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10 a.m. Monday: Grimes re-signs; More from Riley, UM; Criticism from ex-Canes follows D'Onofrio; Fins, Heat, Marlins

Cornerback Brent Grimes, perhaps the Dolphins’ best player last season, has signed a four-year, $32 million contract to remain with the team -- the first significant move made by new Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey.

The deal includes $16 million in guaranteed money.

The agreement was reached hours before Monday’s 4 p.m. deadline to apply the franchise tag on unrestricted free agents.

"I wanted to be back but you never know in this business," Grimes told ESPN. "When it all worked out, I was happy."

Neither the Dolphins nor Grimes wanted to use the franchise tag on the veteran cornerback. The tag would have come with a huge cap hit ($11.8 million), and Grimes wanted a multiyear contract.

Grimes, 30, signed with the Dolphins last offseason after missing 15 games for Atlanta in 2012 because of an Achilles’ injury. Grimes immediately returned to his previous Pro Bowl form, finishing the season with 60 tackles and four interceptions. He did not allow a touchdown to be caught against him.

Pro Football Focus rated him the NFL’s second-best cornerback last season, and opposing quarterbacks had a 66.3 rating in his coverage area.

Grimes said Hickey made a point to tell him recently how much he values him.

Grimes joins Dimitri Patterson, Jamar Taylor and Will Davis as the team’s top cornerbacks under contract. But Patterson, who’s due to earn $5.4 million, might be asked to take a pay cut – a subject that already has been seriously discussed internally.

The Dolphins have interest in signing free agent Nolan Carroll, but he reportedly is expected to test the free agent market.

The Dolphins also are mulling what to do at the safety position that was filled last season by free agent Chris Clemons.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus, on his weekly WSVN-Fox 7 segment, said Sunday night that negotiations with the Dolphins regarding safety Louis Delmas have not started but believes Miami's interest in his client is "significant."

Rosenhaus said: "There's enough interest that hopefully we can get some negotiations going."

If Miami signs Delmas, it likely would part ways with Clemons.

Delmas, who attended North Miami Beach High, has six interceptions in five NFL seasons, all with Detroit. He visited the Dolphins on Friday after visiting the Saints on Thursday.

The Dolphins have not ruled out re-signing Clemons but have told him they are comfortable with him testing the free agent market.



Some quick Sunday 3 p.m. notes:

### At the Heat's annual Family Festival today (a terrific event that raises money for charity), president Pat Riley spoke briefly to reporters for the first time in several months and said the Heat "reached out" to Caron Butler before he signed with Oklahoma City but that Butler "wanted a meaningful role" and "it wasn't something we could have promised."

But he said he does NOT "blame" Butler or his agent for wanting that type of role. There are good feelings between the Heat and Butler.

Riley said: "We're pretty deep. When you've got James Jones and Udonis Haslem and Rashard Lewis in those positions, they're waiting, and Mike [Beasley] and Greg Oden are getting minutes from nine and 10 [on the roster]."

### Riley, on Greg Oden: "I'm happy for him. I root for him more than I ever rooted for anybody. Last night he played big. We need that from him. I knock on wood and cross my fingers every day he stays healthy."

### Riley, on LeBron James: "He wants to win. And that's all it's about. All the other stuff that's flying around like butterflies, they're just things. And he deals with it as well as anybody. I'm so proud of him and Chris and Dwyane, that they're able to subjugate, really subjugate their games, and look what it's brought them. And I think it can only get better."

### Riley, on his team: "They are so fun to watch. They're on a mission. I'm so proud of what Erik [Spoelstra] has done.... Right now, you've just got to keep in mind: We've got a long way to go. Everybody thinks it's right around the corner. No, a lot of stuff can happen. We're in homecourt-advantage races not only in the West but in the East. That not an objective. I think for Coach Spo it is to stay on track with the defense and the rebounding and I think we'll be OK."

### Riley said Dwyane Wade is now even "smarter and more efficient and uses his energy." Riley noted: "He puts a lot of time into it. So, he's like a son to me."

### For those who wondered, guard Ben Gordon - cut by Charlotte today - is not playoff-eligible because he was released after March 1.

### UM coach Al Golden said today that Walter Tucker will play both tailback and fullback... Receiver Garrett Kidd is now on scholarship. "Garrett has done everything we've asked," Golden said... Early enrollee Trent Harris, a defensive end with pass rush skills, hasn't been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse to begin practicing with the team.



UM defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio sits inside his cocoon, focused solely on improving his unit while ignoring searing criticism from fans and former Hurricanes players.

Over the past three months, D'Onofrio has been subjected to scathing attacks from Warren Sapp, Eric Winston and Duane Starks, and subtle shots from others, including former cornerback Phillip Buchanon.

Buchanon thanked Sapp for ripping D'Onofrio on Twitter and then tweeted: "The truth about Al Folden."

D'Onofrio said Saturday he hadn't known about any of this. He said he wasn't aware any of these players had said anything about him.

"I'm not going to worry about that," he said. "The guys in the building understand what we're doing. I can only worry about coaching the guys here and trying to get them to execute at a higher level."

To refresh, here's what the former UM standouts have said:

### Sapp: "The D coordinator is killing my school. That looks like no Miami defense in the history of our school... Don't talk to me about Al Golden and whatever the d-coordinator's name is. You don't ever hire someone you can't fire. That's the golden rule."

### Starks: “Miami is being outcoached [defensively] every week. They’re predictable. There’s no disguising. It’s embarrassing. I would get rid of some people. If you can’t coach good talent, there’s a problem.”

### Winston said D’Onofrio’s “scheme is brutal. Too bland, too vanilla. No imagination on his part.”

He said UM’s defense looks unprepared and “I don’t think it’s completely a personnel problem. There are some X’s and O’s things that aren’t smart. Al better be willing to ride or die with the guy. You will get to a point where your assistants will take you down. It upsets a lot of people knowing how close [friends] they are. If [D’Onofrio] was a hell of a coach, nobody would care. That’s not the case.”

Do Golden and UM athletic director Blake James dismiss this D’Onofrio criticism from former players as irrelevant or does it genuinely both them? They answered this way:

### Golden: "They played here. They have a right to say what they want to say. But at the same time, we've had a lot of coaches and players here that have been through a very difficult period. I know they are passionate about the program and the defense, but we are equally as passionate."

### James: “We all want our team to continue to improve in all phases… I love the passion that our former student athletes have for their program and at the same time recognize no one wants to play championship football more than our coaches and current student athletes.”

Keep in mind D’Onofrio is running the system Golden wants. And Golden remains committed to that system and to D’Onofrio, who said Saturday that UM will run both a 4-3 and 3-4 this season. Linebacker Denzel Perryman said UM "may change a little something" in its defensive approach but "I don't think it's going to be anything major."

Some former and current Hurricanes praise D'Onofrio publicly and privately, saying they’re well prepared and that he’s not responsible for the avalanche of defensive breakdowns over the past two seasons.

But some players wish D'Onofrio would play more man-to-man defense, blitz more and be more receptive to player suggestions.

Some Board of Trustees members are unhappy with D’Onofrio, according to a high-ranking trustee, but the UM administration never asked Golden to consider replacing him. A person who has coached on UM’s staff during D’Onofrio’s tenure said he believes D’Onofrio’s system should be simplified.

Give D’Onofrio credit for being more creative and bold in the Russell Athletic Bowl, including a blitz from Deon Bush that resulted in a safety. But UM still allowed 554 yards in a 36-9 loss to Louisville.

And despite a strong start, UM finished in the bottom half of the country in every key statistical category in 2013: 65th of 123 teams in scoring defense (26.8), 77th in run defense (176 yards per game), 88th in third-down conversion defense (31.9 percent success rate for opposing offenses, 45 percent in the final month), 89th in total defense (426.4 yards per game), 90th in pass defense (249.8), and 108th in fourth-down conversion defense (14 of 21 successful).

Former UM assistant coach Don Soldinger said he sees nothing wrong with D’Onofrio’s system. What bothers him is this: “You don’t see guys swarming to the football. Guys are hesitant. Sometimes, they’re not taking the right angles. I question if the effort was there for all 11 guys. Al will fix it; I think the guy is special.”

But Soldinger said “criticism that will come after this year or next will be justified” because these are Golden’s players.

Said former UM center Brett Romberg: “Seeing the same mistakes and not being able to correct it is 100 percent coaching. Either [D’Onofrio] needs to adjust or he needs to go.”


Cornerback Dimitri Patterson ($5.3 million) and linebacker Philip Wheeler ($5 million) are due to earn the fourth-highest and fifth-highest salaries on the Dolphins next season, leaving both in question as free agency nears. The Dolphins have discussed a pay cut with at least one of them. One Dolphins source said Wheeler seemed to become complacent last season after getting a big contract, and general manager Dennis Hickey has tap-danced when asked about his linebackers.

There’s a big difference in their situations: Patterson has a $5.4 million cap hit if he stays, no cap hit if he’s cut. Wheeler has a $6.4 million hit whether he stays or goes, meaning it would be pointless to cut him unless Hickey finds an affordable and clearly better player.

Also, the Dolphins already have substantial cap space --- $39 million, fifth-most behind only Oakland, Jacksonville, Cleveland and Indianapolis.

By the way, backup quarterback Matt Moore, due $4 million in 2014, hasn’t been asked to take a cut. Tampa Bay pursued Moore last spring when Hickey was in the Buccaneers’ front office.

### Former Lions safety Louis Delmas visited the Dolphins on Friday and is an option to replace Chris Clemons. The Dolphins have some interest in Clemons but have given him their blessing to check out the free agent market and get back to them.

### Shane Battier dropped his longtime basketball agent and hired a broadcasting representative but said that doesn’t mean he’s definitely retiring. (He is definitely considering it, though.) Ray Allen said he’s also on the fence about whether this will be his final season.

A few weeks ago, a Heat official privately conceded Battier and Allen needed to play better for the Heat to start playing up to its potential. That has happened.  Spoelstra said “the majority” of what Battier does, fans “can’t see. The stats look pedestrian. But the impact on winning is anything but.”

Said Battier: “I don’t expect the average fan to understand what I do. Teammates can’t explain what the hell I do, either. But when I’m on the court, good things happen.” Consider: Per 48 minutes, Miami has outscored teams by more points with Battier in the lineup than any other player except Chris Bosh.

Allen, better now after shooting 32.6 percent in January, insists: “Defensively is more important. My shooting isn't necessary at this point for us to win.” (Check back in Game 6 of the Finals.)

### TNT's Steve Kerr, on the Heat: I feel like if they are healthy in May, I don't see anyone in the West beating them. The West is incredible deep and they are going to beat each other up in the playoffs. I don't see any team in the West beating them four times. If you look at the East, the only team standing in their way is Indiana, which we know can give Miami a lot of trouble. I really believe that if healthy, Indiana is the only team standing in their way of a third straight ring."

### Marlins president David Samson, the first of 18 contestants voted off CBS’ Survivor, said in retrospect: "It was much harder than I thought it would be. Much more lonely. I felt much older than I feel on a daily basis, surrounded by 22-year-olds. I grew up in New York City. I've never slept outside. I've never gone camping. I never had to start a fire. I've never had to do anything other than order food in a restaurant.


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It is painful to hear former players opinion on the defense but these comments are as appropriate as painful as they are to hear. I find it hard to believe that Golden will hang on to his DC if they have a repeat performance. I also place a lot in what Soldy has to say and feel that there was a lack of energy from players on the field and as loyal as they were, some I will not name, should never have been on the field much less in a Hurricane uniform.

This is definitely on Golden now and I think former players should show support and that too many folks discount what Golden and staff have dealt with the last three years. You can't refute the progress in wins from 6 to 7 to 9 in spite of the negatives they faced. Can and should things get better, yes, and no one on Golden's staff including Golden himself disagrees!

Frustrated DolFan

As a Canes fan and a realist, why is it so hard to see the talent/depth on the field was not there?


I agree with you guys above, but Sapp and Winston both said a mouthful here.

Sapp: "You don't ever hire someone you can't fire. That's the golden rule."

Winston: "You will get to a point where your assistants will take you down."

I also agree with what Don Soldinger said about lack of a swarming defense, hesitation, poor angles and yes, lack of effort. But guess what what? Lack of effort points to the larger problem. Leadership.

Like everyone, I hope Al and Mark D can turn this defense around. They've had their hands tied somewhat, but not any more. It's gonna get mighty nasty if they field that similar garbage and unmotivated defense for a 4th straight year, and that's when Al will have to grow a pair and send his friend packing.


To be fair,let's let this season play and everything will be revealed. Lack of effort is all Coaching!


UM has a significant coaching problem. The defense has been terrible. I question Golden's capacities as a coach, not his intentions or good character. D'Onofrio is rigid and does not receive direction from the Head Coach to innovate. They are Penn State south. These guys can not produce a UM team that honors Canes tradition. They are better suited for a Big 10 style or MAC style of Midwest football. One more year and then out if no ACC division title at the least. Enough blowouts like against Louisville.


Al Golden is one of the best head coaches UM has had in a very long time. When the NCAA began their investigation of Miami, many coaches would have bolted in a minute. Golden stayed the course refusing to give up. Those couple of years were very difficult recruiting wise. All the other colleges were using potential NCAA sanctions against UM, yet Golden still kept recruiting and wound up with top ten classes. It took a while for him to weed out Randy Shannon's players who were over-hyped, under-performers. In addtion, the team no longer has NCAA sanctions to worry about. The Canes are now truly Golden's team. He will be judged on their merits and his coaching from this point forward.


As a Canes fan and a realist, why is it so hard to see the talent/depth on the field was not there?

Posted by: Frustrated DolFan | 03/02/2014 at 06:46 AM

No realistic person is saying that we had the talent of the old Canes on D or even of Florida State last year. But we DID have talent. Chick, Perryman, Howard, we had players. Our defense isn't just bad under Nofrio, it is HISTORICALLY bad. For as much as our talent was "lacking," you can't tell me we are 100th-ranked-in-the-country bad. We weren't this terrible during our sanctions in the 90's! Put another way, I GUARANTEE that if FSU or Alabama's coaching staff had our team and our players last year, we would've easily won 10 games, our division, and challenged State in the ACC title game.

cool breeze joe

Yep Golden stayed the course but he s continued to apologize for his DC pal too much.Leadership and coaching up has been less than average and that has concerned me the most the past 3 years.When Miami began with the early games,(this season)...albeit a weak early schedule ...they seemed to play decent defense early.They regressed or could not create confidence or a positive sense or good nucleus in their team going forward.Giving up so many 500 yard games has been and always will be unacceptable for ANY Cane team.Hopefully,the team meshes this year.If not,,,,Golden s really going to have a difficult time even keeping the majority of Trustees happy.


If the talent on the field wasnt there for the sake of argument.. the scheme definately wasnt there either. No coach in thier right mind would go out and have thier d put up terrible numbers without making changes to it. Terrible. Even a ten year old can see the d stinks. Once the d takes the field they dont come of without giving up a ton of yards and eventually points. How many punts did we force per game? Please tell me guys. How many three and out? Im asking you guys a serious question please reapond.

Frustrated DolFan

"You are what they say you are"…We don't have the alumni/fan support, public funding, $$ to pay the staff or the facilities that FSU or Alabama has. Not a fair or accurate comparison. Most Canes fans myself included are blinded by our past success. Golden has been compared to a young Nick Saban in the recruiting world and has yet to have a full year under his belt without the cloud of the NCAA. This takes time and I trust once his recruits start to grow we will once again challenge for championships.

"Lack of effort is all coaching" really?? Sometimes coaching can't overcome "lack of talent". Example Justin Renfrow couldn't get on the field on a bad UVA team and started at Miami. That to me is lack of talent….


No question in my mind, if we have a repeat performance on defense Golden's buddy will be history. Still looking at the first defense (2011) which was credible is what the potential is here and more and not the disaster of the last two years!

Ron Zook Is The Worst Blogger in All Of College Football



This says it all:
"And despite a strong start...

...UM finished in the bottom half of the country in every key statistical category in 2013..."

Like another said, we have too much talent, despite the Renfrows and stopgaps to be THAT bad.

Coaching Matters.

Well, 2014 should be another rough year on defense, regardless.


David Sampson! A Fool on Survivor!

u are u ... no D u

Criticism from standout ex-Canes players follows D'Onofrio...

Gee, imagine that... but they're probably just bitter old Canes that have no idea what they're talking about and the always in prevent 'efense will get much better through the "process"riiieet ?


Give D’Onofrio credit for being more creative and bold in the Russell Athletic Bowl, including a blitz from Deon Bush that resulted in a safety. But UM still allowed 554 yards in a 36-9 loss to Louisville.

Am I the only one who thinks this comment is funny?


As a Canes fan and a realist, why is it so hard to see the talent/depth on the field was not there?

Posted by: Frustrated DolFan | 03/02/2014 at 06:46 AM

we lacks depth
-- reality bites



Soldinger hit it right on the head. Nothing much more to be said.

As far as the comments "u are u ... no D u" go...How about "no O u", haha!

Maybe you and and the rest of "gator nation" should take care of your own house to get back to a .500 team. You've had the one of the best series of recruiting classes in the country over the past 5 years with NOTHING to show for it. Your offense averaged 2.8 yards per carry against our "no D u" defense when you were at FULL strength. 1-4 vs top 20 out of conference opponents over the last 3 years speaks volumes too.
No team has underachieved as much as the gator has.

I have to resist trashing this dude personally. I'm really starting to think it's a young kid, or,someone who's "special". His comments, given on the field results, just do not make sense.



Golden has been compared to a young Nick Saban in the recruiting world

Posted by: Frustrated DolFan | 03/02/2014 at 10:50 AM


"Nick Saban tops Bear Bryant's 1st-round picks at Alabama ... in 19 fewer seasons"



Coach No D doesnt deserve credit credit for anything. His defense only maybe forced 10 punts all of last year and maybe 3 three and outs lol. And Al is still defending this clown as well as himself. And like i keep telling all you so called realist on here... you dont need to be two or three deep with five star talent on defense to force punts and three and outs. Your drinking Al excuse cool aid. Baylor had one of the top offenses in the nation and look how UCF held them in check. We have many more 4 and five star guys than UCF. Stop drinking the cool aid. Stop with the excuses. Our D has been at the bottom for three yrs man. Our D has plenty of high school all americans on it. Andour bum coaches have them looking like crap. If Urban Meyer had come here instead if Ohio you would see the proof in the pudding. This guy has kicked butt with the garbage players that was geting thier butts kicked before he came. And hey they went


Ohio St went undeafeted while on sanctions. They have real coaches and we have clowns.


green really is wrong about pretty much everything he posts about.

He's not even a UM fan, just has a weird ACC fetish.

Posted by: Lt. Lois Einhorn | 02/27/2014 at 02:50 PM


For the first time in forever, the ACC actually has a big game going on that doesn’t involve Duke or North Carolina. Finally, the conference has expanded in a way that appears to have turned out well, perhaps because this one is not 100 percent football-driven.

the new rivalries — even if they’re shallow ones right now — are a much needed boost. It isn’t so much that the ACC needed to become a 15-team league. It’s that it needed to stop being a two-team one.
-- john Feinstein



The dolphins drafted 2 CB's last year, both, of course injured, as was Ireland's way.
No excuses this year. As the Fibs won't be sniffing the SB in 2014, why not cut Patterson ( a shame, as seems like a nice guy and fine player, but always injured) and give the 2 new guys a shot?

If neither can get it done, we can FINALLY close the book on Ireland. No more reasons to defend him. NONE.

Calgallharriet leave this blog

Naplescane... Problem is haters that dont know squat about football. Like YOU.

Soldinger knows more about fb than sapp and all the other mouths on here and anywhere that critcizes donofrio

Where was sapps and buchanons big mouths when shannon lost 48-0 at the ob against uva? Or when they lost to usf? Or as shapiro was walking around campus?

Problem is at least 50% the offense. Barry thre out all these stats. But as it is with stats, if u dont give the entire picture, you csn make any point you want

Heres a stat no one talks about: time of possesion. Miami had the worse or vlose to the worse top in cfb, so how does a defense do anything when they are always on the field and the opponents offense has double the plays?

Perfect example. Against UL the d got 2 points and we got the ball back. So here comes mr 3 and out Morris comes in with exceelent field position, and guess what, three and out!!

That was the mantra against uf, duke, va tech and other teams. Even against fau morris et al couldnt put together long consistent drives. That matters. It matters huge esp in the third q and beyond.

Without a good qb a good leader who can maintain an offensive drive, Um will continue to struggle

And warren sapp and buchanon should s...t...f..u and listen to their old ball coach soldy



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