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1 p.m. update: UM get QB commit; Postscripts, reaction on Heat's series-clinching Game 5 win; conference finals schedule

1 p.m. update:

UM has landed a "soft" oral commitment from Tampa Hillsborough High quarterback Dwayne Lawson, a three-star prospect who has been generating considerable interest from major schools recently.

Last season, Lawson threw for 2200 yards, 22 touchdowns and six interceptions and ran for 1000 yards and nine touchdowns.

He told canesport.com that he should be considered a "soft" commitment, will make a final decision in October and plans to visit Tennessee, Ohio State and Mississippi in the coming months.

He had more than 25 offers, including from FSU, UF, Auburn and Louisville.

"I just think Miami is the place for me to be," Lawson told canesport. "That's what made me commit. I prayed on it, think that's the best situation for me. It's a perfect situation, I feel, it really is. There's the playing time chances, the players they have on the team and the coaches, the coaches are great coaches."

At 6-5 and 207 pounds, Lawson has been compared, physically, by some analysts to Cam Newton. He says he's a pass-first quarterback who runs when the pocket breaks down.

James Coley and Larry Scott have been his primary recruiters.

UM recently lost out on New Jersey quarter Brandon Wimbush, who orally committed to Penn State, and is no longer in the top five for American Heritage four-star quarterback Torrance Gibson.

Lawson is UM's 11th oral commitment for 2015 and first quarterback in the class.


Postscripts, reaction from the Heat’s series-clinching 96-94 win to close out their Eastern Conference semifinal against Brooklyn:

### If Indiana wins at Washington on Thursday, the Heat would open the Eastern Finals at 3:30 p.m. Sunday in Indianapolis on ABC, with Game 2 at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday on ESPN. There would then be a sizable break before Game 3 next Saturday (May 24) in Miami. They would play every other day from that point until conclusion.

### If Washington forces a seventh game, the Eastern Finals would begin Tuesday, with games every other day. Miami obviously would open the conference finals at home only if the Wizards are the opponent.

### Every conference finals game (except Sunday's, if there is one) would start at 8:30 p.m.... ESPN has the Eastern Finals this year, TNT the Western Finals.

### Dwyane Wade had an uneven first four games of the series but he carried the Heat offensively in the first half Wednesday, scoring 20 of his 28. And LeBron James did the heavy lifting in the second half, scoring 20 of his 29, including 14 in the fourth quarter.

Of being double teamed a lot, James said: "I figured they would do that, coming off the [49-point] explosion I had in Game 4."

As for Wade, he said: “Tonight, my mindset was just to be aggressive. I kept that aggressive mindset the whole first half. It was sensing what we needed.”

Said James: “He kept us afloat, as much as he could during our struggles. He was attacking. He was making his pull-ups. He was very aggressive. We needed it.”

### Miami closed the game on a 13-3 run, with the Nets missing nine of their last 10 shots. Ray Allen was 0 for 6 on threes before putting the Heat up for good with his three with 32 seconds left.

And Allen poked the ball away from Joe Johnson on Brooklyn’s final possession, with LeBron keeping Johnson from retrieving the ball as time expired.

Johnson claimed he was fouled on the play but “obviously it shouldn’t have come down to that.”

Allen’s take on the final play: “I was so aware of Paul Pierce and I was nervous to not give up a three-pointer, so I was trying to help but not to help too much and then he had his back to me, I just kind of stuck my hand in there and dug it away a little bit."

### Erik Spoelstra said he thought the final play “was probably going to Pierce, but that’s the one thing you can definitely say about Jason Kidd. He was very unpredictable in this series.”

### Wade, on Allen: “We’re lucky to have that guy on our side. We’re just glad he’s wearing a Heat jersey. He has continued to write his legacy --- one of the best two-guards of all time.”

### James shot and made more free throws (15 for 17) then the entire Nets team (12 for 15).

The Heat went 29 of 31 from the line, which compensated for Brooklyn making eight more field goals (37 to 29), shooting a higher percentage (47.4 to 43.3) and outrebounding Miami, 36-33.

### And so the team with the $102 million payroll and the $80 million luxury tax bill --- the NBA’s highest in both categories --– ultimately couldn’t make it out of the second round of the playoffs. The Nets missed nine shots in a row after Johnson’s jumper put them ahead 91-83 with 4:49 left.

### Some Nets reaction afterward:

Johnson: “There were some questionable calls down the stretch. It’s tough because this obviously was a game we should have won. It’s very disappointing to go out like this. This team was assembled to win the championship. It’s very frustrating.

“More than anything, down the stretch with about two or three minutes left, we had a lead, we were playing too cautious. We were playing against the clock, not being aggressive making plays. Then the clock got down to five and three seconds and taking tough shots. We made it hard on ourselves.

“Defensively, we had a lot of miscommunication and breakdowns,” Johnson added, citing Allen’s go-ahead three-pointer. And offensively, “we had some great looks down the stretch but they just didn’t go down.”…

Johnson scored 34 ("he was torching me," LeBron said) and opened the second half making 10 of his first 11. But he missed two of his last three and lost the ball late.

“They played tough, smothering defense,” said Deron Williams, who scored 17 but went scoreless (0 for 2) in the fourth quarter and shot 22 for 60 (36.7 percent) in the series….

“Too many breakdowns defensively,” said Pierce, who scored 19. “We just came up short in a game of inches. We played as hard we could but we didn’t play smart.”

### Pierce, an impending free agent, said he would like to play one or two more seasons but was non-committal about whether he wants to remain with the Nets.

### Kevin Garnett didn’t comment afterward. Wade said of Pierce and Garnett: “We can credit them for the team we are. Playing them made us mentally tough. We’ve enjoyed the battles versus them.”

James –-- who has faced Pierce/Garnett five of the last seven postseasons --– said: “They helped me become the player I am today because they challenged us. Even seeing them in black and white, you still see [Celtics] green in Paul and KG. They still have championship DNA.”

James said playing against them when he played for Cleveland made him realize he "needed some help."

### Chris Bosh didn’t get his first rebound until 2:07 remained in the game but scored six of his 16 in the fourth quarter.

"We could have sat back and complained the whole game," Bosh said. "We could have been frustrated with the way things were going because I don't think it was going our way for most of the game. We had bad bounces. They were beating us to losse balls. We were 1 for 16 on threes in the first half even though we had a ton of wide open shots. You just have to stay with it no matter what happens."

### The Heat closed 9 for 29 on threes and became the first team to make at least eight threes in 12 consecutive playoff games since Orlando did it 13 times in a row in 1995 and 1996.

### Miami became the fifth team in NBA history to win a postseason series against the team that swept them. And the Heat became the first team (out of 26) to win a playoff series against a team that went at least 4-0 against them in the regular season.

### A couple more feats: The Heat became the fifth team to win 10 consecutive playoff series, and the first since the Lakers won 13 in a row from 2000 to 2003...  Since 2011, the Heat is 13-3 in closeout games. Oklahoma City has the second best closeout record (7-4) during that time.

Please see the last post (from Wednesday afternoon) with more Heat notes, LeBron addressing the Donald Sterling boycott issue and a health update on UM's Ryan Williams... Twitter: @flasportsbuzz



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Bob Griese 12

Good job Miami, here's hoping for continued success.

Georgia Cane

Heat stoled the game away from Nets. Nets GM shaking his head at the end of the game, must explain to the Russian about losing his 82 million. Bad coaching and lack of coaching did it for the Nets in the end. Lebron was covering Johnson who was "hot". He set no screens for him, instead sticking 1 on 1. Johnson manged only 4 points. End of the game chalk board was delivered by an Assistant Coach of the Nets?



It’s been widely assumed that USC quarterback Max Wittek would graduate this month and then transfer to Texas. That doesn’t appear to be the case anymore.

A source close to the situation told the American-Statesman on Wednesday that the Longhorns are backing away from offering Wittek a scholarship for undisclosed reasons, thereby allowing him a chance to land somewhere else.
-- Austin American Statesman


Reality Bites

The heat did not steal anything. They played poorly for 3 and a half quarters. Wade kept them in the game in the first half and then they hit some timely shots near the end, capped by a clutch 3 from Allen.
Chalk to up to experience and clutch play in the vein of "we have been here before and you have not".
Happy to see the Heaters send home cry baby Pierce and Garnet yet again.
Go Heat!

Thanks for that tip lil green pea, but how is that of interest to anyone here? Unless you are implying Wittek will transfer to the sorry canes and admit the current QB situation is dismal at best in the Gables.
Is that it?

Reality Bites

Former USC quarterback Max Wittek is not expected to transfer to Texas, a source confirmed Wednesday night.

An off-the-field circumstance could possibly lead to a delay in Wittek's graduation and gaining immediate eligibility, another source said.

The Austin American-Statesman reported earlier Wednesday that Texas was "backing away from offering Max Wittek for undisclosed reasons."

Among the schools Wittek has been interested in are Texas, Louisville and Hawaii.

There it is lil green pea. Wittek is not considering the sorry canes. Plus he won't be eligible to play right away to boot.
So who gives a crap about this?
Talk about dwelling in triviality.

Punter U

2014 NFL Draft Reflects Lowest Point of Miami Hurricanes Football

Between insufficient player development, continual collective underperformance and the overall negative impact on recruiting, the 2014 NFL draft reflects the Miami Hurricanes' struggles from 2007-2010.

Over the four-year stretch, the respective Miami combined to win just 28 games compared to suffering 23 losses.
And what about from 2010 to the present.
The mediocrity continues.

Is this news?
Don't you all know this already?


BleacherReport publishes the inconvenient truth about UM Football's continue decline into irrelevance that Herald and Barry are not allowed to publish


Barry Jackson

"Busted" must have missed my note in yesterday's blog about UM not having a QB picked before the last round in 22 years.

J. Kelly


Not our rival

Posted by: Reality Bites | 05/15/2014 at 12:14 PM

Hush nerd, no one cares about your fake internet rivalry, in real life Miami crushed your team last year and we're not scheduled to play again.

Your only purpose here is mean-spirited trolling, UF fans have no reason to care this much about UM and certainly no room to talk. You're just making yourself look pathetic and your fan base look bad.


why is this news- What about "historic" program Texas with ZERO draftees?? count them ZERO
Texas won the 2009 NC
Texas played in anotehr a couple of yrs ago
Texas is always top ten recruiting

Miami is STILL NFL U- 3 drafted, but 11 more signed!!!!

LOL! in the end, UM will stillhave more players in the NFL rosters than UF, FSU, and even Alabama!!!!

There- PUBLISH that!

The Truth

why is this news- What about "historic" program Texas with ZERO draftees?? count them ZERO

That is in 2014, but Texas does not have the losing streak U do with no first round draft picks since 2008 and counting.

Texas won the 2009 NC

You did not

Texas played in anotehr a couple of yrs ago

You definitively did not

Texas is always top ten recruiting

And you are not

So Texas has been better than you since 2008 and has had more players drafted in that time span

Miami is STILL NFL U- 3 drafted, but 11 more signed!!!!

Only 3 drafted, no one in the first 2 rounds, of
those "11 signed" who knows how many will stick, usually less than half.
Jacory was "signed", where is he now?
Punter U is more like it

LOL! in the end, UM will stillhave more players in the NFL rosters than UF, FSU, and even Alabama!!!!

Not in the end, right now maybe but those numbers are quickly getting thin, everyone is catching up now.
In the end all those schools and many more will have more players in the NFL than you. Wait until the remaining class of 2001 retire.

There- PUBLISH that!




I find it humorous that sub human forms continue to come to a blog featuring a University neither they, their offspring, or parents could ever dream of attending, due most likely to intellectual inadequacy. I base this on the fact their posts consists of insults, derogatory comments and such, NONE based on fact or deductive reasoning.

Jealousy, envy...it's a bee-atch.

What I don't get is why these cretins aren't posting their garbage over at the GA Southern blog. After all, GA Southern administered an even more comprehensive beat down on the Gators than did UM.

IMO, Mr Barry Jackson provides his readers with current, and always relevant information, in a way, like JOURNALISTS used to.

Roger Podacter

All throughout the end of the season and start of the playoffs I was thinking that if the Pacers could make it through all this adversity and come out in the ECF they will be much stronger for it.

On the plus side, starting in Indiana gives the Heat a chance to put the pressure on by taking one of two.

Should be a great series, if the Pacers can weather the Wizards that is.


These star players coming out of high school are unbelievable. What does a highly sought after kid have to gain by announcing he's a soft commit? It proves he's not really committed, but wants some attention. Really, I know these are 17 and 18 year old kids, but enough is enough. I'd much rather see a kid commit because he felt strongly about a school, but decided at some point in the future he had a change of heart for whatever reason. Even though the kid decommits, it wasn't because he was playing a game like the soft commits.


rboud, totally agree. ESPN has empowered these kids. The annual "which hat" thing, an emulation of lee Corso is just so "ME" oriented. Right up there with LeBron's "not one, not 2...."

These kids haven't taken a college snap, and they already think they're the thing.
Probably why more than a few arrive on campus, see they're NOT as good as they thought, and either transfer, or get high.
A HUGE example of that was the Canes big Tackle who was either un-drafted or went 7th round.
Quit USC, comes to UM. the rest is history.


THis Sr Class was Randy Shannons kids, then add 3 years of Sanctions looming over the canes, and props to Golden for landing highly regarded classes and going 9-4 last year. 7-0 b4 Duke got hurt. NOW, FACT, the team is loaded with ""young "" talent, but we have the most depth we have had on this team since probably the 05 peach bowl team 04/05 chick fill a teams.

Rb's=== Top Rb in college football
qbs- young
WRs== Top group of WR's in all of college football
Oline-- a really good Oline coming back with KC a 5 star as a freshman.
DBs==3 or 4 future NFL High DrAft picks -Tracy Howard, Deon Bush(Healthy this year) Jamal Carter and ARtie Burns --

D Line-- Finally getting some depth, and have some explosive DE's in quan, mccord, 5 star Jackson coming in.

LBs-- FInally have depth and a nice group of players

But, Many coaches inheriting Shapiro mess would have had bad recruiting classes during the santion period, and AL got what 2 Top 10 classes and 1 top 15 class in 2012,2013,2014.

Bashers or Cane Fan, we have a ton of talent on the team now


Roger indy is 7-5 in the playoffs and have 4 home losses to ATL and Washington in the 1st 2 rd's. They are not the same team that started off well, and Miami rested and locked in, I wouldn't be surprised if we went up there and won both games 1 and 2. They are very vulnerable. It was a close out game 5 at home like the heat. and the game was a blowout by Washington in Indy.

They lost game 5 at Home to ATL also when they could have gone up 3-2, and they lost game 1 at home to ATL and Wash.

If I was the heat, I am shooting to win both in Indy n they are so mentally weak that it could be over quick.

That is not a chamo team U gont lose 4 home playoff games and then just turn it on.
*******FACT, the 1st 1/2 of season, the east had a bunch of new teams playing together for the 1st time, and indy who has been together for awhile, road a cream puff schedule to a good record and beat up on the weak teams.

The 2nd 1/2 of the year, teams had chemistry, continuity, and thats more of what kind of team indy is.

They get way too much credit. What have they done? They made 1 east finals last year after beating the Knicks in round 2, the crappy knicks. Yes the heat made it go 7, but wade was hurt last year,

Heat win in 4-5 games. no longer than 6.


IS Roger LT Lois Einhorn? Ace Ventura pet detective?


Hey, Reality Bites. A big reason UF has stunk in football is that Muschump isn't recruiting the thugs Urban did like the Pounceys, Chris Rainey, and of course, the greatest criminal in the history of sports, Aaron Hernandez. I'm sure everyone saw he was just charged with 2 more murders! Not to mention over 50 arrests in 7 yrs! We all know if UM had all these arrests plus Hernandez the NCAA would vacate the 2 rings Uf won. And if my teams last 2 QB's were Brantley and Driskell I wouldn't be on another teams site razzing them about their QB!


Posted by: dunnelloncane | 05/15/2014 at 06:35 PM

+1 response.
Sometimes I feel reality is just a super-frustrated Canes fan, but more often than not he's blowing the same smoke as the other Gator Trolls. They are such losers...or as they are fond of posting...LOOSERS.

Johnny J

Well - I grew up in Miami and I see Gator bloggers telling me I m a fair-weather fan or homie.Now that is smacking hilarious.Yes-I could root for ND or USC - they re cool schools but different.Yeah-I could root for Oklahoma or FSU(which I like)or even LSU or Penn State-whom I liked when I was a little guy.You know what though-I LOVE the Miami Hurricanes and I LOVE their long and rich history.Even LeBron appreciates NBA history.Like Miami fans need to apologize to jealous and envious bloggers who can t stand anyone or an individual who likes their home team.Talk about a lack of deductive reasoning.


Reality Bites, btw he will be eligible tight away, he graduates this spring. All he had to do to be eligible is to participate in a grad school program not offered at USC, again you don't know much.

Reality Bites


"An off-the-field circumstance could possibly lead to a delay in Wittek's graduation and gaining immediate eligibility, another source said"

some reading comprehension would be nice before you accuse another of "not knowing much" lest you come out looking like the arse you are.

johnny j if the shoe fits then wear it.
You don't seem to know the meaning of "fair weather" it has nothing to do with your example of "choosing" which team to root for, if you randomly choose a team to root for then you have no allegiance to it or any other and you are not a true fan, worse than fair weather.

Dunnellon, nice job with the meaningless generalizations. One, UF has not stunk in football, Muschamp has done better than Golden. Two, not every player recruited by Meyer was a "thug", Hernandez is a criminal and the Pounceys may say some things you don't like but that does not mean they are thugs.
UM has had its share of arrests plus in Miami you can get away with a lot more than in a small town. Henderson was a pot head for all his 3 years at UM but we just found out during the draft. Players smoking pot in Miami is OK, so much so that it is not news while in Gainesville the GPD is actively looking to arrest players for that same offense.
On the QB front Brantley did not play much due to injury and neither has Driskel. WHen Driskel has played he has a winning record. Better than your last 2QBs.

IMAwriter stick to writing and stop pretending to be a psychologist, so far all your conjectures have been way off base.
Why do you homers get so worked up about the simple truths I expose?

Go Heat!

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