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6 p.m. report: Analysts concerned with Heat; UM start times; Details on ESPN's U documentary; Stephen Ross concession; Seantrel warning

Couple 6 p.m. items:

Hours away from Game 2 of the Heat series, analysts predictably are expressing concern about the Heat.

TNT analyst and new Warriors coach Steve Kerr told Dan Le Batard's ESPN Radio show, a short time ago, that Miami "looks tired" and expects the Spurs will win the championship.

TNT's Greg Anthony said today: "Miami, while still capable, is probably not as complete as their teams that have won it in the past. The supporting cast is not nearly as supportive.  Very few teams have won back to back championships, very less three in a row. They’re going to have their place in history regardless of this outcome.”

TNT's Reggie Miller, on a conference call, chimed in: “We’re all waiting for the Heat to go into that extra gear. We haven’t seen that extra gear yet. It’s not a light switch that you can turn off and on."

(And, of course, the vulture will be circling -- and by vultures, we means Bill Simmons, Skip Bayless, etc. --- if the Heat loses tonight.)

Please scroll down for another Heat note.

### UM announced the start times today for its first two football home games: The Sept. 6 game against Florida A & M will kick off at 7 p.m. There will be no live TV but ESPN3 will stream it on the Internet... The Sept. 13 game against Arkansas State will start at 3:30 p.m. and air on ESPNU. UM announced previously that its Labor Day night opener at Louisville will air live on ESPN.


Some Tuesday morning quick hits:

### A few more details have surfaced on ESPN’s second documentary on the University of Miami football program:

ESPN is allotting two hours to the film and is planning to air it this winter. It will pick up where the last one left off – late in the 1990s – and cover the 2001 championship team, the program’s decline, the Nevin Shapiro scandal and more.

UM isn’t thrilled about having anything about the Shapiro story in the film, but the extent to which the NCAA scandal is covered will depend on various factors --- including how many people are willing to be interviewed on the topic. But it’s a big piece of UM’s history in recent years and obviously won’t be ignored.

UM refused to allow current employees to be interviewed for the first “U” documentary. UM said it hasn’t been asked this time around, but it’s still very early in production.

Director Billy Corben and producer Alfred Spellman, who did the first movie, are also doing the second but are not permitted to comment about it, in accordance with ESPN’s policy. They have begun interviewing the program’s stars from the past 20 years.

(FYI: I answer two other UM questions posed by a reader in the comment section below.)

### There’s high optimism that Stephen Ross’ Dolphins stadium renovations will get done in the wake of Ross making more concessions in recent days.

Not only is Ross willing to pay for the entire cost of the upgrades/renovations, but he is no longer asking for a tax break.

The newest twist is Ross is now asking for Miami-Dade County to pay him some of the incremental value for big events that are lured to the stadium (Super Bowls, college football title games) with that payment coming after the event, according to an official involved.

Ross is updating NFL owners today at league meetings in Atlanta. The Dolphins hope the renovations can be finalized in time for them to be a serious player for the 2019 Super Bowl.

### By signing California linebacker Chris McCain this week, the Dolphins now have added at least three rookies who were thrown off their college teams (Liberty’s Walt Aikens – by Illinois; Oklahoma’s Damien Williams and McCain). They also added another, Marist’s Terence Fede, who was suspended a year.

### It would be foolish if Erik Spoelstra doesn’t start Udonis Haslem tonight considering: 1) Shane Battier can’t realistically defend David West again, and LeBron James made clear he prefers not to after opening Game 1 with that assignment.

2) Roy Hibbert has shot just 2 for 12 when guarded by Haslem this season;

3) When Haslem has been on the court with Hibbert this season, Miami has outscored Indiana by five points. The Heat is a minus-12 when Hibbert is on the court and Haslem isn’t.

6:30 p.m. update: Haslem is starting in place of Battier. Greg Oden is inactive.

### Seantrel Henderson said all the predictable things during Bills minicamp, that’s he’s come a long way in his maturity (we’ve heard that before).

Henderson said Buffalo is a good place for him because “there’s not much to do here but work, so no excuse.”

“We’ve talked to Seantrel and he knows that he’s got one shot,” Bills G.M. Doug Whaley told Bills reporters. “We’re saying we’ll give you this one shot. It has nothing to do with us saying this guy is a talented football player; he’s been dealing with some demons. Hopefully those demons are out of his life and why not give somebody — this is America — give somebody a chance.”


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Seantrel is on about his 10th chance.....good luck to the kid but i doubt it


What happened to the davenport version. Davenport(Najeh) and a former student were in development of a film. It was called Reloaded(I think). There was some profound footage and interviews. Anyways, any news of Trayone Gray?


Are they also going to mention how the NCAA abused their power with the bulls%$# they pulled out of their A##

Barry Jackson

Emilio: Davenport was working on a sequel, but ESPN is using Spellman and Corben, not Davenport... Aubrey Hill said Gray hasn't qualified yet. Needs a test score.


=) Yea, the Davenport video seems it'll be suited for die-hard canes fans. Hope Gray qualifies, probably, the smoothest runner, right next to Yearby. Thanks for the reply


They should make a 30 for 30 on Sean Taylor. I mean the U is amazing but one about Sean would be be everything


Emilio: Davenport's version contains graphic video of him taking a dump in a female coed's closet.

Ship shape

Ross won't stop until he realizes his dream of screwing the tax payer.


@spivey: that might be the apart of the bloopers. For comedic purposes, of course!


I think it's great that the Dolphins have signed 4 players that were suspended or kicked-off their respective teams. Since Richie Incognito and John Jerry are no longer with the team, there are now additional openings for criminals and sociopaths on the Dolphins. After all, Mike Pouncey needs some friends. These new players will fit right in! When Stephen Ross, Dennis Hickey and Joe Philbin told the public that they would only consider players of high character, we all knew that was a lie.


Ross won't stop until he realizes his dream of screwing the tax payer.

Posted by: Ship shape | 05/20/2014 at 01:56 PM

real estate magnate Stephen Ross has paid uncle sam far more in taxes than you will ever pay in your miserable f_cking lifetime ...




#ACC football championship game to be played in primetime on ESPN or ABC
-- ACC Football ‏@theACCfootball


Lt. Lois Einhorn

Hey green, you starting to get it?


Beckham needs a 20,000 capacity stadium for MLS, UM needs a 40,000 capacity stadium for football.

No chance in hell this is every happening, the needs are too disparate.



Ain't over until I read it in Barry's buzz blog beeyotch ...



Bringing up all the smut and allegations from the Nevin Shapiro mess in UM's second documentary is like reopening an old wound. Nothing good will come out of that story and will only give more people the erroneous idea that UM is running a corrupt football Program. That hasn't been the case for many years, but the perception will be interpreted differently by those who think UM is still just a party school. This is a no win situation for the University and real UM fans will understand this. Billy Corben, I believe a UM graduate, should find something else to document. I guess $$$ trumphs everything and sensationalizing a story about his alma mater is quite OK with him. Hey Billy - GET LOST!


dear ship shape, you are a brain dead looser who needs to go play with your blow up doll.Ross is willing to pay for the upgrades out of pocket and all he is asking for is a fee for all the events that the upgrades bring to our town and into our economy. a looser like you who has never done anything of value would not understand how this is actually great for us.I for one would like to thank Mr.Ross for all he is trying to do for this community.

u are u ... it's the REFS fault u...

An hour of dUh u part doo doo will consist of cane clUcks, former players n coaches beeyotchin, whining, crying, pissin and moaning about the final outcome of the OSU 'Ship game and the Ref's CORRECT FACEGAURDING CALL without realizing or mentioning the FACT that u trailed the entire 2nd.-3rd. and 4th quarters until luckily kicking a 40 yrd. FG in the 4th. Q with 0.00 to go to OT on the last play of regulation and blew it well before the 2nd. overtime ever began...

One other little fact that in the tank Billy Corben will gloss over is that u have won just 1 National Championship in nearly 25 years... ONE and none on the horizon as u are still boo hoo []_[]nranked u in 2014.

u are officially the 21st. Century delusional Notre Dame South.

Not ou rival

Hush nerd, no one cares about your fake internet rivalry. In real life UM beat your team last year and we're not scheduled to play again. Go find an AOL chatroom if you want to write mean-spirited things to strangers for no reason.


ESPN's next UM documentary - Let them cover everything to include the Nevin Shapiro era, and let UM people speak in it, but don't ever let ESPN end this documentary until everything that UM's done to clean it up to date is included. All the good needs to be in it in a detailed segment too.

Stephen Ross - Trying to bum more money. Doesn't this guy have enough money already? Geezus Criminy this Carpetbagger!

Seantrel Henderson - I hope he makes it and I applaud the Bills for taking him and laying down the law. Now it's on Seantrel to keep his act together. Seantrel and Cyrus Kouandjio may give our Dolphins fits for years to come, which brings up this question. What was Dolphins GM Hickey thinking during that draft??!! Talk about a gambler. Just what we need while the rest of the league stacks up on proven D1 talent.


What's that in the distance...ah yes, another GA Southern RB spiking the ball.

UF fans have the collective IQ of a turnip.

Georgia Cane

Is UM getting any cash from the documentary?

Lt. Lois Einhorn

It is over green, as I've been telling you from the beginning UM is not interested in helping Beckham build a 50+k stadium and Beckham only needs 25k for soccer.

It's an impossibility, there's no chance UM will play in Beckham's stadium.

Barry Jackson

Georgia Cane and Lt. Lois Einhorn: UM is getting nothing from the documentary and to this point is not involved... Lt. Lois: Agree UM at MLS is a major long shot. That said, MLS refuses to rule it out, and the top of the UM administration said it's waiting for a definitive answer from MLS, which has told UM that it's studying the matter and will get back to them.


Lt Lois Einorn and Roger Padacter- Great Scene------They should have built new marlin stadium for baseball also and had UM play in the old Orange Bowl Spot...



Ross finally sounds like a sane man.

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