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Several analysts weigh in on Dolphins' picks Jarvis Landry and Billy Turner

LSU's Jarvis Landry, selected 63rd by the Dolphins in the draft tonight, caught 77 passes for 1193 yards and 10 touchdowns last season despite dealing with a foot injury in October, and dropped only one of the 106 passes thrown in his direction.

North Dakota State's Billy Turner, chosen 67th overall by Miami tonight, played left tackle in college but can easily make the transition to guard, where the Dolphins need him.

Some feedback from analysts on both, beginning with Landry:

### ESPN’s Todd McShay rated him 48th overall: “He is pound for pound the toughest, most physical skill player in this draft. He’s not that big. He doesn’t run very fast. But he belongs in the first two rounds because he has the best ball skills. He catches everything. He will run down and cover kicks. He will knock linebackers out on crack backs. I love this pick. He isn't an explosive vertical or run-after-catch threat, but he is a tough, physical competitor who does all the little things right. Landry uses quickness and savvy to separate from coverage.”

### NFL Network's Mike Mayock: “I had 10 favorite players in the NFL Draft. This is one of them. When you put the tape to watch [LSU first-round receiver] Odell Beckham play you can’t tell which one is Beckham [and which is Landry]. Landry ran a 4.7, and it dropped him down a little bit. I love the opportunity he’s going to have in Miami. He’s the toughest wide receiver – physically toughest wide receiver in this draft.”

### ESPN’s Mel Kiper: “Huge hands. He’s the hardest worker on that football team. He’ll be a slot receiver."

### ESPN’s Trent Dilfer compared him with Anquan Boldin, but without the size.

### NFLdraftinsider.net’s Tony Pauline:

Positives? “Consistent receiver best running underneath routes. Displays quickness, sells routes, and separates from opponents       exiting breaks. Resilient, works to make plays, and shows tremendous eye-hand coordination. Comes back to the ball to make himself an available target, effective when he extends and catches away from his frame. Makes the difficult catch in the middle of the crowd. Easily makes receptions running down field at full speed and effortlessly adjusts backwards to snatch the ball from the air. Despite his 40-time displays a burst, which he switches on in a single step.”

Negatives? "Possesses average size-speed numbers. Lacks top-end speed and the second gear. Started just one year on a full-time basis at LSU."

Bottom line: “Landry's not a prospect who passes the eyeball test rather a receiver who does the little things well and plays with consistent fundamentals. He has physical limitations but is a savvy route runner who would do very well in a timing offense.”

### NFL Network's Matt Millen: “He’s not a speed guy. But this guy will change the attitude of your team. He’ll challenge anybody who doesn’t work. I saw him do that at LSU. He’s a guy who demands you practice the way you play and that you play hard. This is a tough, tough sucker. I love this guy. And it’s rare to get that out of a receiver. Anquan Boldin has that same attitude. I remember when him coming out and he was a little banged up. But you knew he had it in him. Same thing with Andre Johnson. I think this guy is going to play for 10 years and just depend on.”

### NFLdraftscout.com’s Frank Cooney: “Along with Clemson's Sammy Watkins, was only other high school five-star receiver in this draft, so his talents have been known for a while. Arrives in draft with ample experience running pro-style routes. He is probably a more reliable go-to receiver than higher ranked teammate Odell Beckham, although the latter is more of a home-run threat. He is faster than his unfair 40-yard time of 4.77 at combine, where he ran with bad hamstring. He is more of a 4.60. Former prep basketball star with huge, strong hands and a tough-guy attitude that should make him a great target in a West Coast offense, and pretty effective in any scheme.”


Feedback on Billy Turner, selected 67th: (Pleased we were the first nationally to tell you of the Dolphins' interest in Turner in this blog on March 9 and again on April 23.)

### Mayock: "Showed a lot of potential [at the Senior Bowl]. Now is he raw? Yes. But he does have some potential. He’s got size. He’s got feet. I like the pick just because they have to rebuild that entire offensive line.”

### Kiper: "Played for dominant team at 1-AA. 15 starts left tackle last season and did not allow a sack. Against Kansas State, he graded out at 96 percent, 10 knockdown blocks in that upset of the Wildcats. This is a good 1-AA prospect who will impact the Dolphins' offensive line."

### NFL Network's Charles Davis: "He was darn good against Kansas State. Father played in the league. His grandfather told me at the Senior Bowl that you don't give my son enough credit."

### Tony Pauline: Positives: "Four-year starter named to numerous all-America teams since his junior season. Athletic, college left tackle who projects to the right side or guard in the NFL. Blocks with good knee bend and tremendous leverage and strong at the point of attack. Gets movement run blocking and annihilates opposing defensive lineman. Plays with a nasty attitude and works blocks. Sees the blitz and gets a pad on opponents to disrupt them from their angle of attack. Keeps his feet and hands active throughout the play, quick off the snap, and makes outstanding use of blocking angles. Easily gets out to the second level and shows the ability to hit a moving target. Takes out as many opponents as necessary off a single snap. Controls defenders once engaged in a block then seals them from the action."

Negatives: "Mechanical in his footwork. Does not display great lateral blocking range. Lacks balance and haphazard in his movement. Struggled at the Senior Bowl when he was outclassed almost every day in practice."
Final word: "Turner is a talented prospect who showed steady development in his game. He lacks the natural footwork and the ability to stay at left tackle but will have an opportunity on the right side. Turner offers starting potential down the road if he receives proper coaching and development at the next level."


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Barry Jackson

Oscar, those 28 other incomplete passes were blamed on the quarterback for poor or errant throws, or well simply well-defended.


Jimmy, right, right you're an expert right. Morn,


Love the fact Landry gets on his team mates who don't practice hard. This kid ain't gonna catch the and fall down.Could be steal of the draft

mark lee

I hope the dolphins get Christian Jones in the 4th rd think he will be a great MLB 6'3 5/8 240 lbs 4.63 40 athletic to cover slot WR and TE's and tought and strong enough to shred blocks will be a starting MLB for years and i ebelieve a pro bowler if we can find away to walk away with jones CB jaylen jenkins from FL who i thought was a 2nd rd talent and can compete for the no 2 or 3 spot right away and i use the 6th on wild card TE keyalta or however its spelled TE Oregon friend of Dion jordan. YEs he has enough red flag on him to wrap a tree but its a 6th rd pick they rarely work anyways but in this case if he does he is the 2nd or maybe even 1st best TE in this draft complete blocker and at 6'4 240 is a legit pass catching threat we got 5 picks i be happy with getting just those 3 and then i think we got 6 players all able to start or contribute heavily from day 1 and Take a shot on Tajh boyd for back up QB he can scramble too but hes way better then morris throwing


In regards to Landry not breaking away after the catch. I didn't look at his highlight videos, but 15.5 ypc last year sounds pretty good to me.

These are interesting picks. I like the fact that he was comfortable enough to make some trades in the 2nd and 3rd round.

It seems to me that I am going to have to let time tell me how well this draft went. Unlike many of the posters here, I don't have time to watch a ton of LSU games every year and watch game film of North Dakota State.


Nobody caught the 28 passes.he put his hands on 78 he dropped 1.the rest where thrown his way but he didnt have a chance to catch it.


The dolphins first round pick may have been the only reach so far. I understand the pick because they were desperate for O-Linemen. Landry and Turner seem like picks that last year's GM would not have made. I have a much better feeling about what is going on this year. We'll see how it works out. If Tanneyhill doesn't work out, however, the Dolphins will be a mess again next year.



### Mayock: "Showed a lot of potential [at the Senior Bowl]. Now is he raw? Yes. But he does have some potential. He’s got size. He’s got feet. I like the pick just because they have to rebuild that entire offensive line.”


"Mechanical in his footwork. Does not display great lateral blocking range. Lacks balance and haphazard in his movement. Struggled at the Senior Bowl when he was outclassed almost every day in practice."

THIS IS THE THING. this negative, sucked at the senior bowl, bad feet, no lateral is CONTRARY to the gurus reports like mayock and mcshay and kiper and his game itself, no sacks allowed at lt!! you dont do that with bad feet and bad lateral. all the things i have read in the 5 draft mags i have say his talents are good feet and lateral movement!!

this is a great pick and will start right away at guard, plus, we have another guy who can play right or left tackle in a pinch.

[]_[] know it

I could Draft better than Ireland and Hickey... who do I need to know to get into this tight knit group of GM candidates?


Maybe the Cane Bashers can now see what Talent Shannon Left Golden(This class would have been Randy's Seniors. When you have 1 guy drafted and your in the 6th round, to go 9-4 with all those young guys is a great accomplishment, and 7-0 when Healthy. FSU has picks all over the board ---Shows during the sanction years we sat out the bowls, jimbo cleaned up in recruiting. 2 years form now, we have a ton of NFL players that are Jr's and Sophomores, and possibly next year.


I am very pleased with the James and Landry picks but Turner looks like a bust but blame Ireland for putting the Dolphins in a hole which forces them to draft offensive lineman instead of other needs.


Posted by: Benny | 05/10/2014 at 12:20 PM
Benny, I believe the negatives regarding Turner (senior Bowl) occurred because they switched him to the right side. I could be wrong there.

Barry, great work as always!



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