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Noon Fri. update; Reaction, analysis of Dolphins draft pick Ja'Wuan James; Sapp rips Pouncey; Dolphins, Heat, Marlins chatter

A quick Friday noon ratings update, since some of you have asked me about this:

In the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market, 16.7 percent of homes with TV sets were tuned to Game 2 of the Heat-Nets series on ESPN2 on Thursday, compared with 4.4 percent of Miami-Fort Lauderdale market homes watching the NFL Draft on ESPN. NFL Net says 1.9 percent of Miami-Fort Lauderdale homes with TV sets watched the draft on their air.

So the final local count was a 16.7 rating for the Heat and a 6.3 for the NFL draft (combined ESPN, NFL Net ratings).

Nationally, the draft trounced the Heat game. Nationally, the draft had a 6.8 overnight rating on ESPN and a 1.9 on NFL Net, compared with a 2.6 for Heat-Nets. Overnight ratings represent the average of 56 major markets. ESPN's draft rating was its highest ever for a first-round, 48 percent over last year's.



The Dolphins had first-round grades on five offensive tackles, and Ja’Wuan James was the fifth. Glad we were the first to report of the Dolphins' interest in James, and his invitation to visit team headquarters, in this space a month ago.

Some feedback on the player and the pick:

### ESPN’s Mel Kiper: “They forced a need and took a guy who’s a good player. Started all 49 games of his college career at right tackle. I was impressed with the way he played all year. Consistency game to game was excellent. Plays stronger and tougher than his [poor] 22 reps in the bench press” suggest.

### NFL Network’s Mike Mayock rated him 60th on his Big Board but didn’t accuse the Dolphins of reaching: “The more tape I watch, the more I like him. He started off in a lot of peoples’ minds as a third- or fourth-round pick, became a solid second-round consideration. Right tackle, can play right guard [too]. Either way, day one, he will be a starter.”

### ESPN’s Todd McShay: Rated him only the 55th-best prospect in the draft, said he “needs some refining of his technique.”

### ESPN’s Jon Gruden: “This is a dire, desperate situation for Miami. I’m sure they would like to have had one of those frontline tackles. His size and experience will serve him well in Miami.”

### NFLDraftScout.com’s Frank Cooney: “James has the mentality and physicality to step in and perform immediately. He was impressive at the Senior Bowl before spraining his knee, but was fine at his April Pro Day.”

### Draftinsider.net’s Tony Pauline projected him as only a middle round pick because of “limited upside. Lacks fluid footwork in pass protection. Lumbers around the field and is ineffective blocking in motion. Lacks range and falls off blocks.”

### NFL.com’s Nolan Nawrocki: “Outstanding size. Can steer and control blockers. Matches up very well vs. size and power. Very smart, mature and highly respected.” The bad news? “Struggles to cut off and adjust to moving targets. Does not roll off the ball with power and generate strength or movement in the run game.”

### An unnamed NFL scout in the NFL Draft 2014 review: “I thought he was hands-down the best offensive linemen of any in the Southeast. The issue for me is the strength and power he can generate.”


### The Dolphins also ideally would like to add a starting-caliber guard and have either spent extra time with, or expressed interest, in Stanford’s David Yankey, LSU’s Trai Turner, UCLA’s Xavier Su’a Fila, Clemson’s Brandon Thomas (has a knee injury), USC's Marcus Martin, Nebraska’s Spencer Long, Georgia State’s Ulrick John and guard/tackles Joel Bitonio (Nevada), Billy Turner (North Dakota State) and Michael Schofield (Michigan) and UF’s Jon Halapio, among others.

Some chatter at some other positions:

### Cornerback: They also want to add one or two to challenge Will Davis (No. 4 on the depth chart) and to provide depth, with Rice’s Phillip Gaines, Liberty’s Walt Aikens, Middle Tennessee State’s Sammy Seamster and Arizona’s Shaquille Richardson among those summoned to Davie.

### Tight end: There are some doubts on the staff about Michael Egnew, and a tight end or two will be added during or after the draft. Dolphins officials have spent extra time with Washington’s Austin Seferian Jenkins, Bowling Green’s Alex Bayer, Cincinnati’s Blake Annen and Monmouth’s Michael McLafferty.

### Quarterback: The Dolphins will look at adding one during or after the draft to challenge Pat Devlin. They’ve spent extra time with UM’s Stephen Morris, LSU’s Zach Mettenberger and Georgia’s Aaron Murray and reached out to lesser prospects: Wake Forest’s Tanner Price, Cincinnati’s Brendon Kay, North Colorado’s Seth Lobata and North Dakota State’s Brock Jensen…. Worth noting: Bears general manager Phil Emery recently questioned the theory of developing late-round picks at the position, noting there isn’t a single long-term starting quarterback drafted after the third round since 2006 (though Tom Brady was a sixth-rounder in 1999).

### Defensive end: Though it’s a position of strength, they’re eyeing under-the-radar prospects. Among them: Marist’s Terence Fede, Hawaii’s Tavita Woodard and Concordia-St. Paul’s Zach Moore.

### Receiver: The Dolphins are looking for someone who can compete with Armon Binns and Damian Williams for the fifth spot initially. They’ve spent extra time with Wyoming’s Robert Herron, Clemson’s Martavis Bryant, Rutgers’ Quron Pratt, LSU's Jarvis Landry, Mississippi’s Donte Moncrief and Virginia Tech’s DJ Coles, among others.

### Linebacker: They spent a lot of extra time with Louisville’s Preston Brown and Arizona State’s Marquis Flowers and called about Montana’s Jordan Tripp.

### Safety: They’re looking for depth and a special teams demon who can challenge Don Jones and Jordan Kovacs for a roster spot. The Dolphins privately gave good feedback after workouts to three
potential undrafted free agent safeties who grew up here: Booker T. Washington’s David Van Dyke (Tennessee State), Doral Academy’s George Callender (New Mexico State) and Gulliver Prep’s Frank Crawford (UNLV)…. They also spent extra time with California (Penn.) safety Dewey McDonald, Rutgers’ Jeremy Deering and San Diego State’s Eric Pinkins.

### Despite the fact there was criticism of Dolphins veterans for forcing rookies to pay for a meal for them last season, Mike Pouncey tweeted tonight after the James selection: "Great pick! I can't wait for our gifts he's getting us. LOL."

Warren Sapp responded to Pouncey's tweet: "Some folks been dumb a long time."


### The buzz around teammates is that Mario Chalmers will be coveting a big pay day this summer (with a raise from $4 million annually), and Game 2 can go on the resume: two clutch threes in the fourth, a game-best plus-17 plus/minus and stout defense on Deron Williams, who had his first career scoreless playoff game. What's more, the Nets were outscored by a team-worst 18 points with Williams on the court.

### Nets swingman Joe Johnson amused me Wednesday with this: “Outside of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, we’re more talented than them.” (And outside of the beach and culture, there’s more to do in Scranton than Miami.)

### Wade said Wednesday he’s in a “good situation” to be able to opt-in for $41 million over the next two seasons or opt out for a longer contract (assuredly at less money). He said he’s not leaning either way and won’t decide until after the season.

### Ray Allen is now 11 for 18 in this series after shooting 6 for 28 against the Nets during the regular season. What's more, he had eight rebounds tonight --- one off a season high…. Teams up 2-0 in a best-of-seven have won 94 percent of those series. LeBron James is 12-0 in such situations in his career.

### Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton said he’s seeing more hittable pitches, and Mets starter Dillon Gee noted: “It’s more difficult to pitch around Stanton now. When you have a guy swing as hot as Casey McGehee is behind him, you have to go after everyone now. They get clutch hits. And Jarrod Saltalamacchia was a huge pickup. You can see his leadership.”…

FYI: Stanton's two-run homer in the 11th inning (his 11th of the year) gave the Marlins a 3-1 win in San Diego at 1:30 a.m. tonight --- Miami's ninth win in its last 10 games. The Marlins won despite striking out 17 times.

### You wouldn’t believe some of the questions that teams ask draft prospects. “One team asked me my favorite super hero,” UM receiver Allen Hurns said. “That shocked me. It was funny as hell.” 


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A tight end? from this draft class??? why not just give Dustin Keller a second chance???


Watch Manziel be a Hall of Famer and Jawuan James be another John Jerry. This franchise is doomed. Face it and don't waste your time on them.


Mike Pouncey is a total moron. He's already gotten into trouble with his support of accused murderer, Aaron Hernandez, and his participation in "Bullygate", including lying to investigators. The NFL has ordered him to undergo psychological counseling before he can return to active status. Yet, he has learned nothing and puts out idiotic tweets. Pathetic. Mind-boggling!


Terrible pick by the Phins! I would of gone for Bama's tackle. C'mon man, you pick a guy that only had 22 reps on the bench.....that's very weak for a OL guy. He will get destroyed by these NFL players.


Love a society where you can't even joke around any more. Thanks to all you liberal freaks for making this world so much fun. And Mr. Sapp should just calm down and enjoy his HOF selection. He deserves that as much as James deserves a first round selection.

Georgia Cane

In the second round the Dolphins will the guy with the bad knee. Makes perfect sense! Right?

Empty orange seats

This pick helps guarantee future chimichanga fart free weekends all season. Thank you Mr. Hickey.


Mark, sure Mark sure, Johnny Football isn't even starting for the Browns.


Jeff, the NFL should fine Pouncy for being stupid.


Pounce, thank your lucky stars you are a good football player, because you have no brain.


Barry should fine some bloggers for the same stupidity!

Reality Bites

So the 2 themes so far today are a bunch of homers who think they are personnel experts already labeling James a bust and the PC crowd outraged about free speech and with no sense of humor. The cane clown mentality is now infecting the Fins supporters, although it seems to me these clowns here so far are the same bandwagon, fair weather cane homers.
No one knows how James will work out you fools. At the very least it is a position of need and he was the best O lineman left at that spot. The guard from Bama has a lot of questions, more so than James. So does Johnny football besides the fact that we don't need a QB right now.
Remember fools, this is Hickey's show, this is not Ireland no more jerkys. Give the new GM his due and the benefit of the doubt.
If Canes Anonymous wish would come true then he and most of his cane clown pals would be in the poor house.
Go Heat!


Good Pick by the Phins!


Saints traded up from 26 for the pick after us and gave up a third. We could have done that deal and still got this guy. No one else picked up a tackle in that span. Not a terrible pick but overly safe

joe r

they should have moved pouncey for picks; this guy is a moron and there will be more problems...next year its all in on another qb and they need to move up as high as possible to get a top 5 pick..also pickup a qb today ion the draft and keep drafting till they find one because without one nothing else matters


The dolphins just need to cut ties with pouncey...he's already showed us that he is a FOLLOWER not a leader and if I'm a rookie coming to camp ,I would rather follow the lead of the WATER BOY then following #51..From this day forward BRANDON ALBERTS should be the leader of the team period. Hands down ,no disrespect to the rest of the dolphins but none of them stepped to the plate to stop all the BS that was going in the locker room...


"Mike Pouncey tweeted tonight after the James selection: "Great pick! I can't wait for our gifts he's getting us. LOL.""

Right there says it all about Pouncey if his Hernandez statement wasn't enough. Clueless. I'd fine this guy where it hurts.

CutlerRidge Laz

I am truly disappointed Stephen Morris wasn't taken in the first round along with any other Canes. This is NFLU - recruits are starting to take note.

In other news #beatduke - canes beisbol, tacos, and milkshakes! Life is good and you can hear me on QAM in ten minutes.


There's no bigger idiot around than Mike Pouncey. I'm a Dolphin fan, but I hope he serves a major suspension. He's one of the many thugs Urban Meyer recruited. Meyer put the entire Gainesville community at risk for many years because of all the low character athletes he recruited. Florida fans will never admit just how bad things were during Meyer's era because winning triumphs everything. Now Columbus, Ohio can deal with all the bad characters in their community.


UM is not a part of it and they're not going to be a part of it (or they already would have gotten on board).

It's just not happening, that should be obvious to anyone with half a brain.

But there's a 0% chance UM plays in Beckham's soccer stadium.

Posted by: Niet. | 05/08/2014 at 01:55 PM

where I come from ...
we call that circular reasoning ...
fallacious reasoning ...
the sky is blue ...
because the sky is blue ...


The Boss

Dolphins made a solid,if not logical OL pick last night.He will help demonstrate that there now will be a n improved O line along with the other new OL guys as well.Joe Johnson must be frustrated then with the talent of All Star Deron Williams because he can t step up like big-time,big-moment Mario Chalmeeeeeeeerrrssss can.Actually,Pouncey seemed to just be acting sarcastic but he makes poor decisions socially and with his character being questioned of late - is better to stay quiet.Finally it seems there s maybe only 1 possibly 2 more players who could possibly make any significant contributions to a Dolphin team re-tooling mostly the Offense for next season.


that should be obvious to anyone with half a brain.

Posted by: Niet. | 05/08/2014 at 01:55 PM

it's spelled nyet ...



Dolphins made a solid,if not logical OL pick

Posted by: The Boss | 05/09/2014 at 10:17 AM


the dolphins passed on drew brees, I mean johnny football ...


bahamas chris

i was not happy with the pick im not the gm but you think about it this way he may be just what we need to protect tannehill clabo cause us 2 games .look at the bright side he will practice against wake wake will only make him better there is no 1 in the nfl better than week rushing from that side i see a future probowl right tackle

Reality Bites

Lil green pea still has wool in his eyes and dreams of Beckham building a tiny stadium for the few interested cane homies. Dream on lil green pea, not gonna happen.
Can you imagine the sorry canes playing in a 25k soccer stadium and still having to tarp half of it?
And now he compares Brees to Manziel, really?
Then the next dumb cane homer wants to trade the best player on the team cause he doesn't like what he said. And the other cry baby wants the NFL to suspend him, what great football knowledge we have on display.
Time to do like Canes Anonymous wants and fine all them fools.
Finally it's up to Laz to have to post of the day, good one.
Milkshakes for all dumb cane clowns and NFL GM wannabes.
Meanwhile the sorry canes getting shut out of the draft again.
Go Heat!

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