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6 p.m. update: Marlins sign two relievers; Barkley, Shaq differ on Heat; UM recruiting and NFL draft

6 p.m. update:

### Looking for veteran bullpen depth, the Marlins signed former Cubs and Dodgers right-handed reliever Carlos Marmol, who has 117 career saves but also exasperated the Cubs and their fans with 28 blown saves and control problems before Chicago dealt him to the Dodgers last July.

Marmol, 31, saved 34 games in 2011 but also led baseball with 10 blown saves that year. He had 38 saves in 2010 and 20 in 2012 before losing his closer's job last season.

Between the Cubs and Dodgers, he finished last season with a 2-4 record, a 4.41 ERA, two saves and three blown saves. Most troublesome: He walked 40 (and allowed 40 hits) in 49 innings last year. He also struck out 59, but that didn't offset his control problems, which caused the Cubs to finally dump him.

Overall in his career, Marmol has a 3.46 ERA but has walked 385 in 563 innings.

The Marlins will pay Marmol $1.25 million for one season, according to our Clark Spencer.

When I think of Marmol, what initially comes to mind is Marlins TV analyst Tommy Hutton's angry but amusing rant about Marmol a couple years ago, when he started walking batters and Hutton vociferously questioned his acumen to be a closer.

But Marmol is a hard thrower, and with the Marlins, he would be a set-up man at best. Closer Steve Cishek ended last season with 29 consecutive saves, the longest ongoing streak in baseball.


The Marlins also signed Chaz Roe, who had been designated for assignment by Texas. Roe, 27, was the 32nd pick of the 2005 draft but hasn’t lived up to expectations and was suspended 50 games in 2012 after testing positive for an amphetamine.

In 22 innings for Arizona last year, he struck out 21, allowed 18 hits and 13 walks and had a 4.03 ERA. He had a 1.11 ERA in 25 minor league appearances last season.

### Charles Barkley has never hopped aboard the Heat bandwagon during this championship run, and he isn't about to start now. Barkley announced on a TNT conference call today that “Indiana is the best team in the NBA” and that “David West and Roy Hibbert owned” Miami, "beat them like a drum down low."

“If they get a healthy, motivated Andrew Bynum, they’re going to be very difficult to beat,” Barkley said. “If you look at the Heat, the wear and tear is starting to take its toll. It’s obviously taken its toll on Dwyane Wade. It’s starting to take its toll on LeBron. It’s tough to beat LeBron four times in a week.”

But Shaquille O’Neal countered: “Just because you have homecourt advantage doesn’t guarantee you’re going to win the championship. I lean toward a healthy, experienced Miami" in a likely Eastern Conference Finals matchup with the Pacers.

And Kenny Smith added: “Indiana is the best regular season team [but] I can’t say they're the best team [overall]. In the last three years, no one in the Eastern Conference has beaten Miami in a series. There’s something about being able to close out the Big Three."

And Smith said: "Chris Bosh is the most underrated power forward in basketball because of what he does on the offensive end and creates so many mismatches.” (Bosh opens games at center, but Smith's point is understood.)

### Al Golden told WQAM’s Adam Kuperstein and Channing Crowder that he was nervous about Chad Thomas signing because Thomas told him he would direct message him at midnight Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and did not, causing Golden to worry that he might not pick UM.

“I didn’t hear from Chad, couldn’t get any sleep," Golden said. "Chad was joking about it with me [Wednesday] morning. Not so funny, my friend.”

### Golden told WQAM’s Joe Rose: “We would never drive past a local kid to fly out of state” to recruit, but that it’s difficult to fill some needs locally.

“There’s not a lot of tight ends down here, 250 pounds and can run like Clive Walford. So we had to go up to Atlanta to get Chris Herndon. Hopefully, we’ll find that kid down here next year. We will always [look] down here first to exhaust whatever position it is before going out of state."

### Golden said the one position where UM is still looking is offensive line, “maybe a junior college kid.”... Please see the last post for everything notable that Golden said yesterday.

### Though UM missed out on some elite local players, which certainly doesn’t sit well with them, blaming the UM staff for some of those would be short-sighted. For example, Plantation American Heritage’s Sony Michel cited the poor crowds at UM games as one reason that Georgia was more appealing. 

Homestead receiver Ermon Lane, who’s FSU-bound, told me UM did nothing wrong and that he simply wanted a new experience going to school out of town. If scheme was a factor in Travonte Valentine picking LSU –-- which one of his coaches believes was the case –-- then UM bears some responsibility there. But he also said he felt more of a bond with LSU players than UM players.

UM wanted FSU-bound Dalvin Cook, but if he had come here, would he have been content sharing carries with Duke Johnson and his high-school teammate Joseph Yearby?

Would UM like to keep more of the elite local kids, as it did with Chad Thomas this year, Stacy Coley last year and Duke Johnson the year before? Absolutely. But some kids simply want to leave home.

And with the momentum of a national title, FSU has made significant recruiting inroads here that UM needs to reverse with the elite kids who aren't adamant about leaving South Florida. For UM, winning more is the obvious first step toward achieving that.

### The Marlins, who have been looking for another reliever or two, today signed Chaz Roe, who had been designated for assignment by Texas. Roe, 27, was the 32nd pick of the 2005 draft but hasn’t lived up to expectations and was suspended 50 games in 2012 after testing positive for an amphetamine.

In 22 innings for Arizona last year, he struck out 21, allowed 18 hits and 13 walks and had a 4.03 ERA. He had a 1.11 ERA in 25 minor league appearances last season.

### Mel Kiper said he sees Louisville and former Miami Northwestern quarterback Teddy Bridgewater being drafted as high as fourth to Cleveland.

“You see similarities between Donovan McNabb and Bridgewater,” Kiper said. “Bridgewater throws a good ball, makes good decisions. I like that he thinks pass first, run second. Come draft day, he may be a little underrated. He may be a guy you get at 4 or number 8.”

Kiper expects Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel to go first to Houston or third to Jacksonville. 


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This is why Golden didn't fire the defensive coordiaadinator. He thought he was going to Penn State and wouldn't have to fire the D. He would be in Penn
state and his buddy keeps his job here or someone else fires him.

20th Century White Jacket, Loafers and Lines ...

1 'Ship in 23 years since Johnny Carson was the host of the Tonight Show, Miami Vice was a hit and Coke was $20 a gram....................

But ... next year is the year... riiieet ?

or the next year ...

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ACC Champs ?

or the next year ...

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20th..Canes won the title last in Jan 2002. 12 yrs ago
2 They played in BCS Champ game jan 2003 Won but stolen by Buckeyes
3. Played in 04 Orange Bowl
4. Played in 05 Chick Fill A bowl vs LSU

So, Miami has still been relevant these kids were 8-10 years old when the canes were still good. Tradition lives.
2. We have 11 ESPN 300 players and 2 Rivals Juco 100
13 of 26 are best of the best, and the other 13 are all highly regarded 3 stars or higher and top players in their states. The DT Jenkins out of Jersey is #2 DT in the state, we have some deep talent coming in
3. Kevin Olsen was a highly regarded 4 star like Kaaya in last years class and has a shot to win the job
4. Kaaya is prob redshirting since he is missing spring, and we have Williams, Olsen and Gray Crow , I'd redshirt both Rosier and Kaaya

5. Famous Jamies Winston Redshirted in 2012, so he was a 2nd yr player this year.... Not a true Freshman

Same with Manziel in 2012, he was a redshirt behind Tannehil in 2011 at Texas AM

Doubt Kaaya wins the job in August although if he does, that means he is a stud

LAST-------GOLDIE WAS LEFT WITH NO DEPTH PEOPLE> REALLY THIS IS ONLY HIS 3rd CLASS 2011 class he had 2 weeks to piece it together



UM's lack of loyal fans cost us at least one great recruit...Miami fans make me want to VOMIT, the worst sports fans, both PRO and COLLEGE in the USA, bar NONE!

Pitty-potty, whining,snibbling "I'm only going to games if we're winning" fans...and, they're so pitiful that they're not even embarrassed to admit that they will only go to games if the team is vying for a national championship.

We should never have left the OB....in the OB, if we had 40,000 fans, many sat together (west end zone) and the stadium was usually full in the lower bowl...but at SLS, the fans are everywhere and there are huge gaps, so when there are 40K there, it looks even less because of the rows of empty seats...UM should close the upper deck and only open it with big games...how sickening it is that this stinking, crummy community cannot be loyal fans to a school which as brought so many great years, great games, and championships to South Florida...if you don't go to UM games, you're a total loser and have no right to B*TCH about recruiting or anything else...go follow FIU football.


octavio de armas

Many years ago the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA was in shambles. They went through hard difficult times. Somehow the bounce back and have won 3 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in recent years. The same can happen here. Don't know who the coach will be but it can happen here. They need to find a closer & smaller venue to play their home games.


Motivated Andrew Bynum???? HA HA HA, maybe in a bowling alley.............

long time cane

REAL CANE FAN SINCE 92. I don t have a man crush on Golden as you so obviously do.Defense stinks.pERIOD...........Get it ??????.............I haven t even mentioned the Offense because a good defense will keep a team in the game.However,when there is such a glaring difference it s obvious the defense was considerably the worst of the 3 phases on Golden s teams.You are aware are you not cluck.....that in 2012 the defense gave up the MOST YARDS EVER in the history of UM football.I m not a hater,been attending and following the Canes much longer than U I m sure.Golden and his pal have done a lousy job defensively and you re a fool in thinking otherwise.


When you guys start showing interest (HOME GAMES), then recruits will too!!! Ask Sony Michel....


One thing UM could and should easily do to minimize the damage done with an empty stadium on TV, is move the home bench (and home crowd) to the TV side (other side) of the field. This would help make the stadium look not so empty on TV.

This idea is a no-brainer and I don't understand why they haven't done this. Winning cures some of the crowd woes, but UM (even when they were winning in the OB) had small crowds for some of the games. It's always been like that and I suspect it won't change, so mitigating the ugly TV view is something that can help.

The opportunity's never been better today in my opinion than to team up with this Beckham soccer endeavor to get the Canes their own stadium (shared with his soccer). A stadium with a Magic City or Biscayne Bay backdrop in the 45-55K seating range would be awesome. The design could be accomplished by the talented pool of architectural students at UM and costs shared by the soccer and UM folks. Almost every UM fan wants out of Sun Lifeless Stadium. I only wish that UM President Shalala and Coach Al Golden had an interest and a clear vision for such a project. Howard S. was able to do this at FAU. Why not Al Golden for Miami? This could be a real legacy project for the ball coach.

Critics might mention the lease UM signed at Sun Life. I don't know how binding that lease is especially since Stephen Ross refused to update this mortuary of a stadium with his own money. Maybe that was part of the contract and he hasn't kept his end of the bargain. Mr. Ross sends $200M to his Alma-mater Michigan, but won't do squat for his own stadium, or this city. Head- scratcher there a carpet-bagger-like impression to me.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

TheSergeantMajor, so I take it you've never been to Pro Player stadium?

The home team is on that side so that fans behind them get some shade later in the afternoon. They've already moved the student section around to be completely in the camera all game, it looked way better on TV last year.

And a 45,000 seat stadium is beyond absurd for MLS, MLS stadiums seat around 20,000 and this is MIAMI, where fans don't even go to watch the popular sports.

There's no way UM can play in a MLS stadium, the needs are just too disparate - UM needs at least 50,000, MLS can't handle much more than 20,000.


I would not discount the Sgt. Major's suggestion to pair up with MLS and make a 35-40K seat stadium closer to campus, maybe next to Marlin's Stadium.
We would only need a bigger stadium for 2 or 3 games a year which could be played in Marlin's Stadium since baseball season will be over by then, if not in Sun Death Stadium.
But the problem is that in this city no one uses common sense, everyone is trying to fatten their pockets and MLS and UM will never even sit down to consider this.

Jervis the Pervis

"Port Jervis (N.Y.) Prep's TE J'Dason Barrett-Jackson."

LMAO, is that a HS player or a car auction?

Jervis the Pervis

One kid wanted to experience Tallyhickee over Coral Gables.

Who wants that mental midget on the team?


Yo cane trash

Yo chUmps I had to chime in cause U clucks r too funny

Yo SargeMayordUmmy
Why don't ya use sleigh of hand, smoke and mirrors and such to hide the plain fact that Ur rent a stadium is always empty.
Or just don't televise any games
I mean U already told ESPN no more Thurs nite home games cause it is too embarrassing
Why don't ya get some of Ur supposedly so smart students to come up with some high tech solution
Maybe project some holograms of clUcks dressed in orange and puke green on the stands to solve that problem.

Maybe if you played some real teams they would bring in their fans. Like FSU and UF did.

Yo MariosTheclUck
MLS and cane football don't match why the heck would Beckham wanna associate himself with losers
Besides the proposed MLS park would still be far away from campus.
Don't you dUmmies realize the stadium has to be ON CAMPUS. That means it will never happen.

Yo dom the dUmb cluck
U were babbling last spring about the recruiting class and such
It looked way better back then
Learn Ur lesson and don't talk recruiting until next January fool
Only an idiot starts talking recruiting a year in advance. That would be U.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!!

Lt. Lois Einhorn

30-40k is a non-starter.

UM sells 50k of tickets for the crappy games (FAU, etc.), it's just completely unrealistic to expect them to give up 10k+ worth of tickets/concessions every game. It'll never happen.

Only way the stadium works is if it's at least 50k, and that's just way too big for a MLS team that will probably average between 10 and 15k fans.

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