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Noon update: Wade out; Peterson's Dolphins influence apparent; UM, Heat, Marlins; ABC/ESPN shakeup

Noon update: Dwyane Wade won't play against the Lakers tonight; he's missing his fourth consecutive game to rest his knees. Wade said Monday he feels soreness in the knees but hasn't spoken to reporters since then.

Asked if the Heat should be alarmed, Erik Spoelstra said no. "Heat nation does not need to be panicked," he said. But this has the feel of a mini-shut down.

Spoelstra declined to speculate if Wade would be available Sunday against San Antonio.

### USA Basketball chief Jerry Colangelo, on Wade not being a part of the 2016 Olympic team: "He's concentrating on his NBA career like he should. We appreciate the service he gave us. But it's time for us to move on."

Chris Bosh said he will not play in the 2016 Olympics because he wants to spend time with his family and wants others to get the opportunity. But he said he did not relay that message to USA Basketball, suggesting that USA Basketball might have gone in a different direction anyway.

LeBron James is expected to play in the 2016 Games in Brazil --- his fourth Olympics.

### After two published reports last night that Tennessee Titans executive Lake Dawson is not a finalist for the Dolphins' GM job, The Herald's Armando Salguero reports he is. Cleveland's Ray Farmer is also reportedly a finalist.


Notes on a Wednesday night:

### Despite Stephen Ross’ fondness and respect for friend and confidante Carl Peterson, the Dolphins owner never has been quite motivated enough to give him a big salary and a lofty title --- a role that would hold appeal to Peterson, according to a friend.

But in some ways, Peterson’s influence over the Dolphins has never been greater, and it’s evident now in his role as Ross’ chief advisor in the general manager search.

Ray Farmer reportedly is a favorite for the Dolphins’ GM job, and it’s no coincidence that he’s the one candidate with whom Peterson worked closely, for three years in Kansas City.

Scott Pioli, the former two-time NFL Executive of the Year, was never a candidate for the Dolphins’ GM job, and it’s no coincidence that Peterson wasn’t a fan of Pioli and is believed to have told Ross as much.

Not only did Pioli replace Peterson in Kansas City, but Peterson’s former Chiefs colleagues called Peterson and bad-mouthed Pioli, according to someone with direct knowledge.

So Peterson wasn’t about to recommend Pioli to Ross, and Ross thus had no reason to pursue him. Pioli, who would have considered Dolphins overtures, never heard from Miami and took an assistant general manager job with the Falcons on Wednesday.

And remember, when the Dolphins were trying to decide whether to hire Joe Philbin or Mike McCoy as coach two years ago, Peterson told Ross that he never saw a coach’s presentation more impressive than Philbin’s.

So even without a title, Peterson still wields more influence over the owner than most of the people who do. And that’s even with Ross already announcing that he won’t hire Peterson for anything after the GM search is over.

### The Dolphins whittled their list of GM candidates on Wednesday, and based on reports (if accurate) and process of elimination, the job should go to Browns assistant GM Ray Farmer, Titans personnel man Dawson, Dolphins assistant GM Brian Gaine or Buccaneers director of player personnel Dennis Hickey --- unless a new candidate surprisingly emerges.

Interviews with finalists with take place this weekend. Several reports have established Farmer as the front-runner.

### Duke’s 67-46 win over UM tonight was Miami’s first lopsided loss in six conference games, and it exposed all of the Hurricanes’ offensive limitations. There’s simply no way UM can give Duke a competitive game when its two most experienced perimeter players, Rion Brown and Garrius Adams, shoot a combined 4 for 17, with Brown 1 for 6 and Adams 3 for 11.

Freshman Manu Lecomte, who had displayed growth recently, played an unsteady floor game, with six turnovers and two assists. At 10-8 overall and 2-4 in the conference, UM faces an uphill climb to make a push for an NIT berth.

### ESPN.com obtained a list of the 28-player pool from which USA Basketball will select 12 participants for this summer's World Cup and the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, who are headed into potential free agency this summer, are not on the list. LeBron James, naturally, is on the list but reportedly won't participate in Team USA's international competition this summer.

### Viewer alert: TNT is allowing Charles Barkley to work games occasionally this year, at his request, and Sir Charles will join Marv Albert and Steve Kerr for the call of Heat-Lakers on Thursday night. Barkley again stated this week that the Pacers are the best team in the East.

### Among the 17 people that CBS announced today will be competing against Marlins president David Samson in the new installment of the reality series Survivor: former NBA forward Cliff Robinson, a poker player, nuclear engineer, hair stylist and two police officers. The show, taped last summer in the Philippines, begins airing Feb. 28.

### Barring a change of heart, ESPN and ABC are planning to replace Brent Musburger as their lead college football announcer, as first reported by ESPN biographer James Andrew Miller.

A source confirmed Chris Fowler is the front-runner for the job, even though Brad Nessler is the more experienced and deserving play-by-play man. Fowler, an exceptional studio host, has expressed interest in doing play-by-play and his expiring contract gives him leverage in negotiations.

Musburger, whose contract is expiring, has been offered a play-by-play position with the new SEC Network, which is owned by ESPN. Musburger will turn 75 in May.


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Randy Shannons' Agent

I think demoting Musburger is a mistake Nessler is class though

joe r

might as well interview musburger for the gm position, he thinks everyone is an all american so we should get plenty of great picks, at least in his mind

Ted B.

Musburger for phins coach in 2015. Bring some youthful thinking to the organization.

Reality Bites

"At 10-8 overall and 2-4 in the conference, UM faces an uphill climb to make a push for an NIT berth."

This is stating the obvious, your once in a lifetime run is over. One and done. No conference championship ever again. Struggle to even sniff an NIT berth.
Back to normal for cane basketball.
Kobe was at the game last night and was asked what he thought since he had never attended a college game before. He said it was great and reminded him of his high school days. With the high school type venue and the high school type atmosphere and the high school type play of the home team. The logical follow up would be to say wait til you attend a real college game in a real college arena with passionate fans and a two good teams going at it. But you won't find any of that in South Florida.

Go Heat!


Once again Reality Bites. Actually your half right. The reality is YOU BITE!!!!


Sounds like the Dolphins are looking for a GM who will be Dawn Aponte's assistant. Pathetic.

Ship shape

Philbin must have sent in an impostor when he interviewed because he has the personality of a dead fish. A dead fish fish with a slack jaw. Everything named Philbin seems to be dead.


The 2 worst owners in sports reside right here in South Florida

Dawn Aponte's Emasculated Hubby

Jed R. and Ted B., You guys made me laugh out loud with your comments; really needed that... Now I have to get to the grocery store, dry cleaners and beauty salon by 3...

Sunny Dee

Ross is completely incompetent. It is amazing that he has had any success at all in business. He surrounds himself with butt-kissers of lesser talent. He then allows those incompetent people (like Peterson) to influence him not to even consider a very qualified candidate (Pioli) because Peterson just doesn't like him. He was also blown away by Philbin's presentation and cites that as the reason why Philbin was hired.

Newsflash - don't ever base your hire on someone's presentation. An actor can make a great presentation but that does not mean he can coach a football team. A great presentation (did he use powerpoint?) or a 300-page binder that looks nice does not mean a guy can coach.

Not out rival

Posted by: Reality Bites | 01/23/2014 at 08:42 AM

Hush nerd, no one cares about your fake Internet rivalry, Miamk fans have no reason to care about the Gators anymore.


With Philbin Ross got what he saw in the interviews, an organized dude who had Sherman prepare him for the show. Philbin has been an organized dude who prepares his cue cards when speaking with the players but now with his seeing eye dog Sherman gone lets see if he sinks or swims.
If I was a competent GM candidate I would not have the Fins structure and coaching staff as an ideal situation, but these are sideshows.
Players win games so ai care way more that the guys are ready and prepared for the games next year, with all these sideshows and internal fighting, scandals, etc.. We still went 8-8 so you have to give it it aphilbin for the team not imploding earlier.
We saw that with a half decent LT we looked halfway decent for a stretch so I put that on Ireland for rolling the dice on the OL with a young QB.


Is Sherman's inexperienced nephew still QB coach? How about his in- law OL coach, still here for next year? I don't feel they made the necessary changes if they still are.

Why not bring in Chad Pennington as QB coach or some other role in the offensive staff?


I believe that Philbin feels threatened by competent assistants. He has demonstrated that he is not capable of being a head coach in the NFL. Good coordinators and assistants would not put up with his act. It is a shame that we have to endure another year of this.

The Hyper Bole

"The 2 worst owners in sports reside right here in South Florida"

Only one (Loria). Ross is nowheres near the worst, not even the worst in the NFL. He is poor to even mediocre. Definitely not worst.

The Hyper Bole

Munsbeger said on air that Holly Rowe (aka Miss Piggy) was "really smokin". He should've been fired on the spot for bad taste.


Kobe was at the game last night and was asked what he thought since he had never attended a college game before. He said it was great ... wait til you attend a real college game in a real college arena with passionate fans and a two good teams going at it. But you won't find any of that in South Florida.

Posted by: Reality Bites (gaturd agent provocateur)| 01/23/2014 at 08:42 AM


It is a testament to how far our program has come to have NBA stars choose to spend their night off at #CanesHoops
-- Miami Basketball ‏@CanesHoops

when will the countrified gaturd ever host the likes of kobe, lebron or d-wade ...
rhetorical question ...
don't bother answering ...
we live where you vacation ...



With Operation FIRELAND accomplished, thd next absolutely necessary step is to get rid of dead-fish Failbin, or, at a minimum, his o-line & QB coaches.



Expect to hear some announcements or statements about 9 conference games which actually seems more likely than it did a month ago. Also something may be announced or some statement may be given after the winter meetings next week about seeking NCAA approval about divisions etc.... Depends on how far talks go.

Edit: the 9 games seems to be a remedy for if we get struck down on the no division idea. So expect No divisions over 9 games
-- westmc9th


long time cane

The Gator troll has reared his pessimism and negativity on a blog where no one respects his controlled hostility.He just continues to demonstrate his need for attention by creating anti opinions.At times if I feel it...I respond.Most times I ignore and smile at his irrlevant and immature behvior.Seems he doesn t have enough positive time in his life to extoll the virtue of being a Gator.

Sweet 16 Chokers to N.I.T.


Posted by: green | 01/23/2014 at 01:12 PM

THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE were there to see DUKE, not U.

Not our rival

Posted by: Sweet 16 Chokers to N.I.T. | 01/23/2014 at 05:46 PM

Hush nerd, no one cares about your fake internet rivalry.

Sweet 16 Chokers to N.I.T. BUbble Pass Overs

if U don't respond, U might prove Ur point.

BUt U will continUe to do so... Why ? Inferiority complex caneitis.

BUt Ur right, U are no rival. Rivals must win more than from time to time.

Basketball, Football, Baseball. Ur 4 and 24 the last 28 meetings combined... 5 and 45 overall in all Sports meetings.

Ur owned.

Not our rival

Posted by: Sweet 16 Chokers to N.I.T. BUbble Pass Overs | 01/23/2014 at 06:55 PM

Nope, don't care about the Gators, we don't play them in football anymore. Gators fans have no reason to care about Miami, but you're not a Gators fan, you're a fake internet rivalry nerd.

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