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Sat. 2 p.m. update: LeBron updates status; Michael Sam on Fins; UM investigates potential Kehoe violation

Saturday 2 p.m. update:

### LeBron James did not practice Saturday because of a broken nose and indicated he was not sure if he would play Sunday against visiting Chicago. He said he could not have played if the game was Saturday.

"It's a little bit of everything --- pain, headaches," he said after practice. "... I'm not going to rush it. I'm a game-time decision, more probable than anything... If it's not Sunday, then I'll get prepared for Thursday."

The Heat is off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before playing the Knicks Thursday.

James is averaging 37 points, 9.5 rebounds, 5.3 assists, 3.3 steals and shooting 61.3 percent in his past four games.

### Missouri defensive end Michael Sam, who announced recently that he's gay, spoke to reporters at the NFL Combine today and said he would have no issue with being drafted by the Dolphins, even though Ted Wells' report indicated that at least three Dolphins players used gay slurs, and even though former Dolphins offensive lineman Andrew McDonald was the subject of teammates' barbs about his sexuality. (Several players jokingly said McDonald is gay. His associates say he is not.)

"If the Dolphins drafted me, I'd be excited," Sam said. "I'm not afraid about that environment. I know how to handle myself."

The Dolphins are deep at defensive end, making Sam an unlikely target on draft day. He's considered a mid-to-late round pick.

### UM hoops moved back over. 500 today (14-13 overall, 4-9 in conference) with its most lopsided win of the season --- 69-42 over Boston College. Rion Brown scored 22 and Erik Swoope had 14 points and 9 rebounds. With a strong close, UM could be in the mix for an NIT berth, which is the most anybody could have possibly hoped for after losing its top six scorers from last year's team.


Some Friday night notes:

### The University of Miami has begun an investigation into whether it committed a secondary NCAA rules violation, the school said tonight.

The violation involves football coaches watching a voluntary workout of UM players on campus on Friday. 

Several people (including a Palm Beach Post reporter) who were at the UM baseball game Friday night noticed that UM offensive line coach Art Kehoe was watching the workout, which included 7-on-7 drills. According to the Post, UM athletic director Blake James also noticed Kehoe's presence. (I was not in attendance, for the record.)

Players are permitted to participate in voluntary workouts but coaches are not allowed to watch them before the start of spring practice. UM does not begin spring practice until March 1. So Kehoe's presence at the workout would appear to be a secondary violation.

UM said the potential violation involved more than one coach.

UM has asked its compliance department to do a thorough review. If any missteps occurred, UM will report them to the NCAA.

But Canes fans shouldn’t lose sleep over this. UM and most schools generally commit 20 to 30 secondary violations a year, according to the school.

The Canes were docked nine football scholarships and three basketball scholarships, among other penalties, as its punishment in the Nevin Shapiro case. Even if a violation occurred in this situation, it  likely would not result in any serious punishment such as loss of scholarships.

### Dan Marino isn’t the only legendary former Dolphin who would be receptive to a job with the organization. WQAM's Joe Rose asked Jason Taylor today if he would have any interest in working for the Dolphins.

“I haven’t changed the phone number for a while. I’m around. I’m available,” Taylor responded. “I’ve talked to Steve Ross and Jorge Perez about it a little bit. Marino’s around, too and would be a good addition.”

### Dion Jordan told me in December that he planned to study Jason Taylor’s tapes and reach out to him. That hasn’t happened yet.

“He’s a very talented kid,” Taylor told Rose. “I haven’t heard from him. I met him a couple times. He has so much potential. You see some of the raw athletic things he does. You say, ‘Wow.’ Similar to when Cam Wake came in. First practice, you said, ‘Holy Cow.”

Taylor is a member of the five-person committee that is supposed to formulate a code of conduct for the Dolphins' locker-room.

### Regarding the Dolphins’ locker-room scandal, Taylor said: “There has to be someone who says that’s enough. Back off the young fellow. They didn’t have that, unfortunately.... People losing their jobs. This could have been avoided so easily.... Players need to police the locker-room themselves. You’re not going to like everybody. But you certainly need to respect them....

"Jimmy Johnson would say you’re coaching it or you’re allowing it to happen. Either way, you’re wrong. You need to have guys in the locker-room with enough pride and character to take care of it themselves. The bell cow last year [Richie Incognito] was not a guy that should have been the bell cow. When you’re smoking at the gas station and the gas station blows up, you shouldn’t be surprised.”

Taylor, on use of the N-word: “White guys shouldn’t be saying it for sure. Black guys should be respectful of when they say it or be cognizant of who’s around when they say it. I’ve used it to friends and brothers. But it’s off limits for some guys. Whether anybody should use it is up for debate.”

Taylor bemoaned the firing of head trainer Kevin O’Neill and the fact that he "gets dragged to Indy to get fired.”

### Former Dolphins (and Jets) special teams coach Mike Westhoff, appearing with WINZ’s Andy Slater, wondered about the timing of new Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey saying the Dolphins are an appealing destination for players.

“I’m not so sure that’s true,” he said. “I think they can be.”

On fired offensive line coach Jim Turner giving a male blowup doll to then-Dolphins lineman Andrew McDonald, Westhoff said: “I’m going to ask [Turner] what the heck is a matter with him. It’s craziness. It’s not acceptable behavior. Give away dolls? I want to throw up!”

Westhoff said a Dolphins employee, whom he declined to name, told him before this scandal that “Incognito was the best guy in the building.” Westhoff said that also made him want “to throw up.”

### The Marlins placed three players in Baseball America’s top 100 prospects: left-hander Andrew Heaney at 30, third baseman Colin Moran at 61 and outfielder Jason Marisnick at 79.

### Our condolences to WFOR-4 sportscaster Kim Bokamper, whose wife Colleen, 57, died this morning after a battle with colon cancer.

### Please see the last post for a lot of Dolphins and Heat notes, if you didn't see the post from late last night... Twitter: @flasportsbuzz


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Any violation is serious when you are already on probation and sanctions will follow. What I don't understand since all this stuff started back in the early 2000's, is that with all the cheating that went on, we don't even have an ACC title game apperance to show for it.


Al is you stupid??


the palm beach post never should have ratted out UM on this. But kehoe is stupid for putting himself in this position, and golden is at fault for not telling kehoe and his coaches not to do this (unless he did and they ignored them).


Isn't it better to have a coach watching a workout ? NCAA is in the business of preventing beneficial workouts also?
I guess it's almost as bad as paying the guys right?

They should just show up, play, let the schools collect the money and go back to class. The hypocrisy gas no limit

johnnie j

Kehoe NEEDS every opportunity to improve as an OC to better his game.Kehoe s O line has been underachieving HUGELY under Golden s watch.Why also...is that?All eyes have now been on Kehoe.Another Coordinator who coaches for Miami is rubbing off now on him.Now there s 2 of them under the microscope....and deservedly so.Just saying.

[]_[] know it

I didn't know a biracial Jason Taylor had a double standard... disappointing for sure. You can't have it both ways Jason... If it's not okay for white guys to use it then it's not okay for black guys to use it. It's called ownership and a MAN has to set boundaries and enforce them.. No way should Martin have let Incognito call him that and no way should Martin have let John Jerry and Mike Pouncy call him that. You don't pick and choose who can call you what based on the color of their skin.


Posted by: []_[] know it | 02/22/2014 at 08:34 AM

because... you know... blacks have never been on the wrong end of any double standards in America... if it disturbs you that much that blacks can use the word and you can't then go on ahead down to Liberty City or Overtown and publicly announce your displeasure there... you f)(*&)(*ing tool!


johnnie j, do you know that when you call Kehoe an OC you sound stupid. James Coley is the OC. Kehoe is strictly a O-line coach

johnnie j

May sound stupid but any intelligent person would KNOW I was ONLY referring to O line Coach Kehoe.Go back for further comprehension of my overall remarks.I m sure YOU really did understand that I was referring to Kehoe s poor coaching.Typo but glad you respond selectively to typo s.Too funny.


Kehoe a poor coach... ouch. He is one of my favorites but i think he can do a better job. He hasnt put a first rounder in the draft yet.


I would take kehoe over the other clowns we have coaching. We are not pumping the first rounders out the way we should be. Come on coaches!!!


He hasnt put a first rounder in the draft yet.

Posted by: naplescane | 02/22/2014 at 11:04 AM


Bryant Douglas McKinnie (born September 23, 1979) is an American football offensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football for the University of Miami, where he was twice recognized as an All-American. The Minnesota Vikings drafted him with the seventh overall pick in the 2002 NFL Draft.
-- wiki




A record 440 milkshakes sold last night at Mark Light. Most in 29 YEARS!
-- Hurricanes Baseball ‏@CanesBaseball



the palm beach post never should have ratted out UM on this.

Posted by: Mike | 02/22/2014 at 12:00 AM



Reality Bites

Lack of institutional control U.
But don't worry clucks "20 to 30 secondary infractions are common". It's just that you are a repeat offender on the clock right now and they keep a coming. Remember Uncle Luke entertaining Kaaya's mom not too long ago? You clucks can't get enough, it's a way of life for your sorry institution. Cheating, that is.
Of course some cluck already is blaming the rules and the NCAA.
Sort of like, " yeah we keep on cheating but those rules are stupid man, and the NCAA is evil, so we cheat dude, just leave us alone"
Another day in the life of Lack Of Institutional Control U.

Not our rival

Posted by: Reality Bites | 02/22/2014 at 11:38 AM

Hush nerd, no one here cares about your fake internet rivalry, go find an internet chatroom if you want to troll people on the internet.




Correlation: 1/3 of the fans at @Canesbaseball last night were Youth/Kids and we broke a 29-yr record for milkshake sales. #FamilyFun
-- Chris Freet ‏@ChrisFreet



Ate some more Gator meat last night at ARoid field, how sweet it is. Tastes just like chicken, because its what they are after all.

Art Kehie hasn't put first rounders in NFL?? Are you joking or were you born after 1995? Leon Searcy for one, Vernon Carey another, and tons of middle round guys who have had long careers and pro bowls. Let the guy do his thing, his track record is undeniable.
Plus look at the recruits we have brought in since he's here, including this last class of OL coming in which is probably #1 in nation punk.

954 Cane

Posted by: Reality Bites | 02/22/2014 at 11:38 AM

Hush nerd, no one here cares about your fake internet rivalryLoser.

Posted by: Not our rival | 02/22/2014 at 12:03 PM

so why do you continually respond to him single everytime?


because... you know... blacks have never been on the wrong end of any double standards in America... if it disturbs you that much that blacks can use the word and you can't then go on ahead down to Liberty City or Overtown and publicly announce your displeasure there... you f)(*&)(*ing tool!

Posted by: Leo | 02/22/2014 at 09:22 AM


Reality Bites

Posted by: green | 02/22/2014 at 12:04 PM

Translation: 1/3 of those in attendance went cause it was a free youth tix giveaway AND went to get some milkshakes.
The other 2/3 went to see the visiting team.
But hey, at least you have a milkshake selling record. Must count for something, no?

Posted by 954 Cane

Ain't that right. Why? Cause he can't help himself.
And he is hanging at the edge of his seat for my insight although he will never admit it. Blog policeman.

Not our rival

Posted by: Reality Bites | 02/22/2014 at 03:43 PM

Hush nerd, I don't need to read your posts because I know it's just negative BS from an internet nerd trying to engage Miami fans in his fake internet rivalry.

Go find a chatroom loser, Miami fans don't care what UF fans think about our sports teams.

Go gogo

One has to respect himself before asking others to respect u...if you continue to call yourself N- , how can you expect a different skin color man to respect you on that.

No one should be using that word at all, so that horrible past gets to be put to sleep for good.

Go gogo

Loved the question to Sam...would you there to be in th dolphins lover room?

Than you failbin, now your locker is used as house of horror.....great coaching dude

johnnie j

Kehoe has 5 rings if I m not mistaken.He WAS a great O line Coach in yesteryear.My specific point was he s done only an average job under Al s tenure.I ve always liked his fire and liked the guy.When you no longer have it any more....you just don t.Although Morris lousy play was a big part,this year s O line couldn t block long enough often times and especially looked really bad opening holes for runners since Duke went down.Yep that s a huge loss but still the O line just was exceedingly inconsistent.(Just like Al s entire team).Won t even get into the defensive part because everyone already knows all they care to know about that part.Just hoping that with this young talent and some leadership the Canes show overall improvement.I really don t think I m asking too much.

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