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Postscripts, thoughts, notes, player reaction after Heat's Game 4 loss

Postscripts from the San Antonio Spurs' 107-86 Game 4 drubbing of the Heat in the NBA Finals, which leaves Miami one loss from elimination.

### It began, inauspiciously but appropriately, with a Chris Bosh turnover.

That would be a harbinger of a night of incompetence.

“They smashed us two straight home games,” LeBron James said. “They were much better than us in these two games. It’s that simple.”

Are the Spurs simply better? “Right now, they’re playing better than us,” Dwyane Wade said. “We’ll see at the end of the series, whoever wins is the better team. They whipped our butt.”

### Spoelstra's take afterward: "They played great. And I can honestly say I don't think any of us were expecting this type of performance. We just couldn't get into a rhythm on either side of the ball, and then it just went from there.... I've got to do a better job. We've got a couple days to figure it out, but we'll lay everything out, look under the hood and see what we need to do.

"We have to make some adjustments. We'll look at everything. But I'm going to take a step back, exhale. I've got to find a way to do a better job for my group. What I told our team is: When we're right, we can beat anybody anywhere."

### The Heat’s defensive deficiencies in Game 4? Hardly surprising, considering the lapses and miscues we witnessed the first three games of these Finals.

But this dreadful display on offense --- 12 for 34 first-half shooting (35.3 percent) , 45 percent for the game ---  was unexpected and uncharacteristic, considering the Heat shot 50.5 percent in the first three games of this series and this season became the first team since the 2007-08 Phoenix Suns to make at least half its shots.

In Game 4, Heat players couldn’t stick open threes. They couldn’t finish in the paint (4 for 15 in the first half, 15 for 34 in the game). They looked rushed, sloppy and disjointed offensively. They closed with as many turnovers as assists (13).

“We got great, great shots and just missed,” Bosh said. “Dwyane [Wade] and LeBron [James] missed a couple of layups. Ray Allen missed a couple opens threes. That’s what’s tough about this…. It’s jarring. I didn’t expect this at all. It’s discouraging. They are taking us out of everything we’re doing.”

Carmelo Anthony, please pick up the white courtesy telephone. But you will need to leave $40 million-plus on the table over the next four years if you want to hook up with your buddy LeBron James in Miami. And if Anthony --- who would help only offensively --- proves an unrealistic target, a young, athletic, affordable wing player is sorely needed.

### Playing his third game in five nights, Wade looked sluggish and diminished, in no way resembling the player who was usually efficient when healthy this season, the one who tied Otis Birdsong for the highest shooting percentage by a starting two-guard in a single season since the NBA implemented the three-point shot in 1979.

Wade, whose mid-range game was immaculate all season, missed a bunch of makeable shots (1 for 7 in the paint in the first half), lacked explosion and opened 1 for 10 before closing 3 for 13, with three turnovers, on a 10-point night.

“I’m a very accurate shooter,” Wade said. “I don’t like missing. I’m not used to missing. Law of averages.”

### As for James, he too often settled for jump shots in the first half, with an 18.4-foot average shot distance, compared with less than 11 feet in the first three games. He attacked more in a 19-point third quarter but received precious little support.

“I tried to will us back in the game, had a huge third quarter, but it meant nothing,” he said.

James disputed a reporter who suggested he has to carry the load. “It’s not all on my shoulder,” he said. “I take a lot of it.”

### Mario Chalmers? Instead of benching him for extended awfulness, Erik Spoelstra instead stuck with him a bit longer than usual in the first quarter. But Chalmers was again dominated by Tony Parker.

Consider that Chalmers entered Game 4 as the first starter in 30 years to play at least 50 minutes, score 10 points or fewer and shoot 25 percent over the first three games of an NBA Finals.

Rashard Lewis? A forgettable night: 1 for 4 shooting in 16 minutes. Spoelstra replaced him with Ray Allen to start the second half.

Bosh? He opened 3 for 4 in the first quarter, then shot 2 for 7 the rest of the night, finishing with an underwhelming 12 points and four boards.

### Even Chris Andersen, who shot 64 percent during the season, seems to lose his ability to finish around the basket when he plays the Spurs. He was 1 for 4 Thursday and is 3 for 11 in the series.

### No team has rallied from a 3-1 deficit to win an NBA Finals. And the Spurs are 10-0 when lead a best-of-seven series, 3-1.

“We put ourselves in a position where it’s about making history. We have to worry about Sunday first,” James said. “Of course we’re a little down right now. As one of the leaders of the team, I have to figure out a way to get us to a 3-2 deficit.”

### Bosh’s assessment afterward: “We need to go home and do some soul-searching and get it together. If anybody can do this, it’s us. I have belief in our guys. We’re seen our fair share of adversity. This is adversity in all caps. If a guy has a single bit of doubt, he doesn’t belong here.”

### Bosh said “we’re going to need a better game plan and mindset.”

### James didn’t agree with Bosh on one thing. “Soul-searching? We don’t need much of that. As far as soul-searching, we’re a veteran club that has been to four straight Finals. We know what it takes to win. We’ve just got to go out and do it.”

### What about the booing from the AA Arena crowd? “Maybe they’re right. Maybe they deserve it.”

### It’s regrettable that Michael Beasley never gained Spoelstra’s trust because he could have helped in a game when the Heat was desperate for offense, though he assuredly would have been targeted defensively.

Beasley averaged 25.2 points per 48 minutes this season, which was 54th in the league, but wasn’t even in uniform Thursday.

### Spoelstra changed his rotation, opting for Shane Battier over James Jones in the first half and inserting Toney Douglas in a move that reeked of desperation. Neither move paid dividends.

### The Heat is closing in on setting a record for highest shooting percentage ever allowed in a Finals (52.7 by the 1991 Bulls). The Spurs, are shooting 54.2 percent after shooting 57.1 percent in Game 4.

“They are a high-oiled machine, move the ball extremely well,” James said. “They put you in positions where no other team in this league does. Guys on the weakside can do multiple things, shoot it from the outside, penetration. Our defense is geared toward running guys off the three-point line. Any little mistake, they make you pay for it.”

### Boris Diaw’s impact cannot be understated. He filled the box score with eight points, nine rebounds and nine assists and the Spurs are now plus 60 with Diaw on the court in this series.

“Diaw has given them another point guard on the floor,” James said. “It’s a challenge for us all.”

### Short stuff: Tim Duncan surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for most minutes played in NBA playoff history… The Heat trailed by 19 at halftime after trailing by 21 at halftime of Game 3....

The Heat had gone 48 playoff games in a row without consecutive losses, a streak that ended short of the record 54, by the Celtics in the 1960s…. Of Leonard’s 11 career playoff double-doubles, five have come against the Heat, including a 20-point, 14-rebound gem Thursday.

### The Heat will take Friday off, practice in Miami Saturday, then fly to Texas to fulfill media obligations in San Antonio late Saturday afternoon.


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we are in trouble!

I feel like I'm watching the old Cleveland team play...LeBron against five!

The swamp is a dump

Miami's bench is non existent
Dwayne Wade is afraid to take it into the paint- look at Parker who is simlar size he not afraid

Miami players look afraid and settled for jump shots. Problem is....

None of them can ---ing shoot! Fundamentals Fundmanetals Fundamentals

And the energy wasnt there, just like it wasnt there in the last game- That is inexcusable. SA came to win and you can see it in their eyes. Miami looks afraid and tired. Spoelstra should have benched Wade in the first half. No way you leabve him out there missing free throws and turning the ball over and basically missing everything

Miami has given up- bc even their defense lookspathetic and uninspired

Thanks Heat- I thought you had bigger b--ls than that

Ronnie B.

What hurts the HEAT more than the spurs, more than Wade playing bad, even more than Chalmers stinking up the joint is their coach Eric "I don't know what i'm doing" Spoelstra. This guy constantly gets a pass because they have won inspite of him. The sign of a true coach is his ability to make changes or adjustments to what's going on out there. And this guy fails repeatedly. No way does a real coach continue to keep Chalmers on the floor under NO circumstances and no way do you continue to go w/o Beasley and keep Greg Oden in uniform. And no way do keep starting R.Lewis instead of Haslem. You don't need scoring right now you need defense and rebounding. Diaw is having a field day w/Lewis starting. James Jones despite his lack of defense needs to see the floor w/the right combo of players around him. This guys scores 11 points in 3 minutes. Sure it was garbage time but the ball is still going in the hole easily and Chalmers plays for 31 minutes and scores 4 points and you leave him in there. Are u kidding me? This coach is a flat out JOKE!


Can someone please explain what SPOELSTRA does right?

FIRE SPO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunny Dee

I have been supportive of Spo throughout his tenure, but maybe Dashi has been right all along. Spo has been terrible in this series. The team made NO adjustments after Game 3. The team needs a defensive spark. Battier and Haslem should be playing more minutes. He has mismanaged Beasley all season. He could definitely contribute. Chalmers has been horrible and should not been starting anymore. The Heat can't afford to be down by double digits after the first quarter. I don't expect Spo to outcoach Popovich. Popovich is one of the best coaches of all time. However, Spo sticks with his gameplan too long and seldom makes adjustments during games. Don't forget it was LeBron's idea to put Cole on Stephenson last series. This team looks deflated and defeated. Spurs are great and I believe they have the better overall team, but there is no excuse for getting blown out twice at home like that during the Finals.

Sunny Dee

Ronnie B - Good post. I just read it after posting mine and noticed we agree on nearly everything. If we can see it, why can't Spo? By the way, do you think Pop would stick with Chalmers like Spo has? Even when the Spurs are rolling he pulls players out of games and admonishes them for sloppy play (see Danny Green).


I can give you a quick list of what Spo does wrong!!

Can't Motivate
Can't set rotations
Can't run a Half-court offense
Can't make adjustments
Never complains to the refs for his players
Highly Inconsistent
Can't tell when his players are tired and need to be benched

SPOELSTRA can't even wear a suit right. Yes, that has nothing to do with basketball, but learn how to tie a tie. SPOELSTRA can't even make a simple Windsor right.

I guess that is what happens when you have a puppet coach so your star players can do what they want.

I love LeBron as a player. But as a Coach I would have made 2 simple adjustments to his game. Take him away from the ball, all the time!! And post him up on the block a lot more!!

LeBron spends more than half the shot clock just dribbling the ball!! The ball movement basically dies after LeBron touches it. He is like Rondo in that sense. LeBron is a ballhog!! Just cause he makes his shots doesn't make him less of a ballhog!! He still holds the ball way to long!!

LeBron is 6'8" 270lbs with the agility of a Liger!! Jordan was 50lbs lighter and he still posted everyone up!! Nobody on the Spurs has the body to bang with LeBron!!


Why is it that people will have so much to say when it comes to someone else.....all you Haters' are quick to say something about the Heat or LBJ when they lose I am a die hard Heat fan and if we lose these finals to the spurs I wouldn't be upset because the Heat would have lost to a great organization with great personal..and the funny part about it is....all those clowns who have so much to say about LBJ and any of the Heat players how many of you would love to be in their shoes...win or lose the finals in reality or better yet the real world those guys won....they are rich as hell ..their families are taken care of they get millions of dollars to run up and down the court..So do you idiot's actually think that the Heat players give a F$%K about what you haters think or care about what you have to say because you don't cut the check for them...bottom line...so to all you Haters...do the Heat and their fans a favor and Go Kill Yourselves ASAP...


Nobody is hating on the Heat here. We are just disappointed in their performance!!

And Dashi is just ticked off at Spoelstra's INCOMPETENCE!!

If/When the Heat lose, they should hire a coach with previous professional basketball experience. Whether as a coach or former player!!


God works in mysterious ways!!


Spo would have won a 3rd and he is a surefire hall of famer.

Coaches with more than 2 Titles!!

Phil - 11
Red - 9
Kundla - 5
Riley - 5
Pop - 4

In no way shape or form should Spo be in any conversation with great coaches like that.

Georgia Cane

To lose a competive game is acceptable. But , not showing up! No effort, giving up on plays, plus getting a clinic on how to play B-ball. I can understand the BOO's. This team ran out of gas in the Finals. That's what Riley gets for not making changes, Oden was a bad deal and losing Miller cost them dearly.

Sunny Dee

Dashi - good point about LeBron holding the ball. I'm not sure if it is LeBron or by design by Spo, but it is very frustrating to see the clock wind down and the offense scramble in the last few seconds to get off a shot. Look at how the Spurs move the ball. Miami has the players to move the ball like that. Why can't they do it? The last two games the Heat have actually played better when LeBron was on the bench and when Wade was running the offense. I'm not advocating for LeBron riding the bench, but I think they have been better because they move the ball more when he sits. The last two games when he is on the floor everyone else just stands around while he is at the top of the key draining the shot clock. They are playing right into Popovich's hands.


And its been a great run for the heat....so from me and the Heat players and the organization F%$K u haters

Sunny Dee

Cane4Life - nobody on here is hating. We are analyzing the game and trying to come up with reasons why they have been blown out the last two games. I love the Heat and have been a diehard fan since 88. I have enjoyed and have appreciated this incredible run. After the series is over, I'm sure we will have more time to reflect on how great this has been. Time has a way of doing that. The series is not over yet so I think it is fair to criticize decisions and try to explain why they have performed so poorly the last two games.


No, you are all being unrealistic. They lost by 19 and 21 at home. That's not on the coach. Or a lack of Beasley or too much Chalmers. It's because the Spurs are better than Miami this year. Period.

Miami got a little old generally and the roster is too thin. Bench Chalmers and play who? Play Haslem? Haslem is a nightmare. He couldn't hit a jumper in an open gym.

This was an amazing run but like all runs it had to end sometime. Pat Riley is a great GM; he will find a way to re-tool this roster going forward. Spo is a great coach. Lots of pieces on this team are strong.

Battier will retire. Haslem is done. Chalmers will be allowed to walk. They will draft someone at 26 who can help immediately because this draft is so deep. There will be a new veteran or two. Maybe a trade. Who knows. But, trying to assign blame is mostly missing the obvious. Spurs are better. It happens.


This is what happens when you don't play championship caliber basketball the whole season. Too much experimenting with lineups, too much one one one basketball. Spurs never deviate from their formula. Spo never has a consistent lineup. "Great ball movement guys, like always", Pop is a helluva coach.


Just curious....where is all the garbage talk when they are winning,no need to complain the Heat have a couple of rings to show so it's not all bad.I guess they have spoiled us 😃😃😃

Sunny Dee

I agree the Spurs are better. I just don't think they are so much better that they should be able to blow out the Heat at home in two consecutive games. The Heat were competitive in game 1 (they probably would have won the game had LeBron been able to play the entire fourth) and won game 2. The difference to me is that Pop made adjustments and Spo has not. Pop started Diaw and kept him on the floor with Duncan and Leonard. Spo has done nothing to counter. I don't think you'd see the same sort of criticism if the Heat had lost two close games. Maybe you would have from some fans but not from me at least.


Sunny Dee ..spurs just playing better basketball all the way around the board along with the coaching....


In 2011 the Heat got out out coached. In 2012 Boston came to one game from taking the eastern conf playoffs, game 2 specifically Heat overcame largest playoff deficit. Last years game 6 fiasco, where the basketball gods graced an offensive rebound and miracle three to Allen. Point being, even when we won, it wasn't esactly dominant. There is always room for criticism, and improvement for that matter.

Sunny Dee

cane4life - no argument here. By the way, I think it was disgraceful that SOME fans decided to boo the Heat last night. It has been frustrating as a fan to watch but you can't boo a team that has won back to back titles and been to the finals four years in a row.


Perhaps, the spurs are better ...



Miami is Old?

They are playing the Spurs, who are ancient!!

Don't give me this Miami is Old BS.

Or that the Spurs have a better team!!

Miami has more current and former All stars on the team!!

Again, what does Spo do that makes him a good coach!!

Still waiting on the answer!!

You get whooped by 20 two times in a row!! That falls on the COACH!!!

When the Fins got their a** handed the last two games of the season people weren't blaming the players they where blaming the Coach!!




*they were




Look it up!! Heat have way better players up and down the roster!!

The Heat have way more talent!! (Again, heat roster combined has earned almost $1B on NBA salary alone)

Difference is Spurs use the whole team!! Miami only uses about 7 players a game on a consistent basis!!

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