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3 p.m. update: Dolphins reach out to four prominent veteran linemen; Marlins, Heat, Canes

Branden Albert (who appears to be very, very high on Miami's wish list) and Eugene Monroe aren't the only veteran offensive linemen attracting Dolphins interest early in free agency. Two other names have emerged today.

The Dolphins also have expressed strong interest in St. Louis guard/tackle Rodger Saffold -- something both colleague Adam Beasley and I are hearing.

And the Dolphins today also reached out to Oakland free agent left tackle Jared Veldheer, who missed 11 games last season with a torn triceps. Veldheer is an option if Miami doesn't sign Albert or Saffold or Monroe. 

Two industry officials said they believe the Dolphins would love to sign Albert as their left tackle and sign Saffold as a guard. But Miami would have to pay substantially to achieve that.

In the meantime, the Dolphins also have reached out to Monroe and to Veldheer, who are both natural left tackles. And they haven't ruled out signing Saffold as a left tackle if they don't sign Albert, though they are also very comfortable playing Saffold at guard (which he isn't opposed to).

One NFL source not affiliated with Albert called Miami the clear front-runner for Albert. But it's still early in the process, and there's certainly a chance Miami could be outbid. We'll see. 

If Miami doesn't reach a deal with Albert or Monroe, Veldheer, 26, is on their radar.

Veldheer started 16 games for the Raiders each of the previous two seasons, and Pro Football Focus rated him 12th among all tackles in 2012, with a terrific plus-17.8 grade as a pass blocker and a plus-3.2 as a run blocker (25th best). Veldheer, a third round pick out of Hillsdale in 2010, allowed five sacks in 15 games in 2012.

Saffold, 25, did not allow a sack in six games at right guard last season (and just four hurries, which is impressive) and also graded out very well as a run-blocker.

Pro Football Focus rated him 18th among all guards this past season. Saffold, a second-round pick in 2010, also has experience playing left tackle and allowed two sacks in 10 games at left tackle in 2012, before Jake Long took over the position last year.

Teams could begin talking to agents of free agents at noon today, but players cannot sign with a new team until 4 p.m. Tuesday.


Some Friday notes:

### Anemic offensively, the Marlins summoned all their top young bats to the big leagues last season, eager to see who would flourish and who would flop. Of the five who received extended looks, the Marlins decided they realistically could project only two as key pieces in 2014: Christian Yelich, the starter in left field, and Marcell Ozuna, the likely starter in center.

They have not given up on outfielder Jake Marisnick, catcher Rob Brantly or second baseman Derek Dietrich. But all three figure to begin the season in the minors, unless there are major injuries, unless Marisnick hits exceptionally and clearly outplays Ozuna (unlikely) or unless Casey McGehee is awful and Dietrich is brilliant (unlikely).

Yelich (who was 0 for 11 this spring before going 2 for 3 today) and Ozuna (3 for 14, six strikeouts) are off to slow starts this spring, but it's too soon for worry.

The Marlins love Yelich, the former first-round pick who hit .288 with four homers, 16 RBI and 10 steals (in 10 attempts) in 62 games for Miami. Yelich struggled in 91 at-bats against left-handers (.165) but pummeled right-handers (.362).

“He’s got a chance to be a special player for a long time,” said manager Mike Redmond, who envisions him as a .300 hitter over his career and leans toward batting him second. “I love his approach, his mental makeup. This kid, for being such a young guy, has it all together. It's remarkable.”

Yelich hit 15 and 12 home runs in his two full minor league seasons, and he said, “I’m only 22. The power will come. I wouldn’t say 20 [homers] is out of the question” eventually.

As for Ozuna, he excelled in the minors after going undrafted, then hit .330 for the Marlins last May after being promoted. But his average dropped to .265 in June, then .162 in 68 July at-bats before his demotion. His final numbers: .265, three homers, 32 RBI in 70 games.

He never played in the minors after the demotion because he was diagnosed with a season-ending thumb injury. But he hit well in winter ball in the Dominican Republic. Ozuna, 23, said he slumped last July because opposing pitchers “watched video to see where I can’t hit, and I got crazy, swinging at bad pitches. I will [adjust].”

Redmond said: “I feel great about Ozuna. He didn’t seem baffled at all about moving from right to center.”

Marlins special advisor Jack McKeon loves him: “He’s got as good an arm as anyone in the big leagues,” McKeon said, adding that Ozuna reminds him, offensively and defensively, of two-time former All-Star Tony Armas, who hit 251 career homers.

Some evaluators need more convincing. "Yelich is going to hit, no question,” one National League scout said. “Not sure about Ozuna. If you get an average player, you will be happy. He's not going to be star. He's got some tools, but he's a free swinger."

### What about the other three who aren't expected to begin the year in the majors (barring something unforseen)?

Marisnick, 22, Toronto’s third-round pick in 2009, is terrific defensively but hit .183 in 40 games for the Marlins. He’s a career .280 hitter in the minors, so the Marlins believe the bat could develop.

Brantly, 24, hit .290 in 31 games late in 2012 but slumped to .211, with just one homer, in 67 games last season, and it would be surprising if he ever becomes a starter here again, considering the three-year commitment to Jarrod Saltalamacchia. “Last year was real humbling,” Brantly said.

Dietrich, 24, flashed power in his 57-game Marlins stint (nine home runs) but hit .214, then created a mess after his demotion to the minors by privately accusing hitting coach Tino Martinez of physical and verbal abuse, which led to Martinez’s ouster. Dietrich declined to discuss the matter last week, but a friend said Dietrich was embarrassed by it.

The Marlins will play Dietrich at second and third base in the minors and believe he could be a starter here someday if he can hit for average. “He has tremendous ability,” president/baseball operations Michael Hill said.

### After shooting 12 for 18 outside the paint in his 61-point outburst Monday, LeBron James is 1-for-17 outside the paint in the past two games.

### Scott Nichols, agent for 2013 Heat second-round draft pick James Ennis, said he spoke to the team and "all indications are they plan to put him on the roster next season" as part of a plan to infuse youth at the bottom of the roster and ease the luxury-tax burden. Ennis, a 6-8 forward, ranks among the Australian pro league’s leaders in scoring (21.9), rebounding (7.3) and steals (1.5). The Heat has liked his progress this season and his upside as a defender.

### Agent Eugene Parker said tight end Dustin Keller will be ready to play next season after his horrific knee injury, but the Dolphins haven’t indicated if they’re interested in re-signing him.

### When the Dolphins reach out to free agent left tackle Eugene Monroe's representation this weekend, they'll quickly get an idea of how much it will take to sign him. Per reports in Baltimore, Monroe is seeking a deal averaging $10 million a year. The Ravens have offered between $8 million and $9 million.

### Stephen Ross is still working his way through the landmines of being an NFL owner --- he's only been at it for five years --- but he's making the attempt to learn as much as he can. In an unusual move for an owner, Ross attended the recent MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston, along with his top executives Matt Higgins and Tom Garfinkel, and listened intently to a discussion about building a culture within a franchise, a conversation that included Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff and coach Mike Smith. That Falcons tandem have had great success together until Atlanta bombed last season. Ross needs to get input from others besides buddy Carl Peterson, and he seems to realize that. 

### Players keep raving about UM quarterback Ryan Williams. “I don’t think we’ll miss a beat” with Williams replacing Stephen Morris, receiver Phillip Dorsett said Thursday. “He throws an accurate and catchable ball, throws everything on time. Ryan’s arm has gotten a lot stronger. It’s not really a dropoff” from Morris. Dorsett says fans will see for themselves at the April 12 spring game.


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Williams just needs to give UM some consistency at the QB position. As talented as Morris was for UM, he was not consistent. There's something to be said for a QB who may not have all the physical tools, but keeps his team in games by doing the little things right and who does not try to force the ball into small spaces.


I like many of the things Stephen Ross has done in 2014 with the ousting of Sherman,Turner,Ireland.Mr Ross is finally taking over a team he got in 2009 and while 5 years too late he is starting to listen to irate Dol-Fans.Ross should have fired Ireland and Sparano after the 2010 season when it was clear that these two who were not hired by Ross were failures.Ross was either cheap or lazy in continuing with Sparano in 2011 and Ireland until early 2014 and those moves of keeping those two is the reason the Dolphins are stuck in the 7-9 8-8 rut.

Jim Otto

Ross is not an NFL guy. Hiring Philbin and then keeping him is a mistake. Philbin will be gone at the end of this year. He is not the answer. He is the opposite of what fins need.


Unfortunately Ross has not learned much during his tenure as an NFL owner. It started with the so called celebrity bs and continues with the influence of Peterson and the retention of Philbin. He should go back to being a shyster real estate salesman.

Morris was a very poor qb for Miami. The scary thing is that he still started last year, which does not speak well for the ability of the backups. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

Former Season Tckt Holder

Marisnick will be the CF, Everyone talks about Ozuna's arm but Marisnick's is better, Ozuna had only 1 good month last yr then the league adjusted. Marisnick is exceptional in center and can steal bases, hopefully he'll hit this spring and be the starting CF and bat leadoff on opening day. By the way Yelich should bat 3rd not 2nd

joe r

Ross can attend all the conferences and seminars he wants, what he needs to do is become a silent owner real quick..e.g mickey arison

its really silly that he thinks attending this kind of stuff is going to help his team

octavio de armas

ROSS-PHILBIN-A mediocre roster-Spells another middle of the pack season. We have become the old DETROIT LIONS of the AFC.


Call me crazy, but the Marlins need a lead off man that can grab a .385 OBP and provide some speed on the bases. Given that no third outfielder has emerged, Brent Keys is my choice to open the season in LF or CF and lead off. Have no idea why Furcal was signed. Dietrich will produce more runs than Furcal regardless of BA, which will improve. You also build overall team value (build an asset) by letting young guys play and develop, esp. when winning will be difficult no matter who you stick out there.

The key move the Marlins didn't make was to turn Stanton and Colin Moran and a couple pitching prospects into Baez and Bryant from the Cubs. Baez and Bryant will each have better careers than Stanton IMO.


Barry,as a fan and observer,I think it is hilarious that most of your column is about the Marlins and all but one comment is about the Dolphins and UM! Does this tell Loria and Samson just how much their team draws interest in So. Fla.? just sayin


People need to stop making Morris out to be a bad QB. It is easy to understand that he was affected by a bad foot his senior year. His junior year was very excellent while having not the best talent around him. Dorsett, Hurns and Duke are not even close to being as good as past QB greats had at their disposal. Imagine if Morris was healthy and had one or two all american recievers around him just like Kosar, Testeverde, Walsh, Erickson, Torretta and Dorsey had. When someone writes that Williams must suck since he couldn't beat out Morris this past year just keeps proving how dumb Miami area fans are.


I'd give Dustin Keller at least a look before letting him go. He was leading the team in receptions before he got hurt.


Jim Otto, I guess you missed the part of Philbin being the hot assistant, and was going to be hired in TB when he interviewed with the Fins. You also missed the part that you have to consistency in a franchise to be good. You don't hire coaches one year at a time.

Best all around state program

And now for some Gator news!

Let's see, the UF men's basketball team is No. 1 in the nation. The softball team is No. 1. The men's swimming and diving team is No. 1. The women's indoor track and field team is No. 1. The men's indoor track and field team is No. 1.

Bill daily

Swimming , diving and softball ?? Is your package tucked between your legs? Speedos n softball! Your hilarious


You people are moronic. Yelich better than Ozuna? Glad your not a season ticket holder. Bat Yelich 3rd? Maybe in two or three years, but 3rd hitters do not see as many good piches, so he will need to learn plate discipline.

Philbin is cerebral, tall and skinny. The opposite of him would be Sporano, stupid, short, and fat.

Marlins own this news feed, Harleyray, because UM is on spring break, and the Fins offseason doesn't pick up until the start of free agency. While the Marlins have 4-5 key position battles, and going strong in the Grapefruit league up in Jupiter.


Furcal's OBP will be much higher than Dietrich's, and he's a good baserunnr as well. Good baseruners are more valuable than sheer speed. He will have more runs than Dietrich hands down, and will set a veterans example in the clubhouse.



Former Season Tckt Holder

Hey Harleyray your a typical Miami dinosaur moron that thinks the Dolphins are the only team in town and you probably think Joe Rose is the greatest because that other dinosaur all he does is talk about the Dolphins way after the season is over. The HEAT rule this town. And hopefully when Loria sells the team the Marlins will too

Former Season Tckt Holder

just sayin


of the AFC.

Posted by: octavio de armas | 03/08/2014 at 06:31 AM
The Lions have ALWAYS been an NFC team, a member of the then Central division, aka "black & blue" division.

Ship shape

The clown show will continue as long as Ross owns the circus.


Gators are down clowns!!!!

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