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Dolphins/Knowshon Moreno update; NFL owners meeting; Wade doubtful; Spoelstra reacts; UM/MLS

A few Monday afternoon quick hits:

### Three days after hosting him on a visit, the Dolphins remain interested in signing free agent running back Knowshon Moreno, according to a league source. The Dolphins and his agent have continued discussions since his visit on Friday.

Moreno has interest in Miami. The Dolphins believe he would be an upgrade over Daniel Thomas. But whether they can agree to terms financially remains to be seen.

Even beyond running back, the Dolphins aren’t necessarily done in free agency. They will continue to monitor the market for guards and other positions. Don’t rule out adding a linebacker; it was confirmed that Miami did make a good offer to D’Qwell Jackson before he signed with Indianapolis.

The Dolphins have signed every free agent who has visited except Jackson and, as of yet, Moreno (though that obviously might change).

### A few quick items from the NFL owners meetings in Orlando: Arizona coach Bruce Arians told me the subject of locker-room conduct was discussed in the coach’s session today. Also, commissioner Roger Goodell emphasized “respect” at the end of his introductory speech…. Though the Dolphins spoke to Darrell Revis’ agent before he signed with New England, Miami was never a contender because Revis wanted to play with a championship contender. (Miami was reluctant to pay him as much as he was seeking anyway, for cap reasons primarily.) Patriots owner Bob Kraft said today that Revis could have made more money elsewhere but came to the Pats “because he wants to win.”…

Kraft expects the NFL will pass the Patriots’ initiative to increase the length of the goalposts (upward) so there’s no confusion about whether field goals are good or not…. The playoffs could expand to 14 teams by 2015, but that is not expected to be voted on this week…. If Sun Life Stadium renovations happen, the first Super Bowl that the Dolphins could realistically land is 2019.

### Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said Dwyane Wade is expected to miss his 19th game of the season tonight because of an ankle injury sustained in the Celtics’ game last week. Miami is 11-7 without Wade.

### Spoelstra indicated he had no problem with Chris Bosh and LeBron James criticizing the team after Saturday’s loss in New Orleans. Bosh, you’ll recall, said: “We suck.”

Said Spoelstra: “Yes, that will stir up emotions. Those emotions now have to motivate us to play better. I don't mind any of that. Everybody probably makes a way bigger deal of it than it is. I'm sure it's good for storylines. That's what this game does to you, it brings you to the brink. As long as these guys come at it with purity, that they care, that's what you need. We all probably need a lapse of sanity right now."

### Greg Oden will start for the Heat tonight against his former team, Portland.

### The person handling the stadium deal for David Beckham and MLS today confirmed my February report that MLS and Beckham are seriously exploring having a joint stadium for MLS and UM football. In fact, he said MLS and UM are in "active discussions." Please see The Herald's story on the MLS stadium on our web site at this hour.

As I have written, MLS says it's still about 60 days from knowing whether a joint UM/MLS stadium is feasible. Even if MLS determines it's do-able, UM would need to somehow escape the final 18 years of its Sun Life Stadium lease for it to happen. UM has told MLS that it must have no fewer than 40,000 seats for UM to be interested in playing there. If the stadium is only for soccer, it likely would have a capacity of 20,000 to 25,000.


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Posted by: Lt. Lois Einhorn


The Beckham group is also in “active discussions” with the University of Miami about sharing the stadium with the Hurricanes football team, which now plays at the Miami Dolphins’ Sun Life Stadium under a long-term lease. That would require the soccer stadium, now designed for about 20,000 to 25,000 spectators, to grow to about 40,000 seats, complicating the parking picture and scheduling

The group expects to decide within 60 days whether the UM idea is feasible
-- Miami Herald 3/24/14

Stephen Ross or David Beckham?
Stephen Ross or David Beckham?
Stephen Ross or David Beckham?



Wish UM could play at Tropical Park


wish in one hand ...
spit in the other ...
see which one fills up faster ...


Lt. Lois Einhorn

Ever notice that the Beckham group is the only one who has said they're trying to make this happen?

That's because it makes zero sense for UM, UM isn't going to give up 10-30k ticket sales PER GAME in order to play in a crappier stadium that's still far from campus.

It's impossible, no chance in hell this comes close to happening. You're just as delusional as Beckham, who still thinks people are going to walk from downtown to the Port of Miami, even though no one walks and no one lives downtown.

Jaime Rooster

Wish UM could field a college football team

Better than your sorry Gators Jamie



Jaime, 9-4 this past season is a start back to the promise land. FSU and UF have 3 National titles each and have much longer traditions then the U. Miami had some stolen from them like 03 fiesta and a few more


LT Lois Einhorn(Saw your movie the other day), I agree. IF the Canes start winning again which we all plan on happening, the old Orange Bowl was 72k and Dolphin stadium is 75-80k, so when we start winning, for at least 3-4 big games per year, thats going to cost 40k or so seats, merchandise, and drinks/food...........

They should have done it with Marlins stadium and made it bigger

The Truth Truth

Nobody is giving up prime real estate for soccer.

I hope they do build a soccer stadium in Miami. That team will fold in the first 3 years.


How much is the escape claus? They should propose to play the big games against Fsu or Nd in sun life and the rest at the new stadium


Don't forget, the three Olympic size swimming pools under the playing field!!!

World class, track and field events; international horse and dog shows, international crossfit competitions; and a neutral playing field, for some of the world's greatest country vs country, soccer rivalries!!!

The Miami-Dade Orange Bowl Aquarcium
"South Beach Sporting Entertainment, rising like a rouge wave"

Daniel Rivera

We'll get an answer at the latest on the Beckham/MLS/UM matter by May 23, because that's when the 60 day deadline is. However, if the renovations for Sun Life go through, then UM stays at Sun Life and they won't bolt for Downtown. That Beckham/UM situation is one to really watch over the next month and a half.

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