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10 a.m.:UM stadium update; Riley news; Barkley rips Heat fans; Player views on Dolphins' new offense; UM, Marlins; Jimbo responds

The Wednesday buzz column is below, but first, four items from the past 12 hours:

### At a noon news conference today, David Beckham's camp will unveil designs for a 20,000 seat stadium to be built at the boat slip site next to AmericanAirlines Arena, pending voter approval in August or November.

MLS said it still hasn't ruled out doubling the size of the stadium to 40,000 seats to accommodate the UM football team, but that seems like a long shot at this point.

UM has had discussions with Beckham's camp and is still awaiting word from MLS about whether Beckham wants to go ahead with plans to accommodate the UM football team. MLS hasn't given UM a final answer by any means.

If MLS/Beckham say they want to do that, then UM would consider the offer --- it's interested --- and see if it could escape the last 18 years of its lease with Sun Life Stadium.

At this point, I would be surprised if that happens because of assorted issues. MLS people insist the "slip" site is big enough to accommodate 40,000 seats (UM's absolute minimum requirement) and that they could go back to the drawing board and double the size of the stadium from what they're planning now if they decide to include UM in the plan.

One high-ranking county official said the site would be snug for 40,000 seats but not impossible.

But MLS/Beckham --- though intrigued by the idea --- has concerns about building a stadium big enough for UM, including traffic issues. And building a 40,000 seat stadium would obviously be more expensive for Beckham's group, which has said it will privately finance the facility.

If MLS feels it needs to include UM in the plan to win voter approval, it's possible it could double the size and ask UM to play there. But there are obviously major hurdles.

### With the Heat trying to win a third consecutive championship, an attorney for Heat president Pat Riley last week filed a trademark to use the phrase "3-Peat" on jewelry, primarily rings and sports
memorabilia, according to ESPN.com's Darren Rovell.

Riley would not need to file for a trademark simply to put "3-Peat" on the Heat's championship rings if Miami wins another title. But last week's filing would protect Riley's interests if he wants to
license the phrase to companies making championship gear or selling rings at retail, according to the report.

Riley first filed a trademark for "Three-Peat" at the start of the 1988-89 season after his Los Angeles Lakers won their second title in a row. The Lakers lost to the Pistons the following season, but Riley has cashed in on the phrase multiple times: with the Chicago Bulls in 1993 and 1998, the New York Yankees in 2000 and the Lakers in 2002.

Riley has registered the phrase in various forms over the years, including "3Peat" and "ThreePeat." The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has protected Riley's rights by ruling against filings by others who sought to trademark terms such as "Heat3Peat" and "Big3Peat."

### Here's the latest rant from TNT's Charles Barkley on Scott Van Pelt's ESPN Radio show today:

"I've always thought [LeBron James] was going to go back to Cleveland," Barkley said. "Nobody dislikes LeBron. I think LeBron made a huge mistake with that 'Decision' crap. He's come back and since admitted that. That's the only thing people hold against LeBron.

"He's a great player, a great person. I hope he goes back to Cleveland. Those fans in Miami are not real fans, those fans in Cleveland are real fans. I've always hoped he would go back to Cleveland. That would be a great way to finish his career."

### Paul George's status for Game 3 is undetermined because of a concussion.



Associates of new Dolphins offensive coordinator Bill Lazor, Philadelphia’ former quarterback coach, said he was advised by the Eagles not to take the Dolphins job if Joe Philbin didn’t give him total control of his unit. Philbin has given him that authority, and Dolphins players are excited about the system he’s implementing.

“It’s reminiscent of Chip Kelly’s offense in Philadelphia, with the tempo and style,” said one Dolphins player who asked not to be named.

Kelly uses a spread offense, and the player said the spread is an important part of this Dolphins attack, but there is more to this offense than that.

“There are some West Coast offense concepts,” the player said. “Some shotgun, some under center. They’ve discussed having both no huddle and huddle. It’s fast tempo.”

There’s no natural fullback, though there is a role for an H-back and multiple tight end sets, the player said.

Other Dolphins players have mentioned similarities between their offense and the Eagles’, though –-- as Joe Philbin has noted --– “we’re going to have a variety of formations.”

The offense will try to maximize the deep ball, a deficiency for Ryan Tannehill last season. It’s a “big play offense,” Mike Wallace said of Lazor’s system.

Last season, Philadelphia’s quarterbacks threw 82 passes of 20 yards or more and completed 35 with 17 touchdowns and four interceptions.  

The Dolphins threw 66, completed 17, with three touchdowns and seven picks.

Though he's not the quarterback coach, Lazor will earn his money if he can extract from Tannehill (24 TDs, 17 INTs last season) what he and Kelly got from Nick Foles, who threw 27 TDs and just two picks last season. And Lazor obviously needs to maximize a unit that ranked 27th in total offense and averaged 19.8 points per game.

But the Dolphins player emphasized that Lazor also “has a strong belief in the running game.” Under Mike Sherman last season, the Dolphins tried to pass on 65 percent of their offensive plays (we say tried, because that 65 percent includes sacks). The Eagles were more balanced, passing 53 percent of the time.

Though the Eagles played up tempo a lot, especially early on --– and at a breakneck speed in Kelly’s first regular season game as coach last season --– they didn’t always go without a huddle and finished 13th in offensive plays run.

How quickly the Dolphins operate their offense will be based on several factors: the defense they’re facing, the score at the time and how well Dolphins players respond to playing at that speed, which remains to be seen.

Keep some of these elements in mind about Kelly’s offense, should we see them in this Dolphins offense: It’s designed to get the Eagles’ best players in space, and so short area quickness and elusiveness are important. There were a lot of crossing routes to pick off defensive backs. There were swing passes and wheel routes to the running backs (this is where Knowshon Moreno will help). Nick Foles was in shotgun the majority of the time. There are a lot of three-receiver, one-back sets and many other sets. Kelly is adept at getting multiple formations out of a single personnel package.

Early indications are that Lazor --- who ran a pro style offense at Virginia from 2010 to 2012 --- has taken a lot from his year in Philadelphia with Kelly, while also seizing on his experience working for Mike Holmgren, Joe Gibbs and Dan Reeves.

“Bill’s very, very intelligent,” Kelly told me at the NFL owners meetings in March. “When we first interviewed him, his intelligence just kind of jumps out at you. He’s an Ivy League guy that has a great way of teaching and has great knowledge. He did a great job with our quarterbacks.”


### A player at Dolphins offseason workouts said Tannehill has shown more consistency with his deep ball, after completing just 6 of 36 deep passes (throws of 20 or more yards) to Wallace last season.

### Among highlights from UM coach Al Golden’s spring tour: He said Ereck Flowers could end up being the best left tackle in the country and made clear UM will run a lot this season. Asked if he wants to run it 25 times a game, he said that’s actually low….

Eight signed/committed UM players haven’t yet arrived on campus, and UM expects them to enroll this summer, barring academic issues: Carol City receiver Trayone Gray (still needs a test score), defensive tackle Michael Wyche (projected starter), offensive linemen Tyler Grimsley and Joe Brown (both need to quality academically), receiver David Njoku, tight end Christopher Herndon, receiver Darrell Langham and linebacker Terry McCray.

### After losing out recently in a battle for two transfers (MJ Rhett and Tashawn Thomas), UM is now one of four finalists (with Wake Forest, Virginia Tech and Drexel) for Campbell 6-9 center Darius Leonard, who averaged 10.2 points and 4.9 rebounds last season. Leonard, a junior from Raleigh, is transferring but will be eligible to play this upcoming season. UM very much wants to add an experienced power rotation player from another school.

### Before he spoke to FSU fans in Coral Gables on Saturday, I asked FSU coach Jimbo Fisher if he considered independently punishing quarterback Jameis Winston for stealing crab legs from Publix, even though baseball coach Mike Martin suspended him briefly.

Fisher’s answer: “When you have two parents, does each parent punish a kid separately? Baseball is the sport he's in, and we move on.”

Fisher said he told Winston “to make good decisions and understand what you represent.”

On the request by Winston’s father to have a security person with Winston all the time, Fisher said: “We do have extra security on him, taking him around for things. But you can't put a guy on a guy 24 hours a day. That's impossible.”

### Even though Marlins manager Mike Redmond said Rafael Furcal is still “a ways out” from playing, he said the decision to sign infielder and 2002 American League MVP Miguel Tejada, 39, to a minor-league contract is unrelated.

“We signed him to see how much he’s got left,” Redmond said. “He’s a Miami guy and wants to play.” Tejada’s 105-game suspension for amphetamines runs through June 5. He hit .288 with three homers and 20 RBI in 53 games for Kansas City in 2013.

### The Marlins promoted top pitching prospect Andrew Heaney from Double A Jacksonville to Triple A New Orleans. Heaney, considered the top left-handed pitching prospect in baseball, was 4-2 with a 2.35 ERA at Jacksonville.

### Nielsen says 24.4 percent of Miami/Fort Lauderdale homes with TV sets tuned in Game 2 of Heat-Pacers, the Heat's highest rating of the postseason so far.

Please see the last post for postscripts and reaction from Game 2 of the Heat-Pacers series.


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Good stuff Barry. Interesting the Eagles comment regarding Joe Philbin. perhaps there's even more control freak in Joe than just picking up gum wrappers.
That said, Joe should have been aware of the Incognito/Martin/Pouncy/Jerry thing.


It's pitiful when a father says a school is responsible for seeing that his son stays out of trouble. Winston was obviously never disciplined by his dad. FSU, the university, needs to get hammered by the way they handled the rape allegation. The NCAA does not have a role in this but another governing body does. As for the Tallahassee PD - What a joke!
As for UM planning to run more this year. They will run no where if their QB is unable to make the defense respect the pass. You will see team after team load the box until Olsen proves he can hurt them.


You can't spell scum, without UM.


you can spell many words with UM, scum being a seldom used word in nearly all conversations. Which is only indicative of your inclinations and your limited vocabulary, good sir.

HeatFan since '87

You beat me to it, Emilio...


Barry, if the offensive coordinator has total control of the offense, and the defensive coach has total control of the defense, what is the role of the head coach in this organization?

What is Philbin expected to do on a daily basis?

Barry Jackson

Mike, he makes schedules, addresses the team, watches film, contributes ideas, pokes his head in meetings, talks to individual players, etc.


Good post Barry ! I think it shows what little respect people around the league have in I Don't Know Joe !

cool heat fan

maybe winston's mom and dad should've done a better job of teaching manners, ethics, and personal responsibility...

how many college students need a handler, i mean really?


paque...here's one for ya....Knock knock...you're a fuckin idiot.


I strongly agree with IMAWriter's earlier blog.Bill Lazor seems like a good hire and with the moves that Ross,Hickey and Philbin has made in 2014 things are mildly looking up for the Dolphins.Charles Barkley's act is getting so stale that he is looking more like a carnival barker and the mushy mouth sounding Shaq is prompting me to turn TNT off after the game.


I'm sick of Barkley's schtick. The guy can hardly put together a cogent thought. He rambles on with meaningless points. He mumbles his words, and I can't recall the last time he made a quality basketball evaluation. He's made a career out of being a buffoon. His vendetta against Miami fans is tiresome already. His bashing of San Antonio women calling them ugly and fat is mean spirited. I guess we don't tune into TNT to get expert analysis. I understand it's all about seeing them act like fools. But every year that passes, Barkley just seems more like an ##@hole. He's becoming a fat, frustrated and bitter old man who drinks and gambles too much. Hey Chuck, go F yourself.

Georgia Cane

Your right sflsfan Barkley is a joke. Why they haven't fired him I don't get it. On the Cleveland fans being loyal, guess he forgot about the Bon fire they did burning all of his jerseys. Yeah Chuck those are real fans.

Barry will UM receive any compensation from the ESPN documentary?

A Regular Here

Good stuff Barry you're the best writer the Herald has. Kudos!


Barkley and Brian Windhorst, every time something CLE cavaliers come up is ""LEBRON IS GOING BACK TO CLE'' Its 4 yrs now, the team has not even made the playoffs, and even if lebron (Which he wouldnt) said Im leaving. I doubt he would risk his IN PRIME YRS to a team that a, hasnt made playoffs yet so players have no experience to win and B, the OWNNER PUBLICLY BASHED HIM.

Espn sent windhorst from CLE to Miami to cover lebron so he must be home sick. I mean, every chance he gets its IS LEBRON GOING BACK TO CLE? It was the headline on espn.com today on the NBA page. ITS CRAZY. AND STUPID. Lebron is chasing history, and in the middle of his prime he is going to go to a team that didnt even make the playoffs. YEah oh because they have an 18 yr old #1 pick coming. STUPID


Heaney rated the top LH pitching prospect, not the pitching prospect.


Well said sflafan.A Spurs-Heat NBA Finals will be a nightmare for Barkley since he hates both the cities of Miami and San Antonio which by the way have won 5 NBA titles in the last nine years.

Roger Podacter

It didn't work out with Joe Philbin trying to copy Mike McCarthy's offense, hopefully Bill Lazor wasn't hired to try to copy Chip Kelly's.

I don't think he will, I heard some quote earlier where he said the offense was going to be totally tailored to the players. That sounds better to me than 'it looks like Chip Kelly's'.

Barry Jackson

Steve, I wrote the top left-handed pitching prospect.


Charles Barkley is a clown who never won anything. He has absolutely no credibility. LeBron James chances of going back to Cleveland are less than Barkley passing the Wonderic test!


Hey Barry, big fan of the blog.
Any update one recruit you missed OL Tyler Grimsley?

jorge jeally

I read Sports-Buzz first thing. Best thing in the Herald by far. Thanks Barry.

joe r

charles barkely speaks his mind and whether you like what he thinks at least you know where he stands; im not sure what a real fan is but all he is doing is expressing an opinion

Matt R

I enjoy Barkley's commentary. He was spot on about San Antonio, I lived there for 2 years. He's spot on with Heat fans. Where were they when we had a couple of lossing seasons after Shaq left? All the celebrities skipped games too.


Barkley, as usual has the wrong opinion. He just likes to sound off and make headlines. Perhaps he is jealous. So, locally, game 2 got the highest ratings ever for a playoff game...after 2 recent championship runs, and we aren't real fans? Sold out arena since I dont know when, tickets sellig for a fortune, and we aren't real fans? Why doesn't he comment on all the fans leaving the Indy game the other night when the game was still close????

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