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6 p.m. update: LeBron, Bosh address future; Tidbits, observations from Dolphins OTA practice; UM quarterback talk

Dwyane Wade declined to comment to reporters today; LeBron James was non-committal about his future; and Chris Bosh said he wants to stay with the Heat and believes LeBron and Wade also want to stick around.

A quick synopsis:

### James said he hasn’t decided whether to exercise his early termination clause  but “being able to have flexibility is what we all would like.”

LeBron passed on an opportunity to say whether he intends to stay with the Heat or whether he wants to look elsewhere.       

"I haven’t even begun to wrap my mind about it. I need to get away with my family before I start to think about what will happen next."

Among factors that will influence his decision, James cited family and a desire to win. "For me, I just want to win," he said, "and that's all that matters to me."

He said the Heat doesn't need to tell him anything, per se, to influence him to stay.

"I understand what this team, this franchise, brings to the table."

He said he plans to talk to Wade and Bosh before making a decision.  "I think there will be a conversation between the three of us," he said. "I'm not sure what Dwyane is thinking right now."  

Asked if he would talk to outside free agents about possibly signing here before making a decision, LeBron said he didn't even know the list of free agents and did not necessarily feel it's his place to do that before Pat Riley determines which players he wants to pursue.

Asked three times in some variation if the Big Three might be interested in taking less money like the Spurs' Big Three, LeBron essentially deferred, showing no interest in addressing the matter.

### Bosh said he hasn’t decided whether to opt out but: “I want to be here. My family is here. I love working here. It's a great place.

"We will talk with Riles, hear his plan, talk with our families and try to figure this out. I’m sure Riley has finite plan moving forward. It starts with listening to him. Eventually we will come together and figure this thing out. We feel that if we stay together, we can continue to compete. Everything is a possibility. That's why they negotiate. But I want to be here."

He also is optimistic about the Big Three staying together: “We like it here. We have a pretty good thing going.”


Quick notes on the first of the Dolphins' three OTA practices this week:

### The Dolphins, who have only two cornerbacks who have started more than two NFL games (Brent Grimes and Cortland Finnegan) have passed on a slew of veterans this offseason, assuming Jamar Taylor and Will Davis are ready to handle the No. 3 and No. 4 jobs.

Early signs are very encouraging for Taylor, who intercepted a Ryan Tannehill pass Tuesday. Davis either seems to break up passes or allow too much space to receivers; there isn’t a lot of middle ground.  

"Like where they're at," Joe Philbin said of Taylor and Davis. "They're progressing well. You feel Jamar a little more [than last year, when he was slowed by a groin issue]. Davis made a couple nice plays today."

### Lamar Miller, being used more as a receiver out of the backfield, remains clearly ahead of Knowshon Moreno for the starting running back job. He had a long run for a touchdown Tuesday.

### Rookie receiver Jarvis Landry continues to make an impression; he has had a few one-handed receptions in camp.

“He’s sneaky quick, sneaky fast,” Philbin said. "He understands the soft spots in a zone. There isn't a lot of hesitation to his game."

### Most impressive of the undrafted rookies? LSU defensive tackle Anthony Johnson, who’s running with the second team. “Quick and explosive,” Philbin said.

### Rookie cornerback Walt Aikens lined up at safety for a few plays. He appears to be the sixth best cornerback, at best, in camp.

### Philbin seems concerned about the backup tight ends behind Charles Clay. "We've still got some things to sort out," Philbin said of the position.

Dion Sims is No. 2 on the depth chart, but Philbin said he wants to see him successfully block defensive ends during games. "He has a lot of great traits [but] he has some work to do," Philbin said.

Rookie Arthur Lynch made a couple of tough catches in practice Tuesday. Philbin said Michael Egnew has had a solid camp.

### Rookie seventh-rounder Terence Fede showed impressive athleticism in intercepting a Matt Moore pass.

###  Quarterback play was spotty Tuesday, with Tannehill throwing the pick to Taylor and having another pass nearly intercepted by Louis Delmas. Jalil Brown intercepted Moore.

Meanwhile, Pat Devlin overthrow Rontavious Wooten and Marcus Thigpen on deep balls and hardly shows the type of improvement you would have hoped for by now. And undrafted rookie Brock Jensen isn’t as good as Devlin.

### Rookie receiver Matt Hazel had a couple of nifty catches but fumbled one of them…. Earl Mitchell and Dion Jordan each had sacks.

### Good to see Brandon Gibson back in 11 on 11 drills ---eight months after a major knee injury.

### Dallas Thomas remained the starting left guard and remains ahead of Billy Turner at that position.

### The No. 2 defense: Jordan, Derrick Shelby, Johnson and A.J. Francis on the defensive line; Jelani Jenkins, Jason Trusnik (middle) and Jonathan Freeney at linebacker; Brown and Davis at cornerback (Taylor was filling in for Cortland Finnegan on the first team); and Jimmy Wilson and Don Jones at safety.

Keep in mind that Jared Odrick remains out of 11 on 11 drills.

### Like Finnegan and Moreno, Mike Pouncey also was given time off from full 11 on 11 drills. Sam Brenner filled in at center.... Moreno appears to have lost some weight, and Philbin insisted he's pleased with him.

### The Miami-Dade County commission approved Sun Life stadium renovations. Please see the home page of The Herald for a full report.

### Adam Beasley will have a story posted shortly on Tannehill, who is getting on his receivers more than the past two years. He chewed out Rishard Matthews Tuesday and also yelled at Wooten. Philbin said he is showing more leadership and is completing more "vertical" passes than during OTAs last year.

### In adding Jake Heaps, UM now has Rivals.com’s No. 1 pro-style quarterback in 2010 (Heaps), the 12th in 2013 (Kevin Olsen) and the 8th in 2014 (Brad Kaaya).

The good news on Heaps, who will challenge Kevin Olsen for the starting job: He has a strong arm, is very bright, set several freshman passing records at BYU and has experience starting 28 games combined for two schools (BYU and Kansas).

The bad news: ESPN’s quarterback rating system ranked him 126th of 127 qualifiers last season. His completion percentage (49) ranked 123rd of 127, though he was hurt by a ton of drops. He twice has left schools after being beaten out, at BYU in 2011 and Kansas after last season.

But UM knows it cannot assume Ryan Williams will be back by mid-to-late September (his goal) and has serious concerns about whether Olsen is ready. 


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great to see dion jordan running with the second team defense. thats exactly where you want the number 3 overall pick from a year ago to be. between that and his special teams play, I cant wait to watch him make no impact yet again this season...

Bob Griese 12

Sick and tired go get some rest.

Serpico Jones

Sick and tired is right.


Ryan Tannehill = Another Ireland Bust


I know what will make LeBron's decision easier to stay. FIRE SPO!!!!

Get the Heat a real basketball coach!!

It won't happen because we know that SPOELSTRA and Arison's Son have a real close relationship.

That and Miami Heat fans believe you don't need a coach to win a title.


### In adding Jake Heaps, UM now has Rivals.com’s No. 1 pro-style quarterback in 2010 (Heaps), the 12th in 2013 (Kevin Olsen) and the 8th in 2014 (Brad Kaaya).

So we have 3 highly rated QB's plus another 3 on the roster and we have no idea who's the starter much less the backup... As the old and true saying goes, if you're playing a two or three QB carousel to find a Starter, you don't have a #1 QB at all.


STATS say that the % of small school players who make an IMPACT in the NFL is low. Please don't quote the exceptions, we all know them...
That Hickey drafts 5 of them, and even spotlights Brock Jensen (whom we ALL had high hopes for...stupid me)is , in it's own way another Ireland-like draft bungle, at least as it appears thus far.

If James turns out to be a dud, and doesn't start, you'd have to consider this draft a real waste. A starting RT in the draft, or Landry, a duplicate piece of the puzzle? You KNOW the answer.


It is amazing that the #3 overall pick in last year's draft, now going into his 2nd year, can't even make the first team on a defense that is not particularly great. The clock is running on this pick. I'm not holding my breath that Jordan will make it big. If not, this is a classic example of why the Dolphins are so mediocre from the top of their organization down to the bottom.


Dion Jordan = Another Ireland Bust


Dade County made a terrible deal with cheapskate Ross. Broward County was smart enough not to pay charity but will be a HUGE beneficiary.


What if Pop had coached the Heat and Spoelstra had the Spurs for last season. What do you think the finals would have looked like as compared to the beat down given the Heat by the Spurs? That answer says it all!


rob, move on dude. we have two rings

joe r

dion jordan=anthony johnson

Most impressive of the undrafted rookies? LSU defensive tackle Anthony Johnson, who’s running with the second team. “Quick and explosive,” Philbin said.








Is Phibin loosing it? Dion Sims is a hudge physical man with claws for hands. Put him on NO or SF and the like, and he's an All Pro pass catching tight end. Philbin should be looking to create mis matches with him vs small secondary DB's instaed of worring weather he can block Def. Ends? Please dear God slap him in the face with this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

disgusted fin fan

This thing about Jordan being on special teams makes no sense to me. Here's a guy that needs all the work he can get learning to be a DE and they have him wasting practice time working on STs. The other thing of course, is the risk of injury. It would be tragic to see the number 3 overall selection in last years' draft writhing in pain with a blown knee while making a special teams tackle! THAT'S what you have 5th round LBs for!!!

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