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Saturday notes: Coley on UM recruiting class; Dolphins, Canes

Canes offensive coordinator James Coley, who has been a great asset in UM’s recruiting efforts, wasn't available to the general media on National Signing Day but shared some thoughts on this recruiting class with UM’s web site (hurricanesports.com):

### On quarterback additions Brad Kaaya and Malik Rosier: "Neither one of them ever said, ‘Well, the other guy is coming.’ And you get that a lot," Coley said. ‘Tell me about the other guy that’s coming.’ That says a lot about the guy that’s coming. Those guys never said that.”

Coley said "Kaaya is a guy early who didn’t have a lot of offers but we knew he was going to be a guy that would be the best in the country and would get a lot of attention.

"We went into Mobile and went after Malik Rosier. I know he was a special player. He had a lot of toughness and understands the game. He has the ability to run and be a threat running but he can throw the ball.

"Two tough guys who are big-time competitors,... who are extremely smart. You want them to come here as freshmen and walk in with a little swagger, a feeling of, 'I can play here.'  I think we did that."

 ### On offensive linemen KC Dermott, Trevor Darling and Nick Linder: "We felt those three are guys that can come in and not only play right away,… but they can go from being guards to tackles and smart enough to play center. They are flexible. We went into Dade and felt we got the best, went into Broward and felt we got the best, went into Palm Beach and felt we got the best."

### On the new receivers: "It just happened to fit that they all play three different positions. Rarely do you have the luxury to take the guys you feel are the best at those positions.

"We took a big X in Darrell Langham, 6-5. He came to our camp… and was moving and playing fast. We took a Z in Tyre Brady. At 6-3, a big Z. We feel he can do a lot of different things, great change of direction, great burst.

"Braxton Berrios… can play the slot. But he’s so smart,… he’s not limited to the slot. He can be an outside guy and hold his own. He’s got enough savviness to understand how to play against different players and how to play a little possum. We filled our need. It’s going to be fun watching those guys compete."

### He said four-star running back Joseph Yearby "is built similar to Duke Johnson, very versatile just like Duke. When he’s out there, he’s got a different look in his eye."

Coley said “Duke looks great coming out of his injury.” Al Golden said neither Johnson nor Yearby is healthy enough to participate in spring football following their leg injuries.

### By the way, UM slid to 12th in Rivals.com’s final recruiting rankings, compared with 10th for ESPN. Both are very good but would have been better if Travonte Valentine, Nigel Bethel, Brandon Powell and Reilly Gibbons hadn’t bolted.

What hurt UM in the rivals.com rankings was lack of four-star recruits (eight), compared with teams ahead of them, including FSU (13) and Florida (12). In Rivals.com’s top 18, only Clemson had fewer four-star recruits. UM had one five star recruit (Chad Thomas).

Overall, UM finished behind FSU (fourth) and UF (8th) in the Rivals rankings. But Miami was fifth among non-SEC schools, behind only Florida State, Ohio State, USC and Notre Dame, which is pretty impressive.

### CBS’ Jason LaCanfora posted a generally negative piece on the state of the Dolphins this week, aside from pointing out the team’s enviable cap position. (As we’ve reported, Miami will have between $30 million and $34 million in space, depending on tenders to some bottom-of-the-roster players. But Brent Grimes could take up another $11 million of cap space if he’s franchised.)

LaCanfora offered one news nugget in the piece, noting that Joe Philbin was “professing his belief in Matt Moore to several of the GM candidates and demanding more from Ryan Tannehill."

"He definitely wants to push Tannehill more," one source who has spoken to Philbin about the quarterbacks told LaCanfora. "And if he doesn't see improvement he said he might go to Moore at some point. He definitely has a lot of faith in Moore, and they're paying him a lot of money."

Moore will make $4 million this season, with a $5.5 million cap hit.

The view here: Unless Tannehill is awful and the Dolphins are losing a lot partly or largely because of him, it’s short-sighted (many would say downright foolish) to bench him next season considering: 1) Tannehill has more upside than Moore; 2) Tannehill made considerable progress this season (10th in yards, 11th in completions) despite a dreadful offensive line; and 3) The Dolphins must determine this year if he’s their quarterback of the future, which they remain hopeful about.

LaCanfora does generally good work and breaks stories, but in assessing the Tannehill report, we should note that he was both right and wrong in covering the Dolphins’ machinations of the past month, incorrectly reporting that one of the finalists (Lake Dawson) was no longer under consideration and that Stephen Ross’s upcoming trip to London and possibly China could sidetrack the GM search for a week. (The Dolphins insist Ross already had gone to London by that point, never went to China, and the three days didn’t sidetrack the search.) None of this is noted to rip the hard-working LaCanfora, but perspective is needed on these types of eyebrow-raising reports.

### Please check back later for the Sunday buzz column, with lots of Dolphins and Canes, plus Heat.... Twitter: @flasportsbuzz          


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There is more than 1 team in the NFL where Moore would start. The Dolphins pay him a lot to be the backup for this very reason. If Tannehill doesn't keep improving, or gets hurt, Moore can step right in and win games.


LaCanfora's track record reporting on the Dolphins is usually more wrong than right and that's being very kind. If there's a way to spin a non story into a negative Fins one, he'll find a way to do it even if it means inventing sources and embellishing.


Philbin is crazy to expect more from THill with the lack of blocking, running game, and predictability of the offense. His potential is untapped due to this and if the new OC is decent we will see a much more dynamic QB. He needs to get the deep ball accuracy, and roll out more instead of sitting in the pocket when he has such great mobility and to keep DLs honest.


Stillhardcore, you're overestimating Moore. No team would start him ahead of Tannehill.

NO LONGER ireland's acorns

I'm sure he meant Moore could start for other teams, Cleveland to name one, not that other teams would start Moore over tannehill.


If Joe Philbin thinks Matt Moore is a better option than Ryan Tannehill, then he is a terrible judge of talent. Moore's play over his career has been very inconsistent. He looks good in one game and bad the next. This is obvious when you look at his quarterback rating which is mediocre at best. Tannehill, on the other hand, definitely has potential. It would be nice to see what he could accomplish with an offensive line that could actually block and with running backs who could run.


Not surprised if Zombie Joe said this. Tannehill probably had comments about Joes love Mike S....Joe is butt hurt

Barry Chitwood

How about better coaching from Philstedt?!


Tannehill will be fine - as the Seahawks have proven - team's need a running game and some defense. These QBs - I don't care who they are - have to have a TEAM around them. Ask Peyton.


LaCanfora has become incredibly inaccurate since he's been on CBS. Don't remember him being like this when he was with NFL Network. Makes me wonder if some of his sources dried up when he left for CBS. I stick with Schefter & Mortenson. Even Rappaport is better then LaCanfora.


Barry any news on any possible late signings to this class possibly a running back I know there was a mention of a Harris kid in juco?

ACC sucks and the canes can't compete

Overall, UM finished behind FSU (fourth) and UF (8th) in the Rivals rankings. But Miami was fifth among non-SEC schools, behind only Florida State, Ohio State, USC and Notre Dame, which is pretty impressive.

So the correct implication is that the SEC cleans up in recruiting and everyone else just gets the spoils.
UM did sooooo great, came last in the State, and 5th among non SEC. Far from the "best" class you fools were crowing about in the summer of 2013.
Another thing, if UM beats all other ACC doormats in recruiting how come you always lose to either UVA, VaTech, UNC or Duke. None of them have better players? What gives.


Mr acc sucks how good was Georgia southern class that beat uf?


Didn't the ACC win the National Title?

Also, LaWhatever is an idiot. Anybody could see Matt Moore Sucks!!

What has Matt Moore done the last 2 years? Under 30% completion pct.

Matt Moore Averages 2 Turnovers per start for his Career.

If Matt Moore actually started for a NFL team his name would be Matt Sanchez.


Get a good O-Line and Tannehill will progress very nicely. Outside of Pouncey what do they have? McKinney is gettin old and on the downside of his career. So what/who else is there?


Since Jonathan Martin will be in the Lingerie League and Incognito will be elsewhere the O-line needs new blood and plenty of improvement! JMO


Acc sucks, How is a top 10 class last in the state? TOP 10, with the Sanctions looming till November(FSU WEEK) so, what are you talking about? UCF/USF/FIU are D1 schools by the way, FAU. Miami was #10, 11 on Scout and 12 on Rivals. TOP 10-12 CLASS. R U KIDDING ME? With nagative publicity till november
1 of the top RB in the state and country
2 ESPN 300 WRs
11 total ESPN 300 players. 2 Rivals Juco 100 DT's.


LOADED CLASS AND recruiting isnt exaact science. UF has had top classes 5 straight years n went 4-8. Even w/ injuries a talented team like that should not have depth issues..........

Former Season Tckt Holder

Can u change the name of "Sports Buzz" to the "Dolphin-Hurricane" Sports Buzz? It's comical how much it's only about football? Times have changed Mr. Barry, u seem to have the "Joe Rose" mentality

Barry Jackson

Former Season Tckt: I write plenty about the Heat and Marlins (check columns in the last week alone), and will have a lot more on both over the coming months.

Former Season Tckt Holder

It's only little quips at the end

Barry Jackson

Not the case with Marlins signings this past week; my note about Bynum canceling his Heat interview; my breakdown of the Heat's longterm salary cap outlook a couple weeks ago.
Anyway, I've been heavy football because we were just in season, plus recruiting. You'll see plenty of Marlins and Heat -- not just notes -- in the next few months, beginning this coming week.

Barry Jackson

... And two-thirds of my entire column last Sunday, six days ago, was an in-depth breakdown of the Marlins new players. Just sayin'


Barry - You don't owe anyone an explanation of your topics. You are covering the most important events when they need to be covered. I look forward to reading all your posts. Keep up the good work.


I second rboud, Barry. You do a great job and provide more info on all sports than anyone in the area. I always enjoy reading the Buzz.

Former Season Tckt Holder is the whiny type who doesn't renew his tickets and therefore stands behind those of us who do support the local teams.

Barry Jackson

Thanks, Benz, for your comment, and thanks, Rboud for this comment and your thoughtful posts over the years.

Mike: No word on any late UM additions, though Golden has said he's open to adding a JC offensive lineman because he's worried about depth. He said he has room to add 1 or 2 more. Don't rule out a transfer later on, like Gilbert and Renfrow last year.

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