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Muschamp visits S. Florida, addresses state of UF program; Dolphins announcer change; Heat, UM, Marlins


Ask UF coach Will Muschamp what he has learned by going 4-8 --- the first Gators losing season since 1979 –-- and he has a quick answer.

“Keep your quarterback healthy – that’s number one through five,” Muschamp cracked Thursday evening before addressing Gators fans and alums --- including Dolphins players Mike Pouncey, Caleb Sturgis and Jelani Jenkins --- at War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale.

Quarterback Jeff Driskel is healthy after sustaining a season-ending ankle injury in the third game last season. Muschamp also has a new coordinator, well-regarded Kurt Roper, formerly of Duke.

“We needed to fix the offense,” Muschamp said. “I like the changes we made. We are going to run it in different ways, create more tempo, get more snaps. Our yards per play in the run game and passing game were much better from the shotgun. I felt that’s the direction I want to head.

“Roper was the right guy for the job; he did a great job at Ole Miss with Eli Manning; Archie Manning signed off on him. We’ve made huge strides in the passing game. Driskel had an outstanding spring. He was recruited to be in the gun, and that’s what we’re doing. He’s going to have a special season. Mike Mularkey told me Jeff Driskel has first-round talent….

"Defensively, we’ve been a top 10 defense. I wish we would have played more consistently in the latter part of last season. That’s on me.”

Muschamp told the crowd that 4-8 (which included a seven-game losing streak to end the season) “is unacceptable. Humbling experience. I’m going to get it fixed. My expectation at Florida is about competing for championships. We have to manage adversity better. I could have managed it better looking back, [done better] in anticipation of things. Be a little more imaginative. We weren’t as flexible as we need to be offensively.

“[But] I don’t know that I was a much different coach than when I won 11 games. I’ve had head coaches call me and say, ‘I had no idea the amount of things that occurred [last season with injuries and adversity].’ I never want to experience it again; I can tell you that.”

Muschamp, who has 15 Dade/Broward/Palm Beach players on his roster, said he never had any doubt he would be retained. Isn’t there more pressure this season?

“Absolutely not,” he said. “The hot seat is a good deal; everybody is praying for you. You’re on the hot seat at the University of Florida every day.” And he conceded “it’s a lonely chair.”

He admitted the disastrous 2013 season “slowed down progress” with recruiting but no longer. “We’re going to have a good football team [and] a good year,” he said. “I like where this team is.”

### Muschamp said “we’ve had discussions about [scheduling] Miami” but that nothing has materialized. UF athletic director Jeremy Foley has said if the game ever happens again under his administration, it likely would be at a neutral site.

### Muschamp cracked: “Our kicking was atrocious because Caleb left. I’m going to blame it on him.”… He raved about Booker T. Washington signee Treon Harris: “He can throw it as well as anyone.”… He said he hopes former Chaminade Madonna defensive tackle Khari Clark “is doing more than running to the refrigerator.”….

He said offensively, "we’re as deep and talented at running back and receiver since I’ve been here. We hit on [tailback] Brandon Powell” --- who flipped from UM to UF…. He said he consulted many people, including Dr. James Andrews, to see if anything could be done to reduce injuries, and concluded “what we’re doing is the right things.”... Only about 200 attended Thursday night's event --- about half the size of the crowd for Muschamp's first visit to that venue as Gators coach. 


### The Dolphins are bringing back Dick Stockton to call their preseason games on CBS-4, with Bob Griese and Nat MooreJesse Agler handled the job last year because Stockton had scheduling conflicts. Agler now works for the San Diego Padres.

### Heat practice notes from Friday: LeBron James participated in a grueling practice and said his thigh bruise "feel good." He said he's "very antsy" to get back to game action.... Erik Spoelstra said the team has done nothing, on court, to prepare for either Toronto or Brooklyn....

James, asked about the Oklahoman running a headline calling Kevin Durant unreliable, cracked: "I don't think that's a great idea.... He's [going] to be a free agent at some point."... James insists he's not rooting for Toronto or Brooklyn. The Heat has won 15 in a row against the Raptors and went 0-4 against the Nets this season, with three losses by one point and another in double overtime. "I can never feel myself rooting for another team in the league," he said.

### The Heat's Michael Beasley admits it has been "difficult" not playing and “you feel kind of down.” But he insisted it doesn't make him want to leave this summer. "I would love to come back. I've got to look at the big picture. This is the best team in the world."

The Heat hasn't told Beasley if it wants him back, but if it does, it likely would again be at the minimum, and it’s debatable if Beasley could attract more than that elsewhere.  

### Shocking: The Marlins are leading baseball in blowout wins (six by at least six runs). They had seven all of last season… Giancarlo Stanton’s average home run distance over the past four seasons (416 feet) trails only Justin Upton’s 419.

### Three teams invited UM’s Seantrel Henderson for pre-draft visits at their offices: Miami, San Francisco and Cincinnati… Besides visiting Denver, Cleveland, the Dolphins and Carolina, UM’s Stephen Morris did private workouts for Indianapolis, Tampa Bay and Chicago.    


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Losing Brandon Powell to UF at the last minute was a blow to UM. The kid is a special athlete and unfortunately UM will have to watch him from a distance. His loss to UF was hard to take.









u is u .....still beatin gaytors..with teeth

yea losing powell has kept me up at night...............because there isn't any other running backs out there, he knew he wouldn't be featured as long as yearby and the duke are there. no brainer he would go to a 4-8 team.......playing time

u is u .....still beatin gaytors..with teeth

also ironic........the gaytors mascots are named albert and alberta no wonder the first letters are AA....as in alcoholics anyomous....but we are u ar u....also known as the "The Sh*T" cant spell d*mb *uck w/o the u AND the f


I'm not a UF fan, but did they really ask Archie Manning for his opinion about an OC? Wow! F*ck his opinion!


F**K Muschamp...he belongs at HILLBILLY "U" - did you ever see the whiny, almost crying, wanna-be-mean look on his face on the sidelines?

The guy is touched in the head...well deserved up at UFelony...or, the BIG HIGH SCHOOL UP IN SOUTHERN GEORGIA!!

Guck the Fators!!

Gaytor Hater

Powell didn't have the grades to get into UM.


It is great that Dick Stockton is back doing the preseason games for the Dolphins.Jesse Agler was dull as lukewarm dish water and just hearing Stockton's voice adds gravity to a meaningless game.Beasley should stay but at a basement bargain price.Beasley did help in getting key minutes early in a long season and could blossom next season if he does not improve then Can him at the end of 2015.

The Policy

Keep it classy, UMike.... Even if you're a bastard.


The Policy - shut up, a*s clown!

I hate the Gators, PERIOD!

Classy - you mean like the guy in Gainsville who peed on my leg at the urinals in the bathroom of the stadium?

F**K UFelony and their WalMart Special Fans!!

joe r

dick stockton, bob gries and nat moore...have a pot of coffee ready or better yet hit the mute and listen to the radio call..the ultimate solution is 2 pre season games

Johnny J

Delusional,lonely,juvenile,doesn t see truth when it smacks him in the face.Reality is clouded....yep...that bufoon Bites is alone in his sadness.He agonizes over his sorry Gators and Muschump.Sad life for him.He continues his irrelevant and unintelligent appeal to Cane fans that HE is actually an astute and knowlegable sports fan in the world.THAT is why he trys hard...but is a lowly failure with EACH and every post he attempts to quantify on this blog.Reality is:Gators stink and he s one of their delusional apologists.


pipe dream of a new cane stadium.

Posted by: Reality Bites | 05/01/2014 at 08:42 AM


With the clock running out on the legislative session Friday, the Legislature approved a bill that would allow professional sports franchises to compete for sales tax subsidies. The proposal passed with a provision that would benefit three construction projects, including Beckham’s proposed Miami soccer stadium.
-- miami herald



40k is too small for college ball.

Posted by: Reality Bites | 05/01/2014 at 08:42 AM


The U isn't located in some sleepy Southern backwater where there's nothing else to do like most of the schools that fill those 80K seat stadia. They're located in one of the largest, most glamorous cities in the United States that has perfect weather year round and is filled with professional models and girls who aspire to be professional models. As such, any hit the Canes take for only playing in a 40K seat stadium will quickly be mitigated by the fact that the town in which they play in is EASILY one of the nicest in the country for an 18-22 year-old kid and is a FAR more exciting place to live and go to school than most of those places that are filling those enormous cow pastures.
-- Dr. Isaly von Yinzer



40k is too small for college ball.

Posted by: Reality Bites | 05/01/2014 at 08:42 AM


38K in a 40K seat stadium sounds and feels worlds different than the exact same number of fans in a 76K seat stadium.
-- Dr. Isaly von Yinzer



40k is too small for college ball. In your case it is too small for the one or two times a year a real big time program like UF, FSU, or ND comes to play.

Posted by: Reality Bites | 05/01/2014 at 08:42 AM


Just play the majority of your games in the 40K seater and when you play FSU, Clemson, etc., play that in Sun Life.
-- Dr. Isaly von Yinzer


Shoe string

Still dumb as a box of rocks that green is


[]_[] know it

Not only DID Brandon Powell HAVE the grades to get into Miami but was all set to enroll early at The U when the Gators offered and he decided to go there. Big loss for us but don't marginalize his loss by saying that he didn't have the grades to get into Miami because that's simply not true and comes across as sour grapes


Why are Turd Trolls SO concerned with the U?








Georgia Cane

Ron Zook's record at Gaytors 23-16. Bye-bye Muschamp, your next! Did you see their schedule? Ha Ha!

Truth Hurts

Ron Zook's record at Gaytors 23-16. Bye-bye Muschamp, your next! Did you see their schedule? Ha Ha!

Sure did, a real schedule with several top 25 teams, 5 or 6 of them. I also saw the canecupcake schedule, pretty sad that playing the usual patsies every year for the past decade you don't have ANYTHING to show for.
Not ever sniffing the ship game in one of the worst college football conferences in the Universe.


Reply to truth hurts(aka reality bites) U gotta love a Ufelon fan talking bout UM's schedule. Uf plays 3 ooc patsies every yr plus Vandy, Kentucky and Tenn. 6 auto wins except for losing to Vandy at home last yr for the first time since 1945! (it was Homecoming) Uf hasn't left the state since 1991 to play a ranked ooc opponent! In last few yrs UM has had a home and home series with ND, Ohio St, Oklahoma and Kansas St when they were all ranked top 5-10! And didn't FSU fromone of the worst conferences beat his Gators by 30 and win the Natl. Championship?LMAO

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