits and not stealing any when was the last time we flipped a big time recruit?If Golden doesnt work out bring in Mario Cristobal he has developed better talent at FIU than golden at UM Why?because he understands s.florida kids and parent dynamics ,they are different!They smell b.s.,distrust ,disloyalty,after the penn state thing it wont get better soon .Thanks Mr.Jackson for the best column in Sflorida

u are u

###It’s a light weekend for UM recruiting visits, among seniors.


That's because ZERO uncommitted players left in the Top-300 are even considering U. And of course, ZERO committed players will flip to U. It's just late Jan. free recruiting trips. While all the Top-Programs are hosting 8-10 Top kids that will commit or flip.

It's called CLOSING ... Which Goldie n Co. haven't done yet.

When It’s a light weekend for UM recruiting visits, among seniors, 2-weeks from Signing Day... It's trUly a u thang.



Caserio must be hired and he must be hired NOW!
If Ross lets him leave town, w/o signing a contract, Fins are doomed.


It amazes me how clueless the people are on here. Not one of you know anything about what is going on inside and how recruiting works. How many of you posters have actually played college ball or have been recruited? They have no on campus stadium, don't pay their coaches and are a small school. That is after being practically on probation for the past three years. Coley flipped last year. Howard flipped and Duke Johnson came to school here. Miami currently has a top ten class. We finally digging out of being Northwestern to the East and Randy Shannon's mess. Get a clue or post some place where you know what is going on and not what your read on-line.


If Golden doesnt work out bring in Mario Cristobal he has developed better talent at FIU than golden at UM Why?because he understands s.florida kids and parent dynamics ,they are different!They smell b.s.,distrust ,disloyalty,after the penn state thing it wont get better soon.

Posted by: DEEBOY4LIFE | 01/25/2014 at 01:06 PM

You can't be serious. Mario? Who turned his back on this []_[] for Alabama and is trying to steal recruits? You talk about disloyal? Pete Garcia put him out on his backside and Al gave the man an ass. HC position! Then he leaves to be a position coach at Alabama?

c'mon man

Not our rival

Posted by: u are u | 01/25/2014 at 03:58 PM

Hush nerd, no one cares about your fake internet rivalry.

Dan the Man

Everyone in my opinion it comes down to one critical point ! Stop living in the past and accept the fact that we will never see the old u of glory days again! Seriously in what world would it be ok to canes fans and players if past accept losing to duke and getting blown out by Louisville. It's time to get some if the millionaire nfl canes to each come back to the program,dig in there wallet and help us out ! Are facilities are a laughing stock and not having an on campus stadium for a school with such great and rich history is embarrassing! If the alumn like Michael and Ray and all those greats from the past can't come back with open arms waiting for them. We will continue to be light years away from a coastal crown! And as for the glory days! Let's just all be thankful we were able to be part of the greatest teams if the 80s and 90s some schools never get greatness! At least we know what it was, just time to realize it's something that may never again happen down here again!


Hey retard, our facilities are amazing, Miami's new athletic center costs more than Alabama's new athletic center.

Dan the Man

One more thing mr golden sir you might have the look and shine if a great coach. But you are flash with no substance! Sir I knew jimmy and you definitely aren't in the same class if the man! Ps you want to get respect you want the alumn and fans behind you? Than be a man of this so called character you talk about and TELL EVERYONE THE TRUTH! You talk if loyalty and commitment? Just go back in Joe Rose or werever and Say yes u was interested in the head coaching job at penn state! But for multiple reasons it did not work out short and sweet and honest and it would go a long way in having fans recruits and your current players have the respect you ask of us, to be given to you! Remember a man of substance can stand talk a man of flash should go sell used cars for maroone ! Which one are you mr golden? The clock is ticking???

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