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What Dolphins are getting in Branden Albert; Fins, Heat notes; Late addition to UM football class

Some notes on a Monday:

### So what exactly are the Dolphins getting with 29-year-old left tackle Branden Albert, who is expected to sign a multiyear deal with Miami on Tuesday for about $10 million per season?

1) Here’s how Pro Football Focus evaluated him heading into free agency: “He graded negatively in run blocking in 2013, just as he did in 2012, and it’s an area of his game that has never been dominant, though it hasn’t been terrible either.

“Mostly solid in pass protection, Albert only gave up four sacks in 555 pass blocking snaps in the quick-attack Andy Reid offense, but pass blocking is clearly his forte. With nine regular season penalties, Albert had the second-worst penalty grade for tackles in 2013, a consistent mark against him that potential suitors should note in this free agency period. He may make mistakes at times, but the good outweighs the bad significantly.”

2) Albert allowed four sacks last season, five in 2012 and 2011 and 10 in 2010. In PFF’s ranking system of offensive tackles as pass blockers, Albert was rated 11th of 76 tackles in 2013, 11th of 80 in 2012 and sixth of 76 in 2011. That’s outstanding, and this is, too: Last season, nobody who played nearly as many snaps as Albert allowed fewer quarterback hurries. (Albert allowed 13.) In 2012, only two who played as many snaps allowed fewer than his 12.

3) Though his run blocking metrics weren’t very good the past two years, he graded out very well as a run blocker in previous years. Last year, as a run blocker, PFF rated him 40th of 76 tackles. In 2012, he was rated 62nd of 80. But he was 12th of 74 in 2010 and 27th of 76 in 2011.

4) As noted above, penalties are an issue at times. His nine last year were ninth-most among tackles. He had 10 penalties (11th-most among tackles) in 2011, but five in 2012.

5) The former Dolphins administration had concerns about his durability, but this regime apparently doesn’t. Albert, who has missed time with a back issue in the past, played in 15, 16, 13 and 12 games over the past four years, from 2010 to 2013, respectively.

### Paul Soliai is down to three teams and the Dolphins are not one of them. Soliai is aware he likely won’t be signing here, barring something unexpected. (And nothing can be ruled out in free agency, especially because Soliai likes it here.) But it doesn't look good for Miami. The Dolphins and Soliai have had conversations in recent days but continue to have a different view of his value, especially with regard to guaranteed money. The Falcons are among teams reportedly in pursuit...

The Dolphins are considering several defensive tackles to replace Soliai and Starks, with Houston's Earl Mitchell among those on Miami's radar. Jason Hatcher, Linval Joseph, Henry Melton and Arthur Jones are also available.

### Drew Rosenhaus said on his Sunday night segment on WSVN-Fox that he has begun negotiations with the Dolphins on safety Louis Delmas and should have resolution, one way or the other, in a couple of days. [UPDATE: Delmas signed a one-year, $3.5 million deal with the Dolphins this afternoon]. So Chris Clemons will move on.

### The Heat, which was lost three in a row entering tonight’s home game against Washington, hasn’t lost four in a row since the first year of the Big Three (2010-11). Miami also lost five in a row that year, its longest losing streak since LeBron James joined Miami.

 ### James has shot 6 for 18 and 8 for 23 in his past two games, the first time since November 2010 that he had back-to-back games with a field goal percentage of less than 35 percent….His streak of 332 games with at least one free throw attempt ended Sunday in Chicago, his first game without one since December 2009, when he played for Cleveland…. Since his 61-point outburst, LeBron is averaging 19.3 points and shooting 39 percent.

### UM is adding Green Cove Spring (Fla.) Clay High offensive lineman Tyler Grimsley as a late addition to this recruiting class, according to CaneSport.com. Grimsley, who visited UM last weekend, will be on scholarship at UM and eligible to play this upcoming season.

Grimsley didn’t have a qualifying test score until after National Signing Day. A two-star prospect, Grimsley also had reported offers from UAB and Weber State.

"Nobody knew who he was," his offensive line coach, Frank Garis, told Canesport. "But he has rare explosive quickness combined with man strength. He's a big kid, is a big-time weightlifter for us, can medal in the heavyweight class for us this year…. He played predominantly guard for us. The year previous he also played a couple of games at tackle. Miami is taking him as a center until he adds more weight to play guard."

### Tenth-seed UM (16-15) will play 16th-seed Virginia Tech (9-21) in the ACC Tournament at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, with the winner meeting seventh-seed North Carolina State (19-12) at 7 p.m. Thursday.


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I hope Albert can stay healthy, we need at least 2 more OL in FA. Saffold would be good because he can back up Albert in case of injury.
I still think Fins ned a big TE or WR for red zone scoring because it's still a big problem for Fins.

In the draft if Zack Martin is there it's a no brainer, unless Ebron or Lewan is still there. If none of these guys is there then a trade back to the end of 1st round would do if we can get an extra pick in rounds 2, 3 or 4.
Benjamin from FSU would be a good pick for red zone IMO.


another wasted scholly by golden? a two star and most recently a no star by the name of Joe Brown..smh


Ed Reed was a two star nobody, only idiot fans pay attention to star ratings, coaches look at these players' film and camp performances.


Canes just signed a new player and a "fan" here says it's "another wasted scholly by Golden".

His name on here is "canesalltheway".

You can't make this up.

Ron Zook Is The Worst Blogger in All Of College Football

Not to be pessimistic but what coaches looked at Grimsley's film and camp performances... coaches like the ones from perennial doormats such as Weber State and UAB?

Ed Reed was an exception and the norm for 2 star recruits. When we have to forfeit 9 scholarships, we shouldn't be wasting them a guy who is not going to have an impacton the team outside of the U Tough program. This was a wasted sscholarship, especially if they believe in Nick Linder at center.

Ron Zook Is The Worst Blogger in All Of College Football

Typo.. meant to day that Ed Reed was an exception and NOT the norm for 2 star recruits.


Interesting, an under the radar signing in Gator country? Doubt it. But depth was an issue on the O line. Coaches know more about the players they want then the ratings agencies. Alot of no stars turn into great players.


stop going by ratings The entire class was 3 stars or higher, so they are taking chances with 1-2 kids who could be under the radar-- 11 espn 300 recruits, and 2 Rivals Juco 100 players. top 10 on espn.com with sanctions most of the year and #12 on rivals. we brought in alot of talent

Can You Feel My Heart

Fins coulda kept Jake Long last year for $8M per and of course taken a best available, or a need, say TE Eifert not DE Jordan, but no use in cryin over spilled milk. Ireland is gone! THANK GOD! Cautiously optimistic bout Mr. Hickey!

u are u ... 2 star u

### UM is adding Green Cove Spring (Fla.) Clay High offensive lineman Tyler Grimsley as a late addition to this recruiting class, according to CaneSport.com. Grimsley, who visited UM last weekend, will be on scholarship at UM and eligible to play this upcoming season.

Grimsley didn’t have a qualifying test score until after National Signing Day. A two-star prospect, Grimsley also had reported offers from UAB and Weber State.

"Nobody knew who he was," his offensive line coach, Frank Garis, told Canesport.


"Nobody" knew who he was except UAB, Weber State and u ... And because he's a 2 star scUb that sUcks !

But the good thing is that he can play right away.


Why don't some of "U" idiots at least look the kid's highlight film BEFORE "U" disparage the signing......typical so called Cane Fans, constantly ruining off at the mouth, completely oblivious to anything minutely related to football knowledge. We (some of us) are the ONLY so called fans of a team that CONSTANTLY sh-ts on their own. Check the blogs of other teams, you never see sh-t (negative comments) like this. We've run off countless potential kids because they see how some of us treat the current players. T. Bridgewaters mother specifically mentioned that (especially the PERSONAL attacks that Jacory had to endure) as one of the main reasons she forbade her son from coming to the "U".....thanks "U" freaking idiots.....some losers actually blogged....and I quote..."We don't want Teddy, he's just another Jacory from the same school".....REALLY!!!....oh and a few last little tidbits.....YES Jacory threw a lot of INT's (understatement).... But he is (#1 All Time in Completions, #1 All Time in Attemps, #2 All the in TD passes and has the best completion percentage in one season, 2011 season-65% (so far) of all Canes QB's)......and YES I (we all) know....HE HAS THE MOST INT's EVER, OF ALL TIME.....but alas, I leave you with this teeny, tiny, little, Oompa, Loompa tidbit.....Career (college) Stats, Jacory Harris...(TD's)=78, QB#2=79...(Cmp.) JH=703, QB#2=693...(Att.) JH=1170, QB#2=1204...(Cmp.% all 4 yrs.) JH=60.1%, QB#2=57.6%...(Total yds. all 4 yrs.) JH=8,826 QB#2=8,597.....and lastly....(INT's all 4 yrs.) JH=48.....QB#2(DAN MARINO)....hold up, what I meant to say was.....HALL OF FAMER DANIEL CONSTANTINE "DAN" MARINO JR....(69)...69!!!!!(that's 21 MORE than Jacory, who some actually call the worst QB in Miami's illustrious history) ......INTERCEPTIONS....go figure....I'm out....Deuces!


Ron Zook Is The Worst Blogger in All Of College Football, take a look at Russell Maryland as well genius.

johnnie j

Ummmmm....it s kinda a stretch when folks attempt to compare Marino with Jacory Harris.I read the comments with objectivity but then burst out laughing when I saw where VorZulu was going with it.Too funny.Anyway...most haters of the U are not really Cane fans so don t get too upset fellas.They re just disguising their allegiance to be negative because they are negative with life itself.No big deal.GO CANES.


I am not worried about the stars next to the name. This staff was supposed to come in & coach up Randy's guys. So far the only difference has been game management.. I still believe in Al though.

Jaime Rooster

Jacory Harris is the type of player that personifies Um in this century. Almost set a record for most INTs and had a laughable Heisman hype in the Spring.
Mark Donofrio is the type of coach that personifies Um in this century. Set a record for the worst ever defense in team history and one of the worst in NCAA history.
Jacory and Donofrio, it's a cane thing!


Dear Johnnie.......no one in their right mind would ever dare compare Jacory Harris with Danny Marino. I simply utilized the correlation to bring some perspective and levity to those who say that Jacory was a "horrible" QB and one of the worst QB's in Miami history........and obviously I went on a tangent, but my real goal was to simply compare INT's and point out the even great QB's of yore had problems with INT's.......they (stats) were only utilized to bring a bit of perspective and levity to the situation. I thought what "some" fans put Jacory thorough during his career was reprehensible.....at best....kid took a beating, was tough as nails and a true Cane.....INT's be damned.....moi's opinion....nothing more-nothing less.....be honest, how many of us (after what he did Frosh year against FSU) said.finally the next great Canes QB.dare we say...the next Kenneth Dorsey.if you say you didn't say/fell that.you're a friggin liar.


BTW Johnnie, you sound like a level headed "true" Canes fan....my brother, if you get a chance go check out this new OL recruits (Tyler Grimsley) game films.Duuuude (not sure bout' the competition) but this kid is simply Destroying/Pancaking his man on almost every block.....(link provided) thank me later!!! I Don't blame the "Golden One" neery a lick for signing this Road Grader...wait till he gets Swayzeed Up




#Canes stand to benefit from potential Sun Life Stadium improvements.
-- Matt Porter ‏@mattyports

thank you, MR. Ross


Lt. Lois Einhorn

I don't mind the signing at all but those highlights make him look straight up horrible.

And those are supposed to be the good plays?


See what i mean typical negative Canes fan (Jaime Rooster) who the f--k cares if his Heisman campaign was premature (goes without sayin) and fizzled out big time, as a fan you should still feel proud of that and happy for the kid, he was/is a Cane. How many millions of kids have played college ball throughout "histry" (Go Gata)and was NEVER mentioned in the same thoughts much less breath with the Heisman Campaign.....as a fan, you can complain, ridicule, critique...but at the end-of-the-day.you ALWAYS root for your boys....ALWAYS!!!...as long as they're out there fightin, you encourage, you don't pour salt....first time your kid loses, what.... you're gonna call him a loser-pu--y and give up on him/her?.....for those that do no.....THIS is the meaning of "Go Gata"....classic must see (link provided below)



Barry,as a fan and observer,I think it is hilarious that most of your column is about the Marlins and all but one comment is about the Dolphins and UM! Does this tell Loria and Samson just how much their team draws interest in So. Fla.? just sayin

Posted by: Harleyray | 03/08/2014 at 08:11 AM

it's a football town ...
don't let anyone tell U otherwise ...



Did I just read a reference for comparing Jokory "NoodleArm" Harris to our beloved Dan Marino.

Who has made such allegations?!?! Step forth and receive your beating!!!

"21 more than Harris." Well then lets do some math. Harris played for 4 yrs in comparison to Dan Marion's 17 long hard fought years. Get back to me when you pro-rate that. In those 4 yrs Harris accumulated 48 INTS. I'll make it easy for you and everyone else.

Dan Marino 17yrs.......69 INTs

J. Harris 4 yrs.......48 INTs

So then lets add another 13 yrs to Harris and see where those INTs will be sitting at then. Good God man it's simple math.

CutlerRidge Laz


What's up man! I hope you hear me on 560 everyday as I bring Joe coffee and donuts. KingCane promised that if my son gains 100 pound and grows another 5 inches, he will get a scholly. See ya the canes beisbol game - I can already taste the shakes.


I'm one of the few that can stand here and say that I appreciated what he did as a freshmen but there were so many things about his technique and rainbow throwing style that I knew would get destroyed eventually. Thank goodness for Lenard Hankerson and Travis Benjamin being speedy receivers that they are to get open so that he could even make those rainbow passes.

I honestly did wish him the best after his freshmen year but always knew that if he didn't correct his technique that he would get destroyed. Hence the following years.



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