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4 p.m. Thursday afternoon Dolphins free agent chatter; Heat, broadcast notes

Couple quick items on remaining priority positions of need as the Dolphins plow through the first week of free agency:

### Right tackle: Zach Strief, 30, remains by far the best unsigned player at the position, and the Dolphins called his representation earlier in the week, expressed interest in Strief and spoke of setting up a visit. But Strief had been committed to a banquet in Cincinnati and was unable to take any visits.

UPDATE: The Dolphins reached out to Strief again on Thursday and asked him to visit. A decision is pending. The leaguewide sense has been that he prefers to return to New Orleans, but the Saints and Strief haven’t been able to come to an agreement. And he is now receptive to talking to other teams.

Pro Football Focus rated him seventh among all tackles last season, based on his 2013 performance.

Mel Kiper reiterated today that Notre Dame tackle Zack Martin makes the most sense for Miami with the 19th pick in the first round, though he wonders if Pittsburgh might take him four spots earlier. Martin could slide into the starting right tackle job.

Beyond Strief, the list of other remaining free agent tackles isn’t extraordinary --- a group include Michael Oher, Eric Winston, Ryan Harris and J’Marcus Webb.

[UPDATE: Tampa announced at 2 p.m. that it's releasing Donald Penn, who Dennis Hickey knows well from his time in Tampa. But he's a natural left tackle and Oakland and Washington could have interest in him at that spot.]

### Guard: Shelley Smith is visiting with the Dolphins tonight after visiting with the Patriots at this hour, and his camp is hopeful there will be an offer from Miami. The good news: PFF.com ranked him 21st among all guards for 2013 and fourth as a run-blocker. But he has started just eight games over the past two seasons.

Miami has called to express some level of interest in several other guards, including Daryn Colledge and Wade Smith and center/guard Even Dietrich Smith. Davin Joseph remains a possibility. Figure on the Dolphins signing at least one veteran guard.

### Cornerback:  The Dolphins have considerable faith in Jamar Taylor, and he figures to join Brent Grimes and a to-be-determined veteran among their top three corners. The Dolphins haven’t ruled out a return by Dimitri Patterson, but nothing was imminent on that front as of Thursday afternoon.

Miami has expressed interest in Tarell Brown and Walter Thurmond, and there are decent other options: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Cortland Finnegan, Brandon Browner, Terell Thomas, Josh Wilson, EJ Biggers, Antonio Cromartie, Antonie Cason, Jabari Greer, plus past-their-prime Champ Bailey and Dunta Robinson. Several of those players have been taking visits elsewhere, including Browner and Thurmond with Washington and Cromartie with Arizona (among a bunch of others with other teams).

[5 p.m. update: Finnegan will visit the Dolphins on Friday, according to NFL.com's Albert Breer. He was cut by the Rams after this past season. He played in only seven games because of injury, starting pick and picking off a pass. PFF ranked him 109th of 110 cornerbacks last season.]

Nolan Carroll signed with Philadelphia today, and Miami didn't tender RJ Stanford.

### Random stuff: Since his 61-point outburst, LeBron James has scored 22, 19, 17, 23 and 19 points over the next five games. Only twice before during his Heat tenure (early in year one, late in year two) had LeBron scored so few points over a five-game stretch… With his team having lost four of five, Erik Spoelstra wants to give his players a mental break. So he scheduled no practice for today and no shoot-around on Friday, when Miami plays Denver. It’s unusual not to have one or the other when games aren’t back-to-back... As we mentioned yesterday, ESPN/ABC wants Chris Fowler to replace Brent Musburger as the network’s lead play-by-play voice on college football. And ESPN/ABC made it official today, announcing Fowler would assume those duties, paired with Kirk Herbstreit, in a new contract that runs through 2023.


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Barry's the man.

Bob Griese 12

A good solid guard and perhaps Strief, then this team starts to look very interesting.


Finnegan was injured last season. But for the last couple years he has been one of the Top CBs in the NFL. He is also one of the most physical CBs in the NFL.


Finnegan is 30, he was good but is also smallish. He's too much like Grimes IMO. We need at least one, maybe two physical corners. Most CBs hit the wall at that age so it would be risky, if we're gonna take a risk it would have to have more upside.
I prefer bringing back Patterson at 2-3 mill on a one or two year deal.
Strief would be great, as would be Penn, in a lower rung would be S. Smith or W. Smith, but they better hurry before the good ones get picked.
I have Rams trading out of #2 to someone needing a QB and picking up one or two OLs in 1st round. I doubt Pittsburgh would go OL in first round again, it's a deep draft at OL.
Cleveland goofed by releasing Weeden and Campbell before the draft. Rams are gonna play them for all their marbles against whoever else needs a QB.


Hey Barry,

Canes' ballhandling or lack therof is atrocious, do they have anyone coming in next year who can handle the rock? And I think atrocious is being too kind.

u are u ...  no NCAA or N.I.T. College Basketball Invitational  u

well, there's always this for u ...

u win it and u might make the Top-120 ...

****************** College Basketball Invitational ******************

The College Basketball Invitational (CBI) is a men's college basketball tournament created in 2007 by The Gazelle Group. The inaugural tournament occurred after the conclusion of the 2007–08 men's college basketball regular season. The CBI selects 16 teams that are not selected for the NCAA Tournament or the National Invitation Tournament[1] (NIT). The CBI competes directly with the CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament (CIT) for teams.[2] From 2008 through 2010, teams competed on the home court of the higher-seeded team. Seeding was not included in the 2011 tournament and teams had to pay to play home games prior to the finals. The tournament is single elimination, until the final two teams are determined, and then the championship is determined by a best two-out-of-three format.


So far we(The Dolphins) haven't used the Franchise tag on anyone unless I missed it. Anyway as far as Cortland Finnegan goes I don't know if I could stomach him in a Dolphins uniform. The guy's a real jerk and maybe a cheapshot artist. Some of the stuff he pulled and got away with when the Dolphins played the Titans was unfathomable.

Reality Bites

Congrats to the sorry canes and to coach L, they had a 2 point lead at the half, so it can be said that they won the first half of the game. Way to go!
Too bad they ended up losing the second half and were thus summarily bounced off the ACC tourney in the second round. so much for the one and only ACC championship.
At the very least it can be said that cane basketball has done something that still eludes cane football after all these years. They have one ACC ship.
But now they are back to where they belong, in the cellar of the ACC in anonimity and irrelevance in the world of college basketball. Just like football.
Like lil green pea likes to say, Go ACC, ACC, ACC!!!
Please log into our site "the acc.com"
Have you seen our little sign hanging at Yankee Stadium?


Like lil green pea likes to say, Go ACC, ACC, ACC!!!

Posted by: Reality Bites | 03/14/2014 at 08:52 AM


SOURCES: ACC finalizing a multi-year deal to play ACC Tournament at Barclays Center
-- Pete Thamel @SIPeteThamel



ND's drawing power adds value to our gate receipts, bowl prospects & OB tie-in all the while devaluing the big yeast …
makes nyc’s inclusion in the ACC tournament rotation a virtual certainty …
no consensus on #16 …
runtgers? ucant? louis ville?
my nominee may surprise U: texas longhorn steakhouse
swing for the fences …
or as frank the tank might say: f_ck you pay me
16 members unwieldy anyway …
plus, ESPN agrees a bump in take home pay to $20M+ per school per year is warranted and dedicates a subscription-based channel which I’ve been pining for …
expanding without expanding …


Posted by: green | September 12, 2012 at 02:57 PM

tomorrow's news today ...
how'd you get so smart ...


Not our rival

Posted by: Reality Bites | 03/14/2014 at 08:52 AM

Hush nerd, no one cares about your fake internet rivalry.


Yeah, please. Finnegan is such a %$#@. Every now and then I watch the video of Andre Johnson beating the %$#@ out of Finnegan...and thoroughly enjoy it.

Barry: Thanks for the great work!

Reality Bites

Told you so.
Long ACC diatribe by lil green pea
Same old from the blog policeman with nothing to contribute.
Too bad your local ACC team suckssssssssssssssssss.

Not our rival

Posted by: Reality Bites | 03/14/2014 at 12:15 PM

Hush nerd, no one cares. Go find an AOL chat room if you want to troll people on the internet.

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