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Another free agent target emerges for Dolphins; Fins, Heat, UM notes; Samson's Survivor debut


We mentioned yesterday that the Dolphins have interest in Chiefs free agent Branden Albert. But that's not the only left tackle on Miami's radar.

The Dolphins also very much like Eugene Monroe and plan to pursue both Monroe (if he gets to free agency) and Albert, with the hope of landing one of them, according to sources briefed on the team’s thinking. The Dolphins like both, and would be happy to land either.

Whether Monroe even makes it to free agency is very much in question, with Baltimore eager to keep him.

The Dolphins prefer to sign a high-end left tackle and fill the other tackle spot through free agency or the draft, possibly with Notre Dame’s Zack Martin with the 19th pick in the first round.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said he’s “very optimistic” about keeping Monroe. But a deal wasn’t imminent as of Tuesday afternoon. And though Monroe’s wife is from Baltimore, Monroe likes Florida and has friends in South Florida. The Dolphins would have a legitimate shot if he makes it to free agency.

Arizona and Tampa Bay are expected to join Miami in the pursuit of Albert and potentially Monroe, and the Chiefs are considering an offer to re-sign Albert.

Monroe, at 26, is three years younger than Albert but likely will be more expensive. So who’s better of the two?

According to Pro Football Focus, Monroe ranked 12th among 75 qualifying tackles last season, Albert 28th. Albert is excellent in pass protection, allowing only four sacks in 555 pass blocking opportunities last season. He graded out negatively as a run blocker the past two seasons but “hasn’t been terrible” in that area, PFF said. Questions about durability have been raised; Albert missed three games in 2012 and four in 2013.

According to PFF, Monroe allowed five sacks in 656 pass blocking opportunities in 2013 --- four in his 11 games with Baltimore, one in four games with Jacksonville.

PFF ranks Monroe first and Albert second among free agent tackles and said of Monroe: “With other left tackles on the market featuring one flaw or another, be it age, injury, or an off season, Monroe stands out. After taking over Baltimore's left tackle position in Week 6, he posted 11 straight positively-graded games.

“That consistency is nothing new for 2009's eighth overall selection, who really came into his own in 2011. In his last three seasons, he's graded positively for both run blocking and pass blocking, and his overall grade hasn't dropped below +20.0.”

By comparison, Dolphins left tackles allowed 14 sacks last season --- seven each by Jonathan Martin and Bryant McKinnie.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin coveted Albert last offseason, but then-general manager Jeff Ireland didn't want to offer a first- or second-round pick and wasn't even convinced he should offer a third, with Miami never able to get permission to give him a physical.

"The thinking at the time," a Dolphins source said, "was you are going to be trading a sizable pick for a guy who would be an unrestricted free agent in a year. You could get him [without trade compensation] if you wait. He had durability and medical issues" that concerned Ireland.

If the Dolphins cannot sign Monroe or Albert, other free agent left tackle options would include Jared Veldheer (third on PFF’s list; Oakland wants to keep him), Cincinnati’s Anthony Collins and St. Louis’ Rodger Saffold.

Among right tackles, the Saints are trying to keep highly-regarded Zach Strief and the Jets are trying to re-sign Austin Howard. Beware of Baltimore’s Michael Oher, who had PFF’s worst run-blocking grade among all tackles in 2013.

### Martin could end up being the only realistic tackle option with the 19th pick, unless Tennessee’s Antonio Richardson (rated 27th overall by Mel Kiper) surprisingly rises in the next two months. And that seems unlikely, because Richardson had a disappointing workout at the Combine.

Alabama’s Cyrus Kouandjio, who some consider an option at No. 19, has seen his stock fall because of an arthritic knee condition, according to NFL Network. Draftinsider.com’s Tony Pauline said a Bills scout told him “Cyrus [can] say goodbye to round one.”

Meanwhile, it appears unlikely Michigan tackle Taylor Lewan will fall to 19; he had an impressive NFL Combine and is a top-10 talent, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said.


Jonathan Martin, who wants to move on from Miami, is hoping the Dolphins trade him (with the 49ers and Colts among those holding appeal to him) instead of releasing him so that he can make the $825,000 and $1.04 million he’s due in the next two non-guaranteed seasons, as opposed to the $570,000 league minimum. The Dolphins have said it’s doubtful he will return and are trying to trade him.

### Receiver Braxton Berrios isn’t the only top UM recruit recovering from a torn ACL. Miami Northwestern High defensive end Mike Smith, who is enrolling at UM this summer, said he’s recovering from one, too (sustained in a late-season practice) but expects to be back by August… Though it’s still too soon to know if it’s realistic, several UM people are excited about the chance of a joint stadium with David Beckham’s MLS team. Some UM coaches and trustees would love to play at a new facility at Tropical Park, but that’s not being considered. MLS wants a downtown stadium. Beckham's group continues to study the feasibility of a joint stadium with UM, fully aware that UM has told them that 40,000 seats is the absolute minimum the Hurricanes could accept.

### Buyout negotiations continue between the Milwaukee Bucks and Caron Butler, who has interest in joining the Heat. Miami also holds Butler in high regard. Players must be cut by Saturday to be playoff-eligible on another team. But they don't need to sign with their new team by Saturday to be playoff-eligible.

### Though re-signing Mario Chalmers this summer could be tricky for the Heat because of luxury tax issues, consider this: A career 42.6 percent shooter, he’s at 46.7 percent, second behind only Tony Parker among all point guards. And he’s third in steals per 48 minutes.

Chalmers said playing point guard here “would not be for everyone. Not every point guard can handle being without the ball a lot…. I’m ready when called on. That’s what makes me special.”

Chalmers, earning $4 million this season, said he hasn’t considered whether he would take less money to re-sign here, though it might be difficult to pass up his first big multiyear contract if a team offers him far more than Miami does. But “I would love to stay,” he added.

### Best line of the day Tuesday from Shane Battier when asked why the Heat isn't as sharp against sub .500 teams as it is against winning teams.

"I'm not Sigmund Freud, I'm not Siggy Freud, I can't speculate on the psyche of our team," he said. "Is it easier to play with energy and concentration when you're playing a Kevin Durant? Yes. If you don't, you're going to be embarrassed." 

Miami is 19-5 record against teams with a .500 or winning record when they played them, 21-9 in other games.

### The Survivor series featuring Marlins president David Samson, which was taped last summer, begins airing at 8 p.m. Wednesday on CBS, with 18 contestants on the province of Cagayan in the Philippines.

"It was much harder than I thought it would be,” Samson said. But “it was something I always wanted to do. I've been watching the show from the beginning.” 


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Don't blame Samson. It's all Loria's fault.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

David Samson is absolute scum, a miserable little weasel.

Hope his personality shines through on national television, this dude is genuinely a bad guy.


Hoping dolphins get zack martin. he's a heck of a player.



Follow us on Instagram for behind-the-scene shots from today's exhibition against the @Marlins
-- Hurricanes Baseball ‏@CanesBaseball



tropical park is an ideal spot for a stadium



Miami Hurricanes are opening 12 of their 15 spring football sessions to the public. Pretty cool. It has been a while.
-- Susan Miller Degnan @smillerdegnan


Marcos Rodriguez

David Sampson is as much to blame for the Marlins situation as Loria....too bad a croc or alligator did not get him on that island...both Sampson and Loria should have gone to the island and fallen into a volcano pit...or been sacrificed..or been eaten after all the food ran out...you all get the drift...tweedle de and tweedle dum!


JMart's contract should've been voided out due to his terminal vaginitis.

Reality Bites

Sampson's claim to fame in the credits of Survivor is how he was able to screw a whole community into having the cash strapped taxpayers fund his brand new stadium.
Way to rub salt in the wound, these guys( him and Loria) are clueless about PR and just bad owners and human beings.
Then we have the Dolphins with another clueless owner, at least he is not a bad human being like the Marlin's jokers. another joke of a franchise that has been floundering in mediocrity for years.
Speaking of floundering in mediocrity reminds me of the sorry canes. Why mention those fools would "love a brand new facility in Tropical Park" when no one is actually considering building such a thing, no one is even planning on doing that, no one is even thinking of that, except for the clueless homers that post here.
Then we have the only sports team in Miami worth a dang.
Thank God for the Heat.
They need to find a way to keep Chalmers. Rio is a big part of their success.
Lil green pea you still wallow in triviality:
1 -a Marlins and canes baseball game
2- cane football spring practices
Don't know which of those two is more irrelevant.
Close call.

Go Heat!


johnny....clearly you don't drive on Bird Road much...


Tear down a few blocks of the rundown buildings at Marlin's Park and build a UM football/MLS Soccer stadium.

Also make a metrorail extension from nearby hospital(12th avenue) to the stadiums so we can connect all the parks to public transportation.

I guarantee that will help attendance for everyone, as people hate the high parking and traffic problems.


Lil green pea you still wallow in triviality:
1 -a Marlins and canes baseball game
2- cane football spring practices
Don't know which of those two is more irrelevant.
Close call.

Posted by: Reality Bites | 02/26/2014 at 12:44 PM

I post what interests me ...
I post what I want you to read ...
oh say can you see ...



Tear down a few blocks of the rundown buildings at Marlin's Park and build a UM football/MLS Soccer stadium.

Posted by: Marios | 02/26/2014 at 12:53 PM



Reality Bites

Posted by: green

you obviously do just that
it is still trivial though
too funny, knock yourself out
how many hits so far from the "theacc.com" sign hanging on Yankee Stadium


it's trivial enough for you to comment on it ...



Why mention those fools would "love a brand new facility in Tropical Park" when no one is actually considering building such a thing, no one is even planning on doing that, no one is even thinking of that, except for the clueless homers that post here.

Posted by: Reality Bites | 02/26/2014 at 12:44 PM

before the news broke ...
you & the bad lieutenant chided me for suggesting that the Canes cohabitate with Beckham's bid ...
who looks foolish now ...
tomorrow's news today ...


Lt. Lois Einhorn


There is no news, it's the exact same reality, the Hurricanes need AT LEAST 40,000 seats and Beckham's MLS team won't draw 15,000.

It's impossible, there's no chance the Hurricanes play football in Beckham's stadium.

Reality Bites

"it's trivial enough for you to comment on it ...


Posted by: green

Yes I do comment on it
More accurately I make fun of it
But you are on a roll today
You did mention the MLS connection before the "news broke", however that and the Tropical Park deal are pipe dreams.
MLS doesn't want a 40k facility that's too big for soccer
and it's too small for college football, even with a sorry team like the canes that doesn't draw.
They need a lot more than that when a real team comes to town like FSU, UF or ND.
Besides what good does a downtown venue do you.
On campus is what is needed
and that, my friend, is "impossible" for you.


Reality bites is a huge douche.... but i finally agree with you on something. When we get a staff down here we will draw the crowds again baby. A campus stadium would be ideal. Go Canes

Reality Bites

Posted by: naplescane

You agree with me then why do have to qualify it?
Be the better man, just agree.
We can all be friends and disagree once in a while

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Mr. Jackson, did you hear about Dan LeBatard's report this afternoon that the Heat turned down Evan Turner for Udonis Haslem?

Nice to hear about loyalty being repaid, and it was the right move for the locker room.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Couldn't have enjoyed David Samson's Survivor appearance more - everyone recognized what a scumbag weasel he is right away and he was the first person voted off.

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