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Noon update: Fins invite another QB, add more players, Kiper's Fins draft assessment; UM offers QB; Heat

Noon update:

The Dolphins are giving a rookie mini-camp tryout to Oklahoma State quarterback Clint Chelf, his agent Gary Glick tells us. Chelf didn't become OSU's starter until the fifth game last season but helped lead the Cowboys to a 10-win season, throwing for 2169 yards, 17 touchdowns and eight picks while rushing for 321 yards and six touchdowns.

He torched Baylor, completing 19 of 25 passes for 370 yards.

In his career, Chelf threw 37 TDs and 15 picks.

His last game ended inauspiciously, when he was stripped by Missouri's Michael Sam --- the fumble was returned for a long touchdown --- late in a 41-31 Cotton Bowl loss to Missouri.

If Chelf is given a contract after the rookie minicamp, he would compete with Pat Devlin and North Dakota State's Brock Jensen for the Dolphins' No. 3 QB job. (The Dolphins today waived QB Jordan Rodgers, who is the brother of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.)

The Dolphins reportedly gave Jensen a $10,000 signing bonus, and he is viewed as Devlin's biggest challenger.

Jensen not only led his team to a third straight national championship last season, but is also the all-time winningest quarterback in FCS history.

Jensen, 6-2, finished his career at North Dakota State with 8,598 yards passing and 72 touchdown passes, 21 picks and completed 62.5 percent of his passes. He also ran for 1240 yards and 35 TDs.

Last season, he had 34 TD passes and 7 picks, completed 66.3 percent of his passes, and ran for 479 yards and 10 TDs. He has an NFL-caliber arm and displays good accuracy on intermediate routes.


Monday morning quick hits:

### The Dolphins added five more players who went undrafted, though none have been announced. The latest:

Rutgers defensive end Marcus Thompson (signed to a contract). Had 5.5 sacks last season. Attended Boyd Anderson in Broward County.

Nebraska cornerback/safety Andrew Green (tryout basis). Had no picks last season. Has good size and speed but considered a liability against the run.

Temple defensive tackle Kamal Johnson (signed to a contract). A 6-4, 310-pounder with 16 tackles and a sack last season.

Missouri linebacker Andrew Wilson (signed to a contract). His 333 career tackles are 10th-most in school history. Had 113 tackles last season. Draft analyst Tony Pauline said "he's a stout, run-defending linebacker who sells out to make plays. Displays a terrific head for the ball." He's an outside linebacker who can play inside in a 3-4, Pauline said. (Miami runs a 4-3.)

Maryland cornerback Isaac Goins (trying basis). A starter with 60 tackles and two picks in 2013.

Please see the last post for other undrafted players added by the Dolphins. The Dolphins will hold a rookie minicamp May 23-25. Many of the undrafted players added were signed to contracts; others will attend on a tryout basis.

Also, please see the last post for a list of where all the draft-eligible Hurricanes ended up. Add another one to that list: Luther Robinson just signed with the Packers.

### Mel Kiper gave the Dolphins a B in his draft recap on ESPN.com. Kiper’s assessment: “This was a really quiet draft class in terms of star appeal, but the Dolphins did a pretty solid job of hitting their biggest needs. Ja'Wuan James isn't a player many people know, but I thought he'd land here, and he did in a move that makes a lot of sense. The Dolphins need an immediate starter at right tackle, and that's James. Just plug him in and check it off.

Jarvis Landry doesn't fill a major need at WR, but he's a really reliable target who catches absolutely everything. Billy Turner was a tackle at North Dakota State, but could fill another pretty big need they have at guard. Walt Aikens will need some time as he makes a big leap in competition, but is a needed addition at cornerback.

Jordie Tripp could offer help at linebacker as a guy who is explosive out of his drop and will play with passion. Matt Hazel is a sleeper at WR, and like Landry, has good hands. This draft was about Ryan Tannehill. Stop the constant sacks, give him a chance to take another step. I think Miami succeeded.


### If the Pacers close out Washington either Tuesday or Thursday --- and if the Heat wins the Brooklyn series in five or six games --- then Heat at Pacers would begin Sunday afternoon in Indianapolis, with Game 2 likely on Tuesday.

### Whereas Shane Battier said he’s retiring after this season, Ray Allen said he’s not leaning either way about playing next season. And James Jones --- who considered retirement last June --- said he definitely wants to play next season, preferably for Miami.

### UM --- seeking 2015 quarterbacks after losing out on Brandon Wimbush to Penn State --- offered West Palm Beach Dwyer’s Daniel Parr, whose only other offers are from FAU, Marshall, Yale and Akron. (But he has been receiving interest from UF and FSU, among others.) He threw for 42 TDs and six INTs last season. He told rivals.com that Miami “is definitely one of my top choices.”

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QB Daniel Parr's TD-Int ratio last year at Dwyer HS is insane. Wonder why he's not receiving more interest? His tape looks good, he has decent mobility, and there's never a competition issue with respect to Dwyer, plus he earned PBP and Sentinel Player of the Year honors. Again, it's unreal that he's not getting more interest in the way of offers and analyst ratings. Dwyer HS is a perennial powerhouse HS.

Does anyone know of any negatives on Parr that I'm missing?

Good to hear Al and Coley offering him.


One never knows if there will be HOFs here but Hickey was apparently too tired to make moves and get more picks. We could have cut a deal with Saints when they moved up to 20 and Browns at 24 for at least a 3rd and still got our guy or Bitonio or Moses later.

For excitement and getting Farmer back I would have taken Manziel and held him hostage for the Browns 24 pick and their 2nd. Everybody and their mother knew the Browns owner wanted Manziel badly but Hickey was too nice a guy. That would have taken big balls and worse case we have a QB competition for the ages with season tix blowing up. All this and still would have had Jawaan it Moses there with our 2nd pick and all these other guys we drafted on Day 3 are free agents anyways.

Beast of the Yellow Night



There's a lot of psychology that goes on in sales and some of it is applicable to Mario's idea.

If you are in a store looking at a watch, you weigh the pros and cons. If someone else comes and buys it, you're happy because all you think of is the cons. If you decide to buy it you're happy because all you think of is the pros.

Point being, if someone drafted Manziel before the Browns, they wouldn't want him anymore. No way they'd give up an extra second round pick to get him.


Johnny Football at 19 would have blown up the draft. If I was Fins owner I would not even have hesitated I would have given the card to Goodell while he's still onstage hugging the 18th pick.
Fins haven't had a commodity like Manziel since Marino. Would have had the Texans, Vikings, Cowboys, Cardinals, Chiefs, all kissing out ass. Farmer would have called us and had his boss with a loaded gun to his temple calling us with picks and pleading for forgiveness for spurning us. His gamble to trade down would have blown up in his face if he didn't make the deal.

Hickey and Ross didn't see what the dog saw. Or they didnt have the bad boy colones it takes in the boiler room. They reached for the RT and covered their asses.

Anybody else want a better example if what's wrong with our franchise?


Freud sorry but I disagree.
First of all you win both ways, Manziel even as back up for a year would have shot excitement to this franchise, it is the entertainment business and Johnnie Football is Charisma personified and a hell of a player. I also firmly believe our phone would have blown up starting with the Browns who need a QB and their best player will be suspended all year, what are they gonna sell to their fans?
Your players are commodities and you don't pass up value like Johnnie Football for a RT reach.


Manziel on South Beach?!?? get real, he woulda been suspended before OTA's


I agree that RT was a reach and that they MIGHT have been able to flip Manziel for a first rounder and an extra 6th or 7th round pick but it wasn't worth the risk of having to keep him.

Manziel would have been a detriment to the franchise, Miami would have been better off forfeiting their first round pick than drafting and keeping Manziel.

They couldn't start him ahead of Tannehill (no way he'd beat him out in camp) and EVERY SINGLE LOSS the fan base would turn more and more on Tannehill and start clambering for Manziel. He brings zero "excitement" if he's on the bench, just a bunch of unwanted controversy.

Some coaches say if you have two quarterbacks you have no quarterback, this would have been a perfect example. Not only was Manziel a controversial NFL quarterback, a 50-50 high risk high reward proposition, but he would have ruined any chance Ryan Tannehill had of becoming a franchise quarterback by turning the fan base against him and magnifying every mistake.

Hugh Longfellow

Well, Dolphins found out how much guts the new GM has, and the answer is none. If not stepping up for Johnny Football, opportunities for higher rated players and trade down possibilities were plentiful. All the moves for degraded second rounder and a 5th seem ridiculous in retrospect. A 4.77 receiver, really? That's OLine speed. Once in a while one can look like a genius for a small school pick, but more often not.


Freud to go even further, with Manziel as back up we cut Matt Moore and his 5 million cap number and pick up veteran OL , LB and or Safety help.
They missed the chance and I still insist Browns had to have him.

Just read headline that Manuel is already top NFL jersey seller.


Mario is right. The Pats have a HOF qb on their roster and they took a good one in the 2nd round. If your #1 goes down you need insurance. Nobody in the league is scared of Matt Moore, plus it would have given Tanny a wake-up call and lit a fire under him. It's supposed to be competition for every position. Hickey missed the boat. He filled a need and reached in doing so.


Want more examples of how lost Fins are?
They suspend Don Jones for making a comment where he insults nobody but Pounceu who already has stewed up enough makes an even more stupid comment and gets away with it.

What's the message then?


Perfect 72 that is right, Pats are a good example.
So there was no downside at all.
Missed a huge opportunity


Pats are a terrible example, they have an established Hall of Fame franchise quarterback with zero questions about who the starter is.

Miami has a quarterback trying to establish himself as a long-term starter in his third year.

Manziel would have blown this entire season up, ruined Ryan Tannehill, and may or may not be a long term starter in the NFL.


Freud your first name must be Sigmund. We are not here to baby Tanneyhill or worry about his psych , this is not college, this is the pros and competition is a must.
Plus Manziel let's us cut Matt Moore and his 5 million to begin with, which can be used on an experienced RT AND OG, AND LB.

But you draft him and call the Browns on their bluff of getting Justin Gilbert and trading down to 24, they had 2 2nds and 2 3rd round picks. It was no secret they needed him. He's already the top selling jersey in the NFL!!!

We would have been relevant like the Broncos with Tebow he was throwing dead sucks on prime time all year long.

Plus Manziel is the real deal, even though I like Tanny as well.


Yea, I just strongly disagree that they could have gotten more than an extra 6th round pick by drafting Manziel and trading him to Cleveland, I see no chance in hell of that happening, Cleveland wasn't desperate for him or else they would have taken him with their first pick.

And of course he wouldn't beat out Tannehill, wouldn't sell jerseys as a backup, and wouldn't generate any excitement because he wouldn't be on the field.

Maybe if they cut or traded Tannehill it would have made sense but absent that it would have been a dumb move.


Really disappointed in how this draft went down. At the end of the day we weren't aggressive enough to improve this team. James would have likely been there in the second round. Or someone else similar. Drafting 19 I think you either have to trade up to get Martin or Mosley or you have to trade down and take James near the bottom of the first round. But where we really dropped the ball (no pun intended) was on running back and LB which were actual needs. I mean really Carlos Hyde or Storm Johnson could easily have been taken. Also should have pulled the trigger on Aaron Murray. Keep taking QB's until you find "the one".

All these small school prospects are a huge risk. I fear this is going to be a long and disappointing season. We may have a very high pick next year!

[]_[] know it

We WILL have a very high pick next year... only team in our division that didn't get better on paper. Let's pray that Bill Lazor can make chicken salad out of chicken sh#t.

Orlando Cane

### UM --- seeking 2015 quarterbacks after losing out on Brandon Wimbush to Penn State --- offered West Palm Beach Dwyer’s Daniel Parr, whose only other offers are from FAU, Marshall, Yale and Akron.


Why is it that Golden n Co. panic so quickly before Summer and just start slinging out offers left and right to kids that simply just aren't difference makers much less Top-20 program talent? Not only is it a bad precedent to set but the wrong one as most of the top kids will eliminate us based simply by the second and third tier talent that we're offering. I know, as Cane fans we are programed to "trust the process" but try to look at it from the outside looking in. Plain and simply, half of our "offers" CANNOT continue to be of the unranked/2-star/barely3-star Temple mentality project variety. It just relects negatively on where the bar is set with the Miami Hurricane Football program and the Top Kids know this.

Orlando Cane

(But he has been receiving interest from UF and FSU, among others.)


We should be considering with just interest too is all I'm saying and keep AGGRESSIVELY recruiting the more Top-20 highly regarded players.

Orlando Cane

Does anyone know of any negatives on Parr that I'm missing?

Good to hear Al and Coley offering him.

Posted by: TheSergeantMajor | 05/12/2014 at 10:36 AM


The kid, projected, is average to good talent when evaluated by Top-25 programs that are better with a much higher cealing talent wise. That basically means there are 40-50 other QB kids that are on those teams radars as far as recruting goes. Those programs will not panic, thus letting the ENTIRE recruiting play out through December, then evaluate what they have and what they need and close strong during the Bowl Season and January. Whereas it seems like, unlike the glory years, we're boxed in philosophically with this regime to offer fast n furious without letting things pan out thus we tend to lose too many of our top rated commits in January to other programs while being stuck with the lower rated kids that we offered way to early. And then, like the last few years, Golden is then forced to reach offering too many unranked/2-star kids at closing time in Feb. just to fill out the Class. Sure we get some good kids. Just not enough year after year over a 4-5 year recruiting cycle to build Top-5-10 Football Program depth.

Sure we have some great starting talent, but the fact is that half of the Canes entire roster is comprised of 2 and 3 star kids that were NOT "Highly" recruited elite kids. It's just where we are at. But it's just not good enough to develope kids by redshirting, stockpiling and not having to thrust and throw 18 n 19 year old Freshman n Sophs right into the starting fire way before they're ready. It's a bad cycle and a big reason why we are where we are.

The NCAA cloud some will use as an excuse... Many other programs faced worse and are now again Top-20 ranked programs playing for Conference titles and New Years Bowl Games... That Ship has sailed excused wise.

And to those that say the evaluation of Stars mean nothing I ask would you rather have 20 1st. and 2nd. Round Draft picks each ? Or 40 6th and 7th. Round Draft picks to build a 2-Deep Roster on each side of the ball. Sure back in the 80's and even 90's to a degree Stars were sketchy at best. But with all the Technology and instantanious click of a button to see tape, it's a far more precise science. And I'm talking about the Coaches of Top Programs evaluations, not the goofy recruiting sites. All those sites just copycat what Top-Progams offer whom. If BAMA offers a 3-Star that kid becomes a solid 4-Star... If the Canes offer a 2-Star that kid becomes barely 3-Star. Then they'll write puff piece stories to sell subscriptions.

I just wish Golden would chill with the 2-3 Star Project Summertime Cane Scholly Lotto Extravaganza. We already have enough of them on the present roster.


Empty orange seats

Ross has been a huge help to me. No more chimichanga farts! Hooray!


On Rivals, we had all 3 stars or Higher this year and finished top 10 on espn.com and already have a nice class so far. Shannon put us in this mess and Shapiro. Move on from the Golden Bashing. He just landed Brad Kaayaa 1 of the top 5 Qb;s in the country and Olsen is a Freshman and Malik Rosier is a freshman, and they have the other sophomore Gray Crow. We are ok with Qb's right now. 4 guys at soph and freshman

Talent is deep now on the U just young.......

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