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Wednesday night report: Dolphins draft and Heat-Nets chatter; UM commit speaks out; Marlins feat

Wednesday night news, views and notes:

### As much as the Dolphins like Zach Martin and Taylor Lewan – they’ve been telling people that for weeks – it’s becoming increasingly clear how costly it would be to move up in the draft, if you believe Mike Mayock’s prediction tonight that the clear-cut top four offensive tackles will go in the first 10 picks.

Mayock, within the past hour, predicted Lewan will go sixth to Atlanta and Martin ninth to Buffalo. Moving up from 19th into the top 10 would take the 19th pick, a second-day pick and potentially more.

The Dolphins have explored trading up --- and trading down, for that matter --- but the safer move would seemingly be to either: 1) Trade down, acquire an extra pick and select an offensive tackle in the late first round (Ju’Wuan James, Morgan Moses, perhaps Joel Bitonio – who can play guard or tackle); OR

2) Stand pat and select Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier or one of the top three cornerbacks at No. 19 if any of them surprisingly falls, and then address offensive tackle at No. 50 or trade up a bit in the second round to do it.

Mayock doesn’t expect the cornerbacks to fall; he has Justin Gilbert going eighth, Darqueeze Denard 10th and Kyle Fuller 15th.

The Dolphins told one NFL official that their preference is to pick offensive line help early and a receiver later on, along with augmenting a few other positions, such as linebacker and potentially tight end, cornerback and safety.

Though they haven’t ruled out taking a receiver early, the view here is that would be foolish when Miami already has the division’s best unit (Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, Brandon Gibson and Rishard Matthews are a very good top four.)

And remember, the Dolphins also need a guard, with Stanford’s David Yankey among those that Miami has expressed interest in.

### Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey has been eyeing small-school prospects, hoping to find diamonds in the rough.

Some of the names to remember: The Dolphins summoned three to team headquarters who they like (Marist defensive end Terence Fede, North Dakota State offensive tackle Billy Turner and Liberty cornerback Walt Aikens) and traveled out of town for private workouts and meetings with Hampton 6-3 cornerback Courtney Bridget, Monmouth cornerback Tevrin Brandon (dismissed from Connecticut in 2012 for third-degree assault) and tight end teammate Michael McCafferty, Concordia-St. Paul end Zach Moore, Delaware tackle Erle Ladson and California (Pennsylvania) safety Dewey McDonald. They also like Lane College receiver Greg Moore and Minnesota State-Mankato end Chris Schaudt.

### Please see the last post for a look at what 13 draft analysts would do if they were making Miami's pick. 


Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce went silent on Wednesday, much like their performance in Game 1 against the Heat a night earlier.

Whereas Garnett and Pierce declined to speak to reporters a day after Garnett’s first scoreless playoff game of his life and a generally non-impactful eight-point game by Pierce, several other Nets had plenty to say in the wake of their 107-86 setback:

### Swingman Joe Johnson wondered whether the Nets’ 4-0 season series edge against the Heat gave them a false sense of security.

“We knew we were playing the champs and it wasn’t going to be easy,” he said. “I’m not sure everybody understood that. They definitely have a switch. We have to understand the value of each and every position and I’m not sure we did that.”

### The Nets were mortified by Miami’s 52-28 edge in point paints.

Point guard Deron Williams cited a myriad of missteps on a night Miami shot 56.8 percent from the field: “Switching when we weren’t supposed to be switching. The help side defense wasn’t there. Got beat on cuts. Little things that if you do them over and over, they definitely cost you.”

### Offensively, what irked the Nets was that they often settled for jumpers instead of attacking. “We just can’t play one-on-one against this team,” Johnson said.

Johnson scored 17 on 7 for 11 shooting, but said Shane Battier was “a pest” defending him, not only by trying to deny him the ball, “but [trying] to make it as tough as possible when I do catch it.”

Battier returned the compliment on Wednesday, calling Johnson “as efficient a scorer as anybody in this league.”

### Williams’ bottom line? “We can’t sit around and just shoot jump shots against this team. We have to get to the free throw line. I’m going to try to push the ball in transition and try to initiate the offense quickly. When you let them get their defense set, it’s tough to score on them.”

### Williams said he needs to have a clear advantage over Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole.

Williams had 17 points (including long threes just before the second- and third-quarter buzzers) in 29 minutes but also had as many turnovers (three) as assists. Chalmers and Cole also combined for three turnovers and three assists, as well as 18 points, in a combined 50 minutes.

### Chris Bosh has said Johnson will be the answer to a trivia question one day, as the player who emerged with the richest contract from the LeBron James-led, star-studded 2010 free agent class.

“I like to fly under the radar,” Johnson said Wednesday. “I don’t care about the accolades.”

### Chris Andersen (knee contusion) insisted today that he will play in Game 2.


### A day after three-star Georgia-based defensive tackle Quentez Johnson de-committed from UM, four-star Orlando-based running back Dexter Williams said he’s considering other options but has not de-committed from UM.

“I’m just really open,” he told rivals.com, before adding that “right now” Miami “is the place for me.” Then he added "your mind could change." USC and Notre Dame are among others in the mix.

Shortly after Johnson de-committed, four-star UM oral commitment/defensive end Scott Patchan tweeted: “If you commit to a school, you should be faithful to that school 100 percent. I’m tired of hearing about kids decommitting. Don’t commit then.”

### There are about 150 pitchers in the starting rotations of Major League teams, and four of the Marlins’ five rank in the top 33 in ERA among all starters, which is pretty impressive.

Miami is the only team with three in the top 25: Jose Fernandez (fourth, 1.74), Tom Koehler (ninth, 1.99), Henderson Alvarez (25th, 2.62). And Nathan Eovaldi is 33rd at 2.78.

After today’s game, I spoke to several Mets who raved about the Marlins, who swept them to move into a first place tie this afternoon. Opposing players don’t believe what we’re seeing is a fluke.

### Former Heat coach Stan Van Gundy has been contacted by the Golden State Warriors about their coaching job and has interest, Yahoo! reported tonight. Van Gundy would be missed on Dan Le Batard’s ESPN Radio show, but the job is the perfect fit for him: A good team, not far from where he grew up.

Other reports have said the Warriors’ first choice is TNT’s Steve Kerr, who also is being pursued by the Knicks.  

### Twitter: @flasportsbuzz


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u is u .....still beatin gaytors..with teeth



Way to go Scott, agree with you 100%. Thank you for being loyal to the U. Let them leave, we don't want them. Go Canes!!!!


Anybody who says he's is "committed for now" obviously isn't committed at all. Both of the above mentioned players never were commits in my mind, especially Johnson, who's never been to UM's campus. Patchan has the right outlook , but he's becoming a dinosaur among his peers, who crave the spotlight. Recruiting just reflects what is happening in our culture. You can have it.

Jimmy Johnson

Surprise, surprise, surprise... 17-18 year olds actually change their minds. If you really want to cut this out, why not have an early signing period? Oh, because it takes all of the foolishness that ESPN brings to the circus away. Don't blame the kids when in reality the adults should know better.

Is it football season yet

These kids earned the right to commit, decommit and do what they feel. Changing your mind is not a crime or an indictment of who you are. These kids are making the biggest choice of their lives, and if they change their mind because they feel another school is a better fit for them be happy for them. If another person choice of college upsets you that much something is wrong with your life.

Coaches continue to recruit kids after they commit, and I see no complaining about that. Leave these kids alone. You must lack all self awareness, and not realize how pathetic you sound


Oh, yeah. Teach your kids to go back on their word. Hope you don't instill such unethical behavior in your own children. What ever happened to "your word is your bond".


Deep down kids know where they really want to attend college...To Al Golden if kids don't have the DUKE JOHNSON or Braxton Berrios green and orange bloodline....we THE U don't want or need you to attend THE U period...if you are not sure why not just say you're not ready to commit until you've checked out all of your options instead of committing and then turn around and decommitt...dont fold under the pressure to say something and not stand behind your word...


Question......why do the kids get up there on the podium Or stage and have 50 college hats for in front of them when deep down they already have an general idea of where their going because they all do the exact same thing..fake pic 2 or 3 hats just to make a sly comment about the hat they didn't pick just to turn around and say they knew where they were going all the time...


Good for Scott Patchan. Great to hear him state the obvious problem and show some welcomed leadership early-on.

Is your word your bond? That ethos seems to have sailed long ago. I blame on parents, mentors, and parts of the media. College coaches also contribute to the problem via negative recruiting, or flat lying-cheating that causes recruits to change their minds.

I feel badly for the UM staff who despite being left at the altar too many times, continue to drive on in positive fashion. Al Golden is practically anal when it comes to planning, organizing, executing. These defections must drive him and the hard-working staff crazy. Being of similar cloth, it would me.

On the stadium talk. I wish Mr. Beckham and UM could get together on this proposed stadium. I also wish the city and the town would get behind it. UM deserves a stadium. I think it would contribute greatly to UM's success on the field. Most fans are in favor of the joint effort idea and it seems UM is interested a bit (from what I've read).

CutlerRidge Laz

Let me tell you something Lil J won't be doing that. King Cane will get his notification with a handshake at Green Tree. Hopefully, I 'll have no milkshake on my shirt when we take the picture.


Improper benefits is what moves these kids. NCAA still not investigating the Yahoo Sports report allegations agains Alabama, Fluker and Baron. Kids are being bought plain and simple.


It's not happening ... Beckham isn't getting the Port site

Posted by: Just noise | 04/30/2014 at 11:32 AM


Florida East Coast Railway slip equally as good as what we had at the port.
-- David Beckham



They get like 8-9 months, maybe 12 mo's of RIvals/Scout/Espn Recruiting headlines and then there just Freshman and never mentioned again. So, some take it all in too much, and it goes to their heads. ...


It's not happening ... Beckham isn't building a stadium that's big enough for UM.

Posted by: Just noise | 04/30/2014 at 11:32 AM

we still want to build a stadium 20,000 ... 25,000 ... possibly 30,000.
-- David Beckham



Exactly, Beckham isn't building a stadium that's big enough for UM.


And he's not getting the port site.


Exactly, Beckham isn't building a stadium that's big enough for UM.

Posted by: dUh | 05/08/2014 at 12:12 PM


in a meeting with the Miami Herald’s Editorial Board, Beckham lobbyist Alschuler re UM: "It's way too early to speculate. It's a very different discussion if the Hurricanes are part of this"
-- Patricia Mazzei ‏@PatriciaMazzei



UM is not a part of it and they're not going to be a part of it (or they already would have gotten on board).

There are no more unknowns out there, UM isn't interested in helping Beckham build a 40+k stadium and Beckham isn't building a 40+k stadium unless UM is a financial partner.

It's just not happening, that should be obvious to anyone with half a brain. Keep in mind that UM is STILL going to say, "we'll consider playing in a 40+k stadium in Miami if you get it built" because WTF else would they say?

But there's a 0% chance UM plays in Beckham's soccer stadium.

Reality Bites

Can't believe you fools are still talking about the proposed soccer stadium and the sorry canes.
Newsflash homie MLS and college football don't mix.
Lil green pea wake up and smell the coffee you ACC cluck. Not gonna happen.
And stop bad mouthing kids that decommit from your sorry program, grow up.
Go Heat!

Georgia Cane

First of all, this was a weak draft period. Dolphins did it again picking a player with a broken foot (didn't play in 2013). Does it bring memories? Patchan is correct. Don't commit if your not sure.

[]_[] know it

This is looking like Jeff Ireland 2.0 by drafting a guy a full round too early. We need offensive line.. I get it.... why not trade down and still grab James if he's "your guy"? Personally, we need a lot of help and the extra pick for trading down would be a huge help.


UM is not a part of it and they're not going to be a part of it (or they already would have gotten on board).

It's just not happening, that should be obvious to anyone with half a brain.

But there's a 0% chance UM plays in Beckham's soccer stadium.

Posted by: Niet. | 05/08/2014 at 01:55 PM

where I come from ...
we call that circular reasoning ...
fallacious reasoning ...
the sky is blue ...
because the sky is blue ...



Posted by: Niet. | 05/08/2014 at 01:55 PM

it's spelled nyet ...



IT WAS THRILLING THURSDAY: MIAMI IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Rare was the single day, like last night, when Miami's three biggest pro teams all were on a main stage this big, with the Heat hosting Brooklyn in Game 2 of their NBA playoff series, the Dolphins in the first round of the NFL Draft, and the hot Marlins awakening in first place in the NL East.
-- greg cote


yet, it's all about U ...


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