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Heat-Warriors postscripts, reaction; Wade injury update; Marlins chatter

Some notes from the Heat’s late game at Golden State Wednesday, and the Marlins’ golf tournament earlier in the day:

### Those who went to bed at a normal hour Wednesday missed a marvelously entertaining game, won by LeBron James’ three-pointer over Andre Iguodola with two-tenths of a second left. That gave the Heat a 111-110 win and sent the Heat to the All-Star break at 37-14, 2 ½ games behind Indiana for the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference.

James, feeling the healthiest he has in a while, was exemplary, with 36 points, 13 rebounds and nine assists. Erik Spoelstra let James do his thing in the waning seconds, without calling a timeout, after Stephen Curry’s driving basket and free throw put the Warriors ahead by two with 14.6 seconds left.

“I was going for the win the whole time,” James said of his final shot. “I had to make sure I made it or missed it with no time left. I had to redeem myself for missing a free throw [with 23 seconds left]. Second night of a back-to-back, you’re very tired. You have to suck it up.”

Spoelstra, on the last play: "We wanted to shake free for something easy. We were going to try to probe before they got their defense set. If I had known he was going to work it all the way to the end of the clock, I would have run out there and called a timeout. I was inching to call that timeout, but at that point, it's greatness at its best."

James played all 12 minutes of the fourth quarter and 42 for the night. “I told Spo, ‘Leave me in.’ I wasn’t coming out.”

### The Warriors had runs of 33-9 and 8-0 in the second half, with the first one erasing a 21-point Heat lead. But Miami survived anyway, thanks to LeBron’s brilliance, a key Mario Chalmers late three, some good work from Chris Bosh (19 points and a late-game block), and contributions from others, including Michael Beasley. (More on him in a minute.)

### Dwyane Wade sat out with a foot injury, and Shane Battier missed time in the first half when he required five stitches over his left eye. "Dwyane's foot became really sore right before the game," Spoelstra said. "He was going to give it a go but didn't have the mobility he wanted."

Wade said his foot went numb before the game and said "the nerve in my leg shut down. Weirdest thing I ever saw. I couldn't feel my foot. The doctor came in and checked it out. The medical term is called 'drop foot.' The nerve was aggravated and shut down. Hopefully, the numbness will wear down."

Wade, who seemed in good spirits after the game Wednesday, said he will travel to New Orleans for the All-Star Game but was non-committal about whether he would play in the game. "I want this to calm down and go back to feeling regular," Wade said. "I'm not optimistic or pessimistic. I just want to get better."

The Heat is listing Wade as day-to-day. Spoelstra said it's unclear how the injury happened before the game.

### Spoelstra used Beasley for the first time in four games, and Beasley made a case for more playing time, closing with 16 points (7 for 11 shooting) and two rebounds in 24 minutes, while playing most of the fourth quarter. The Heat was plus-10 with Beasley on the floor, the best plus/minus of any player. But he also struggled defensively against David Lee.

"He clearly gave us good minutes," Spoelstra said. "That's a credit to Mike for staying ready. It's not easy being a role player on this team. Rotation minutes are tough to find with this group. You have to be a pro, all in. In this type of game, with the way Golden State can score, with Dwyane out, we felt we needed a punch off the bench. That's why we went with Mike."

### Toney Douglas (one point, one assist in 11 minutes) again started in place of Wade, who missed his 15th game.

### A Heat-Warriors Finals would be marvelous theatre, though Golden State remains no better than the fourth- or fifth-most likely Western Conference team to advance to the championship.

### Marlins president/baseball operations Mike Hill was thrilled with two additions in the last week: Carlos Marmol (check out Clark Spencer’s story about him) and Jeff Baker.

“Baker was another one we didn’t expect to be able to sign,” Hill said. “He was a consideration as we went through the third base search, and when we focused on Casey McGehee, we sort of moved onto the next thing. Incredibly versatile player. We know we can play first. We know he can play second, third, outfield. To be able to get him gives [Mike Redmond] the ultimate versatility.”

A Garrett Jones/Baker platoon at first base is a good possibility at some point this season --- considering Jones’ difficulties against lefties and Baker’s success historically against them. But Redmond said he won’t begin the season that way.

“We signed Garrett Jones to play every day and he’s going to be getting that chance,” Redmond said. “But you never know how the season is going to go.”

### It won’t be surprising if Brad Hand, Tom Koehler or Brian Flynn wins the No. 5 rotation job, but the Marlins will give Andrew Heaney a long look. Heaney is rated the top left-handed pitching prospect by MLB.com.

“We are never shy [about going with a prospect] if the person earns it, to give him the job,” Hill said. “If he’s the best pitcher, he’ll be there…. We really haven’t had a lefty in our rotation since Scott Olsen left us. But it’s all about getting people out.” 

### Giancarlo Stanton said the recent roster moves makes him believe “we’re going in the right direction. It will be fun to play with the new guys.” Stanton, hoping to rebound from a season that very much disappointed him, said the key is “not worry as much about the results” but instead make sure he’s making “progress every day.”

### Manager Mike Redmond, on his team: “We’re excited about the guys we’ve acquired. We brought in not only good players but great guys that will improve the chemistry, winners.”       


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Way to go Lebron, On The Road, go for the win. All the Indy smack talk and we are only 2 games behind in loss column. All their goal seems to b is #1 seed, U only here their players say our goal is #1 seed. How about your goal is the Championship!!. How classic it would b if Indy gets knocked out in round 1 or 2. With the crazy east, Brooklyn/Atlanta/Chicago in Round 2 for Indy could be a tuff matchup.

No way The heat dont go to the finals unless lebron goes out........


Good luck Stanton and Marlins-------


Clock is running down and who calls the game winning play? The Puppet Coach? No.

LeBron calls the plays for this team. ALWAYS HAS SINCE COMING TO MIAMI.

I get it. LeBron wanted a Yes man as a coach. Not a real coach.


Go gogo

Go gogo says that dashi always makes stupid comments, spo has become one of the most respected and better coaches out there

U need to grow up dude

D.T. P-[]_[] ... Still in Denial u ...

Finally St. Thomas Aquinas TRUE STRONG-SIDE DEFENSIVE END Anthony Moten. Every Top-Program that stockpiles D-Linemen that offered this good long-lean player saw him as a Strong-Side DE that would REDSHIRT, lose 15 of his 280 babyfat pounds, gain 15lbs back in pure muscle strength while not losing but gaining QUICKNESS, then playing sparingly until his Red-Shirt Soph year and then be a major force with GREAT DT and OLB help around him. U know, exactly what Top-SEC Speed SEC Defenses do... But U and Golden will be spouting off how he's GAINED WEIGHT (while losing quickness) and be forced to play the vast majority of his snaps out of position in between the Offensive Tackles inside shoulders right away as a TRUE underdeveloped FRESHMAN !!! He's going to get absolutely broken in half before he's ever ready to compete and ever help as a fully developed Upper-Classmen in Golden's BFF's Penn. St. scheme.


@u are u ... D.T. P-[]_[]

All you did was speculate on the intentions of the schools who offered him. This school offered him for depth and that school offered him for depth. You got no inside knowledge so quit it already. They offered the tackles because they wanted the kids to play for them simple as that. And your speculation that people wanted Moten to slim down to end size is ridiculous! Moten is 315lbs right now and has always, even in high school, played tackle! Nobody recruited him as an end.

Posted by: Randy Shannons muttonchop sideburns | 02/09/2014 at 09:17 AM


SPECuLATE ? Try his OFFICIAL St. Thomas Aquinas BIO written by his Coaches and these FACTS directly from the kids HOMETOWN Newspaper, The Fort Lauderdale SuN SENTINEL u typical misinformed dumb cane cluck...

Anthony Moten, DL, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas

Ht.: 6-4 Wt: 279 Class: 2014

*** Recruiting buzz: Came into his senior season rated one of Broward County’s top prospects and delivered, coming off the edge to finish with 40 tackles, including 12 for loss and six sacks to earn Sun Sentinel first team All-County honors. A big body that can move well, Moten could have an impact early at Miami, which needs strong defensive linemen. ***

u ready to review ?

279lbs-TWO-HUNDRED and SEVENTY-NINE POuNDS ... I said 280 still with baby fat.

"one of Broward County’s top prospects and delivered, coming off the edge to finish with 40 tackles"...

THE EDGE, more specifically, the STRONG-SIDE RUN EDGE DEFENSIVE END. NOT a TRuE between the GAuRDS outside shoulders 0-1-2 gap DEFENSIVE TACKLE.

"A big body that can move well... which needs strong defensive linemen."

A BIG BODY that needs to drop body baby fat and gain muscle MASS and stay in the 285-290lb territory to retain his QuICKNESS as a PILLAR STRONG-SIDE D-END... u know, like a Reggie White Clone. And ALL TOP-SCHOOLS recruited him as a STRONG-SIDE D-END FIRST. Fisher, Miles, Saban and Muschamp recruited him as and would STRICTLY develop him into a STRONG SIDE D-END and occasionally slide inside on Goal-Line situations as they ALL, ALL TOP-PROGRAMS are STOCKED and already have 8-10 300-340 pound D.T.'s and another 8-10 270-290lb D-ENDS on their rosters over 4-5 recruiting cycles that wouldn't be needed to play until their REDSIRT Soph. years... But as u DOMASSES like to say... "COME TO DuH u, U CAN COME IN AND PLAY RIGHT AWAY!!!" DuuuuuuuuuuuHHHHHH u ever wonder why ?

D.T.'s ? U ? U had 3 serviceable D.T.s on ur ENTIRE roster the day before signing day. THREE !!! u signed 2, two year seat-filler JUCO's (one still might not come) and another DuD New Jersey Weeble and are in such dire need of DT's that Golden will be forced to add FAT to Moten, making him much slower and playing him right away as a plug D.T. before he's even remotely ready to play taking on interior College O-Linemen. The kid will have to play 30-40 snaps a game as a 1st. through 3rd. down DT for u and constantly be on crutches, in the training room for treatment and the weekly injury report before he even sees his Soph. year... And u will then be spouting off in 2015, 2016, and 2017 how Golden was able to get 2-3 JUCO DT's that no Top-Programs offer as STRATING D.T.'s but "Could" be the missing links to ur DT woes, year after year after year after year...

BCane Minions, I've seen MOTEN practice and play in person. He has perfect quick 6-4-280lb long lean body type to thin out his lower torso, add upper body mass strength while developing quickness and swim n rip move techniques that could make him a STUD D-END at the next level. But he's NOT A TRuE A-B gap D.T. u no nothing "speculating" cluless cane cluck.

But u, thinking he was a 315lb DT in High School and then will balloon up to 330lb and play strictly DT in College will sing Golden's praises as he and his BFF completely misuses and underdevelopes this kid hoping that u can finally say u gots D.T.s that are nothing more than fattened/slowed up 6-3/6-4/6-5 natural D-Ends or 6-0/6-1 300lb rollie polly weebles that wobble and do fall down after getting steam rolled scrubs. Lemme guess, when bust Chickallo comes in at 290 in August, he'll be a domminant D.T. riiieet ?

btw- Has anyone heard or seen if there's been an APB put out in Coral Gables for 6-5 285lb """D.T.""" uNDER-DEVELOPED #99 Jelani Hamilton ?


4-8,21-16. End of story.


This just in...Dwayne Wade will not play next week. He is suffering from a hang nail.



This is not directed towards you.

What kills me about national but even more so local radio sports people, and many of the "journalists" they interview, is the lack of insight, intuition and the ability to read through the lines.

Is there not an obscure NBA rule, that an All-Star player who does not play in the team's last 2 games prior to the All-Star game, is then excused from participating in the game and or accompanying competitive challenges?

Isn't the East's head coach none other the Frank Paul Vogel of the Indiana Pacers. The Heat's only true challenger in the East. Would it be beyond him to give the fans "what they wanted to see" and play D.Wade +24 minutes this weekend?

C'mon it's obvious why a migraine and a mystery foot coincidentally popped up this week. And I am all for it. D. needs to continue to rehab his lower body/core, so that this final push going into prime time is met with an optimal version of the Heat.

And to think that a team which has had their 2nd best player miss 15 games, while also having quite a few other injuries along the way and who, yes, frustratingly have a dozen or so losses to sub .500 teams, finds itself within 2.5 games of the anointed best team in the East, and possibly the NBA should serve fair notice that a) Indiana is not the better team -please tell me when someone finds their bench & b) The Heat have played what I think is cautiously, trying to avoid unnecessary injuries during many games, as opposed to playing down to the competition. It's a fine line, you can argue it both ways I guess, but the only thing derailing them from the finals is a catastrophic injury.

Can it happen at any time? I suppose. But this isn't football. Which is why you don't see much reckless abandon drives to the hole form LBJ (translated: efficient), D. Wade and CB working on his outside game a lot. This is not to say they haven't had those games where it was playing down, but not 10 - 15 games worth if it. Caution rules the day in my opinion.

Peace and God bless.

jo jo

Spo,,,of course with Riles guidance has taken the Heat to the last 3 consecutive Finals.THAT is pretty amazing.He got through that bad time at 9-8 in 2012 last I recall.It s been the Heaters in the NBA ever since.Riles has complete and total trust in Spo.He even said last month that Spo is the face of the Heat.Sounds like no insecurity by Riles for his hand-picked successor to me.Perhaps you should take up your moot point with Riles....though he d likely just smile at you Dashi ....and quietly walk away shaking his head at what he just heard.


still in denial u = reality bites = the same gaytor stooge who needs to move back north where he belongs


Eric Spoelstra is a decent coach on a great team.


D.T. P-[]_[] ... Still in Denial u ...

Does your post come with chapters and/or indexing? Even if I were a Gator/SEC fan, I would not read your never-ending story.

Former Season Tckt Holder

Wow! Shocked that no Dolphin news reported, Halleluiah!!!!!


Sports injuries can result in the ending of an entire career. Hopefully, the guys rest up and heal their injuries so they'll be back at top performance.

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